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PAGE 8 How to become the ultimate search guru

PAGE 44 Design a slideshow to share with others

PAGE 70 Go around the world with GeoGuessr


Mail & Drive

p8 Power tips for Google Search

p26 Take control of your email

p50 Sync your Google Drive

How to become the ultimate search guru

Master Gmail’s intuitive tools and features

Access your files through a web browser

p12 Get more from OneBoxes Enhance searches with live information

p28 Discover power tips for Gmail How to get even more from your email

p52 Host websites on Google Drive

p14 Have fun with Search quirks Discover hidden tricks to make you smile

p32 Store files with Google Drive

p54 Do more with your Google account

Save files in the cloud for access anywhere

The best third party products and services

p16 Boost your site’s Google ranking

p38 Use templates to work faster Save time by making your own templates

p58 25 top tips for Google Drive

Easy ways to stand out from the crowd

p18 Make the most of Blog Search Find all the most up-to-date resources

p40 Make documents in Google Drive

p20 Tips and tricks for better searches

p42 Build superb spreadsheets

Find what you need as quickly as possible

Dabble with data using Google Drive

Work as easily as you can on your desktop

p44 Create perfect presentations Design a slideshow to share with others

p46 Collaborate and share Work with others on the same documents p48 Gather data with Google Forms

Free and easy web hosting for beginners

Make the most of your online hard drive

Maps & Earth p64 See the world with Google Maps Get to grips with the online mapping tool p66 Find your way with Maps Get detailed directions, wherever you go p68 Explore with Street View Visit familiar haunts and new locales

Create surveys and manage the results


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PAGE 138 Top iPad apps from Google

PAGE 86 Use video chat to catch up with mates

PAGE 120 Use Google’s data to improve your site

Professional p70 Be a modern day Phileas Fogg

p88 25 top tips for using Google+

p112 Get your site to the top on Google

Go around the world with GeoGuessr

Master the social site that does everything

Essential search engine optimisation tips

p72 Travel to the stars and beyond See the universe with Google Sky

p92 Configure your Google account Take control of your privacy online

p120 Google’s guide to Analytics Use Google’s data to improve your site

p74 Go globetrotting with Google Earth

p96 Protect your account

Explore the world without leaving home

Keep your files safe with 2-step verification

p126 Use the power of Google Apps Get a complete office software suite free

p76 Make your mark on Google Earth Discover how to overlay your own data

p130 Optimise your website


Boost your ranking with Webmaster Tools

Google+ & Account

p100 Watch top-class videos Find quality TV shows on YouTube


p82 Explore the potential of Google+

p102 Exploit YouTube’s full potential

p136 Google Glass

It’s much more than just a social network

Upload clips, subscribe to series and more

The latest in wearable technology

p84 Find your way around Circles

p104 Edit your videos on YouTube

p138 iPad apps from Google

Meet and make friends with Google+

Improve your footage quickly and easily

Try these Google apps for Apple’s tablet

p86 Hang out with friends face to face

p106 Use YouTube One Channel Learn everything you need to know

p142 Android apps The best official apps for your device

Use video chat to catch up with mates


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GMAIL & DRIVE Welcome to Gmail

Take control of your email with the incredible Gmail Completely intuitive to use, Gmail enables you to keep related messages together as conversations, and be able to track down any email in a flash


hen designing Gmail, Google examined the way people use email and considered ways that it could improve on the current systems. They found that most people don’t carefully divide up their incoming mail into the many folders that desktop software affords; instead they simply let everything amass in their bulging inbox, keeping it for reference and intending to file it away properly later on. But when you have

Handy Tip

Stay secure When signing into Gmail using a shared computer, such as one in an internet café, don’t tick the ‘Remember me’ box, and decline if the web browser offers to remember your password. This prevents other people from accessing your mail after you’ve finished and left.

everything stored in one place, it becomes hard to find the specific items you’re looking for. Instead of preaching about the merits of an exemplary filing system, Google designed Gmail to work around this human failing. It makes your email fully searchable, through the same technology on which Google’s search engine is based.

Search your messages Instead of folders, you have a search box at the top of the page. Enter a couple of keywords and click ‘Search’. Gmail shows any messages matching the terms you used, in order of relevance. If you still have too many results, you can narrow your search – to the right of the search bar, click on the arrow and fill in further criteria in the drop-down menu. You can specify addresses, the message subject, or the

contents of the body as search terms, as well as criteria such as whether there was an attachment to the message, the date it was received (within set periods, ranging from one day to one year, if you’re not really sure), and which mailbox.

Label your mail In addition to the comprehensive search function, you can still employ a filing system if you want to categorise your messages. Gmail’s labels enable you to mark email conversations and group them together under a common label. It is even possible to give a conversation multiple labels for cross-referencing. You can still view all your mail in your Inbox, Sent Items or Trash but, like labels, these categories are methods of sorting your existing mail, rather than traditional email folders. n

STEP BY STEP Use Conversations in Gmail

1Sign in

Browse to Enter your email address and the password you set when you created your Gmail account. Click ‘Sign in’ to go directly to your Inbox and start reading your mail.

2Choose a Conversation

Unlike conventional inboxes that display incoming messages individually, Gmail groups your messages into conversations. This makes it easy to refer back to what was said before. Select any conversation with a new message.


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Welcome to Gmail gMaiL & DrivE

gET To KnoW Gmail



Instead of displaying each message separately, this conversation of three mails is grouped under one heading.



Provide as much or as little search information as you like to quickly turn up items of mail.



These standard links enable you to view your mail under the usual areas such as Inbox, Sent Mail and Spam.


rEPLY anD ForWarD

These links enable you to reply to a message, or forward it on to another contact if you choose.




Click here to see all the messages in this conversation opened up, so that you can read through them in order.


These are used to group together mail messages so you can find them easily. Messages can have multiple labels.


Using stars

3rEPLY in a ConvErSaTion

Click ‘Reply’ at the bottom of the last message in a conversation to continue the discussion. Previous messages are neatly stacked above your reply for easy reference. Click ‘Send’ to dispatch your mail.

One way of making a message more prominent in your inbox is by marking them with stars. These are the Gmail equivalent of the flags in many desktop email packages and they easily let you highlight a message for later actions. Look at the messages in your Gmail inbox. To the left of each message is a checkbox, a star and a rectangle arrow. Click on the star to light it up and set it to yellow and ‘Starred’. If there are several messages you want to highlight, tick the checkbox for each message, click ‘More’ and select ‘Add star’. When you then want to see all the messages you have flagged in this way, click ‘Starred’ in the left-hand list just below the Inbox. To perform an action on all the starred messages in your current mailbox, click ‘Select: Starred’, followed by the action.


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GMAIL & DRIVE Advanced tips

25 tips for getting more from Google Drive Google Drive is your personal hard drive on the internet. Use it to store and share your files with these advanced tips


Share files with Gmail

Google Drive integrates fully with Gmail, which makes it easy to share a file on your Drive as an attachment. When you’re writing a new email in Gmail, hover your mouse over the paperclip icon that you would usually use to attach a file, and you’ll see the Google Drive option. Click it and select the files you want to attach, then click the ‘Insert’ button.


Save straight to Google

Items from websites, such as images, can be saved straight to Google Drive. All you need is the Google Chrome web browser, which you can download free from www., along with the Save to Google Drive extension, which can be found at Now all you need to do is right-click on an item and select ‘Save image to Google Drive’.


Make forms

You can create forms on Google Drive to survey people, then quickly turn their responses into a spreadsheet. Click ‘Create’ then ‘Form’ to begin. Select a template you’d like to use, then enter in the questions and text. Forms can be shared by sending a web address to people or posting it on social networks.


Music in the cloud

You can use Google Drive to store your MP3 collection and turn it into a cloud-based music player with the free Music Drive app (http://bit. ly/1cmXrQk) for Android smartphones. You’ll be able to play your music no matter where in the world you are, although you’ll need to make sure you have a data connection, and remember

Get attached Use Gmail to share files stored on Google Drive that streaming music can use a good chunk of your monthly data allowance. The DriveTunes extension (http://bit. ly/17q5QLx) for Chrome lets you play music from Drive on a computer.


Download the app

If you use Google Drive a lot, you can make it easier to add files from your Windows PC or a Mac by going to html and clicking the ‘Download Drive’ link at the bottom of the page. Once installed, you can use Google Drive in exactly the same way as any other folder on your computer.


Send to Google Drive

With the Google Drive app installed on Windows, you can make it even quicker to send files straight to

your Drive. Open Windows Explorer and go to C:\Users\Your Username\ AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\ Windows\SendTo, substituting your account name for ‘Your Username’. If Windows is installed on a different drive, replace the preceding C with the correct drive letter. Right-click ‘Google Drive’ in the left-hand pane, drag it into the main window and select ‘Copy here’. Now when you right-click a file, you can select ‘Send to > Google Drive’.


Restore files

Google Drive keeps a record of previous versions of a files, allowing you to roll back to a point before you made changes. Open the file in the Google Drive website and choose ‘File > See revision history’. A panel will appear to the right to show who


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Advanced tips GMAIL & DRIVE

person and a ‘+’ symbol. This gives you a link that can be shared over email, Facebook or Twitter. If you want to quickly share multiple files using one link, put them all together in the same folder, then share the folder. It couldn’t be easier!


Control permissions

Direct access With the app installed, you can use Google Drive like a folder on your PC changed the file and when. Click one to view it, then click ‘Restore this revision’ below its details to roll back to it.


Use shortcuts

Google Drive has some handy keyboard shortcuts that you can use: [S] Star or unstar highlighted item [X] Select or de-select current highlighted item [.] Share current highlighted item [Up Arrow] or [Down Arrow] Navigate to previous or next item in the list without selecting it [Shift] + [Up Arrow] or [Down Arrow] Select multiple previous or next items [Shift] + [A] Select all items [Shift] + [N] De-select all items [Shift] + [T] Create a text document [Shift] + [P] Create a presentation [Shift] + [S] Create a spreadsheet [Shift] + [D] Create a drawing [Shift] + [F] Create a folder [Cmd] + [Alt] + [Shift] + [G] Open Revision History in files


Empty the bin

Things you delete in Drive are held in the Bin folder, which you’ll need to empty to reclaim space for other files. Open, select ‘More’ in the left menu, then click ‘Bin’. With files selected, choose ‘Restore’ above the list to undelete them, ‘Delete forever’ to permanently get rid of the selection, or deselect them and choose ‘Empty bin’ to get rid of everything.


Back up your files

You can never have too many backups. To make a copy of everything on your Google Drive and save it to

an external hard drive or USB flash drive for safekeeping, use the Google Takeout service ( takeout). Sign in if you’re prompted to do so, then click ‘Choose services’ at the top of the page. Click ‘Drive’ and select ‘Create Archive’.


Upload from Chrome

If you’re using the latest Chrome or Firefox web browser you can quickly upload files to your Google Drive by simply dragging and dropping them. Just browse to com. Open the folder that contains the files you want to upload. Drag them over the web browser until the pointer changes to indicate that letting go will upload the file, then release the drop the files onto the window.


Get quick previews

An important decision to make when sharing a file or folder is who has access to read them and whether they can make modifications. You won’t want just anybody having free reign. You can require people sign in to Google Drive to view and edit files, or limit it to people who have the link. Just be aware that the link with other people you may not know. When inviting people you can choose who can edit the files – handy for collaborating on a piece of work.


Secure your files

Putting important personal files online is handy, but for maximum security you may want to encrypt them. This means no one – not even Google – can view your files. Only you and whoever you give the password to. Boxcryptor ( google-drive) is an excellent free tool that helps secure your files.


Add verification

Another good way to protect your files is to add 2-step verification to your Google Account. When logging in to Google Drive from a device for the first time, you’ll not only need to provide your username and password, but also need a verification code that’s

Google Drive has the ability to quickly preview your files without having to download them. You also don’t need to worry about downloading or installing additional software to see a file’s contents. Select a file and click the ‘Preview’ icon (the one that looks like an eyeball). As long as the file type is supported, you’ll get a quick view that will help you confirm it’s the one you want.


Share with others

You can share files you’ve uploaded to Google Drive quickly and easily, but there are a number of other ways you can allow other people to access – and edit – your files. To give it a try, click the checkbox next to a file and then click the icon that shows a

Quickly does it Save images to Google Drive from your web browser


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GOOGLE+ & ACCOUNT Account settings

Configure your account for maximum security Google won’t do it for you, so it’s up to you to take control of your privacy and choose what’s shared


our Google Account is home to all sorts of private data, from your browsing history and email, to groups of friends and even payment details. Google tries to keep things in order with some decent security settings by default, but you need to know exactly how, and where, to make changes to your account to ensure you’ve got the levels of privacy and security you want.


Changing your username You can only change your Google Account username if you signed up to an account outside of Gmail. This can be any email address you like, which will be used as the new username for your account.

If you’ve used any of Google’s products before, you already have a Google Account. The same account is used across all Google products and services. Your account username is the email address you entered when you created your Google Account. If you use Gmail, sign in with your Gmail username, it’s likely that this is where you first obtained a Google Account. In the following tutorial we’ll show you exactly how to take control of your account down to the finest detail. You can access to your Google Account settings at any time directly by opening in a web browser. If you have your browser’s privacy settings set to ‘High’ you may be unable to access that page directly. To resolve this problem you might need to add or to your browser’s

list of allowed sites. We’ll look at some service-specific account settings in the walkthrough. If you’re accessing Google Accounts from behind a firewall, proxy, or anti-virus program, and you’re still having trouble, temporarily disable the program and try signing in to your Google Account. If disabling the program resolves the issue you’re experiencing, then most likely the software is causing the problem. In case you ever get locked out of your Google Account for any reason, we’ll show you how to go about adding a recovery email address and even a mobile phone notification for getting security alerts. A recovery email address provides a way back into your account, so that the email and other information that’s accumulated doesn’t become lost forever.

STEP BY STEP Become a Google Account master

1Basic privacy changes

At you can change a variety of basic settings from your primary email address to your profile’s displayed nickname. Wherever it says Edit (in blue) is where you can change a private detail. Here we’re changing the nickname of the account holder, shown under the profile image.

2Recovery email

An important aspect of securing a Google Account is having a recovery password in place, in case you forget the login of your account or you find out there’s been unauthorised access to it. Under Email, click Edit next to ‘Recovery email address’, sign in again, then choose ‘Add a recovery email address’ and type the address.


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Account settings googlE+ & aCCoUnT

gET To know Account/Security




Email addRESSES

This shows your primary Google email address alongside a recovery address and alternate email addresses, if you’ve added any. Choose Edit to add email addresses.

The Account and Security categories are expandable by clicking the adjacent arrows. Within them are links to various bits of information which can be reached from elsewhere in your Google Account, but this is the quickest route to them.


PRofilE/ niCknamE

Under your profile image (if you’ve added one) you’ll see links for editing your profile and nickname. Changing your nickname doesn’t alter your Google Account address, it’s only for display within Google’s products.

4 6

aCCoUnT managEmEnT

This area is where where you can make further edits to your account, and also delete it if you want to. The link that says ‘Learn more...’ is the most useful bit of this section.

3 alTERnaTE Email addRESS



This shows the time and date you last changed your password. Your password is not displayed though, and you’ll be asked to provide it before you can change it.

On the same page you can add an alternate address which can be used to sign in to your account (you can’t use a Gmail address). When your contacts share content with your alternate email address via Google Docs or Google Sites, your primary email address will still be displayed, ideal for keeping your original Gmail address private.

aCCoUnT aCTiviTY

This side panel is a handy summary of when and where you last signed in to your Google Account. You can also sign up for Account Activity Reports here, which are access summaries sent to you by Google.

4PaSSwoRd UPdaTE

Under Account Activity you’ll see information about your password. This tells you exactly when your password was last changed. If it has been a few years, or even months, then you should replace it for maximum security. Choose Manage security > Change password. Google will show the password’s strength as you type.


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It will change the way you use your iPhone!


iPhone 5 Ultimate companion manual

Upgrade Get ready for the next version of Apple’s iOS

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