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iOpener Game-changing tech from the world of Apple and beyond The Sonder keyboard can be customised to show a large range of key combinations.

Sonder Keyboard Customise your keyboard with app-specific shortcuts It can be a pain to memorise all the shortcuts of just one app, never mind the many apps you use on a regular basis. Sonder thinks it has the solution with its E Ink-equipped keyboard, which lets you remap its keys (and key cap displays) to anything you want. Unlike other keyboards, you can actually change the icon on each key to make your new layout easier to remember. It’s app-specific too, so you can set up the most logical layout for whichever apps you use. And with quick Mac pairing and a month-long battery, it’ll be a breeze to use. Starts at $199 (about £164) includes Sonder Keyboard, Bluetooth, Lightning port, USB cable website works with Mac @macformat

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iCloud has become an essential part of being a Mac and iOS device owner. It’s much more than just a place to back up data, it’s now your clever sync tool and online depository. But, it’s not all plain sailing and iCloud Drive is a complex beast behind the scenes, so don’t feel bad if you find it a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve gone deep into Apple’s online storage service for Macs, iPhones and iPads to unearth great tips that’ll help you get the most from it. Learn how to manage the process of putting your Desktop and Documents online if you have multiple Macs, and how to better manage your iCloud Drive. When it comes to the latest Apple gear, we were wowed by the new MacBook Pro with its incredible Touch Bar feature and bumped-up specs. It looks like a huge update, which you can take a closer look at on page 10. We’ll have our full verdict in the next issue. Talking of new gear, it’s nearly Christmas, so if you’re looking for something to buy another Apple fan, or yourself, for the big day head over to page 82. It’s another packed issue in terms of helpful tips, solutions and creative ideas too, including how to make the most of the new Messages in iOS 10 and how to repair old photographs.

Meet the team

Christian Hall Editor

Alan Stonebridge Production Editor If nothing else, Alan is impressed by Apple’s stated peak transfer rates of the new MacBook Pro’s storage – about three GIGABYTES per second!

Alex Blake Commissioning Editor Alex wasn’t wowed by the new MacBook Pro. The Touch Bar looks cool, but he was hoping for a bigger power boost. Is it still a ‘Pro’ laptop?

Paul Blachford Managing Art Editor Paul has fallen in love the new MacBook Pro, especially the Touch Bar. He isn’t so fond of the increased cost though, or the price hikes on older, unchanged Mac models.


Issue 307 December 2016





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6 | MACFORMAT | DECember 2016


Do even more with your files, photos and music today!

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December 2016 | MACFORMAT | 7

What’s inside 8–9 RUMOUR Word on the grapevine about future Apple kit

10–12 Show report

Edited by

christian hall

All the hot news about the new MacBook Pro APPLE RUMOUR

14 Apple NEWS The core Apple news you need to know about

15 APPS & GAMES Our top picks of the month for Mac and iOS

16 apple facts Amazing stats from the world of Apple

18 opinion Adam Banks is angry about Apple’s direction

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10.1-inch iPad Pro

Refresh on iPad line pushes to around March 2017 2016 is the first year in which Apple has not put out a new iPad model in time for 1 Christmas. The headline MacBook Pro event in October failed to produce even the tinest upgrade to Apple’s tablet, and it’s now unlikely to happen much before March 2017. Spring 2016 saw the debut of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, essentially phasing out the Air range, and by spring 2017 the full-size iPad Pro and the oft-forgotten iPad mini will have gone 18 months without a refresh. Rumours abound that the 12.9-inch Pro and the 7.9-inch mini will get a specs boost and the much-loved True Tone display found in the 9.7-inch Pro. We may see the 3.5mm audio jack’s removal, and an iPhone 7-style pressure-sensitive Home button. The midsize iPad has always been the most popular though, so what could Apple do with it?

Alex says…

More screen space is always welcome, and when it’s in a similar form factor it’s a no brainer


10.1-INCH TRUE TONE An iPad’s size is ultimately limited. It’s already ridiculously thin and light, so attention is bound to turn to the bezel thickness. Apple could keep the standard size but expand the screen more towards the edges. @macformat






iPhone 7 introduced the “advanced solid-state button”, which is more responsive and actually pressure-sensitive. Working in conjuction with a new Taptic Engine in 2017 iPads, it would offer tactile feedback as you press. We don’t expect the same water and dust-resistance as iPhone 7 though, given iPads are a lot bigger!

Similarly, iPads slowly get the iPhone’s camera tech (12MP, f/1.8 aperture, optical image stabilsation) when models are refeshed. So, we expect the iPhone 7’s (not 7 Plus’s) camera to be introduced in all three iPad sizes in 2017.


THE POLL We asked… With prices raised on all Macs, how are your buying plans affected? I can’t justify the cost

I’m indifferent to the prices



18.1% I still plan to buy one

Log on and see next issue’s big question!


Hot on the heels of the tech giant’s latest moves…


WIRELESS WONDER iPhone 7 is hardly old news, but rumours are ramping up over Apple’s wireless charging plans in an iPhone 8 (or 7s if Apple sticks with that naming convention for next year).






LIGHTNING ONLY Though all iPads have Lightning at the bottom for charging, they also have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack at the top. Committing to Lightning across the iOS range means dumping that port. @macformat

The iPhone SE, which took the best bits of a 6s and put it in a smaller housing, was a hit for Apple, but some analysts say a spring 2017 refresh (with iPhone 7 parts) is unlikely.



Talk has cooled on Apple’s rumoured buyout of Time Warner, which is on the cusp of being bought by AT&T.


APPLE CORE Show Report

This year’s MacBook Pro adds an entirely new input device, the Touch Bar, to provide you with contextual shortcuts for the app you’re using.


MacBook gets the Pro Touch The best MacBook ‘bar’ none by

ALEX BLAKE & ALAN STONEBRIDGE ell hello, Brexit. When Apple launched a new MacBook Pro line-up at its special event on 27 October, one of the biggest talking points was the large price hike that came attached. If you want to buy a new Mac – of any kind – it’ll cost you significantly more now. Ouch! So what did Apple announce to justify this brave new world of higher prices? The most interesting thing was undoubtedly the new


10 | MACFORMAT | December 2016

MacBook Pro. As with all Apple product launches these days, pretty much everything wass leaked before the event (and uncannily predicted by us in MF302), but the new features did not disappoint. Most eye-catching is the new Touch Bar that replaces the function keys at the top of the keyboard with app-specific controls relevant to what you’re doing at the time. So in iTunes, you might have buttons to skip through a track or toggle shuffle. In Mail, you can flag a message, send it to a specific folder and more. Touch ID has also come to the Mac as part of the Touch Bar, and it has a number of uses. As with iPhone, you can now log in to your Mac with a touch of your finger. But you can also quickly switch user accounts – if two people share a MacBook, one person can use Touch ID while another user’s account is logged in to switch to their own profile. And, of course, you can use it to pay for your online shopping quickly and securely. Craig Federighi demonstrated how you can customise the buttons that appear on the Touch Bar by simply dragging an alternative icon from a settings window down to the bar. Developers will also be able to use the bar in @macformat

Show Report APPLE CORE

MacBook Pro 13-inch > MacBook Pro 15-inch >

> From £1,749 > 2.9GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 > Intel Iris Graphics 550 > Four Thunderbolt 3 ports (with USB 3.1 Gen 2 support) > 256GB PCIe-based SSD > 8GB memory > Touch Bar with Touch ID sensor

> From £2,349 > 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 > Radeon Pro 450 with 2GB memory > Four Thunderbolt 3 ports (with USB 3.1 Gen 2 support) > 256GB PCIe-based SSD > 16GB memory > Touch Bar with Touch ID sensor

All models with a Touch Bar feature four Thunderbolt 3 ports, but two on 13-inch models have reduced bandwidth.

their own apps, and companies like Adobe, Microsoft and Serif have already created their own offerings.

Of course, there are all-important size and weight changes, too. The new 15-inch model is 14% thinner and takes up 20% less volume than its predecessor. The 13-inch model has seen similar reductions.

Use the Force (Touch)

Another visually obvious change is the enlarged trackpad – it’s now twice as large as the one gracing the previous generation MacBook Pro, leaving more room for swipes and gestures. It retains the pressure-sensitive Force Touch tech Apple added last year, too. The keyboard has also been revamped to feature an updated version (or ‘2nd generation, as Apple calls it) of the butterfly mechanism found in the 12-inch MacBook. This delivers an updated switch mechanism, more travel, and greater responsiveness. Elsewhere, the MacBook Pro has received a whole heap of internal component upgrades. The 15-inch version sees up to 130% faster graphics performance, 60% better gaming performance and 57% better video editing performance. Storage, memory and display all see improvements too. You get two or four Thunderbolt 3 ports depending on the model, which use a USB-C connector, compatible with USB 3.1 devices at up to 10Gbps. @macformat

“The future of TV is apps”

The keyboard has an updated version of the MacBook’s butterfly mechanism

Apple’s event wasn’t all focussed on hardware, though. It introduced a new app for Apple TV simply called TV. The idea behind it is to unify all your TV apps into a single hub. So instead of watching a show in one app and having to switch to a different app to watch something from a different network, you can view everything in succession in one place. Like Apple Music, TV will feature curated recommendations from editors. It’ll also work across your Apple TV, iPhone and iPad, so you can watch on all your devices. Unfortunately there’s no UK release date for the TV app, though – Apple only said it will launch in the US in December 2016. Admittedly, the app wasn’t as exciting an announcement as the MacBook Pro. If you can stomach the wallet-busting, eye-watering, palm-sweating price hike, that looks to be Apple’s most intriguing MacBook Pro yet.


APPLE CORE Show Report

A new world of adaptor angst Clear up your connectivity confusion with a little adaptor advice he new models of MacBook Pro have Thunderbolt 3 ports, which use a USB-C connector, but aside from a 3.5mm headphone jack they lack any other kind of connector for peripherals. There isn’t even an SD card reader. You’ll need adaptors to connect devices that use a different connector, whether that’s a display, a printer, external storage or something else. Apple makes a few adaptors, but there are other options that cost less if you only need to use one external device, and more flexible options if you need more ports than that. Here are things to consider.


What’s in a name?

USB-C, or USB Type-C, is the physical connector used by both Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1. Like Apple’s Lightning connector, it’s reversible, so there’s no fuss working out which way to insert it into a port. On a 12-inch MacBook, the USB-C ports are limited to USB 3.1 Gen 1’s 5Gbps maximum transfer rate, which is the same theoretical peak as you get from USB 3.0. Apple’s brand-new MacBook Pros are the first Macs to support USB 3.1 Gen 2’s increased bandwidth of 10Gbps, which matches first-generation Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt 3 is the king of throughput, though, with a maximum rate of 40Gbps.

Using a USB-A device Apple sells its own USB-C to USB-A adaptor for £19, which includes a short length of cable between the two ends. You could use that with an older USB hub to add more of the older port type. Satechi sells a similar adaptor that dispenses with


an integrated extension cable. It’s just £8 ( Thunderbolt 3 docks are already on the way. Belkin has an eight-port model with a £350 price tag, and OWC’s offering has 13 ports for $300 (about £240). You don’t have to go to such expense if you won’t be using high-performance Thunderbolt 3 devices; a USB 3.1 dock may meet your needs. Satechi’s Slim Aluminium Type-C Multi-Port Adapter (£58, is equipped with two USB-A ports, a USB-C charging port, and a 4K-capable HDMI port (limited to a 30Hz refresh rate).

Adding a display

Nee a ha d to con This rd driv nect a mor Satech e and a printer and e USB p i adapt display , ? o c an o be b rt than r has o ne oug A p ht fo ple’s r les s.


Apple’s two USB-C multiport Unlike MagSafe power adaptors, adaptors have either a VGA or Apple’s USB-C chargers aren’t sold as an HDMI port (with the right complete packages; you have to add a cable, you can connect a DVI USB-C charge cable. A spare power display). Each has a USB-C adaptor to keep in your bag or at work power port and a USB-A port. costs £69 (61W, 13-inch) or £79 (87W, To connect a screen 15-inch), plus £19 for Apple’s charge over full-size or Mini cable. The positive side is a damaged DisplayPort (say, to get a cable can be replaced affordably on its 60Hz refresh rate from a own. If you’re tempted to buy another 4K monitor), ignore Apple’s brand’s USB-C charge cable, check its Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt specs: some are certified to deliver 2 adaptor – strangely, it works up to 60W. Also, an extension with Thunderbolt displays but cable is no longer bundled not DisplayPort; Google sells with the MacBook Pro; Apple’s USB-C to USB-A a USB-C to DisplayPort cable that’s now £19 extra. adaptor is £19. However, (£33,, to which you adaptors that are both might add a Mini Displayport (1.2) less expensive and smaller are available. adaptor, though we haven’t tried it. @macformat

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