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world war II like you’ve never seen it before

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Choose your powers and take back the city

Can you survive the zombie hordes?

Lara’s stunning new adventure

Hands-on with future hits!

beyond good & evil 2

Call of duty black ops 4 Campaign is out, Battle Royale is in

Explore the solar system

The return of a legend


Issue 331 / July 2018

“Whatever games you love, we’ve got previews for you inside” h, the summer. Blazing sunshine, ice creams in the park, trips to the beach, and massive ruddy videogame news. That’s right, ’tis the season of reveals, and here at GM we’ve been working hard to bring you deep dives on the best and brightest. Whether you love taking potshots at your pals in the middle of chaotic warzones, exploring strange new universes, fighting to survive in post-apocalyptic wastelands, or just, y’know, blowing some stuff up, we’ve got previews for you inside. Plus, we’ve put together a truly super feature on Lego’s latest action-packed adventure – The Incredibles. And make sure you pick up the next issue too, where we’re planning to cram in even more amazing games for our huge summer blowout! Loyal readers may notice the absence of staff writer Sam Greer – unfortunately she’s left the mag. But never fear, if you’re fan of her excellent work, you’ll now see popping up in everything from PC Gamer to Official PlayStation, so keep an eye out for her byline! We wish her all the best. Enjoy your GM!

EDITOR’S CHOICE My top picks this issue



We’ve picked out our favourite superhero games of all time – and the genre’s biggest stinker, too…


Advance Wars has a place in the heart of any strategy fan – this month, we pay tribute.


A new game for the very first console I ever owned? My inner child is pleased.

Robin Valentine – Editor

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july 2018


Contents What’s In Your Latest Issue?

exodus 34 Metro Sure, it was grim down in the tunnels, but five minutes out in this

post-apocalyptic wasteland will have you pining for the underground. Mutant monsters, deadly radiation, and all manner of unfriendly chaps abound – read on to see if we manage to survive…

the incredibles 22 lego Protect every last brick of Metroville

from supervillains as one of the most beloved families in film get the Lego treatment.

Previews 38

Beyond good & evil 2


days gone


battlefield V


rage 2


shadow of the tomb raider

Between the space pirates and the explorable solar system, this sequel’s looking a lot bigger than the first. A motorbike trip through a land of zombies. Can this Sony exclusive stand out from the pack? The series moves from WWI to its better-received sequel for this explosive new entry. Hands up if you saw a Rage sequel coming. No-one? Yeah, us neither. Want another surprise? It looks ace!

Lara done goofed and unleashed an ancient curse on the land. Ack!


July 2018

of 58 state decay 2

Xbox’s latest exclusive charges you with keeping a whole community alive and bite-free in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Meanwhile, we can’t even remember to feed our goldfish.

Reviews 64

far: Lone sails


detroit: become human


conan exiles


laser league


cultist simulator

Keep a creaking old antique going to ensure your survival. Bit like working in print. Is slavery bad? David Cage arrives with the answer, in the form of his latest cinematic adventure. Battle for resources without any clothes on in a decidedly NSFW take on Robert E Howard’s work The power of Tron compels you to check out this neon-soaked multiplayer gem. Creating your own arcane secret society is just a matter of gathering the right cards…

Regulars 06










Call Of Duty taken to task, girlfriend-based review scores, and more in this month’s letters pages. We go hands-on with Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 and bring you everything you need to know. Escape gaming’s violence and action for a contemplative life as a goat farmer in The Stillness Of The Wind. Remember when the best turnbased strategy game around was on a handheld? GamesMaster remembers. Meet the man who’s making a brand-new Mega Drive game. Nobody tell him he’s 30 years late.

Team GM

Issue 331/July 2018

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The most dedicated team in the business

This month, the hunt begins for GamesMaster’s new staff writer. Applicants must be hard-working, talented, and utterly shameless in their use of dreadful puns. Watch this space… Robin Valentine

As you read this, our editor will be in sunny LA for E3, hunting down juicy gaming scoops to serve up next issue. It’s his first time covering the infamously busy event, but of course he’s not panicking – he actually always sweats that much.

If you could have any superpower… Seeing the future – that’d help with previews

Rob Crossland

Our tech-savvy art editor’s built himself a new gaming PC, and with its liquid cooling and three monitor set-up, it’s already putting the rest of us to shame. So far he’s enjoying the 60fps lifestyle, though we only give it a week before he starts using it to mine Bitcoin instead.

If you could have any superpower… Ice powers for easier overclocking

If you could have any superpower… With the state of the trains, it has to be flight

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Leon Hurley

Since playing Spy Party (see p14), our Early Access reporter has become surprisingly good at hiding in plain sight. We’ve actually placed a cleverly hidden photo of him on every single page of this issue, but you’ll never find them all. He’s just that good.

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July 2018



Black Ops started out in the 1960s with Cold War conspiracies, but quickly became a sci-fi infused series.

Email Twitter Facebook officialgamesmaster Web Post GamesMaster, Future, Quay House, The Ambury, Bath, BA1 1AU, UK

Taking the Mickey

fanbase fa se nb ba as n fa

ase fanbas anb e fa ef n as


ase fanbase f nb an fa b


The best of your emails, tweets, and carrier pigeon death threats ase f a n fanb ba se se ba


of the month

Call Of Duty is losing its identity, says Charlie Ridgewell


ver since Black Ops II, Call Of Duty has been impacted by its fear of becoming irrelevant. I think many will agree that the golden age of COD was 2007-12. In that space, we had the Modern Warfare trilogy, World At War, and Black Ops I and II. All brilliant games. Then people started complaining it was the same game every year. There’s truth in that, but the reason it got popular was because of the casual multiplayer experience it offered. Us fans were happy with it staying the same. But it didn’t. From 2014 on, the developers experimented a bit, but while the ‘advanced movement trilogy’ from 2014 -2016

wasn’t bad really, having all three studios make sci-fi games and release them consecutively was a bad call. And then the Infinite Warfare trailer happened. So, yeah. One of the biggest misconceptions is that COD fans brought this on themselves. Yes, we asked for innovation, but not jetpacks and the same setting every year! We wanted extra support for existing games, like Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege have received. And we wanted the franchise to remain the same, with no fear of staying relevant with other games – or ripping them off! If Call Of Duty wants to become as big as it used to be, it needs to stop copying and pasting from other games and make a Call Of Duty game. Charlie Ridgewell, email We don’t envy the COD devs – making everyone happy seems to get harder every year! Check out our hands-on impressions of Black Ops 4 on p10. n

I remember having a poster for Mickey Mouse: Castle Of Illusion on my bedroom wall when I was younger. It had a quote from Dominik Diamond saying “It’s better looking than my girlfriend”. I am yet to hear this phrase in a game review since. I believe this is a perfectly good way to rate the graphic fidelity of any upcoming games. For example: “Having played Rage 2, I can say with confidence that it is much better looking than my girlfriend,” or “Having played the Xbox One port of PUBG, I can safely say that Dominik Diamond’s girlfriend is better looking than this game.” Anyway, just a suggestion. Louis B, email We really need to nail down whether the scale is based on the reviewer’s girlfriend, or Dominik Diamond’s. The former feels rather sexist, and (worse) threatens to give us an insight into our reviewers’ personal lives. Trust us, no-one wants that. The latter carries the distinct possibility that a Scottish radio host might come to the GamesMaster office and beat us up while rattling off sly double entendres. Overall, we reckon we’ll stick with percentages – at least until Robin can iron out the kinks in his ‘more or less fun than farting in the bath?’ scale.

Mr Popular

How many invites is too much? I was there peacefully watching YouTube when all of a sudden what seemed like a million pings hit me. I looked at my notifications and this guy invited me to play Fortnite 58 times! That’s the highest I have ever had, it’s ridiculous! If I did not answer the first few times what makes someone think “Oh, 57 more will do it”? FML. Scott Jones, Facebook


Last issue, we credited the Reader Review of Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom to Charlie Ridgewell, when actually it was written by George Anderson – our apologies to both Charlie and George!


Got an opinion? Have even the barest grasp of words and how to put them together? The best letter bags a free mystery prize!* Sometimes it feels like each new COD game just walks in the shadow cast by the original Modern Warfare.


July 2018

*Don’t forget to include your postal address and chosen gaming format!


out of character

Your TOP 5

Getting creative with customisation

Scott Jones has been busy in WWE 2K17’s character creator! Not only has he made Kratos and The Stranger from God Of War, he’s done a full line-up of Fortnite wrestlers complete with a ‘Victory Royale’ belt! Made anything weird and wonderful in a character creator lately? Send a pic to!

The most exciting upcoming games, as voted for by you on our Facebook and Twitter pages


shenmue hd collection

Format PS4, XO, PC ETA Winter The Shenmue fans are out in force this month, and managed to launch the re-release of the first two games right into the top spot!

2 Now we’re curious, Scott, what makes you such a desirable team mate? Are you just that good at the game, or is it your sparkling wit on mic he was after? Either way, we’re jealous – no-one ever invites us to play Fortnite…

God of phwoar

After three days of solid play I just want to express my admiration for Santa Monica Studios and their outstanding new God Of War game. I will admit that I had my doubts as to whether they could top what has come before – after all, God Of War 3 was an awesome, brutal tour de force – but holy moly have they delivered one Hel of game here!

I wasn’t initially sold on the change from Greek mythology to Norse, but it works perfectly, and has been breath of fresh air to the series. It works so well from not only a visual perspective, but also in the uncovering of the lore. And combat-wise and puzzle-wise it’s done so magically, and rarer still is the fact that it has no microtransactions or season pass which is brilliant. I also want to praise the voice talent in this game, who all do a superb job of bringing this absolutely brilliant cast of characters to life. In the past I have been quite vocal about voice actors changing and I wasn’t sure when I heard that TC Carson had been replaced as Kratos. But here not only has God Of War changed,

“kratos the man himself has changed, and for the better”

but Kratos the man himself has changed, and for the better. Christopher Judge of Stargate SG-1 has done a superb job here, showing a more expressive and emotional side to Kratos. He makes the role his own and is superb. Also Sunny Suljic, the child actor who plays Atreus, does a great job. Atreus is very cool in the gameplay too; he’s helped me out a lot in tough fights! And ultimately it’s the story of a father and his son that drives this epic tale. I have very little criticism except to say that it can be quite challenging. but for me this has been the game that’s recaptured my love of gaming. Well done to all those involved! It’s my pick for one of the games of the year, hands-down, and simply the must-own PS4 game of 2018 this far. I can’t wait to see where they go from here. If this game is any indication, the sky’s the limit for Santa Monica Studios. Martyn Jamieson, email It’s a fantastic game – we gave it a strong 91% last issue – and we’re glad you enjoyed it so much, Martyn! We’re as keen as you to see what happens next. Would you want the series to stick to Norse mythology for now, or perhaps head to Ancient Egypt? n

shenmue 3

Format PS4, PC ETA Winter 2019 And here’s the long-awaited sequel, too. Quite a feat pushing Red Dead 2 down two places – never underestimate the Shenmue community…


red dead redemption 2

Format PS4, XO ETA 26 October We can’t remember RDR2 falling this low in the entire time since it was first announced. Who knew Shenmue was its one weakness?



Format PS4 ETA 7 September We really, really have run out of spider puns now. We’re going to have to move on to other arachnids or something. Anyone know any good scorpion gags?


off the chart!

The hot topics you’ve been gabbing about 28% The best E3 reveals 25% Your favourite superhero games 19% What would you do in a zombie apocalypse? 15% The most you’ve ever spent on a game 13% The hunt for GM’s new staff writer

kingdom hearts 3

Format PS4, XO ETA Winter With each reveal, this game looks more and more like the inside of a child’s brain during an epic sugar high. You can summon Wreck-It-Ralph! Amazing.

july 2018



ve games u lo yo yo u

es you lov gam eg ve a lo

s you lov ame eg eg am v lo


you love games Cool stuff and videogame culture

SOCIAL GROUSING Wisdom and weirdness from our bustling social media channels

es m

Can GM really afford to clone T. rex’s to eat people’s houses?

eg u lov ames y yo ou

James Williamson, Facebook

Kate Davies-Speak (@KateDaviesSpeak) is one dedicated Tomb Raider fan - every time Lara gets a new look, she cosplays it!

I couldn’t care less about lootboxes, if people want to waste their money then fine by me. Jamie Garbutt, Facebook

Got a class mate who’s spent £1000+ on FIFA, WTF! @PhaseChan sent us this amazing tribute to Cuphead’s King Dice! Check out more cool art on her Twitter page.

Stephen Bell, @Crusader_Stevie

maniac of the month! Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Luke Hardy, Facebook


SHOWCASE This month’s best snaps

Firewatch Frosty, @FrostyThe8Bits

If I was caught up in a zombie apocalypse, I’d ask everyone: “Who wants to watch Shaun Of The Dead?” Daniel Climo, Facebook

Death Stranding was the best E3 reveal ever. Actually no, not even the game itself, just Kojima. Walking down some stairs. To an orchestra. Ollie Reynolds, @OllieMar28

God Of War Sammy, @SakorrOfficial

Monster Hunter World Sammy, @SakorrOfficial

Sea Of Thieves Corn Wolf, @Corn_Wolf

I have bought a PlayStation, every generation, and have only owned Madden on each one. Never owned or played any other game. Four consoles, one game. Jimbo Jobson, @jimbojobson

Shadow Of The Colossus Ali Al-Sahi, email

I dunno if anyone else will agree, but I loved SpiderMan: Web of Shadows. The way you could swing around a city was wonderful. Rob E, @harvesterofsoro


July 2018


Burning Question How do you feel about this year’s COD not having a campaign? I’m angry about this, it’s terrible. COD is not evolving, only catching up with the old trend. Simon Wells, @swells80

Definite no buy now, the franchise is dead to me! Well, Infinity Ward is, we’ll have to see what the other devs do… Dan Wood, @Dan_Wood98 Visit officialgamesmaster and www.twitter. com/gamesmaster to take part in next issue’s burning questions.

the royale treatment

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 revealed, with huge changes for the series 10

July 2018

For players who prefer helping the team over scoring kills, support classes are the best they’ve ever been in Call Of Duty.


nce upon a time, Call Of Duty set the standard for online multiplayer games. But Black Ops 4 is perhaps the most reactive game in the series to date. Not only does its fast-paced hero- and ability-based combat owe a debt to games such as Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch, but developer Treyarch has jumped on the battle royale bandwagon with a new survival mode called Blackout. The studio has also, inevitably, done away with the traditional linear single-player campaign. This will be sad news for some, but let’s be honest, most people buy Call Of Duty year after year to play it online. It’s a sign of the times.

“We’re putting a lot more energy into the parts of the game where our players spend the most time,” says co-studio head Dan Bunting. “When you think of Treyarch you think of Zombies mode and multiplayer, so we want to bring those to the forefront.” So that means we’re getting no lavish, cinematic, six-hour campaign, but Treyarch is keen to stress that the game will still have narrative elements: they’ll just be threaded into the online modes instead. Quite how the studio will manage to tell anything approaching a compelling story in such a chaotic, breakneck multiplayer shooter remains to be seen, however. The big changes don’t end there. Treyarch is making some pretty fundamental alterations to the established flow and rhythm of the game. For one, healing is no longer automatic. You

“Treyarch has jumped on the battle royale bandwagon with a new survival mode called Blackout”

have to do it manually, injecting yourself with a syringe, and where and when you decide to heal is as important a tactical decision as reloading your weapon. A fog of war system has also been introduced, meaning players can only see their immediate surroundings (and those of their teammates) on the minimap, not the whole scene. “You’re looking to your squad a lot more, because they can reveal enemy positions,” says Bunting. “This builds teamwork without forcing it on you, and may help combat some of the toxicity in the community.”

Bullet time

On a deeper level, the game’s ballistics have also been overhauled, although only hardcore players will notice. The most significant change is that weapons no longer have random recoil patterns and are now, in Treyarch’s words, learnable. “When you introduce randomness it just leads to frustration,” explains Bunting. “When a gun has a recoil pattern that’s random, you don’t feel like you can learn from your mistakes and get better.” So the changes mean each weapon in Black Ops 4 will have a specific

july 2018


PLAY STYLE The game modes revealed so far

Control In this mode two teams fight for control of points scattered across the map, similar to the mode of the same name in Overwatch. The twist here is that as well as losing territory, teams can also fail a round by running out of respawn tickets. If a team wins three rounds of Control, they win the game.

Domination Domination has been a fan favourite mode since Modern Warfare, and it’s back in Black Ops 4. It’s similar to Control, but the objective is to capture as many points as possible and keep hold of them until the end of the match. Domination hasn’t changed much since the early days of Call Of Duty multiplayer.

Hardpoint Another returning mode, but a little different this time. As in previous games it’s about holding a point on the map and defending it from attacking players. But now the hardpoint moves randomly around the map, which changes the rhythm of the mode quite a bit and forces players to switch their tactics up.

Blackout A large number of players (they haven’t decided how many yet) are set loose on a large map littered with weapons and vehicles, and the last person to survive the chaos wins. Sound familiar? This is Call Of Duty’s take on the battle royale phenomenon, but Treyarch is promising it’ll have a distinctive Black Ops flavour.


July 2018

feel and behaviour, rewarding players who choose to stick with a particular weapon and master its intricacies. Changes like this help to make Black Ops 4 a more viable, and fair, competitive shooter. Another big change, and the thing Treyarch decided to open its reveal event with, is the complete removal of wall-running and boost jumps. These futuristic additions divided the community, and the crazy cheers from fans at the event when the developers said the moves were being killed off speaks volumes about how the news was received. Treyarch also highlighted the way in which your gun will always be ‘up’, meaning you can fire while mantling and throwing grenades. Call Of Duty is often accused of making only incremental changes to the formula in each sequel, but we’re surprised by how much Black Ops 4 is shaking things up, setting the game apart from its predecessors. We expect there’ll be some resistance from hardcore players, but the shooter market is hugely competitive at the moment, and even a giant like Call Of Duty has to adapt or die. Some of your favourite specialists will return for this outing, but with a few changes to how they play. For example, Ruin now has a grappling hook, similar to Widowmaker’s from

that it’ll feature land, sea, and air vehicles, and that you’ll be able to play as characters from Black Ops’ history including Mason, Reznov, and the various heroes of Zombies mode. It’ll be interesting to see how the quick, twitchy multiplayer Black Ops is known for translates to a level Treyarch says is a thousand times bigger than a regular multiplayer map.

Dead serious

Speaking of Zombies, a mode that has developed quite a mythology over the years, Treyarch is using Black Ops 4 as an opportunity to give it a soft reboot. The new story fuses real-world history with occult mythology, and will take place across several distinct time periods. Again, like Blackout, the studio is tight-lipped about how the mode will actually play, but the mood-setting trailers, one of which is set aboard the Titanic moments before that fateful iceberg encounter, is incredibly stylish. (Hearts may go on, but we reckon a headshot will stop pretty much everything else.) Zombies has a huge following, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the dev left it pretty much intact, save for a new setting and cast. Three missions will ship with the game, including one set in a Roman gladiatorial arena. PC players will be glad to know that Treyarch

“The fog of war system means players can only see their immediate surroundings, and those of their teammates” Overwatch, that lets him latch onto a building and yank himself quickly across the map. This is especially fun when someone has you pinned down and you’re near death, allowing you to quickly zip away to safety. No kill for your opponent there! As for new specialists, Recon can fire sensor darts to reveal the enemy’s location; Crash is a combat medic with a range of healing abilities and buffs; Ajax has a huge, chunky shield that acts as mobile cover and has a gun port that he can fire through; and Torque can drop barricades and razor wire to control the map and block lanes. It’s the most varied collection of Black Ops characters yet, supporting an impressive variety of play styles. Needless to say, the developers haven’t ignored what’s currently the biggest trend in gaming. Blackout is a new mode that Treyarch says is “battle royale the Black Ops way” and will feature a large map with an as-yetundetermined number of players fighting to be the last person standing. It’s a pretty shameless reaction to the success of games like Fortnite and Battlegrounds, but Treyarch isn’t alone in clambering onto the bandwagon, and we’re hoping the dev has some fresh ideas to bring to the table. There are almost no concrete details available yet about the mode, but we do know

is dedicating significant resources to the Windows version of the game. Out of the box the game will have support for HDR, ultra-wide monitors, and UHD resolutions. The feel of the guns and camera will be adjusted to suit mouse and keyboard controls. And it’ll be the first Call Of Duty game to appear on Blizzard’s platform alongside the likes of Destiny 2, Overwatch, and Hearthstone. PC gamers have fallen somewhat out of love with Call Of Duty in recent years, and this seems like a concerted effort on Treyarch’s part to kiss and make up. It’s perhaps unsurprising that Call Of Duty has ditched its single-player campaign to focus on multiplayer. Online gaming is a huge business now, and spending millions of dollars on creating a mode most people will play once and never again is probably a waste of resources. It’s no secret that this series is aimed at the broadest possible audience, and introducing a battle royale mode was inevitable. It does make the game feel a bit soulless and designed-by-committee, especially compared to something as joyous as Blizzard’s mighty Overwatch. But we think Treyarch should be commended for being bold enough to make fundamental changes to how the game plays. It’s a brave new era for Call Of Duty. n


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