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Issue 311 / Christmas 2016

“More crackers than on Santa’s own dinner table” is the season of celebration, and that’s exactly what the issue in your hands is all about. In our huge Game Of The Year Awards feature, we’re looking back on a year of amazing gaming experiences and giving the coveted GM thumbs up to the absolute best of the bunch. And we can’t help but be excited about the glorious potential of 2017, too. First off, Nintendo’s NX has finally been revealed and named, and we’re already dreaming of the potential of Switch – and digging deep into all the facts in our must-read feature. Then you’ve got Read Dead Redemption 2, perhaps the most anticipated sequel ever, announced and looking incredible – we’ve got all the latest in our massive preview. Have I mentioned our bumper reviews section yet? No? Well it’s bloody packed with great games, from Dishonored 2 to Pokémon Sun and Moon to Watch Dogs 2 to Titanfall 2. We’ve got more crackers to show off here than on Santa’s own dinner table. Happy holidays to all, and enjoy your GM!

EDITOR’S CHOICE My top picks this issue



Nintendo’s back with a console like no other – and we’ve got everything you need to know.


I’m so ready for an epic new Bioware RPG, and Mass Effect: Andromeda is looking the business.


Before this issue, I’d never heard of an amigurumi. Now I love them. So cuuuuuute!

Robin Valentine – Acting Editor

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christmas 2016


Contents What’s In Your Latest Issue?

cover story

switch 22 nintendo The Wii U’s successor, revealed! Is it a console you can play in

Only the best games are featured on GM’s cover!

your living room? Is it a handheld you can take on the go? It’s both! Head to our exhaustive feature to find everything you need to know about Nintendo’s hybrid future.

2016 Game of the 42 the year awards

dead 34 red redemption 2

It’s not enough to simply say this has been a year of awesome games – they must be ranked, and ordered, and one crowned king of our collective hearts.

Previews 28

mass effect: andromeda


resident evil 7: Biohazard


persona v


Ghost recon Wildlands


Project Wight

Take up your father’s mantle of Pathfinder in an epic open galaxy, and don’t sully the name by getting all lost. Dark corridors, rotting meat, old women laughing hysterically at nothing. Yep, this is terrifying all right. For our preview of this tricksy JRPG we adopt the persona of someone who writes about Persona V. If assaulting a Bolivian drug cartel’s compound during the day isn’t scary enough, we try doing it at night. From ex-Battlefield developers, this mythological horror sees you play as a monster who eats delicious vikings.



Rockstar returns to the Wild West. Expect cattle rustlin’, canoein’, campfires, possibly cookin’, definitely shootin’, and an all-round lack of the letter ‘g’. It hadn’t been invented yet, you see.

Reviews 58



Battlefield 1


Call of duty: infinite warfare


Watch Dogs 2


Pokémon sun and Moon

It’s high chaos as Bethesda’s brooding adventure sneaks in and steals the lead review spot this month. For extra history, try washing this cracking shooter down with a trip to London’s Imperial War Musuem.

WWIII is not fought with sticks and stones, but space cruisers and robots. Run fools over to the sounds of Run The Jewels, then set something on fire to Jungle Fire. A pair of games sure to banish winter blues. Choose Popplio for maximum happiness.

Regulars 06










Let’s talk about Switch, baby. Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad, etc. We chat with Suda51, play with an electric car set, and trigger childhood flashbacks with a mini NES. The wurm returns in Nidhogg 2, a slashy sequel to the world’s greatest fencing simulator. We wax lyrical about Alucard’s classic adventure, Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night. Your introduction to the world of amigurumi, the Japanese art of crocheting cute stuffed creatures.

Team GM

Issue 311/Christmas 2016

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The nights may be getting colder, but our passion for gaming has never burned hotter. Or, actually, that might be heartburn from the turkey and Christmas pudding sandwiches Robin brought in for everyone…


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Ben Griffin 1

Our excitable staff writer may be getting a little too clingy following his interview with developer Suda51. There are only so many slumber parties you can invite an industry luminary to before it gets weird. To be honest, even one is pushing it.

Which game character should be president? Tingle

Leon Hurley

Scientists from across the world have been flocking to study Leon after the revelation that he’s completely immune to VR motion sickness. “I can even handle that bit in Scavenger’s Odyssey where you flip upside down,” he boasts gleefully to all who’ll listen.

Which game character should be president? Leon Kennedy


Rob Crossland

With the release of Sun and Moon, we’ve been trying to explain how Pokémon work to our baffled art editor, but he’s really struggling with the basics. “You make them fight? Isn’t that cruel?” Of course not, Rob! They like it! Duh.

Which game character should be president? Mario

Louise Blain

Louise escaped the rain and snow this month by taking a lengthy trip to beautiful, sunny San Francisco, USA. We’re not sure if it was because she’s so excited for the release of Watch Dogs 2, or just to try and get out of our famously terrible office Secret Santa.

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Which game character should be president? Ezio Auditore APRIL 2016


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Tough time

fanbase fa nb ase b as n fa

ase fanbase f nb an fa b ase fanb a s anb e fa ef n as


In July, I started having pains in my hands, which has now been diagnosed as arthritis at the young age of 17. This has put a dent in my gaming and writing time. I continue to read your magazine, but merely holding it hurts, and that’s before I try to pick up my PlayStation controller. I have pushed myself the last two weekends to enjoy the Infinite Warfare beta, and I am now paying the price. (I really, really enjoyed it and can’t wait to pick up the final game.) I also want to get Battlefield 1 and Watch Dogs 2, which will easily take me into next year and beyond. Although my hands are bad, it has put into perspective how much I take gaming and writing for granted. Thanks for your magazines keeping me occupied in a tough time. Charlie Ridgewell, email


The best of your emails, tweets, and carrier pigeon death threats

Ultimately, we reckon it’s the games that will determine the success of Switch – Wii U’s library has some classics, but it’s far too thin.

ase fan fanb ba se se ba


of the month

Switch is the right move for Nintendo, says Samuel


intendo Switch has finally been revealed, and it’s pretty much what everyone was predicting. I like it, but as a diehard Nintendo fanboy, it’s not me Ninty needs to convince. In the teaser video (which was brilliant by the way) they have positioned the Switch at a slightly higher age group, which I think is a good move. It purposely marketed it to have no comparison with Wii U, which Nintendo got catastrophically wrong. It didn’t even show off touchscreen functionality, just to separate them further. It will 100% have a touchscreen – in this day and age it’s a must, especially with mobile at the forefront of its business.

The two big questions for me right now are how much will the system cost and how long will the battery last? Nintendo must price the console at that sweet spot in March. A good launch price for me would be £249.99. Cheekily, I’d like Zelda thrown in – it’d fly off the shelves! Switch is essentially what Nintendo wanted Wii U to be in the first place. I’m hoping with what could be Nintendo’s last physical console it is heavily backed by all the main third parties, making more than just one game on it. Please Nintendo release more of your killer library of games on it that were sadly missing on Wii U! I’m sold! When can I pre-order? Samuel Hamilton, email

Thank you for reading Charlie, and we’re really sorry to hear about your diagnosis – we’re glad GM was able to help you feel a bit better in our own small way. Depending on the severity of your arthritis, it might be worth getting in touch with SpecialEffect, a charity that works to create custom controllers and set-ups to allow those with physical disabilities to game comfortably. It does really fantastic work helping people all across the UK – its website is We hope you’re able to continue enjoying gaming (and reading the mag), but make sure you put your health first. Some things in life are more important even than Call Of Duty…


I’m writing to you to vent my frustration over the poorly designed PlayStation pads. I realise this may ruffle a few feathers, but hear me out.


Nintendo has definitely got a lot of catching up to do following the disappointing performance of Wii U, but we agree that it seems like it’s on the right track. Head to p22 for our in-depth analysis! n


Got an opinion? Have even the barest grasp of words and how to put them together? The best letter bags a free mystery prize!* Wii U had some third-party support at launch, but it almost immediately dried up.


christmas 2016

*Don’t forget to include your postal address and chosen gaming format!

Loyal reader Evan Hole has fully completed his GM papercraft retro arcade! Now this is what pure, undiluted gaming nostalgia looks like. Got your own gaming pic you want to share with the world? Send it in!



What games do you want to see on Nintendo Switch?

I want to see Monster Hunter let loose from the chafing confines of the 3DS. Let me hunt Jaggis on my telly, with a controller in my hand, and I’ll be happy. Robin Valentine, Acting Editor

Your TOP 5 They’re the games that you want! These are the games you want! Ooh ooh ooh! (Er, apologies.)

A proper Metro id game, none of this Federation Farce malarkey. Shane Firth, @ The_Imagician ure action advent A cyberpunk iverse. un in the F-Zero r R Krayvell, Alexis Lucife Facebook


A fully fledged, fully 3D Pokémon RPG. Like Sky rim with Pokéballs! Alex Shute, Facebook

Red Dead Redemption 2 A proper 3D Mar à la Mario Gal io platformer, ax David Antho y. ny O’Brien, @Stoogie_cf c

the trailer shows, If it works as well as s forever! then all of the game JHTL @I le, Skellington Da

2 The evolution of the PlayStation controllers has brought the analog sticks higher up and moved closer to the D-pad and face buttons with each generation. Check out images online for yourselves. It’s like Sony knows it has made a mistake but can’t bring itself to admit it. So each generation it brings it a little closer to where it should be, where the D-pad is. I’d like to know your views on this obvious oversight. Keep up the great work, I read this magazine every month. Jamie Garbutt , email

“it’s not a bad controller, but the d-pad is in the wrong place” I’m not saying it’s a bad controller, but the D-pad is in the wrong place. Think about it. I’ve been banging this drum since the original Xbox launched. It was a revelation to me, swapping the left analog stick and D-pad made perfect sense as the thumb, in a relaxed position, sits over the left stick without bending. It’s there as it’s the primary method of control. Now, before Sony fans blast me for being an Xbox fanboy, I’m not. I’m a gamer. Every console has its merits. I have both a PS4 and Xbox One, and I’ve been gaming since pre-1992. Even GameCube swapped the D-pad and analog sticks. It’s just PlayStation that

Format PS4, XO ETA Autumn 2017 This may well be the most votes a game in this list has ever received! Read more about Rockstar’s latest on p34.

hasn’t. They are still in the wrong place. Now, just because it’s always been there doesn’t make it right. It wouldn’t even be a big change. Just look at the right side of pads. Your right thumb sits relaxed over the face buttons, e.g. X, Triangle, Circle, Square. The right stick sits out of the way slightly, and why? Because in most games the face buttons are used more! It’s not rocket science. You put the main control method in the place where the thumbs sit relaxed most naturally. Now, before I’m hunted down and burned, I’m 6ft 2in, bald, and bearded (that should scare a few off).

Thanks for reading Jamie! We can see your logic, but we have to say, we’ve never really had a problem with PS4’s controller in play. It’s maybe notable, though, that one of the most widely beloved controllers of all time is the Xbox 360 pad, which does fit your criteria. And Nintendo seem to agree – the new Switch Pro Controller has the same configuration. You might have a point after all… As a PSA for angry Sony fans: in addition to being 6ft 2in, bald, and bearded, loyal readers will also remember that Jamie is covered in tattoos. Even if they are just of a bunch of cute Pokémon… n

The Legend OF Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Format Switch, Wii U ETA Spring 2017 Despite all the Switch excitement, Zelda can’t compete with cowboys.


Horizon: Zero dawn

Format PS4 ETA 3 March 2017 Robo-dinosaurs come clanking back on to the list after a long absence. Will this be the game to get a PS4 Pro for?



Format PS4 ETA Winter 2017 It’s rumoured this game will feature Mr Negative as the main villain, but you lot are Mr Positive that it’ll be a corker.


off the chart!

The hot topics you’ve been gabbing about 35% Do you preorder games? 32% The most awesome DLC ever 15% Your favourite videogame characters 10% What’s the best game of 2016? 08% The achievements you’re most proud of

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Format PS4, XO, PC ETA Summer 2017 Head to p28 for a galaxy-sized dose of new info on Bioware’s latest space-faring, alien-kissing RPG.

christmas 2016



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killer Tattoo

Cool stuff and videogame culture

SOCIAL GROUSING Wisdom and weirdness from our bustling social media channels

I wish I could remember what I’ve been playing this year…

eg u lov ames y yo ou

Zinn, @JinxedThoughts

amazing ART

this picture of his Chris Neal sent in e, gress tattoo sleev pro inrkpartner’s wo anion Cube! mp Co a d an hu featuring Pikac

Juan Emilio Santiago made this awesomely sinister painting for a friend who loves Battlefront.

Rob Polding, @DrConscience

Professor Layton made me the gamer I am today! George Anderson, @Gnator8t4

maniac of the month!

cool cosplay

I wait for games to go down in price, buy them, then watch as they get remastered on next-gen before I’ve played them… Leigh Way, @LA_Way

Me and a mate did a Macmillan Game Changers 24 hour session of all the old Sonic The Hedgehog games and raised over £220 for Cancer Support. Felt exhausted afterwards, but it was worth it!

Papercraft arcade enthusiast Evan Hole also painted this awesome Zelda design on his wall!


No contest, my favourite gaming experience of 2016 has been World Of Warcraft: Legion – it has been outstanding so far.

Toby William Allen, Facebook

Daniel McArdle is a cosplay addict! Check out his Bloodborne, Fallout, and Metal Gear get-ups.

Keeping democracy alive on our Twitter feed

Has 2016 been a good year for gaming?

Is VR the future of gaming?

I’ve been many characters in many games. Sometimes a voice not my own and sometimes mute. But forever travelling through my own story. Bring on the next world. Barry Burke, Facebook




Christmas 2016







Overcooked’s a lunchtime fave over here at Wizards Of The Coast too! Robert Schuster, @RobertJSchuster

12 Case study There’s no other developer quite like him – we talk remasters, VR, and fashion with Suda51.

WINTER WONDERLAND A storm of new updates for Blizzard’s stable of games

hack attack

Sombra’s suite of awesome abilities

Hacking is Sombra’s jam – she’s able to mess with turrets, health packs, and enemy abilities.


Christmas 2016

‘Thermoptic Camo’ is invisibility by another name. It also boosts her movement speed for quick getaways.

Her ultimate is devastating – an EMP that leaves any opponents caught in the blast defenceless.

14 Capital idea

16 Block-bopping feet Looking for cool gifts to get your loved ones? We found a few bits even better than a satsuma.

18 Super retro land Squirrels beware! Our reporter runs with DIY guns in sci-fi themed block builder Stellar Overload.

We take a trip down memory lane with the Nintendo Classic Mini – does it do right by its classic library?


or a while, thanks to a convoluted reveal campaign, Overwatch fans might have believed the line, “Who is Sombra? You’ll never know”. But considering it comes from Sombra’s announcement trailer, it’s no longer entirely convincing. With a “Boop!” and a bucketload of sass, the game’s newest character is finally here after months of teasing. She was worth the wait. As the rumours had suggested, she’s a computer genius, and she showed off her techy prowess by hacking her way onto the main stage screens at official Blizzard convention BlizzCon in November. Gifted with a natural talent for computer-based subterfuge, and some slick cybernetic implants, Sombra’s on a quest to unravel a global conspiracy that secretly rules the world – and she’s willing to work alongside the likes of Reaper and Widowmaker along the way. In-game, she’s an Offense character who acts as the perfect thorn in your enemy’s side, able to turn invisible, drop a beacon she can teleport back to when things get too hot, hack her opponents to disrupt their abilities, sabotage health packs, drop EMP blasts that take down

Lotus, with some cards playable across each of the three classes within a faction. The 132-strong card list also boasts some seriously cool mechanics, from a legendary who lets you design a custom spell on the fly, to a weapon that summons piranhas with every attack. Meanwhile, old school Blizzard fans will be pleased with Diablo III’s latest update: a retro mode inspired by the original Diablo. Movement will remain locked to eight directions, and the graphics will be enhanced (?) to look pixelated. And that’s not the only bit of

“a swiss army knife of ways to harass and goad those who stand against you” barriers, and see injured foes through walls. You know, normal computer stuff. She feels fantastic in play, a Swiss Army knife of ways to harass and goad those who stand against you into making costly mistakes.

Street smarts

And she’s not the only exciting Blizzard release on the horizon. Hearthstone fans will be pleased to hear that the latest expansion, Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan, lands this month. Themed around competing criminal gangs, it introduces a new concept to the popular online card game: factions. Each class now belongs to one of these, whether the Grimy Goons, Kabal, or Jade

nostalgia-baiting coming – Blizzard’s also releasing a new character class, the Necromancer, as a nod to Diablo II. Finally, Starcraft II is getting some love with a new commander for the game’s co-op mode. Alien-infected weirdo Alexi Stukov combines the abilities of the Terrans and the Zerg, fielding grossly mutated units including tentaclewaving Siege Tanks and zombified marines. And to give you the perfect excuse to dive back in and try him out, Blizzard is releasing two new Zerg-infested co-op maps, too – Miner Evacuation and Dead Of Night. After all that, we’ve only got one question: where’s Diablo IV?! n

Christmas 2016


&A Develope rQ rQ pe & lo

oper Q&A vel De De ve


&A Develope rQ rQ pe & lo



oper Q&A vel De De ve


ften in interviews you know roughly what to expect before you walk in the room. With industry veteran and Grasshopper CEO Suda51, we had no earthly idea. This is a man who made waves with interactive detective novel The Silver Case (1999), before helming survival horror Michigan: Report From Hell (2004), complex shooter-noir Killer7 (2005), and Kinect powered baseball action Diabolical Pitch (2012). True to his unpredictable oeuvre, Mr 51 swerved through a variety of topics. We came for his newly localised re-release of The Silver Case, we also got his appreciation of a good title screen, his skinny legs, and his burning desire for a Killer7 sequel.

“one thing about making mistakes is you start to see what’s coming” Suda51, the man behind Killer7 and No More Heroes, talks toilets, punk rock, and revisiting his first game and said “We really want to localise this game”. That re-ignited this for me, and working with AGM it allowed me to finally realise this dream of bringing the game out in English. They said they played the original game, the original release, and they loved it, and were really adamant they could localise The Silver Case into English perfectly.


You’re a well-known figure in the industry. How do you use this to positive effect on this game?


Why are you returning to The Silver Case? Is it purely out of a sense of nostalgia?

The biggest thing is that, using my current status, I can be producer of the game. Obviously this is a game I made myself nine years ago, but that was before. Now I’m Suda51 – everybody knows that name! Back then, I was just a guy called Goichi Suda. I want to use my current know-how and abilities to produce and to re-arrange The Silver Case into the modern era of where we are now with games.


In a way, yeah, you could call it nostalgia, in that it was the first game Grasshopper ever made.


Out of all the games you’ve made, what sequel would you most like to see?




How tricky has localisation been for The Silver Case and do you have any anecdotes from the process?


The huge amount of text is probably the main reason it never came out in English in the first place. Then, about two years ago, a company called AGM introduced themselves to me

I have a game called Ward 25, which is a sequel to The Silver Case. We made a new engine called the Film Window Engine. If you’ve got to see or play The Silver Case, these windows pop-up in different areas on the screen. It’s cinematic and interesting and it’d never been done before. Because we went to all that trouble to make the

engine, I wanted to use it again. For a while, we couldn’t, but I was finally able to with Ward 25. I still have all these stories and ideas which relate to this world. I really want to keep that line going, it’s kind of my vision for sequels. For example, I would love to make something for PS VR that uses this world too!


What do you think of PS VR? And VR in general?


How has Grasshopper changed from The Silver Case to now?

As a game creator, I definitely want to make something for it. I feel the technology is amazing and I think it’s the future of gaming. This is technology that, ten years ago, I could never have imagined the everyday consumer would be able to use and purchase. I really want to do a game using that technology.

That was 18 years ago. At first we started with three people. Ten years later we had the most we’ve ever had – 150 people. Then it became part of the GungHo group, and the numbers started to shrink down, so now it’s around 40 people. There’s obviously been lots of changes in that period and 18 years is a long time. In 2011 there was the big disastrous earthquake in Japan, and we had about 20 foreign staff at the time. About half of them returned to their home countries. Lots of different things happened over the years. That might be a little different than what you were expecting, but that’s the answer that I felt!

“A game where you finish the Q last boss, turn it off and forget about it – I did not want A to make a game like that!”

What is the key ingredient to a great videogame?

This might not necessarily be the industry standard, but for me a good game is one that has a solidly traceable line from the beginning to the


christmas 2016

end, and a rhythm. Not in terms of sound, but a rhythm to the game itself. One where you turn it on and from when you see the title screen to when you turn it off, you can tell someone’s thought about all this, someone’s taken the time to make sure it’s coherent. And so, having this maestro playing the orchestra and having this beautiful rhythm throughout, from opening the book to closing the book, that’s what I think makes a good game. For me, to put it more simply, think of the title screen. It says ‘Press Start’, right? How does the game then transition to the next part? Does the screen just go black and then transition? Or does something happen in that title screen that allows it to transition well and smoothly into the next part?


It reminds us a bit of the menus in No More Heroes, with the guy sitting on the toilet. It’s like you thought about the menus so much that you added this feature.


Yeah, that’s to create the player mood. That’s something I try to do with the games we make at Grasshopper. So in Japan, it’s called Biohazard, it’s Resident Evil over here, when you press the start button, it kind of fades out slowly, right? Just from that the player gets drawn in by the voice – just pulled into the game world. Even from there you know this is an amazing game.


Which of your other games would you like to remaster?

After Ward 25, in terms of playability, No More Heroes and Killer7.


How has your career changed since The Silver Case? Not only career-wise, but how have you changed as a person?

GamesMaster 311 (Sampler)  

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