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Peter de Sève 06 Interview:  Wars Rebels 14 Star  and the Two Strings 16 Kubo  Good Dinosaur 24 The  Trolls  34 DreamWorks’ CG: The Journey 44 Stylised  51 12 principles of animation Moana 64 Disney’s 

The DreamWorks artist explains why a good joke can go a long way

The art team on Star Wars Rebels explain some of their design decisions

Laika’s artists reveal how CG VFX have changed stop motion animation Pixar and Disney artists reveal how the latest animated blockbuster was made


The directors and artists share their use of fur in the animated muscial Creating a stylised CG illustration with an animated feel


Learn the 12 rules of animation that Disney’s master animators formulated How Disney created stunning water effects for its latest animated movie

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