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he Paleo Diet has increased in popularty in recent times for good reason: it works! Based on the simple concept that our diets should mimic those of our ancient ancestors, these

protein-heavy, sugar-free meals are guaranteed to make you feel brighter and lighter. We’ve organised our meals into Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Desserts and Snacks to make meal-planning simple. And don’t be afraid to try these out on the whole family: from rich berry smoothies and delicious breakfast muffins to tuna steaks and pecan brownies – there’s something that will appeal to everyone.

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paleo revolution

People from all walks of life are rediscovering the benefits of the Paleo diet as a healthy alternative to the processed foods that clog up modern supermarket shelves. So what is the diet all about?


he Paleo diet came into being around 2002, after many years of research by Dr. Loren Cordain Ph.D. (the world’s leading expert on Paleolithic diet and founder of the Paleo movement) and his scientific colleagues. Dr. Cordain discovered that for optimum health and well-being we should be eating nutritious, wholesome, natural foods from the food groups our ancestors would have eaten during the Paleolithic (Stone Age) era, around ten thousand years ago. These foods are: – Free range meat, poultry, game, offal (organ meats), fish, seafood and free range eggs. These are proteinbased foods which develop strong muscles, healthy bones and optimal immune function. Protein also makes you feel satisfied between meals. – Nuts and seeds which are rich in plant proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, fibre, minerals and antioxidants. Peanuts are not really nuts at all, but legumes, and so are excluded from the Paleo diet. – Unrefined vegetable, plant and seed oils such as avocado, olive, coconut and flaxseed which are mono unsaturated. These contain omega-3 fatty acids, which cannot be produced by our bodies. Omega-3 has an important role in the preservation of healthy heart and brain function and the normal growth and development of the body. – Fresh fruits and vegetables which supply carbohydrates and contain valuable vitamins and minerals that our bodies require to maintain good health. All fruits and vegetables offer excellent health benefits. Nutritional research proves that each one contains its own particular vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other important nutrients. To get the maximum health benefits, experts recommend eating a variety of fruits and vegetables along with other natural foods. – Seaweed and sea vegetables which are rich in minerals and are among the most nutritionally dense plant food sources on earth, because they absorb valuable nutrients found in the seas.

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Dr. Cordain and his colleagues became conscious that processed and artificial foods have had an alarming effect on our health, giving rise to modern chronic illnesses, such as cancer, Type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease (heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, atherosclerosis) and the modern-day epidemic of obesity. Research has established that following the Paleo diet will keep you lean, strong and full of energy and can also help you lose weight, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure and reduce acne. Since it was established, the Paleo pattern of eating has garnered a large following of devotees, including celebrities, athletes and in fact anyone who wants to improve their overall health. Paleo diet foods are natural, free from preservatives, artificial colourings and flavourings, and chemical additives. Some foods therefore are not allowed. Dairy foods, cereals, grains, pulses (legumes), refined sugar and refined salt, processed foods and starchy vegetables are banned, as they were not part of the original Stone Age diet. The Paleo way of eating is high in valuable nutrients (soluble fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, phytochemicals, omega-3 and monounsaturated fats and low-glycemic carbohydrates) that maintain good health, stabilise blood sugar levels, increase energy and promote a strong immune system. As the diet is low in lowglycemic carbohydrates it has generated interest amongst people with diabetes. And if you want to lose weight you won’t feel hungry on this diet, as protein and fibre are filling and an added bonus is that there’s no need to count carbs or calories. There’s no weighing or measuring - you can’t overeat - you just eat the right types of food until you feel satisfied. Following the Paleo diet isn’t difficult – cooking real food doesn’t have to be pricey or timeconsuming. These easy-to-follow recipes include tasty main meals, delicious desserts, cookies and cakes using Paleo friendly ingredients.

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Tasty Guides Paleo Recipes | 7


Breakfast page 10 12 Kiwi fruit shake 13 Berry smoothie 14 Summer breakfast 15 Portobello mushroom 16 Stack of waffles 18 Carrot muffins 20 Frittata with mushrooms

Lunch page 26 28 Herb soup with poached egg 29 Chicken and vegetable soup 30 Gazpacho 31 Clam chowder 32 Pumpkin soup 34 Radicchio salad 35 Broccoli salad 36 Green salad with chicken breast 37 Radish and Radicchio salad 38 Rocket salad with smoked duck breast 39 Carrot and courgette ‘spagetti’ salad 40 Spinach salad and poached egg 41 Secret meatballs 42 Stewed peppers

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43 Butternut squash with mushrooms 44 Courgette spaghetti 45 Guacamole with vegetable sticks 46 Baked vegetables with egg and caper salad 47 Asparagus and egg 48 Coconut prawns 50 Fried tuna with fennel 51 Avocado with prawns 52 Prawn and scallop ceviche on lettuce 53 Lettuce rolls with mayo 54 Salmon and sesame crust 55 Lettuce with chicken 56 Red tune and cherry tomato brochettes 58 Pork and pistachio terrine

21 Blueberry pancakes 22 Omelette with asparagus and tomatoes 23 Fresh fruit salad 24 Smoked eggs 25 Tomato bake with eggs


Dinner page 60 62 Grilled mackerel 63 Salmon en papillote 64 Lobster claw with lime 65 Seafood salad 66 Mussels in white wine 67 Cod fillet 68 Tuna steak 70 Chicken satay 71 Grilled chicken wings 72 Chicken cocunut curry 73 Turkey stir fry 74 Montreal salsa chicken 76 Lemon roast chicken 77 Chicken with oranges 78 Pork curry 79 Cutlets with ratatouille 80 Ham and pineapple

81 Pork knuckle goulash 82 Pork escalopes 83 Stuffed roast pork 84 Stuffed cabbage leaves 85 Stuffed courgettes 86 Stuffed beetroot 87 Stuffed aubergine 88 Meatballs in sauce 89 Roast racks of lamb 90 Fried lamb chops 91 Beef and vegetable stew 92 Pot roast and vegetables 94 Mediterranean steak 95 Meat and veg kebabs 96 Braised rabbit 97 Pheasant salad 98 Venison with quince

Dessert page 100 102 Almond milk 103 Blueberry and papaya 104 Fruit skewers 105 Baked apples with honey 106 Banana soufflĂŠ 108 Summer berry salad 109 Nut and fig halves

110 Lychee and kiwi salad 111 Grilled figs 112 Poached apples 113 Melon and papaya salad 114 Apple compote 115 Roasted mango halves 116 Raspberry sorbet

snack page 118 120 Cherry biscuits 121 Quick and easy date biscuits 122 Banana and pecan bread 124 Brownies

125 Muffins with nuts, apples and cinammon 126 Chocolate nut bars 127 Hazelnut cookies 128 Doughnuts with cinammon sugar 130 Pecan brownies

Tasty Guides Paleo Diet | 9

15 20

21 16



23 25


Nutritionists call it the most important meal of the day, and nothing could be more true for followers of the Paleo diet. What’s more, there’s a range of delights to fit every early bird’s palate. Break your fast with one of these lifegiving dishes and you’ll be fit to face the day the way nature intended. kiwi fruit shake Page 12

blueberry pancakes Page 21

berry smoothie Page 13 summer breakfast Page 14

omelette with asparagus and tomatoes Page 22

portobello mushroom Page 15

fresh fruit salad Page 23

stack of waffles Page 16

smoked eggs Page 24

carrot muffins Page 18

tomato bake Page 25

frittata with mushrooms Page 20

12 Tasty Guides Paleo Recipes | 9



Kiwi fruit shake (4 servings) A hit of fresh kiwi fruit and delicious coconut milk make this shake a great way to start the day

Prep and cook time: 10 min Difficulty: easy Cannot be frozen Ingredients: 8 kiwi fruit, peeled and roughly chopped 800 ml | 28 fl oz | 3½ cups coconut milk 4 ice cubes 2 sprigs mint, roughly chopped 2 tbsp honey 4 slices kiwi fruit, to garnish

12 | Tasty Guides Paleo Diet



Place the chopped kiwi fruit in a blender with the coconut milk, ice cubes, chopped mint and honey.


Blend until smooth then pour into chilled glasses and serve garnished with the kiwi fruit slices.

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