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Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell Jean ‘Mobius’ Giraud H.R. Giger Craig Mullins Mike Mignola William Stout Chris Achilléos Brothers Hildebrandt Ken Kelly Nicolas ‘Sparth’ Bouvier Frank Frazetta Jean-Sébastien Rossbach Fred Gambino Brian Froud Marc Potts James Gurney Rodney Matthews Chris Foss Peter Oedekoven Syd Mead Francis Tsai Jim Burns Dave Gibbons Charles Vess Mélanie Delon Dan Scott Adam Hughes John Kearney Raymond Swanland Svetlin Velinov Andrew Jones Christian Alzmann Marta Dahlig Wayne Barlowe Bob Eggleton Henning Ludvigsen


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Fantasy Art Essentials

Welcome Cover art

Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell

This artistic duo are two of fantasy’s leading artists. Having carved out careers separately they married in 1994. They now paint together. (See more on page 8)

From the makers of We’re the only magazine dedicated to fantasy and sci-fi art. Our aim is to help artists to improve both their traditional and digital art skills. Visit to find out more!

Fantasy Art Essentials




Learn to paint like the fantasy art masters Art legends 116 The History of 32 Frank Frazetta Interview: Fantasy art’s finest painter. Workshop: How to paint like the legend. 42 Fred Gambino Interview: Painting classic sci-fi. Workshop: Paint an epic spaceship. 46 Brian Froud Interview: Faerie secrets and advice. Workshop: Marc Potts’s faerie guide. 58 James Gurney Interview: The Dinotopia artist talks. Workshop: Art theory by James Gurney. 70 Rodney Matthews Interview: Alien vistas and creatures. Workshop: How to tell stories in your art.

Art masters 128 Mélanie Delon Interview: From internet sensation to pro. Workshop: How to paint realistic faeries. 136 Dan Scott Interview: Fantasy art and career insights. Workshop: Tips on painting an Elf ranger. 144 Adam Hughes Interview: DC’s cover artist shares his art. Workshop: Adam paints Catwoman.

Core skills

162 Raymond Swanland Interview: Games are just the start! Workshop: How to use custom textures.

200 Custom brushes Workshop: Marta Dahlig shows how to create and use multiple custom brushes in Photoshop. 210 Alien tips Workshop: Wayne Barlowe reveals his 10 tips for creating unique creature designs.

172 Svetlin Velinov Interview: The Russian’s rise to fame. Workshop: Paint a classic fantasy scene.

214 Monster design Workshop: Bob Eggleton shares his tips on painting perfect dragons, claws and wings.

96 Dave Gibbons Interview: The Watchmen artist talks. Workshop: How to paint Rorschach.

182 Andrew Jones Interview:’s founder talks about his art and ambitions. Workshop: Andrew explores Corel Painter.

216 Painting materials Workshop: The tricks to rendering a variety of materials, from denim to leather and silk.

106 Charles Vess Interview: The comic artist’s work profiled. Workshop: How to paint in watercolour.

192 Christian Alzmann Interview: The ILM artist reveals all! Workshop: Get a traditional look, digitally.

74 Chris Foss Interview: An exceptional SF artist. Workshop: How to paint like Chris Foss. 82 Syd Mead Interview: His career and art examined. Workshop: Digitally paint like Syd Mead. 92 Jim Burns Interview: The SF legend’s art on show. Workshop: Paint an alien from photos.


Dungeons & Dragons Art Interviews: Legendary artists, including Larry Elmore, Todd Lockwood and Ralph Horsley share their highs and lows of working for Dungeons & Dragons.

Fantasy Art Essentials

154 John Kearney Interview: Self-taught and successful. Workshop: Paint a realistic cyclops.

222 20 Fantasy tips Workshop: Henning Ludvigsen reveals the 20 ways to achieve better fantasy paintings, including colour, texture and light tips.


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Fantasy Art Essentials



Gallery Be inspired by the legendary artists behind some of fantasy’s most iconic images

Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell T 

he Peruvian prodigy Boris Vallejo, a professional artist since the age of 16, was amongst the core number of artists that defined the ‘classic’ fantasy art of the 1960s, making his name with his illustrations of Tarzan, Conan The Barbarian and Doc Savage. In the 1990s bodybuilder, model and painter Julie Bell married Boris, and since then they’ve produced a

prolific body of hyperrealist fantasy art, that celebrates the fantastical body beautiful with dynamic heroines and mythical creatures galore. With a slew of art books and calendars to their names, the couple continue to push each other on, working together for a variety of commissions, from ad campaigns to Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell 3 cover.

We very much inspire each other, our minds work similarly in all kinds of ways. We spend 24 hours a day together and not only do we do it with ease, but we love it that way

Wise words Perfect the body

“By drawing, you’re keeping your own little file in your head, of the human body and every time you draw from life you’re just adding to it and reinforcing it.”


Fantasy Art Essentials

Core skills




Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell

Fantasy Art Essentials



Wise words

Forget Perfection

Learn from the master and shun the idea of achieving a distinct style: “In France, the artist wants to be known and recognised. They’re not interested in perfection or examination; they look for style. I search for truth.”


Fantasy Art Essentials

Jean ‘Moebius’ Giraud


When I started, I set myself a direction – a trajectory like a rocket in the sky. At the end I will blow up, but I don’t know where

metaphysical. He then went on to help epitomise the face of modern sci-fi. Making his name with the 1960s comic strip Blueberry (initially using the pseudonym Gri), Jean then formed the United Humanoids in the 1970s, a group responsible for the original

Heavy Metal magazine. With Arzach, Moebius popularised a text-free, nonlinear comic style. He was then hired as a concept artist for the films Alien and TRON. Moebius died in 2012, but his distinctive art legacy is assured.

Core skills


t’s easy to forget the influence the man behind fantasy’s most famous alias has had on comics and sci-fi art. Having plucked the name Moebius out of the air at 22, Jean took comics into a new world touched by the surreal and led by the

© Moebius Productions. All rights reserved 2011

© Moebius Productions. All rights reserved 2011


© Moebius Productions. All rights reserved 2011.



Fantasy Art Essentials



HR Giger W  

hether you love or loathe his darkly stylised art, if you’ve the slightest interest in digital art, the chances are you’ll recognise at least some, of HR Giger’s work. From the 1970s onwards he transformed himself from an obscure Swiss surrealist to mainstream Academy Award-winning artist for his iconic work on Alien. Commonly combining themes of elemental eroticism with an aesthetic that involves biomechanical mixtures of machine and alien flesh, his unique style has inspired countless artists. 1998 saw the creation of the Giger museum, at Château St. Germain in the ancient walled city of Gruyères, south-west Switzerland. With this venture Giger signalled a change in his attention towards sculpture and architectural design, which he studied at university. Giger retired in 2008, and put painting to one side in favour of overseeing his bar and museum. The artist and sculptor died at his Zurich home in 2014, but his extraordinary artistic visions live on.

In the beginning I had no idea what I was doing. I just did some clouds, then I would add an eye…

Wise words Making movies

“When I worked on Alien I was in the studio for seven months. If you want to do something really good, you have to travel and work with the film makers.”


Fantasy Art Essentials

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