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JANUARY 10, 2019


Under the Hood of Innovation

AMD’s Su Pushing the Envelope to the ‘Bleeding Edge’ PAGE 14


To learn more about TCL’s QLED lineup, visit Central Hall booth #12929.

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To learn more about TCL’s QLED lineup, visit Central Hall booth #12929.

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JANUARY 10, 2019


Under the Hood of Innovation

AMD’s Su Pushing the Envelope to the ‘Bleeding Edge’ PAGE 14


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1/9/19 5:16 PM



The world’s first ever 8K security camera Visit us at Sands expo, Booth 42574

46707 Fremont Blvd. Fremont, CA 94538

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Toll Free: 1-800-976-0881

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CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019 | 3


Day 3: Tech Transports and Transforms the Future


elcome to day three of CES® 2019. Is your head full of ideas of how tech will change your business? With 4,500 exhibitors showcasing products, CES is the World Cup of innovation and the latest transformative tech is here in Las Vegas. We hope you’re making invaluable connections this week that will fuel your business in 2019 and beyond. Because, above all else, CES is about business. In fact, attendees conduct an average of 33 meetings while at the show. That saves executives an estimated 3.4 billion miles of business travel for the year. The innovation unveiled at CES 2019 will drive economic growth around the world. Speaking of driving – Las Vegas is revved up this week with the latest in vehicle technology. With more than 165 vehicle tech exhibitors and a record 11 automakers exhibiting, the automotive section of this year’s show is larger than many stand-alone car shows.

As you walk the show floor today, envision a future with safer roads, less pollution, smarter infrastructure and greater access to health and wellness innovation. The possibilities are endless and they are here at CES 2019. From self-driving cars to connected vehicles, the future of automotive tech is here at CES. Check out the latest in the LVCC North Hall or take a ride in a self-driving car in the LVCC Platinum Lot. And CES 2019 has the latest innovations making our cities more connected, sustainable and efficient. Today, over half of the world lives in cities and two-thirds will live in urban areas by 2050. The Smart Cities Marketplace (Westgate) showcases the entire connected ecosystem, including IoT, 5G connectivity, smart automotive, energy, public safety, AI and data analytics – all designed to make our global cities smarter. The latest in Digital Health is here at CES, which will empower consumers to take control of their wellness, improve global healthcare and save lives. With advancements in digital therapeutics, AI, remote patient monitoring and more, digital health is addressing real world issues like opioid dependence, mental illness and chronic disease. More than 115 exhibitors are showcasing digital health innovation at CES, including Aetna, 3M and Philips. And, for the first time at a major tradeshow, medical professionals will be able to earn CME credits here at CES. As you walk the show floor today, envision a future with safer roads, less pollution, smarter infrastructure and greater access to health and wellness innovation. The possibilities are endless and they are here at CES 2019. Sincerely,



Download the official app for CES 2019 — it has everything you need to make the most out of your CES experience, including the complete exhibitor list, full CES schedule and personal agenda, 3D maps of CES venues, show floor navigation, new CES security tools, networking and the CES Bot. #WeCreate: Stop by @Logitech’s booth to embrace your inner toddler by drawing on the walls and eating cookies. @BellFlight’s flying taxi is blowing minds. The startups in the North Carolina Startup Pavilion are showing off their innovations in Eureka Park despite the government shutdown. More physical graffiti: @Deloitte’s booth features a wall asking for creative and colorful thoughts on smart cities.



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4 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019








Amazon Winning Voice War – But For How Long?



Alan Wolf,


CONTRIBUTORS: Paul Alcorn, Gary Beach, Andria Cheng, Margot Douaihy, John Eggerton,

Alternatives For What Ails You

Cat Ellis, Bo Moore, David McGee, Chris Morris, Joseph Palenchar, Matt Pruznick, Mike


Prospero, Greg Scoblete, Steve Smith, Jamie


Sorcher, Mark Spoonauer, Brian Westover, Stewart Wolpin MANAGING DESIGN DIRECTOR: Nicole Cobban, IMAGING/PHOTOGRAPHY: Alan Perlman, Al Powers, John Staley PRODUCTION MANAGERS: Nicole Schilling, Heather Tatrow, FUTURE US, INC. 11 W. 42nd St., 15th Floor New York NY 10036 MANAGING DIRECTOR/SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT: Christine Shaw CHIEF REVENUE OFFICER: Luke Edson CHIEF CONTENT OFFICER: Joe Territo CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER Wendy Lissau


Help Wanted: Ark Builders Needed




9:00 – 10:00 AM

9:45 – 10:45 AM

LVCC, North Hall, N258

MODERATOR Doug Johnson VP, Technology Policy, Consumer Technology Association Yariv Bash Co-Founder and CEO, Flytrex

Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4305 Diana Cooper SVP, Policy and Strategy, PrecisionHawk Kimberly Darrin Director, Public Policy, AT&T Brendan Schulman VP, Policy and Legal Affairs, DJI

MODERATOR Dr. Dennis Robbins Senior Advisor, American Heart Association

Dr. David Rhew, MD Chief Medical Officer, VP, and GM, Interprise Healthcare, Samsung

Casey Albertson President, PatientBond

Matt Omernick Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Akili Interactive labs

Lora E Burke Professor, Nursing and Epidemiology, University of Pittsburgh



3:30 – 4:30 PM

The Power of AI in Health Care with Fran Ayalasomayajula, HP, Inc. Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4305

See the full schedule of conferences on page 161

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1/9/19 5:16 PM

We’re part of your life. All day, every day. Whether it’s watching over the things you value, tuning-in to free HDTV, giving your best karaoke performance , or rocking out anytime to your favorite music, we’re a part of your life. Every day, we honor that commitment by offering outstanding values on the products that help make your life go—like we have for decades. Because, it isn’t just our job... it’s also our passion.

©2019 VOXX International Corp., Hauppauge, NY

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8 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019

Becoming A Disruptor Or Innovator: What’s The Secret? BY STEWART WOLPIN There is no greater place to see innovation, especially disruptive innovation, than at CES. But how does one become an innovator or a disruptor? This was the mystery panelists at the “Technology’s Innovators and Disruptors” supersession conference attempted to solve. Moderator Shelley Zalis, CEO of The Female Quotient, queried the panelists about the philosophy behind each of their own individual innovative and disruptive journeys: Patrick “Pat” Brown, CEO and founder of meat alternative Impossible Foods; Arlan Hamilton, founder and managing partner of the VC firm Backstage Capital, which emphasizes the funding of companies owned by women and people of color; and, John Padget, chief experience and innovation officer for Carnival Cruise. “You need complete determination,” advised Brown. “I don’t know a large number of things to run a business successfully, but making the decision to do it and having the determination to see it through was critical. Not being freaked out by failure is critical.” “I never asked permission and didn’t apologize afterward,” offered Hamilton. “You have every right

From left: Shelley Zalis, The Female Quotient; Patrick “Pat” Brown, Impossible Foods; Arlan Hamilton, Backstage Capital; and John Padget, Carnival Cruise

to be here. I wasn’t creating anything that wasn’t already there. I just saw the potential [my clients] had that no one else saw. “But not everyone has to be the founder of a company,” Hamilton added. “One of the coolest jobs is to be one of the first 20 employees. You have all the fun of working for a startup, but you get to sleep at night.” “If you’re dealing with enterprise, make sure you get support from your CEO,” Padgett said. “The

most important ingredient is getting board-level commitment to the vision. Nothing ever goes according to plan. If it goes wrong, are they behind you?” More generally, Padgett offered advice via onetime Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl-winning head coach Hank Stram: “He said, ‘Just keep matriculatin’ the ball down the field.’ Whatever the challenge that is out there, there is someone out there who can help you.”


The DOF Robotics Hurricane 360 (Booth 21336) combines a VR headset with real-life motion to take attendees on a wild rollercoaster ride.


At the “Exploring Technology and Advanced Materials Innovation in Space” SuperSession, CES attendees were treated to a discussion about the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory and how innovators can take advantage of its extreme environment in developing new technology. From left: moderator Jeremy Wilks, Correspondent, Euronews; Dr. Mark Fernandez, Americas HPC Technology Officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Andrew Rush, President and CEO, Made in Space; and Liz Warren Associate Program Scientist at the National Lab.

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1/9/19 5:16 PM

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12/27/18 9:52 PM

10 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Musician stopped by the Cleer booth (20424) yesterday to check out its headphones and pose for a picture with company President/CEO Patrick Huang.

Gary’s Book Club The authors of the books will make a live Q&A appearance at the CTA Stage, with a book signing immediately following each appearance.

Sports Fans Are About To Get ‘Jet Packs’ Immersive technology on cusp of unlocking long sought-after experiences

GARY SHAPIRO: NINJA FUTURE * Thursday, January 10 Booth Signing: 10:30-11:30 AM * Friday, January 11 Booth Signing: 10-11 AM JOHN CHAMBERS & DIANE BRADY: CONNECTING THE DOTS * Thursday, January 10 CTA Stage: 11:30 AM Booth Signing: 12:00-1:00 PM SCOTT BROWN: (C)LEAN MESSAGING * Thursday, January 10 CTA Stage: 12:30 PM Booth Signing: 1-2 PM

From left: Liz Claman, Fox Business, interviews Gary Shapiro, CTA

From Left: Michael Davies, Fox Sports; William Deng, NFL; Danny Keens, NextVR; Sandra Lopez, Intel; and Geoff Reiss, Yahoo

BY MATT PRUZNICK Thanks to advances in technologies like virtual reality, the next few years will be a revolutionary time for sports fans, according to panelists at the Wednesday discussion “Immersive Media: How We Consume Sports” at the CES Sports Zone. “This is the absolute most exciting time I’ve ever seen in this industry because of the kind of experiences that are just starting to get unlocked,” said Geoff Reiss, GM, Yahoo Sports/ Verizon Media Group. “It’s the sports equivalent of getting those jet packs we’ve always wanted.” The panel, moderated by Michael Davies, SVP, Field and Technical Operations at Fox Sports, explored the ways in which technology will shape the act of watching sporting events. According to Danny Keens, VP, Content at NextVR, we’re on the cusp of revolution thanks to advancements in camera technology, VR headset form factors and screen resolutions. “As you get more screen resolution, you get a better sense of presence and you can start to forget you’re sitting on the couch and start to think you’re sitting courtside at an NBA game,”

he said. Panelists highlighted some requirements for compelling immersive content — something that’s paramount for a medium like VR, which requires 100 percent of viewers’ attention. One will be customization and personalization, according to Sandra Lopez, VP Intel Sports and Media at Intel; another is the ability to translate the communal experience of sports into this new medium, something that is being pushed by platforms like Oculus Venues, a virtual arena where fans can watch and discuss events alongside others in avatar form. The panel covered the role 5G will play in helping to get over technical hurdles of bandwidth and resolution, and William Deng, VP, Media Strategy and Business Development at the NFL noted other ways that fans can more deeply engage with traditional broadcast content—such as second-screen interactions like chat and “gamification.” “Immersive media is going to become a new media format, and with that you have to think about telling stories differently,” Lopez said. “You’re really going to reimagine the possibilities of storytelling.”

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1/9/19 5:16 PM

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12/20/18 4:57 PM

12 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019

Verizon CEO Vestberg Takes 5G To 11 With the marketing push at fever pitch, his keynote pulls out all the superlative stops BY DANIEL FRANKEL With marketing hype surrounding 5G already reaching levels unprecedented — even for the wireless industry — and his company having made arguably the biggest marketing push behind the technology so far, Verizon CEO Hans Vesterberg stressed during his jampacked CES keynote at the Venetian’s Palazzo Ballroom that 5G is going be, well, a big thing. How big? “It’s going to change everything,” said Vestberg, adding, “It’s quantum leap over 4G” and “it’s a huge opportunity for all of us and our society.” Making a brief appearance during Vestberg’s keynote was New York Times CEO Mark Thompson, who presented how 5G could be used for new innovative story-telling techniques. Verizon is a partner on a new 5G journalism lab within the Times newsroom. With 5G, the paper could not only enable its reporters to include interactive and immersive still 3D image and video features with

their stories, Thompson explained, its marketers could better target readers based on location, time of day and “mood space” — kind of like the search and discovery tools streaming video services use to build audiences today. There was also a longer appearance on stage by Mariah Scott, President of commercial drone company Skyward, who showed how drones were being used in conjunction with 5G as an everyday tool by Southeastern U.S. utility company Southern. Instead of sending men up perilously high to inspect utility poles and to continuously monitor the utility’s 27,000 miles of lines, a network of drones is using 5G’s instantaneous communications capabilities to deliver network operators realtime status from up high in the sky. This was an effective demonstration of 5G’s ability to control up to 1 million devices in a 1 kilometer square mile. Making another appearance was Dr. Christopher Morley, co-founder of Medivis, a company

Hans Vesterberg, Verizon

attempting to blend technologies like virtual and augmented reality with medicine. Morley showed how 5G could vastly improve complex medical producers, including brain surgery, allowing practitioners to “see through” patients. But for those of us who have observed Verizon’s initial “limited” 5G launch last year in Los Angeles, Houston, Indianapolis and Sacramento, with some consternation, and wondering just where in those cities the network service might actually be available at this point, Vestberg presented what was perhaps the most impressive demo of them all — a live 5G-enabled feed, from Houston, of an actual 5G customer.


Bob Carter, Executive Vice President - Sales at Toyota Motor North America, describes the automaker’s mobility services initiatives to assist the physically impaired at the company’s press conference.

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1/9/19 5:17 PM


The AVIC-W8400NEX and AVH-W4400NEX in-dash receivers feature Android Auto™ Wireless connectivity, specifically designed to support a cable free connection between your Android™ smartphone1 and your car. Both units also support a wired USB connection for Android Auto in case you need to charge while you drive or use additional smartphone connectivity options.


Read all safety instructions in the product documentation before use. Distracted driving can result in serious injury, or death. Only use a function when it is safe and legal in your location, pay attention to the road and your surroundings, and obey all traffic rules. Android Auto requires the Android Auto app on Google Play and an Android compatible smartphone running Android 8.0 (“Oreo”) or higher for Android Auto Wireless or Android 5.0 (“Lollipop”) or higher for Android Auto wired. Android Auto Wireless or Android Auto may not be available on all devices. Visit for more information. PIONEER and the Pioneer logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Pioneer Corporation. Android, Android Auto, Android Auto Wireless, Google Play and other related marks are trademarks of Google LLC.


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12/20/18 4:55 PM

14 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


QA &

BY PAUL ALCORN AMD rose from the brink of bankruptcy to one of the best performers in the S&P 500 in just three short years. The surprising turnaround comes against all odds as the company competes with both Intel and AMD, two of the largest semiconductor vendors in the world, yet is a fraction of their size. AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su has been largely credited for the company’s resurgence. Su has led the company back to profitability and competitiveness, earning multiple plaudits for her work along the way, including being recognized by Forbes 50 for being one of the top 50 world leaders. We had a chance to sit down with her to discuss the company’s successes over the last year and its plans for the future.

A big theme for us in 2019 is to be first to market in 7nm process technology for high performance computing, but it’s also doing quite a bit of innovation on the architectural side, and that’s both on the CPU front and the GPU front. It’s been another solid year of execution for AMD for being the top performer in the S&P 500 for 2018 and the recent addition to the Nasdaq 100. For you, what were the biggest highlights of last year, and how do you plan to build on those successes as you move into 2019? You know we are always focused on our products. That’s sort of our mantra to make sure that we’re bringing something to the market that adds true differentiation and value for the industry, so we’re pretty pleased with the performance in 2018. If you look across our CPU roadmaps and the reception of our second generation of Ryzen, as well as the reception of our second-generation EPYC processors, I think we’re really pleased with how they’ve done in the market. And as we go into 2019, I think it’s going to be a significant opportunity for us to expand that portfolio. And so we’re looking forward to really continuing this mantra of bringing out great products and helping the industry drive high performance computing. AMD is announcing a new series of Second-Gen Ryzen Mobile chips at CES, building upon the goal that you

Dr. Lisa Su, AMD

stated last year to expand penetration with OEMs. How has that progressed, particularly with laptop OEMs? We are really excited about the progress that we’ve made in the notebook market. If you take a look at even the second half of 2018 compared to the first half of 2018 there are many many more Ryzenbased notebooks out there for this holiday season. I think as we go into 2019, we are launching early in the year such that we can get that breadth of product offerings. The notebook market is really important, it is 2/3 of the PC market, clearly there are lots of op-

portunities in both consumer and commercial notebooks. As we look at ultrathins, I think our products just get better as we go into second-generation Ryzen and 12nm technology. We’re enthusiastic about what second-generation Ryzen will look like in the notebook form factor. What do you think are the things that you think have been holding back AMD from getting a bigger share in notebooks, and what are you doing to address them? When you look at, for example, comparing the desktop and the notebook market, the desktop

CES.TECH#CES2019 CES19_sd3_live.indd 14

1/9/19 5:17 PM

CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019 | 15 market, particularly the do-it-yourself market or the builders, they’re really up on the specs and the capabilities of the processors, and so we’ve really made a lot of progress in terms of market share in the enthusiast Ryzen community, and we’ll continue to focus there. On the notebook side I think you have a much broader set of platforms and the platforms go through different OEMs and different retailers so there is just a longer life cycle as you bring out the notebook platforms. The way we look at it is a multi-generation opportunity for us. The first generation of Ryzen notebooks were great, the second generation are even going to be better. There are going to be more of them, they incorporate some newer features, they’re still excellent for gaming, improvements in battery life and other features. I think the time scale is just a little bit longer on the notebook side because you do go through so many OEM platforms and so many retailers and there’s a process of just expanding the portfolio. We often hear that Moore’s law is dead, and even some of AMD’s competitors have embraced that message recently. How does AMD plan to deliver similar improvements to what we enjoyed during the height of the Moore’s Law era, and do you think Moore’s Law is ending, or just changing? I don’t personally use the terminology that Moore’s Law is dead. Moore’s Law is certainly one of the things that that has governed our industry for the last almost 50 years, and it is changing. And it has been changing, frankly, for the past decade. The slow down in just pure manufacturing technology and process improvements has actually opened up new opportunities for innovation around architecture and design. Our focus is to double down where we think we can add value, and that’s in architecture and design. So, for us, it is aggressive use of technology. A big theme for us in 2019 is to be first to market in 7nm process technology for high performance computing, but it’s also doing quite a bit of innovation on the architectural side, and that’s both on the CPU front and the GPU front. We’ll have new architectures that will be introduced in 2019. And then also doing a different look at system partitioning and how we partition the processor elements and the memory elements and the I/O eleme nt s. We l i k e to say that we’re leading FOR AN EXTENDED VERSION the way on multi-chip OF THIS Q&A, VISIT modules and chiplets WWW.TOMSHARDWARE.COM. in high performance computing.

Su and new Radeon VII

Under The Hood Of Innovation BY LISA JOHNSTON AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su gave CES attendees a peek at what it takes to power the supercomputing devices that will educate, entertain and change lives going forward. Su’s passion for both computing power and AMD users was evident throughout her energetic, uplifting keynote, delivered at the Venetian on Wednesday. With over 34 billion connected devices expected by 2025, high-performance computing is vital in order to properly visualize, analyze and make decisions based on all of the data (175 zettabytes!) that will be generated, said Su. “It’s going to require new approaches and new innovation, and it’s a phenomenal opportunity for all of us to create new leaders,” she said. AMD’s commitment to high-performance computing plays out across multiple fronts, including the PC market. According to Su, there’s an installed base of 1.5 billion PCs worldwide, much of which is steered by content creators. To demonstrate this commitment, Su previewed multiple significant advances in AMD

technologies, including the second-gen Ryzen mobile processor, third-gen Ryzen desktop processor, 7nm Epyc datacenter chip and Radeon VII graphics card. And because no company is an island — least of all a tech company — Su welcomed several key AMD partners to the stage, including Microsoft’s Head of Gaming Phil Spencer, Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment Studio Head David Polfeldt, and Team Fnatic Founder and Chairman Sam Mathews. All three shared stories of the fruits of their partnerships with the chipmaker, previewing new games that benefit from AMD technology. “I love semiconductors. I love what we can do for the world,” said Su. “Over my career I’ve really been focused on how can we push the limits to solve really tough problems, whether they’re technology problems or business problems. A problem is actually an opportunity, and although we have challenges, the opportunities we face are much greater, and I know what’s important is coming together collectively as an industry.”

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16 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019

HYUNDAI David Byron,

Industrial Design Manager at Sunberg-Ferar, demos Hyundai’s (Booth 6329) Elevate concept car that can walk.


QA &

WIth Dr. Lewis Chen, Managing Director, Taiwan Tech Arena

Gaming For Fun … And Profit What sets eSports apart from other sports communities is that eSports is a “shared interactive experience, and when you have that level of investment, it creates a new level of attachment,” said Connelly. The panel also agreed that its accessibility makes it appealing to fans and players alike. The challenge, from a marketing perspective, becomes how to reach this valuable audience. Fortunately, they are not advertising adverse, according to Salvatore, who said, “This is an audience that is OK to market to if you tell them you are doing it. They know how it works — that money supports the thing they love. It is an opportunity for advertisers and brands to participate in what is happening here.” Although traditional advertisFrom left: Damon Lau, United Talent Agency; Lester Chen, YouTube; Kristin Connelly, ing may not work here — instead, Overwatch League; Daniel Kelley, HyperX Gaming; Kristen Salvatore, marketers have found success creating content that brings the fans closer to the playPanelists included Lester Chen, Head of Gamers and the teams they love. “Take chances with ing, Americas, YouTube; Kristin Connelly, Direccontent because you can,” said Chen. “You get imtor, Brand Marketing, Overwatch League; Danmediate feedback from the comments on what iel Kelley, Director, Corporate Marketing, HyperX works or doesn’t. Track the data and analytics. The Gaming; and Kristen Salvatore, VP Commercial voice has to be genuine, and gamers are the first to Director of eSports, It was moderatbe vocal about trust or distrust of a company. Uned by Damon Lau, Head of eSports, United Talderstanding the voice is a precious commodity.” ent Agency. BY ANTHONY SAVONA eSports provides a vast opportunity for marketers, but they need to understand its participants and its audience to achieve success. That was the message at Tuesday’s “eSports: The New Playground for Marketers” session, which featured brand marketers who are well-versed in the ecosystem.

Can you explain the current Taiwan Startup Ecosystem? Taiwan has more than three decades of worldrecognized hardware manufacturing, but nowadays startups are becoming more and more software based. It is imperative for Taiwan to constantly upgrade its startup ecosystem to thrive in the digital economy era and transform successfully into an innovation-driven economy. In recent years, our government has given much guidance to assist the Taiwanese team in several ways, such as funding, trainings, seminars and networking sessions. Taiwan is a tech-savvy country that offers an excellent starting point for early-stage companies, but the local market is too small for them to gain much traction. The Taiwan government is putting many efforts to help teams go global, and we have vowed to create a homegrown private company worth $1 billion or more in the next few years. How about the Taiwan advantages and opportunities for startups? Taiwan has been very strong in the semiconductor industry for the last three decades. In recent years, the market demand in software and AI is growing rapidly; we see the potential of our teams, and we support them through various ways assist them to go global. Every year, we have several plans to attend different exhibition throughout the year around the world. In CES, we are expecting Taiwan startup teams to have more exposure and connect with the international company, which can generate business opportunities. We would like to see more Taiwan startup teams go to the world so it can see the potential and Taiwan’s talents. Also, our government policies are friendly to attract foreign companies to Taiwan. We are building a platform, Taiwan Tech Arena, to connect the Taiwanese and international community; our citizens are highly educated, quality engineers, and we believe Taiwan is a gateway to Asia.

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1/9/19 5:21 PM

To learn more about TCL’s QLED lineup, visit Central Hall booth #12929.

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12/20/18 4:56 PM

18 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019

Speaking Out On Voice Assistant Adoption

BY STEWART WOLPIN No one questions that voice is a startling revolution in device interface and control. But everyone also realizes that voice also is still in its infancy, and that both conversational/contextual technologies and privacy concerns still need to be addressed before consumers are comfortable with talking with or to their devices. The need to address these somewhat dichotomous deficiencies was the consensus seemingly reached by the panelists at CES 2019’s Connections Summit conference “Voice-First Experience: Innovation and Disruption.” “Voice is still in the early adopter stage, but we’re beginning to enter the mainstream,” said Michele Turner, Senior Director of Smart Home Ecosystem for Google, who noted how important voice-controlled TV would be for expanding the public’s comfort level with talking to machines. “We all know we have to make [voice] easier for the normal human being to use, to have it respond the way we expect it to.”

“It’s more than just words. There are a lot of other signals that you have to bring in to get closer to real voice communication.” “In a future world, in our lifetime, we’ll be able to converse, but we have to build all those tools so you don’t have to dumb yourself down,” echoed Katie McMahon, VP/GM of Voice Assistant Integrator SoundHound. More advanced conversational and contextual voice technology, however, just can’t encompass vocal cues. “How I act with people verbally informs much more when you look at a person,” observed Ed Doran, co-founder of Cortana and an executive at Microsoft. “Are you happy, are you sad, are you angry. We react to tone and gestures — how do I behave when I say that? It’s more than just words. There are a lot of other signals that you have to bring in to get closer to real voice communication.” But for voice to be mass adopted, the panelists conceded that consumer data and privacy concerns could be a roadblock, regardless of how chatty and understanding your TV is. Google’s Turner noted that the LED on Google’s Home smart speaker, as well as most third-party Google Assistant devices, blink when the system is listening. No light — not listening. This simple solution is not widespread, however. “We’re evolving the technology,” Turner said. “The consumer has to be comfortable — that’s fundamental for us being successful.”


QA &

With Tiffany M. Moore, senior VP of political and industry affairs, Consumer Technology Association (CTA), and winner of a 2019 Women in Consumer Technology (WiCT) Legacy Award

How did you get your start in the CT industry? My interest in and passion for technology really grew from watching my mother, who was an entrepreneur by necessity. I remember seeing her type away on a personal computer — DOS and WordPerfect back then — to make extra money through a desktop publishing business. After graduating from college, I moved to Washington, D.C. where I went to work on Capitol Hill, and, later, in the federal government. This was the 1990s through the 2000s, the height of the tech boom, and I saw firsthand the important role technology plays in changing lives for the better and creating economic empowerment opportunities. After I left the Hill, I went to work as assistant U.S. trade representative, advancing trade policy to reduce barriers to innovation. That’s when I attended my first CES — in 2008. Later, I went to work as a consultant for CTA, and in 2015, I came on board as a full-time employee. Today I serve as CTA’s senior vice president of political and industry affairs. What is your goal at CES 2019? I have two main goals at CES 2019. First, I want to showcase the best of innovation to government guests, many of whom are grappling with some of the toughest policy challenges our industry faces. My second goal is to amplify our industry’s commitment to stepping up to the challenge of developing a workforce that reflects the best and most diverse talent our country has to offer. How do you hope to inspire the next generation of women in tech? I hope to inspire the next generation of women and people of color in tech by using every opportunity I have to mentor, amplify, cheer, congratulate, fund, support, and hire the best talent to make sure the tech industry continues to be a shining light for good.


The Women in Consumer Technology (and CTA President and CEO Gary Shaprio) raise a glass to this year’s Legacy Award winners at a reception Tuesday night.

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1/9/19 5:17 PM


Westinghouse is shaping the future of entertainment technology. With an awsome variety of advanced, yet afforable Smart Ultra High-Definition and High-Definition displays that features amazing picture quality and are equipped with the latest streaming technologies. Available in numerous sizes, they are the perfect solution for any room in the house. Turn on a Westinghouse and Turn on your life.

Westinghouse TWICE twice_sdALL_.indd 1 CES AD.indd 1

12/10/18 3:44 12/18/18 4:55 PM

20 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019 Sahara Ave.

Palace Station

n Dr.


Joe W. B ro w

To Downtown Las Vegas

City View Map

Paradise Rd.

Las Vegas

SLS Station

Circus Circus

Karen Ave.

Hilton Grand Vacations on Paradise

Tech East

Jo eW .

Westgate Station

Elvis Presley Blvd.

Brown Dr.

Ind ust ria l Rd .

Las Veg as B lvd .

Hilton Grand Vacations on Las Vegas Boulevard

Paradise Rd.

Westgate Las Vegas

Tech West

Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center

Fashion Show Mall

Las Veg as B lvd .

Sammy Davis Jr. Dr .

Convention Center Dr.

Desert Inn Rd. LVCC Station

Encore at Wynn

Renaissance Las Vegas

ve. ds A San

The Palazzo

Twain St.


Sands Expo

The Venetian

Tech South

CES 2019 Exhibit Hours Harrah’s/The LINQ Station

Tuesday, January 8 Wednesday, January 9 Thursday, January 10 Friday, January 11

Koval Ln.

Frank Sinatra Dr.

Sierra Vista Dr. Swenson St.

Wynn Las Vegas Treasure Island

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept.

10 AM-6 PM 9 AM-6 PM 9 AM-6 PM 9 AM-4 PM


Flamingo Rd. Bellagio

Tuesday, January 8 Wednesday, January 9 Thursday, January 10

Vdara Bally’s/Paris Station


C Space Exhibit Hours


9 AM-5 PM 9 AM-5 PM 9 AM-5 PM

Harmon Ave. Park MGM/ Park Theater

MGM Grand/ Signature at MGM

New York New York


Mandalay Bay Rd.


Tropicana Ave. Tropicana

Giles St.


Alexis Park

MGM Station

Reno Ave.

C Space Shuttle

Tech Express

Las Vegas Monorail


CES hosts a variety of Marketplaces and product categories. Visit for more information. As of Dec. 3, 2018. Locations subject to change. Map not to scale.

Mandalay Bay/Delano

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12/28/18 12:17 PM

twice_sdALL_.indd 15

12/27/18 10:06 AM

22 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019

Tech Tech EastEast Las Las Vegas Vegas Convention Convention andand World World Trade Trade Center Center (LVCC), (LVCC), Westgate Westgate Las Las Vegas Vegas andand Renaissance Renaissance Las Las Vegas Vegas Show Show Services Services at Tech at Tech East East

Westgate Westgate Las Vegas Las Vegas

Accessibility Accessibility Desk Desk MediaMedia RoomsRooms

300-1299 300-1299

Joe W. Brown Dr.

Joe W. Brown Dr.

Paradise Rd.

Paradise Rd.

Westgate Westgate Westgate Paradise Paradise Westgate Pavilion Pavilion CenterCenter Westgate Westgate Booth Booth #s #s Booth Booth #s #s Ballroom Ballroom 1300-2099 1300-2099

LVCC, North LVCC,Hall North Hall LVCC, South LVCC,Hall South Hall Upper Level Uppernear Level N250 near N250 Connector, Connector, Rooms Rooms S229 and S229 CES 2020 CESExhibit 2020 ExhibitS221 andS221

Space Space Selection Selection Registration Registration Attendee: LVCC, South LVCC,Hall South Hall Attendee:

Connector, Connector, Room S223 Room S223 LVCC, Central LVCC, Central Plaza Plaza Conference Conference Westgate Westgate PavilionPavilion

Sessions Sessions

Booth Booth #s #s 2100-2999 2100-2999

North North Rd. Rd. Skywalk


North North Hall Hall

BoothBooth #s 3000-9999 #s 3000-9999

Las Vegas Las Vegas Convention Convention and and World World Trade Trade Center Center

CTA CTA Westgate Westgate Ballroom Ballroom Member Member Lounges Lounges Media:Media: LVCC, North LVCC,Hall North Upper Hall Upper

Meeting Meeting RoomsRooms Upper Level, Upper N250-N264 Level, N250-N264

LVCC, Central LVCC, Central Plaza Plaza Level, Outside Level, Outside Room Room

Meeting Meeting RoomsRooms

(Tue-Thurs) (Tue-Thurs) Blue Blue N250 N250 LVCC,Hall South Hall Lower Level, Lower Level, Lot Lot LVCC, South LVCC,Hall South Hall LVCC, South

N101-N120 N101-N120 Upper Level, Upper Level, N201-N249 N201-N249

Grand Grand Lobby Lobby Booth #sBooth GL1-GL15 #s GL1-GL15

Central Central Plaza Plaza

Conference: Conference:

LVCC, North LVCC,Hall, North Hall, LVCC, North LVCC,Hall North 4, Hall 4, Upper Level UpperMeeting Level Meeting Upper Level UpperLobby Level Lobby Rooms Rooms N253-N264 N253-N264 Exhibitor: Exhibitor: LVCC, South LVCC,Plaza, South Plaza, LVCC, Central LVCC, Central Plaza Plaza Booth #62000 Booth #62000 LVCC, South LVCC,Hall South 2 Hall 2 Westgate, Westgate, Ballrooms Ballrooms D-G Lobby D-G Lobby

CentralCentral Concourse Concourse

C5 Lobby C5 Lobby

Booth Booth #s CP1-CP35 #s CP1-CP35

Central Central Hall Hall

Connector, Room S229 Room S229 Connector, Connector, Room Room Connector, S220 S220 Show Offices Show Offices LVCC,Hall North 4 Hall 4 Exhibitor Exhibitor News News LVCC, North Conferences Conferences LVCC, South LVCC,Hall South Hall LVCC, South LVCC,Hall South Hall Connector, Connector, Room S219 Room S219 Connector, Connector, Rooms Rooms Westgate, Westgate, S227-S228 S227-S228 ParadiseParadise Center Center Foyer Foyer

International International Business Business CenterCenter (IBC) (IBC)

BoothBooth #s 10000-18999 #s 10000-18999

LVCC, South LVCC,Hall South Hall Connector, Connector, Room S224 Room S224

SouthSouth Hall Hall Connector Connector

Golf Cart Service Golf Cart provided Service provided by YAMAHA by YAMAHA Central HallCentral to Hall to South Hall South 1 & 2 Hall 1 & 2

Meeting Meeting RoomsRooms

DesertDesert Inn Rd.Inn Rd.

Upper Level, Upper Level, S219-S233 S219-S233

Paradise Rd.

Paradise Rd.

Upper Upper LevelLevel

SouthSouth Hall Hall 3 3

SilverSilver 3 3

SouthSouth Hall Hall 4 4

BoothBooth #s 30000-32999 #s 30000-32999 S3

BoothBooth #s 35000-37999 #s 35000-37999 Meeting Meeting RoomsRooms


Lobby Lobby

S201-S218 S201-S218

To Tech West and Tech South


Ground Ground LevelLevel

BoothBooth #s 20000-22999 #s 20000-22999

SouthSouth Hall Hall 2 2

BoothBooth #s 25000-27999 #s 25000-27999 Meeting Meeting RoomsRooms

Lobby Lobby

S2 LobbyS2 Lobby

Platinum Platinum Lot Lot


Self-Driving Self-Driving Technolgy Technolgy

SouthSouth PlazaPlaza Design Design & Source & Source Showcase Showcase BoothBooth #s 60000-64999 #s 60000-64999

Swenson St.

Renaissance Renaissance Las Vegas Las Vegas

Swenson St.

To Tech West and Tech South

SouthSouth Hall 1Hall 1 S1

S4 Lobby S4 Lobby

Booth Booth #s #s PL1-PL10 PL1-PL10

Sierra Vista SierraDr. Vista Dr.

Key Key Hotel Shuttle Hotel Shuttle C Space C Space LVCC Shuttle LVCC Shuttle Tech Tech PassengerPassenger Taxi Buses BusesShuttle Shuttle Loop StopsLoop A-E Stops Express A-E Express Pickup/Drop-off Pickup/Drop-off

TaxiBadge Pickup

Elevators Elevators Registration Registration Badge Las Vegas Las Vegas Accessibility Accessibility AutomaticAutomatic Monorail MonorailDesk Pickup Desk Doors Doors

CES hosts CESa variety hosts a of variety Marketplaces of Marketplaces and product and product categories. categories. Visit Visit for morefor information. more information. As of Dec. As 3, of2018 Dec.. Locations 3, 2018. Locations subject to subject change. to change. Map notMap to scale. not to scale.

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12/28/18 12:17 PM

Nikon is a registered trademark of Nikon Corporation. ©2019 Nikon Inc.


M I R R O R L E S S R E I N V E N T E D The world is moving faster than ever. We’ve created the innovative technology to capture it. Stop by the Nikon booth to try the full-frame mirrorless Z System. Bringing legendary Nikon optical excellence to both photography and videography, Nikon Z 6 and Z 7 are versatile, compact full-frame cameras — ideal to propel your creativity into the future. Visit us for inspiration, education, world-class presenters, and new interactive events each day. See our full range of imaging products and all of the latest Nikon technology at BOOTH 14006 or watch all the action live at

180406_NIK_Trade_CES_Daily_Twice_FP_Jan_9x10.875_v2.indd 1 twice_sdALL_.indd 10

12/13/18 4:33 3:03 PM 12/18/18

twice_sd1_3_.indd 2

12/27/18 10:33 AM

twice_sd1_3_.indd 3

12/27/18 10:33 AM


Blue USB and XLR mics are coveted by PC gamers around the world for delivering unparalleled depth and clarity to their Twitch streams and game play.

Blue has teamed up with Bethesda® to bring you the Yeti + Fallout 76 Bundle (PC download, $60 value). Combining Fallout 76, the highly anticipated multiplayer action role-playing game, with gaming’s #1 USB mic, this bundle gives you everything you need to game and sound like a pro.



BOOTH 20657

Visit to check out all of Blue’s gaming and streaming bundles. ©2019 Blue Microphones. All rights reserved. Blue Logo Oval is a registered trademark of Blue Microphones, LLC. Bethesda is a registered trademark of ZeniMax Media Inc. Fallout, Vault Boy and related logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Bethesda Softworks LLC in the U.S. and/or other countries.

twice_sdALL_.indd 17

12/23/18 12:49 PM

CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019 | 27

Tech Tech West West Sands Sands Expo/The Expo/The Venetian Venetian Show Show Services Services at Tech at Tech WestWest Accessibility Accessibility Desk Desk

T T Sands,1 Lobby Level 1 Lobby Las Las o Tech o Tech Sands, Level Veg Veg 2020 CESExhibit 2020 Exhibit as B as B South SouCES t h lvd lvd Space Space Selection Selection . .



Race & Sports Book



Front Desk Front Desk

Food Court

Registration Registration

Attendee: Attendee: Sands, Level Sands,1, Level Hall G1, Hall G Conference: Conference: Venetian, Venetian, Level 4,Level East Foyer 4, East Foyer Venetian, Venetian, Level 2,Level 2, International International Exhibitor: Venetian Venetian Ballroom Ballroom Business Business CenterCenter (IBC) (IBC) Exhibitor: Sands, Level Sands,1, Level Hall G1, Hall G Sands, Level Sands,2 Lobby Level 2 Lobby Conference Conference Sessions Sessions Venetian, Venetian, Level 2,Level 2, Venetian, Venetian, Level 4,Level 4, Keynotes Keynotes Venetian Venetian Ballroom Ballroom Foyer Foyer Marcello Marcello and Lando and Lando Venetian, Venetian, Level 5,Level 5, Venetian Venetian Tower, Suite Tower, 29-310 Suite 29-310 Sands, Level Sands,1, Level Hall G,1,Booth Hall G, Booth PalazzoPalazzo Ballroom Ballroom #50268#50268 (Keynotes (Keynotes also taking alsoplace takingatplace atMedia:Media: Venetian, Level 2,Level 2, Sands, Level Sands,2,Level Halls 2, A-D, Halls A-D, Park Theater Park Theater at Park MGM) at Park MGM) Venetian, Venetian Venetian Ballroom Ballroom Booth #43901 Booth #43901 MediaMedia Room Room Show Offices Show Offices Venetian, Venetian, Level 2, Level 2, CTA Member CTA Member Lounges Lounges Venetian, Venetian, Level 3,Level East Foyer 3, East Foyer Venetian Venetian Ballroom Ballroom Venetian, Venetian, Level 2,Level 2, Venetian Venetian Tower, Suite Tower, 29-308 Suite 29-308

Valet Drop Valet Off Drop Off and Taxi and Taxi


Exhibitor Exhibitor News News Conferences Conferences

Race & Sports Book

Venetian, Venetian, Level 2,Level 2, Bellini 2003-2005 Bellini 2003-2005

Venetian Venetian Ballroom Ballroom Venetian Venetian Tower, Suite Tower, 30-140 Suite 30-140

Food Court

Escalators Escalators

up to Parking up to Parking GarageGarage Connector Connector (Take a(Take left ata left at Coffee Bean) Coffee Bean)

Restaurant Restaurant Row Row

The The Venetian Venetian

Casino Casino Cage Cage

The Venetian The Venetian Theater Theater

To Palazzo To Palazzo and Wynn/Encore and Wynn/Encore

Level Level 3 3 Lido Lido


Level Level 2 2

3001-3106 3001-3106

4001-4106 4001-4106



Levels 1, 3, 4 & 5



Levels 1, 3, 4 & 5


Bellini Bellini

2001-2106 2001-2106

Titian Titian

2201-2306 2201-2306

Venetian Venetian Ballroom Ballroom I JH IG H


Lando Lando

3201-3306 3201-3306

4201-4306 4201-4306

San Polo San Polo

Marcello Marcello

3401-3506 3401-3506

4401-4506 4401-4506

Veronese Veronese 2401-2506 2401-2506


Level Level 4 4

Opaline Opaline Theatre Theatre

The SandsThe Sands Showroom Showroom

Business Center

Elevators Elevators to high-end to high-end audio audio and Venetian and Venetian exhibitexhibit suites suites

Business Center

Grand LuxGrand Lux Cafe Cafe


HallsHalls A-D A-D



Zeno Zeno

3601-3806 3601-3806

4601-4806 4601-4806

Level Level 5 5

Palazzo Palazzo Ballroom Ballroom Keynotes* Keynotes* *Keynotes *Keynotes also also taking place taking at place the at the Park Theater Park Theater at at Park MGM Park MGM

2601-2806 2601-2806

BoothBooth #s 40000-46999 #s 40000-46999 Escalators Escalators

Level Level 1 Levels 1 2,Levels 3, 4 &2,5 3, 4 & 5 Package Center Package Center


Down to Hall G


Marco Polo Marco Polo 701-807 701-807 Down to Hall G

Down to Hall G

Bus Entrance

Down to Hall G

Bus Entrance

Sands Sands ExpoExpo

Key Key

Casanova Casanova 501-607 501-607

Hotel Shuttle Hotel Shuttle C Space C SpaceTech Tech Taxi Buses Buses Shuttle ShuttleExpress Express

404 403 402404 401403 402 401


407 406 405407 406 405

BoothBooth #s 50000-53999 #s 50000-53999 Up Up to to Halls A-D Halls A-D



309 103304 304 102 101103 102 101 308 303 303


302 307







st st Ea h Ea h c c Te o Te To T

Sa nd sA ve Sa nd . sA ve .

Hall GHall G

203 202 201203 202 201 Business Business 305

310 309

ElevatorsElevators Accessibility Accessibility Registration Registration Badge Badge Desk Desk Pickup Pickup

Navigation Navigation Path Path CES hosts CESahosts variety a variety of Marketplaces of Marketplaces and product and product categories. categories. Visit Visit for more forinformation. more information. As of Dec. As of 3, 2018. Dec. 3,Locations 2018. Locations subject subject to change. to change. Map notMap to scale. not to scale.

#CES2019CES.TECH CES19_sd1_preprints_v3.indd 27

12/28/18 12:17 PM

twice_sdALL_.indd 32

12/27/18 12:42 PM

twice_sdALL_.indd 33

12/27/18 12:42 PM

twice_sdALL_.indd 30

12/27/18 12:42 PM

twice_sdALL_.indd 31

12/27/18 12:43 PM

32 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019

Tech Tech South South ARIA ARIA Level Level 3 -3East - East To Ironwood To Ironwood Terrace Terrace To Level To Level Two Two

6 6 South South Primrose Primrose Veranda Veranda

5 5

4 4

Primrose Primrose Ballroom Ballroom

3 3

2 2

1 1

Show Show Services Services at ARIA at ARIA EastEast Primrose Primrose Veranda Veranda

Keynotes Keynotes

Conference Conference Sessions Sessions

Park Theater Park Theater at Park at MGM Park MGM LevelLevel 1, East, 1, East, Joshua Joshua 9-10 9-10 (Keynotes (Keynotes also taking also taking place at place at LevelLevel 2, East, 2, East, Mariposa Mariposa 4 4 Venetian, Venetian, Level 5,Level Palazzo 5, Palazzo Ballroom) Ballroom) LevelLevel 3, East, 3, East, Primrose Primrose 2-3 2-3

Registration Registration

Show Show Office Office

LevelLevel 2, East 2, East

C Space C Space Exhibit Exhibit Hours Hours

Level Level 2 -2East - East

Tuesday, Tuesday, January January 8 8 9 AM-5 9 AM-5 PM PM Wednesday, Wednesday, January January 9 99 AM-5 9 AM-5 PM PM Thursday, Thursday, January January 10 10 9 AM-5 9 AM-5 PM PM

To West To West Convention Convention Show ShowCenterCenter OfficeOffice

6 6

7 7

8 8

Key Key

Storytellers Storytellers Stage Stage Mariposa Mariposa Ballroom Ballroom 4 4 1 1

LevelLevel 2, East 2, East

BadgeBadge PickupPickup

To Resort To Resort & Casino & Casino

2 2

C Space C Space Registration Registration Escalator EscalatorElevators Elevators ShuttleShuttle

CES hosts CES hosts a variety a variety of Marketplaces of Marketplaces and product and product categories. categories. VisitVisit for more for more information. information. As ofAs Dec. of Dec. 3, 2018 3,.2018 Locations . Locations subject subject to change. to change. MapMap not to not scale. to scale.

3 3 Cypress Cypress Executive Executive Lounge Lounge

Terrace Terrace

Level Level 1 - 1East - East

6 6

Plaza Plaza Level Level - East - East

7 7

8 8

4 4 3 3 Plaza Plaza Office A Office A Plaza Plaza Office B Office B

Orovada Orovada Ballroom Ballroom 5 5 4 4 2 2

2 2

1 1

2 2



5 5 Joshua Joshua Meeting Meeting Rooms Rooms 6 6


1 2 2 3 3 4 4

7 7 8 8

9 9

10 10

5 5 WillowWillow LoungeLounge

CES.TECH#CES2019 CES19_sd1_preprints_v3.indd 32

12/28/18 12:17 PM

twice_sd1_3_.indd 10

12/20/18 4:24 PM

34 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019

Navigating Navigating CES CES Tech East Tech East

Tech West Tech West Tech South Tech South

Las Vegas LasConvention Vegas Convention and World andTrade World Center Trade Center Product Categories Product Categories

North Hall

North Central Central South Hall Hall Hall Hall 1

South South Hall 12

South South Hall Hall23

South South Hall 34

● ●

● ●

● ●


● ●

3D Printing3D Printing Accessories Accessories



Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence & Robotics& Robotics Audio/High-end Audio/High-end audio/ audio/ High-resolution High-resolution audio audio AR/VR & Gaming AR/VR & Gaming


Communications Communications Infrastructure Infrastructure ComputerComputer Hardware/Software/Services Hardware/Software/Services Content Creation Content&Creation Distribution & Distribution

Digital Imaging/Photography Digital Imaging/Photography

Digital/Online Digital/Online Media Media


★ ★


ElectronicElectronic Gaming Gaming

Sands Expo Sands ExpoARIA

● ●

● ●

★ ★

★ ★

★ ★

★ ★

Lifestyle Lifestyle

● ●

Personal &Personal Cyber Security & Cyber Security

● ●


★ ★

★ ★

★ ★

★ ★

● ●

Smart Cities Smart Cities

Startups Startups



★ ★




Wireless Devices Wireless & Services Devices & Services

Smart Home Smart Home

Vehicle Technology Vehicle Technology

Internet Services Internet Services

Health & Biotech Health & Biotech

Fitness & Sports Fitness & Sports

Sensors Sensors


South Central Central Platinum Platinum Westgate Westgate The Venetian The Venetian (C Space Exhibits) (C Space Exhibits) Hall Plaza 4 Plaza Lot Lot

★ ★

LocatedLocated throughout throughout the CES the show CES floor, show these floor, Marketplaces these Marketplaces surroundsurround you withyou emerging with emerging products, products, ground-breaking ground-breaking ideas and ideas the companies and the companies whose innovation whose innovation brings these brings mind-blowing these mind-blowing technologies technologies to consumers to consumers around the around world. the world.

3D Printing 3D Printing

LVCC, South LVCC, Hall South 3 Hall 3

Accessibility Accessibility Sands, Level Sands, 2 Level 2

Artificial Artificial Intelligence Intelligence & & Robotics Robotics LVCC, South LVCC, Hall South 2 Hall 2

AR/VR & AR/VR Gaming & Gaming LVCC, South LVCC, Hall South 1 Hall 1

Drones Drones

Resilience Resilience

LVCC, South LVCC, Hall South 2 Hall 2

Westgate, Westgate, Paradise Paradise Center Center

Enterprise Enterprise Solutions Solutions

Self-Driving Self-Driving Technology Technology CES 2019 CESExhibit 2019 Exhibit Hours Hours

Westgate, Westgate, Paradise Paradise Center Center

Sleep Tech Sleep Tech

Sands, Level Sands, 1 Level 1

Sands, Level Sands, 2 Level 2


Smart Cities Family &Family Kids Technology & Kids TechnologySmart Cities Sands, Level Sands, 2 Level 2

Baby Tech Baby Tech

Fitness Fitness

Sands, Level Sands, 2 Level 2

Sands, Level Sands, 2 Level 2

C SpaceC Space

Health & Health Wellness & Wellness

CES Sports CES Zone Sports Zone

High-Tech High-Tech Retailing Retailing



Sands, Level Sands, 2 Level 2 LVCC, South LVCC, Hall South 3 Hall 3

Design Design & Source & Showcase Source ShowcaseIoT Infrastructure IoT Infrastructure LVCC, South LVCC, Plaza South Plaza

Westgate, Westgate, BallroomBallroom

Digital Money Digital Money

iProducts iProducts

Sands, Level Sands, 2 Level 2

LVCC, Platinum LVCC, Platinum Lot Lot

Eureka Eureka Park Park TM

Westgate, Westgate, Pavilion &Pavilion & Paradise Paradise Center Center

Smart Home Smart Home Sands, Level Sands, 2 Level 2

Tuesday,Tuesday, January 8January108 AM-6 PM 10 AM-6 PM Wednesday, Wednesday, January 9January 9 AM-6 9 PM9 AM-6 PM Thursday,Thursday, January 10 January 9 AM-6 10 PM9 AM-6 PM Friday, January Friday, 11 January 119 AM-4 PM9 AM-4 PM *Refer to Tech *Refer South tomap Techfor South C Space mapexhibit for C Space hoursexhibit hours

Key Key

Sports Technology Sports Technology Sands, Level Sands, 2 Level 2

Wearables Wearables Sands, Level Sands, 2 Level 2

Primary PrimaryAdditional Additional Location LocationLocation Location CES hosts a CES variety hosts of Marketplaces a variety of Marketplaces and productand product categories. Visit categories. Visit more information. for more information. 2018. Locations 3, 2018.subject Locations to change. subject to change. As of Dec. 3,As of Dec. Map not to scale. Map not to scale.

LVCC, South LVCC, Hall South 3 Hall 3

Head toHead Tech to South Techfor South C Space for Cand Space CESand Sports CESZone Sports exhibits Zone exhibits and conference and conference sessionssessions located located within ARIA. withinC ARIA. SpaceCisSpace the CES is the program CES program designeddesigned for the advertising, for the advertising, content,content, entertainment entertainment and marketing and marketing communities. communities.

CES.TECH#CES2019 CES19_sd1_preprints_v3.indd 34

12/28/18 12:17 PM

twice_sdALL_.indd 29

12/20/18 8:47 AM

36 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


How Smart Will AI Get? Welcome to the era of contextual awareness BY GREG SCOBLETE While artificial intelligence has been kicked around academic computer science departments for decades, it’s enjoying an unprecedented public moment as the fruits of machine learning and neural networks become an inescapable part of our daily lives. At CES 2019, products that leverage some form of artificial intelligence will be ubiquitous. And, according to analysts tracking the development of artificial intelligence, we’d better get used to it.

Asking how big the demand for AI will be in consumer and business markets is a bit like asking about the demand for USB ports: “It’s so large because it’s everywhere.”

To understand how AI will evolve, it helps to think of it less as a thing by itself and more as an “ingredient technology,” said Sayon Deb, senior research analyst at the Consumer Technology Association. Like salt, it will be sprinkled liberally into in a wide range of products, software and services but not in the same way or to the same degree. Asking how big the demand for AI will be in consumer and business markets is a bit like asking about the demand for USB ports, Deb noted. “It’s so large because it’s everywhere.” In the near-term, look for AI-powered improvements to arrive in any device that uses sensors to interact with the real world, in particular, via voice-based interfaces, predicted Bob O’Donnell, president and chief analyst at TECHnalysis Research. Advances in natural language processing will enable devices such as smart speakers to better understand and respond to

verbal commands. It will also deliver voice interaction to new product categories. The spread of Amazon’s Alexa is a good example of the trend, Deb said. Any device with a camera will be the beneficiary of advances in machine vision and neural network-powered object classification, enabling cameras to differentiate objects in a scene, recognize human faces and more. Home security cameras, for instance, can learn to distinguish home owners from visitors and analyze exterior behavior for signs of trouble, O’Donnell said. While sophisticated facial-recognition technologies do raise privacy concerns, some of the early use-cases (like unlocking your phone) have proven very popular among consumers, Deb added. One of the big shifts that’s underway concerns how AI devices acquire knowledge. Today, much of the machine learning that powers AI capabilities is performed in the Cloud, where developers can harness massive amounts of computing power and ingest huge data sets that no local desktop or tiny electronic device has the memory or processing power to cope with. The results of this learning get loaded onto so-called edge devices (your security camera, your smart speaker) which then interact with the world, but no longer acquire any new knowledge about it. But edge devices will increasingly be able to perform their own local learning, O’Donnell said. Chips from NVIDIA, AMD, Qualcomm and others are increasingly capable of running AI algorithms and conducting some sparse local learning without a server farm. This improvement in edge-device intelligence will mean a more personalized experience — devices that are smart enough to learn your unique patterns and even attempt to anticipate them, O’Donnell said. You could, for instance, have user interfacContinued on page 38

IBM’s AI Perfumer Can Design Brand New Fragrances

BY CAT ELLIS IBM Research has teamed up with fragrance specialists at Symrise to create an AI system that can design completely new perfumes. Developing a scent is a combination of science and art, and normally requires years of human expertise, but Philyra — an AI named after the Greek goddess of perfume — can create new formulations that only need a little tweaking by professionals to be ready for use. Philyra uses machine learning to analyze thousands of raw materials and previously designed perfumes, identifying patterns and new combinations that haven’t been tried before. It can suggest the amount of ingredients to be added to a new formula, and offer alternative raw materials that could produce the same effect. It can even predict how people will respond to the smell based on demographics including age and nationality. It’s not just a proof of concept; IBM and Symrise are beginning with fine fragrance, but Philyra could also develop new aromas for products like fabric conditioner, shower gel and furniture polish.

CES.TECH#CES2019 CES19_sd1_preprints_v3.indd 36

12/28/18 12:17 PM

twice_sdALL_.indd 39

12/23/18 2:46 PM

38 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019 Continued from page 36 es on devices that refine themselves on the basis of real-time feedback from the user. This so-called “contextual awareness” will be extremely important for autonomous vehicles and personalized robotics as well, O’Donnell said. Both need an immense of data to navigate on their own, but the real world constantly throws new data at them. Vehicles and/or robots that can perform localized learning but then upload those results to the Cloud will help in the collective effort to make robotic devices more intelligence. This two-way communication does raise privacy concerns, particularly when it comes to the kind of granular, location-based data that contextually aware devices can generate, O’Donnell said. Ironically, the better devices get at edge learning, the less they’ll need to send personalized data up to the cloud, he added. While personalized devices grow more responsive, AI will also be leveraged by more businesses to automate and augment the work previously done by

humans. According to a recent report from Forrester Research, natural language processing will combine with robot process automation to build more responsive chatbots, organize unstructured business data and automate a variety of business tasks. This business automation naturally gives rise to concerns that as AI gets smarter, we’ll collectively be automated out of a job. One widely cited study

PANEL Thursday, January 10, 1:00 – 2:00 PM • LVCC, North Hall, N258

Artificial intelligence is poised to revolutionize, and positively impact, many aspects of our lives. Questions remain about bias in some of these AI systems. In this discussion we will explore policy and technological options for addressing bias in AI. Why did you join All Turtles? One of the reasons I joined is that they understand that every bit of innovation talent doesn’t come from one region or one state or one nation. The goal is to put these outposts in different cities where there’s tons of talent but you might not tap into it. We have an office in Paris, in Tokyo, in Mexico City. We’re thinking about where we want to put the next U.S.-based location, and my vote is Detroit or St. Louis. It’s tapped into the idea that … talent is everywhere. The issue is you finding and grooming it. So how do we find and groom it? Tell us a little bit about what you intend to speak about on the panel. One thing I definitely want to talk about there is an All Turtles studio company product called Spot. It’s an AI chatbot that helps you report workplace harassment and discrimination, and

from Oxford University’s Martin School noted that 47 percent of jobs, including many white-collar professions, are vulnerable to automation. CTA’s Deb sees those fears as unfounded, at least for now. What studies like the one from Oxford can’t measure is the new jobs that AI may create, Deb said. “There’s bound to be growing pains,” Deb said, “but the potential of AI is boundless.”

Solving Bias in Artificial Intelligence with Bärí A. Williams, All Turtles

I think something like that is very helpful. It’s allowing you to provide information that you may not provide otherwise because there’s a barrier — you don’t have to talk to a person. It’s delivered to your HR person if you want it to be, or you may just want to keep that record for yourself. But I also think of, when it comes to AI, who is providing the information? The whole point of AI and how it works is that it’s based off information that it’s fed. Do you have a 23-year old white coder from Wisconsin [interpreting the data], who may be very different from the information that I would feed it? How do you discern that? [It’s important] to make sure that when decisions are made that there’s [diversity] at the table. If you don’t have women, the differently abled, LGBTQ at the table, you’re not going to make a good decision.   I think AI is a great conduit, but I think you also need the cultural competency element. … If you don’t, you need to find someone who can tell you. Those are the things that are important. It’s not just about efficiency. I am a huge proponent of efficiency, but if it doesn’t have that nuance, then it actually isn’t efficient.

What are some other AI tools help make progress in growing diversity efforts? Laura I. Gomez’s Atipica. She is an immigrant from Mexico who created a company that uses AI to assist with recruiting and retention. Let’s say you have applicant who is great but they don’t fit in that role; the next time you have a role and their skill set matches, they will come up. A lot of HRs need this, but it’s particularly helpful for candidates who are in underrepresented groups. This bubbles people back to the surface. How many times have you been to CES? This year is my third time. What are you most excited to see at CES at this year? I know they have a whole section demonstrating AI being used for good, and I’m super excited to see that. It seems like everyone talks about AI, it’s doom and gloom. I would love to see how AI is being used for consumers.

Bärí A. Williams is VP of Legal, Business, and Policy Affairs at All Turtles, a startup advisor in the tech industry, and published author in The New York Times, Wired and Fast Company.

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12/27/18 11:46 AM

40 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Thin, Light & Powerful: What 2019 Will Bring For Gaming BY BO MOORE 2018 was a great year for gaming laptops. By the end of 2017, a few companies had released thin and light gaming machines featuring Nvidia’s 10-series Max Q design philosophy, but 2018 was the year they became widely available — and sometimes even affordable. With RTX 20-series GPUs now on the market, we can expect to see Max Q variants of those cards sliding into gaming laptops in 2019. What that means is this next year we’ll see two kinds of gaming laptops emerge: thin and lights, and desktop replacements.

Razer Blade 15

Thin and lights will get even more powerful — assuming we do see 20-series Max Q cards — while maintaining the thin profile, slim bezels and great battery life we’ve come to expect on machines like the MSI GS65, Gigabyte Aero 15X and Razer Blade 15. The 10-series Max Q cards were about 10 to 15 percent less powerful than their desktop versions. If the 20-series cards follow that same pattern, we can expect to see, say, the 2070 Max Q performing around the same level as the desktop-class GTX


1080. That’s some impressive power for a midrange laptop. On the flip side, the non-Max Q machines are expected to lean into their less-portable aspects and double down on the “desktop-replacement” idea. That means desktop-class components, powerful cooling solutions and, yeah, a lot of bulk. But that bulk will be put to good use, with full-power RTX cards, overclockable CPUs and beautiful screens. One can hope manufacturers won’t skip straight from 1080p to 4K, as has mostly been the trend, and instead offer 1440p panels (complete with GSync and a nice refresh rate, of course) in a laptop form factor. RTX cards are powerful, but it’s better to secure higher frame rates at the middle tier of 1440p than struggle for 60 fps at 4K. The big question: How much will everything cost? The RTX 20-series cards threw convention out the window, coming in much more expensive than their predecessors at launch. Does that mean that RTX 20-series laptops will also bump up the price over the current-gen GTX 10-series versions, or will we see similar price points for the new generation? It remains to be seen. Either way, laptops are growing more powerful than ever — let’s just hope they’re affordable.


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42 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Amazon Winning Voice War – But For How Long? BY STEWART WOLPIN Amazon’s Alexa seems to be [listening] everywhere. It’s nearly impossible to utter her name without waking up a nearby speaker, TV, or some other newly attentive device. According to Strategy Analytics, Alexa-enabled devices hold a 61 percent share of the smart speaker market in the U.S., followed by Google Assistant at 34 percent. IDC estimates that Alexa can control more than 20,000 devices and Google only around 6,000. “This is because Amazon has first-mover advantages with its release of Echo devices, and also making its Alexa Voice Service SDK broadly available to device makers,” explained Adam Wright, IDC’s Consumer IoT senior research analyst. “Both Google’s and Microsoft’s SDKs are still being previewed to select developers and are not generally available, and Apple’s ecosystem is much more re-

strictive by comparison.” But Alexa’s voice assistant market domination of a category still experiencing hockey stick growth may be short-lived. According to Parks Associates, Google Home sales grew by more than 165 percent year over year for the first three quarters of 2018, compared with the first three quarters of 2017. During the same period, however, global Echo sales were relatively flat, with an estimated growth of only 5 percent. Two factors could tilt the voice assistant balance of power one way or the other. First, Google’s potential long-term advantage may be its “integration with other widely adopted Google products, particularly the Android operating system, Gmail, YouTube and Chromecast,” explained Kristen Hanich, Parks Associates research analyst.

CES DAILY With Michele Turner, senior director, smart home ecosystem, Google

Why is Google at CES this year? The category of digital assistants is still really new, so it’s important that we have a strong presence at events, like CES, to continue educating consumers on how the Google Assistant can be helpful throughout their day. It’s also a great opportunity to work closely with our partner ecosystem to preview and showcase all the amazing devices to make the home, cars and phones smarter. Where do you see voice control as having the greatest impact in the future? I think in the future voice control will have a really big impact on our aging population. The ability for people

QA &

with disabilities and mobility issues to control everything from their ovens to their bathrooms through voice will make life easier and safer for people, and help people stay in their homes and live independently longer. What do you view as the biggest challenge to widespread adoption of voice control? A specific challenge is getting used to using voice to accomplish things where you may not have used voice previously. We see that once people start to use voice more regularly, they rely on it, but people have to break an existing, well ingrained behavior to do this.

“Google has access to over 20 years of search data and access to more than 50 million voice samples, leveraged from its Android platforms, which can ultimately be used for machine learning,” opines Jonathan Collins, research director at ABI Research. “The Google knowledge graph is the most extensive created, providing access to approximately 70 billion facts that have been collectively grouped for link prediction. This extensive database drives the Google Assistant, along with Google’s extensive knowledge of interpreting textual search data that allows the Google Assistant to interpret semantics so well.” “Google’s pace of developing localized language versions of its assistant, coupled with its duopoly on search and advertising, should result in it being about to scale its platform much larger than Amazon in the future,” added David Watkins, director of intelligent home practice for Strategy Analytics. The second factor that could potentially reshape the voice assistant war is the growing interest in shop-by-voice, currently dominated by Amazon. “Shop-by-voice has more potential in terms of subscriptions, digital goods and consumables, and gaming experiences than physical products,” Hanich asserted. But, “voice shopping has yet to really take off,” Watkins admitted. “When it does, Amazon will be in a very strong position to offer an ultimate endto-end shopping experience thanks to its Cloud infrastructure, Prime delivery service and recent acquisitions in home access and security companies such as Ring.” However, in Aug ust 2017, Google added Walmart as a shopping partner.

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DESIGN, QUALITY AND INNOVATION. With so much choice, choosing the right smartwatch is no easy task. Slide Smart Watches combine an iconic silhouette with next-evolution technology.

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Central Hall Booth #17318

12/23/18 2:49 PM

44 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


3 Tips for Bringing a Product to Market BY BOB MERRIMAN, DIRECTOR OF STRATEGIC PLANNING, AVNET Having spent an abundance of time working with hardware startups looking to get a product to market, I’ve discovered that every journey is different, and there are a few tips that might help you find success.

TIP #1: NO SHORTCUTS The first truth is that there are no shortcuts in hardware. I’m always amazed at how many startup founders are willing to concoct (and justify) elab-

orate fantasies about how they can circumvent some of the work required to get a product into production. A common shortcut is that hardware startups often see crowdfunding on a platform like Kickstarter as a panacea for doing the hard work of raising money and completing earlystage product development. Nothing could be further from the truth. Crowdfunding requires setting a reward price for a product. But how can startups know how to price a product if they don’t know how much it costs to make? Hardware entrepreneurs and startups learn so

CES DAILY WIth Andrea Giralt, Senior VP, Operations, AerNos

What brings you to CES 2019? AerNos is a startup that designs and manufactures nano gas sensors to monitor air quality. Our sensors are highly innovative because of their size, affordability and versatility; they detect multiple gases simultaneously in parts-per-billion concentrations. CES 2018 was our first show and it was a huge success, so we are back at CES with a larger presence. I manage manufacturing and global supply chain, and I plan to meet with potential customers and suppliers. We are currently defining our manufacturing expansion plans, so we will meet with representatives from several states to discuss opportunities. I have a passion for technology and innovation, and CES is the one event that is a must-attend. It is where business

QA &

gets done and is a window into the technologies of the future that will impact and improve our lives. How many years have you attended or exhibited at CES? This is my eighth CES. What’s your goal at this year’s show?  AerNos is focused on leveraging and building upon the success we had at CES 2018. At the show, we are introducing three new products — AerIot, a multi-gas sensor module for integration into IoT devices; SmartAer, a complete air quality solution; and AerBetic, a non-invasive wearable device that uses exhaled gases in a patient’s breath to monitor diabetic status. We are excited about these offerings and the opportunity to meet and secure new customers. What are you most excited to see or experience?  I support a number of organizations that empower women in business, STEM and entrepreneurship, so I am really looking forward to hearing [AMD CEO] Dr. Lisa Su’s keynote, as well as other female executives’ and entrepreneurs’ talks. I am also excited to walk the floor and see what surprises

much about their product as they progress from idea to prototype, and there K is no substitute for the OC ST INK knowledge gained along the H T CK/ ISTO iterative journey of turning an idea into a desirable solution. Crowdfunding might be a good way to introduce a product to the world, but startups still need to perform the necessary steps to develop, and produce, a successful product at scale. A great resource for startups who may not be sure how to get started is Path to Prototype from Avnet. It’s a free resource that’s designed like a board game to keep users engaged and motivated as they bring their ideas to life. Continued on page 46

me from other start-ups that have the ingenuity to use technology to solve problems. What’s the one thing you think would surprise attendees if they knew about you or your company? Attendees will be surprised by the sophistication of nanotechnology manufacturing. Our unique approach to sensing brings together molecular formulation and chemistry, nano-fluids, electronics and data science, all on one manufacturing floor. Our solution is highly innovative and solves problems that haven’t been addressed before. What we breathe has an impact on our health. With meaningful, granular and actionable data, we aim to improve lives, as well as positively impact communities and the world. What do you believe will dominate the tech conversation in 2019?  I expect AI and data science will drive the conversation in 2019. I believe both technologies are in their infancy, yet their impact on our lives is already so visible. CES is a barometer that shows all advances and proposals and allows us to dream about where we might be a few years from now. How much of an effect will these technologies have on our future lives and how much of it will inadvertently seep into our day to day life? For now, I remain fascinated by the huge number of problems that get ingeniously resolved with IoT devices, AI or new approaches.

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Introducing the all–new Road Patrol Duo™ Camera by Car and Driver. Equipped with Forward Collision and Lane Departure warning systems, the Road Patrol Duo™ dash cam is your first line of defense against potential accidents. If a collision is unavoidable, the HD 1080p camera will record that crucial instant with stunning clarity. Even if the device isn’t recording at the time of impact, it will automatically begin filming when it senses the collision. This super advanced dual camera also includes: a 4in screen, a 6-element lens, night vision, a full 1080p / 30 fps FULL HD front lens resolution, a rear in-car camera, and a 24-hour active parking mode feature. While every situation is different, it’s always crucial to protect your side of the story.

Visit Us & See Our Full Product Line



Motion Car Mount


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12/23/18 2:41 PM

46 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019 Continued from page 44

TIP #2: HUMILITY Another important tip is that many new founders don’t know as much as they think they do. This is reflected in a lot of early designs I see. Many startups have hardware designs heavily focused on the technology they’re most comfortable with. While it makes sense to work with what you know, in the world of electronic components, for example, there could be hundreds of options available, most of which first-time founders probably aren’t familiar with. For that reason, I strongly recommend having a professional design review before investing too much time and money into prototyping a product. As Scott Miller, founder of Dragon Innovation, likes to say: “Early decisions cast long shadows.” The best time to discover a problem with a product design isn’t when the first 5,000 units are rolling off of a manufacturing line. Having someone do a professional design review of a prototype early on can lower costs, improve performance, and uncover potential issues that the design team may have missed. It’s well worth it to reign in one’s ego, seek expert help, and verify that everything in a product is optimized.

TIP #3: REALITY-BASED BUDGETING A third tip in hardware is that everything will inevitably cost more than actually budgeted, and will take longer than expected. Don’t be discouraged by escalating costs and pushed timelines, but rather account for them early. When you compare your existing budget to a weather forecast, have you planned for a sunny day, a little rain, or a thunderstorm? In the world of hardware development, you’ll quickly find that you shouldn’t ever leave the house without an umbrella! The trick is not to simply add a 15 percent buffer to all of the costs, but to understand what can go wrong and why. Have you accounted for attrition in your printed circuit boards? What about scrap in general? Have you properly accounted the costs of simply running a business (legal, financial, overhead)? Hardware startups are notorious for burning through investment capital before they ever get a product to market. Understanding costs, and how they could increase, is one of the most important factors in successfully launching a hardware product. The road to market in hardware, from idea to prototype to production, is often more of a maze than a straight line. However, by not looking for shortcuts, accepting that you don’t know everything, and budgeting for financial pitfalls, you can do it! If you’re not sure where to get started, collaborating with an experienced partner is a great first step!

Petato’s AI Litter Tray Analyzes A Cat’s Health & Uses NASA Tech To Clean Itself BY CAT ELLIS BOOTH 51129 Scooping your cat’s “buried treasures” can give you an insight into its health, but it’s not one of the highlights of pet ownership. That’s why tech startup Petato has developed Footloose — a smart litter tray that uses AI to analyze a kitty’s leavings and clean up hygienically afterwards. “We saw cat parents’ attentiveness to their critter’s health as an opportunity to lead the future of litter box design through the use of AI,” said Petato Founder, Byron Fan. “Our pets can’t tell us when they aren’t feeling well and cats often hide their pain. Footloose takes out the guesswork so their owners know when they are unwell.” Footloose (which is cleverly designed to prevent litter being kicked all over your floor) tracks your cat’s weight, how often it uses the tray, how long it spends there, and how much it leaves behind. It uses this data to build a picture of the animal’s health, and alert you if anything seems amiss, so you can intervene. For those who share their home with multiple feline friends, Footloose can differentiate between them using their weight and activity patterns to avoid confusion. It’ll also alert to any unusual activity (if the dog decides to use it, for example). It’s also self-cleaning. Using “a meticulous fusion of hive-style sieve, curvy funnel, fine-tuned turning speed, powerful torque and gravitational force,” Footloose filters out clumps into an airtight receptacle. The receptacle then uses NASA technology to neutralize smells at the molecular level. UV light triggers a catalyst (mostly titanium dioxide), starting a reaction that decomposes and deodorizes ammonia and sulfide compounds.

Tivic Health Clears Up Sinus Issues

BOOTH 53355 Tivic Health is at CES 2019 demonstrating ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief, a bioelectronic treatment for sinus pain. ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief offers the 27 million Americans who suffer chronic sinusitis and the 17 million who suffer allergic rhinitis (hay fever) a new way to manage sinus pain. When tested at Stanford Sinus Center, 75 percent of ClearUP users achieved relief on first treatment, according to the company. ClearUP offers easy one-button control; three intensity levels for user customization; light and vibration systems to target treatment points; and a quick five-minute treatment to be repeated up to four times a day. It is re-usable and portable for home, work and travel. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

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BE TIMELESS, BE INSPIRED, BE CONNECTED COBYŽ is about connections. It’s the link between people and technology, innovation and attainability. Steeped in heritage, COBY is a global brand known for premium technology and sleek design within its family of electronics and accessories.

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48 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Dreem Coach Aims To Eliminate Insomnia With Bespoke Behavioral Therapy Together, the app and band not BY CAT ELLIS only track your vitals, but give you BOOTH 43123 Most sleep tracking tailored feedback and advice to apps and wearables can tell you help you enjoy better quality sleep. you’re sleeping badly (and make “I look at the sleep apps and see you feel inadequate), but don’t help Health & Wellness that devices on the market are not you do anything with about it. Marketplace that effective,” said Hugo Mercier, That’s the problem sleep science TECH WEST SANDS EXPO CEO of Dreem. “If you want a realcompany Dreem is hoping to solve ly effective sleep solution you need with Dreem Coach — a new app a deep understanding of the individual person.” that uses professional techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help break bad sleep habits and form better ones. PERSONAL PROGRAMS Dreem Coach is an accompaniment for Dreem Dreem Coach is an addition to the app that aims Band — a lightweight headband equipped with an to provide a longer-term solution to sleeping probaccelerometer, EEG sensors and a pulse oximeter lems. First it uses data from the headband to track that gathers information while you doze and exsleeping patterns over a week and asks various tends deep sleep using sound transmitted directquestions about your lifestyle. After seven nights, ly to your inner ear via bone conduction. The band the app presents you with your own detailed sleep can also detect when you’re sleeping lightly and report and a list of tailored recommendations from trigger a smart alarm that wakes you when you’re a collection of expert programs. ready. These programs help you take action to tackle


specific problems. For example, if you suffer from chronic insomnia, Dreem Coach will suggest an advanced six- or eight-week program that incorporates CBT.

DREEM APP “CBT helps to re-train and educate on sleep,” said Mercier. “It costs a lot and is not very easy to access. Companies have launched digital CBT tools to reproduce it through a mobile app, but people drop out because it’s not easy to use. “With Dreem, we have a really differentiating element in the experience with the headband. A hundred and fifty users have tried the CBT, and the results are incredible. We see that we improve efficiency, and we reduce distraction.” If your problem is sleep deprivation, Dreem Coach will offer guidance to help you get more shut-eye and take control of your sleep cycle. If you suffer from bad sleeping habits, Dreem Coach identifies the specific behaviors causing the problem and suggests ways to address them. As Mercier noted, techniques like relaxation and breathing exercises aren’t new, but Dreem Coach uses data gathered by Dreem Band to tailor its instructions to your individual needs. “Dreem shouldn’t just be about the Dreem Band — it should be about solving your problem,” says Mercier. “It shouldn’t just be an app, either; it should be your personal coach.” All new Dreem Headbands come with Dreem Coach, and the tool is available free to existing users.


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Highlight of Hong Kong companies in Design & Source Computime Ltd.

Marvel Digital Ltd.

Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Ltd. (NAMI)

Aztech Systems (HK) Ltd.

Golden Power Corporation (HK) Ltd. Innovation Technology Company Ltd.

UNRE AI Ltd. Sky City Y2K Ltd.

More Hong Kong Companies at Design & Source (South Plaza, LVCC) - Booth # 60933 & Eureka Park (Sands Expo) – Booth # 52922

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50 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019

HEALTH & WELLNESS Digital Health:

Alternatives For What Ails You BY ROBIN RASKIN CES surrounds attendees with technologies that will change the world, but none compares to the life-changing technologies helping us get a grip on healthcare. With an unevenly distributed health care system, a shortage of facilities, mounting costs and an aging population, digital technology’s promise is to diffuse some of the many challenges ahead.

year. It’s well documented that too little sleep can pose a number of health risks, from weight gain to weakened immune systems, to heart and stroke risk. A popular stop in the Pavilion is Sleep Number, where you can rest those tired feet for a moment as you learn about sleep. Rather than relying on wearables, Sleep Number builds sleep monitoring sensors into their 360 mattresses. The mattress senses your movements then automatically adjusts for optimal firmness, comfort, and support.

NEUROMODULATION GETS REAL GET SOME SLEEP The 24/7 cacophony at CES is a funny place to think about sleep, but there’s a good reason that the Sleep Pavillion on the Digital Health show floor in the Sands continues to grow by 20 percent each

Neuromodulation, which uses an implant in a patient’s body to provides an electrical stimulation, has been a “tech to watch” category that’s now coming into the limelight. The hope is that it will replace dependence on drugs as the only


treatment for chronic illnesses. Sufferers of chronic pain, tremors and spasticity, movement disorders, epilepsy, cardiac, bowel and bladder dysfunction, addiction, spinal injury, and psychiatric disorders have all successfully benefited. The North American Neuromodulation Association is showcasing solutions from a number of companies, including Medtronic, Nevro , Boston Scientifc and Avio.

PERSONALIZATION Lest you think health trackers couldn’t get any smaller, you’ll want to see Myant. The company is at work on the next journey: textile computing (think wearables fabrics that can monitor various medical conditions). Robin Raskin is the founder of Living in Digital Times, producers of the Digital Health Summit, The Digital Money Forum, The Wearable Technology Summit, The Family and Kids Tech Summit, The High Tech Retailing Summit and other events for CES.

How Oticon’s In-Ear Fitness Tracker Can Improve Hearing Health BY CAT ELLIS BOOTH 43334 More than 48 million people are affected by hearing loss in the U.S. alone, but new tech means hearing aids don’t just help people hear more clearly — they can stream music, translate languages and even improve your overall health. One of the companies launching this new generation of hearing aids is Oticon, which has a tool called HearingFitness that monitors and analyzes hearing aid use just like an exercise app linked to a smart watch. It’s part of the Oticon ON app (available for iOS and Android) and is compatible with the Opn range of hearing aids. The company’s work with connectivity goes back several years. “We started to integrate with Bluetooth a couple of generations ago,” said Mazevski. “We first started out with iPhone integration with Apple, who ensure our hearing aids are compliant.”

One of the most obvious applications for that connectivity is streaming media and calls from smartphones, but hearing aids are robust little de-

vices that are capable of much more. “One of the consistent hot topics is along the lines of AI and machine learning,” Mazevski said. “The idea is to take these ideas and have them help not only the people who are wearing the hearing aids, but also the people helping them.” The tool uses data about users’ wearing habits and environment to establish a baseline, and give them bespoke insight into their own habits. It then prompts them to set listening goals, and tracks progress towards them, giving a gentle “nudge” when struggling. “The more [people] wear their hearing aids, the better it is for them socially,” said Mazevski. “Wearing hearing aids helps in terms of isolation, and even avoiding dementia. [The app] is a great way to help the person with hearing loss to make sure they keep tabs on their own use.”

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52 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Smart Watches Emerge As Winner In Wearable Share Battle BY ANDRIA CHENG Watches are hot. Smart watches, that is. In consumers’ seemingly un-satiated appetite for the latest tech gadgets, smart watches, from the new Apple Watch Series 4 to Fitbit Versa, have proved themselves not only relevant enough to secure a portion of consumers’ electronics wallet share, they also are poised to outpace fitness trackers to fuel demand in the wearables category. In the $8.5 billion U.S. wearable electronics market, “smart wearables,” or smart watches, will see an annual average growth rate of 14 percent for units sold over the next five years while sales are forecast to rise an annual average of 7 percent, according to market research firm Euromonitor. In contrast, fitness trackers will see both sales and units sold decline through 2023 on an annual average basis. “We expect pretty strong growth in smart wearables,” said Luis Zamudio, home and technology research analyst at Euromonitor, adding the firm defines “smart wearables” as those that have access to an app store to download third-party apps. “The consumer base is definitely expanding. For those

who originally didn’t see the need, (smart watches) are just becoming more functional. Consumers are also proving they are willing to pay more for functionality.” One telling example is the latest Apple Watch Series 4 that has become the highest-priced model since Apple introduced its first watch in 2014. The new model comes with not only a larger screen but also the game-changing ability to conduct an ECG heart exam and detect a fall. While there are still more U.S. consumers who own a fitness tracker than a smart watch, watches, led by Apple, are picking up pace. NPD Group’s latest survey data showed that 16 percent of U.S. adults own a smart watch, up from 9 percent since the middle of 2017, said Weston Henderek, director of connected intelligence at NPD Group. By the end of 2018, he estimated 40 million smart watch units will be owned in the U.S., with Apple garnering 55 percent share of that market. In contrast, fitness tracker, with about 50 million units expected by the end of 2018, has seen its consumer adoption rate rise at a slower pace to about 21 percent to 22 percent of US adults, up from 18 percent in the middle of 2017, Henderek, said, adding Fitbit has 70 percent of that market. “Watches are catching up very quickly,” he said. “The ability of smart watches has finally evolved. There’s been a shift from traditional fitness trackers toward full-feature smart watches.” Fitbit, G ar m in a nd fa sh ion watch label Fossil have felt the impact of the market shift and have responded. They have introduced their own smart watches featuring larger screens, options for users to connect to cellular network with-

out being tethered to a phone, fitness coaches or pay for things with their watches. Fossil also has pushed demand with so-called hybrid watches that look like a traditional watch but with smart connected features. With Apple Watch Series 4’s increased health care focus, other device makers also are expected to double down on that front going forward, analysts said. “This is an area that others will have to catch up to Apple,” Euromonitor’s Zamudio said. In another telling example that smart watches are going to be the dominant wearables form factor, Fitbit said in October smart watch sales have jumped to 49 percent of its revenue from less than 10 percent a year ago. The broader consumer interest also has expanded smart watches’ retail distribution. “It’s become a mass market device,” NPD’s Henderek said, adding smart watches used to be sold primarily by manufacturers directly. “It’s become a much more diversified retail landscape. The big jump has been in consumer electronics (retail), mass market and Amazon.” Smart watches surfacing as the winner aside, the buzz in the wearables space is surely not limited to just what’s on the wrist. Smart eyeglasses that remind you to have better posture, smart clothing with sensors and smart earphones that track heart rate among other biometric signs are just some of the products that hope they are the next it gadget consumers will adopt en mass. “The headphones have more potential,” Euromonitor’s Zamudio said. But “you have to convince people your products are accurate. … Smart clothing still has a lot of obstacles to overcome.”

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12/18/18 6:06 PM

54 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019



Thursday, January 10 • 3:30 – 4:30 PM Westgate, Level 1, Ballroom F

Smart Cities, Public Safety and Disaster Preparedness/Recovery Sensors embedded into Smart City IoT devices will do more than find you a parking spot. Connected gas sensors will improve health, reduce emissions, identify infrastructure leaks and security threats and even alert medical personnel to individual health emergencies.

We Built This (Resilient) City How smart city technologies are improving urban resilience IMAGES: NOKIA

BY GREG SCOBLETE In the late spring of 2018, Cape Town South Africa dodged an existential bullet. “Day Zero” — the moment the city’s water taps would be turned off due to punishing drought conditions — was postponed, pushed to an indeterminate date in 2019. Cape Town’s water scarcity is emblematic of a problem facing almost every major population center: The Earth is getting warmer, and more and more of its human inhabitants are piling into cities, straining aging or underdeveloped infrastructure to the breaking point. Even without the stress of climate change, mundane issues like traffic congestion, crime, terrorism and the inevitable natural disaster can deal a body-blow to a city’s ability to offer vital services, attract businesses and thrive. To meet these challenges, it’s critical to start thinking seriously about the intersection of technology and resilience, said Carmichael Roberts, cofounder and managing partner of Material Impact. Roberts recommended the introduction of a resilience conference at CES 2019 and has backed several companies, like ZeroMassWater, that are leveraging technology to improve our capacity to cope with global challenges. Over the past five years, hundreds of cities around the globe have embarked on so-called smart city projects — from rolling out street lamps that double as surveillance cameras and hotspots to making city services available on mobile apps. These same technologies will play a key role in ensuring cities can rebound from the inevitable disaster, whether natural or manmade. “We’re in a unique moment,” said Jason Whittet a member of the 100 Resilient Cities’ Solutions Development and Innovation team. “We have the pressures of urbanization and the pressures from climate change. At the same time, technology has evolved to the point where it can offer real solutions.” The are several “foundational” technologies that are helping cities improve their resilience today, Whittet said. Those include the Cloud, Big Data

processing and visualization, high-bandwidth network mobility and apps. One of the more mature smart city technologies, intelligent traffic lights and traffic routing, can play a key role in evacuating citizens during a crisis and ensuring first responders arrive on scene quickly, observed Stephanie Atkinson, CEO of Compass Intelligence. Armed with data processing and machine vision, street lamps can double as an extended set of eyes and ears for local authorities. In 2018, San Diego installed a series of intelligent street lights from Currents (a GE company) capable of monitoring parking spaces as well as traffic patterns. The lights can also detect the sounds of gunfire, monitor air quality, temperature, air pressure, humidity and more. Similar lights are being installed in Atlanta and Singapore. IoT is another significant component of smart city technology and has already proven its worth in improving resilience. After catastrophic flooding in 2013, Buenos Aires installed thousands of IoTbased sensors in its storm drains and connected it to an SAP software and analytics platform to measure the speed, level and direction of water flow in real-time — the better to alert emergency crews

Smart street lights can help cities manage traffic in an emergency or respond more quickly to incidents when they occur.

to blockages and overflows. The following year, after even heavier rainfall, Buenos Aires was able to avoid a replay of 2013’s crippling floods. Building out resilience isn’t just a good in itself. It can have a halo effect for citizens and businesses, said Jesse Berst, chairman of the Smart Cities Council. Berst pointed to the city of Chattanooga, Tenn., whose electrical utility built out a gigabit fiber optic network as a part of its efforts to prevent blackouts and smarten up its electrical grid. This gigabit fiber network was then offered to residential and business customers and was instrumental in lifting the economic fortunes of the town. The next wave of smart city technology will likely center on automation, Atkinson forecast. “Increasingly I hear people talk about automated response management — systems that don’t wait for a human operator but can provide a response in real-time, autonomously.” Drones and autonomous vehicles will play a role in a city’s disaster response, Bonte predicted, while artificial intelligence is tapped to help make sense of the huge torrent of data generated by a city’s sensors.

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56 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


3 Reasons To Visit The International Business Center At CES 2019 International Buyer Program BY ALLISON MOORE This week, International Trade Specialists and Commercial Officers from all over the world will be connecting U.S exhibitors with over 1,500 international buyers at CES. Stop by the International Business Center (IBC), South Hall Connector, S224, to take advantage of this opportunity to find new business contacts and distributors in global markets.



The International Buyer Program (IBP) is a joint government-industry effort that brings thousands of international buyers to the United States for business-to-business matchmaking with U.S. firms exhibiting at major industry trade shows. Every year, the IBP results in approximately a billion dollars in new business for U.S. companies, and increases international attendance for participating U.S. trade show organizers.



The U.S. Commercial Service of the Department of Commerce provides a multitude of services for exporters and potential exporters. The organization’s promotion work helped to grow U.S. exports to $73.3 billion and supported an estimated 383,000 jobs in 2017. On average, our clients report a $600,000 increase in revenue during the 12-month period following work with the U.S. Commercial Service.



Learn about opportunities in global markets by meeting with our Commercial Officers from our U.S. embassies and consulates attending the show. This year at CES, Commercial Officers from 20+ countries will be available to meet with U.S. exhibitors and attendees. The U.S. Commercial Service has offices located in more than 100 U.S. cities and over 70 international locations. Our International Trade Specialists connect U.S. companies with international distributors, buyers, and sales channels leveraging an unrivaled global footprint when compared to any private or public-sector consultants. To learn more about our services, stop by the International Business Center, LVCC, South Hall Connector, S224, and meet with us today! Allison Moore is an International Trade Specialist, Trade Promotion Programs|Industry & Analysis for the U.S. Department of Commerce |International Trade Administration


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58 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Help Wanted: Ark Builders Needed PANEL

tion strategy grounded to caBY GARY BEACH reer success rather than test As Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. beThursday, January 10 • 4:30 – 5:00 PM scores, I am impressed with came CEO of IBM in April 1993 Sands, Hall G, 50268 the armada of “arks” being he faced an existential decision: GES, Government & You: Partners in imaginatively built by combreak up the company or keep Innovation? panies large and small. it whole. Before deciding, GerJoin representatives from the Dutch Since 2001, the Ford Mostner asked employees and cusand U.S. Government in a conversation tor Company’s Next Genertomers for advice. The overture, on innovation, entrepreneurship and ation Learning initiative has however, was prefaced with this government. You’ll be surprised to learn just how innovative government can created 541 academies in caveat: “No credit will be given be, and how they want to connect with, 307 high schools that have for predicting the rain, only for and be inspired by, entrepreneurs like changed the lives of nearly building arks.” Gerstner wanted you. We will also preview the upcoming 20,000 young people preparsolutions. Not blame. Global Entrepreneurship Summit in the ing them for college, careers, Juxtapose 11.2 million unemNetherlands in June 2019. lifelong learning and leaderployed/underemployed and 10.2 ship by honing their STEAM (science, technology, million disenfranchised youths in the U.S. workengineering, arts and math) skills. force against 7 million “open” jobs and a three“New collar” jobs, meanwhile, require more than pronged workforce forecast becomes clear: More a high school degree but not necessarily a college “rain” is expected, more “arks” are needed and the degree. In 2011, IBM partnered with the New York rapid adoption of new technology means “it is not City Department of Education to create a grade clear where humans will fit in” warned Erik Bryn9-14 “school within a high school” called “Pathjolfsson, director of the MIT Initiative on the Digways in Technology Early College High School.” ital Economy. After six years, and often Dr. Klaus Schwab, co-founder of the World sooner, P-TECH students Economic Forum, knows precisely where humans earn associate degrees in fit in. “Talentism is the new capitalism,” he said. applied science, engiFor a proof point on the relevancy of Schwab’s neering and computer theory, ask Amazon executives how important science at 100 schools talent availability was in the firm’s recent search for a second headquarters. Most companies ignore Schwab’s advice. Jake Schwartz, CEO at General Assembly, offers two reasons why: “a surprising lack of visibility and long-term planning around skill/talent needs and recruitment strategies that look for new skills in conventional places.” Jon Reed, co-founder of Diginomica, a digital strategy firm, added: “The real problem is a lack of imagination in skills development, retraining and sourcing.” Since 2007, I have focused on talent and reskilling issues, including writing a book about the topic entitled “The U.S. Technology Skills Gap.” While more work must be done, including the creation of a long-term national educa-

around the world. LinkedIn claims most tech jobs are located on the coasts. That creates a talent problem for millions of firms located in “flyover” regions of America. Employers in Kansas City, Mo., met that challenge by forming a regional talent co-op known as KC Rising that recruits job candidates to the area by first promoting it as a great place to work and live. Once attracted to the region, candidates and co-op members compete aggressively for the best jobs. A reskilling handbook for every consumer tech exec is a report from The Business Roundtable entitled, “Work in Progress, How CEOs Are Helping to Close America’s Skills Gap.” It recaps what 61 companies are doing to solve the skills enigma. Paraphrasing a witticism from 20th century commentator Will Rogers: “Technology don’t mean nuthin’, it’s people that count.” Firms that embrace the reskilling of human talent will thrive and prosper in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Those that don’t will become irrelevant to their employees — and their customers.


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60 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


FCC’s Carr Revved Up for CES So the way I see it is 5G is the new platform that is going to bring a lot of devices onto the network, a lot of new data, and AI is what’s going to enable us to put all of that new data to practical, beneficial, use for consumers. So I think 5G and AI together are going to be a really important development in years to come.

BY JOHN EGGERTON FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr is the newest member of the panel, but he is already something of a tech veteran having been put in charge of the FCC’s efforts to speed advanced wireless network buildouts. He says CES is an important way to keep abreast of what tech changes he needs to keep an eye on and, oh yes, it’s fun, too. In a conversation with Multichannel News senior content producer John Eggerton, Carr’s enthusiasm for all things tech is clear, including artificial intelligence, on which he had some real, intelligent, things to say about where smart networks are heading and what the FCC should — and shouldn’t — do about it. We understand you will be going to CES? Yes. I am looking forward to it. I’ve gone every year as a commissioner, which is once before, and then as a staffer [he is former general counsel] I would always try to angle to get on that trip because it’s a fun time. Beyond the fun factor, why is it important for you, as a commissioner, to go to the show? It is informative for us, particularly in my job now where we are very focused on the transition to 5G, which we really view as a platform that will unleash a new wave of innovation. We’re not experts in what that innovation is going to be. A chance to visit a show like CES really helps us get a glimpse of what the entrepreneurs and innovators are able to do, not just with the existing platforms, but what they can do once we get 5G across the finish line. It is very helpful for us. At a recent [mobile network trade association] GSMA conference in L.A., there was a 5G, Star Wars-type holographic telephone call where instead of facetiming it was a hologram of you and the other person talking. Getting a glimpse of the technology that will be unleashed if we enable the deployment of this new, 5G, platform is really helpful.

Carr (l), looking a bit like a suit-less astronaut working on a space station, got an up-close-and-personal view of tech maintenance. He joined a tower crew on the nearly 2,000-foot vertical trek through the snow to the top of a broadcast tower in Rowena, S.D. Carr tweeted that it was “a new perspective on the hard work that crews like this put in everyday, from broadband to broadcasting. Their work keeps our TVs on & smartphones streaming.”

For those who were not able to tune into the FCC’s AI forum, talk a little about the importance of next-generation networks to AI and the move of intelligence from devices to the networks. When you think about 5G, there are a number of interesting verticals that come off of it. And what cuts across so many of those verticals, whether it’s telehealth or connected cars, is AI. So, when you marry these new 5G networks with artificial intelligence, that’s when you really unlock and enable these other innovations to take place. For instance, in telehealth, you have the ability to pull data, but without artificial intelligence there is very little you can do with it. Bringing AI and machine learning to bear on this data can really improve outcomes.

Talk about the move of that intelligence from devices to the network If you think about it this way, right now we have intelligence in two main locations in terms of AI processing power: You’ve got it in centralized cloud-based data centers and you have it in your smart phones. Think of those two as the main sources of computing power in the network today. Well, we are increasingly pushing toward a third, which is moving those centralized data centers to the edge and at the same time pulling a lot of intelligence off of the end-user device, the smart phone. So you are creating a new edge computing model. For instance, with servers being deployed at macro-tower facility sites, those are becoming essentially mini-data centers. Instead of hauling the traffic back to some centralized location, you’re crunching and computing the data right there at the edge of the network. That’s another thing that 5G is going to enable. It will be interesting. Will our devices, our smart phones, stay as intelligent, or get more intelligent? Or, because of that low latency in edge computing, do we push a lot of that intelligence off the device so that it becomes more of a commodity while the real brains of the operations becomes the network? That is something I think going to CES can shed some light on: What is that trend? Is it smartphones getting smarter or is it pushing some of the intelligence off the phone? I think as you walk around the floor at CES you can get some insights on that.


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62 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Big Changes Coming To TVs In 2019 BY BRIAN WESTOVER If you thought TVs underwent significant changes before, you’ll want to buckle up for 2019. Big changes are coming, and tomorrow’s must-have features are already here, ranging from eye-popping 8K resolution and funky form factors to faster, smarter TVs that take a central role in the new connected home. The TV industry has been anything but stagnant in the last couple of years, with 4K TVs reaching more households in a shorter timeframe than per-

inch OLED display on flexible glass that rolls up and down to give you a big 4K screen when you want it and hides it when you don’t. Samsung’s art-inspired TVs — The Frame and The Serif — are also getting expanded selections of artwork from major galleries around the world, and the mainstream QLED Q9F models continue to minimize cable clutter and hide the TV with a chameleon-like Ambient Mode that mimics the wall behind it when not in use. Samsung’s MicroLED technology promises to offer a new alternative to OLED, while using nanoscale LEDs to deliver the same per-pixel illumination and perfect black levels LCD can’t match. But Samsung’s going even farther with a MicroLED model it calls The Window. The size and aspect ratio can be customized, and can even be used to watch multiple content feeds at once with a Mosaic Mode that divides the screen into smaller display windows.


Samsung’s The Window

haps any other consumer technology, and exciting developments pushing smart TVs into the mainstream. Meanwhile, features like HDR content and Dolby Atmos sound are delivering better picture and sound than has ever been available to the average consumer.

RADICAL NEW DESIGNS 2019 is also going to see some radically reimagined TV designs. Boring black rectangles are old news, and manufacturers are looking to differentiate with designs that make the TV more attractive, or even make it disappear altogether. LG is bringing its rollable OLED prototype to market as the LG Signature 65R9, featuring a 65-

The biggest change to watch for is 8K resolution, which quadruples the total resolution of 4K for astonishingly detailed picture quality. Samsung made waves with the first consumer 8K TV in 2018, but everyone is rushing to stake their claim in the new 8K landscape. Samsung is announcing additional 8K models this year, expanding the Q900 QLED series with mainstream sizes (65 and 75 inches) alongside the 85-inch 2018 model. But LG is stepping forward with the LG Z9 model line, bringing to market the first 8K OLED TV and a 75-inch LCD model. Sony is expected to follow suit with an 8K LCD model of its own.

HDMI 2.1, WI-FI 6 All of the content for these 8K TVs will be available thanks to new connectivity standards. On Continued on page 64


QA &

With Greg Pinto, Marketing and Consumer Sales VP, Audio-Technica U.S.

What brings you to CES 2019? We have long participated in CES. This year Audio-Technica will be showing an unprecedented number of new products across all of our categories — headphones, turntables, cartridges and styli and related accessories. It is a truly exciting time to be at the show! How many years have you attended or exhibited at CES? We have exhibited at CES for over 25 years. What’s your goal at this year’s show? To work with our existing customers on transitioning to our new lineup. Our features and price points are on the mark, and there is a lot for them to consider. As always, we also love to meet new customers and introduce them to the Audio-Technica brand. We are known for providing exceptional quality in every product and every price point we participate in, and it is thrilling to see peoples’ reactions on the CES show floor. What are you most excited to see or experience? Other than new drones? What’s the one thing you think would surprise attendees if they knew about you or your company? How truly global Audio-Technica is. While our brand awareness continues to grow in the western hemisphere, we command the No. 1 or No. 2 positions in several Asia-Pacific countries. (Oh yes, and we have a sushi machine division!) What’s your favorite CES memory? Stevie Wonder visited our booth during CES 2016. We could not have been more thrilled that he took the time to listen to (and liked) our headphones.

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64 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019 Continued from page 62 the A/V side is the introduction of HDMI 2.1, which increases the total bandwidth of HDMI to 48Gbps, more than doubling the 18Gbps throughput offered on current HDMI 2.0 connections. That higher bandwidth will make it possible to send 8K video at 60Hz over a single cable, where early 8K offerings require four separate cables. It also means that 4K content can be had at higher refresh rates, up to 120Hz for fast-moving sports and action, and with variable refresh rates for ultra-smooth gaming and VR. Similarly, Wi-Fi 6 (the new name for wireless 802.11ax) is the latest Wi-Fi standard, and also offers dramatic improvements in both speed and multiple device connectivity. This will be big for TVs, even if most TVs continue offering Wireless AC connectivity. As Wi-Fi 6 routers arrive in homes, the new standard will be better able to de-

LG’s 65R9 rollable OLED

liver high-bandwidth signal to more devices, making 4K streaming over Wi-Fi a much better experience, and offering improved support for all of the other connected functions today’s smart TVs offer.

SMART TVS GET SMARTER Last year saw an explosion of voice interaction on smart TVs, and 2019 will continue that trend, mak-

ing Google Home and Amazon Alexa compatibility a standard feature, and continuing to improve the capability and accuracy of voice assistants integrated into smart TVs at every price level. While we don’t see the TV remote control disappearing anytime soon, it’s safe to say that in 2019, you’ll be speaking to your TV more than ever before. LG is beefing up its ThinQ AI voice assistant — which combines LG’s content search with Google Assistant — and giving it more horsepower with the new Alpha 9 2nd-generation processor. Samsung is refining its own Bixby voice assistant, with expanded search functions and improved speech recognition. Even budget-friendly Roku TVs are getting in on the voice search trend, with expanded search capability and Google Home compatibility.


Android TV: Bringing Google Assistant & Google Search To TV BY STEWART WOLPIN Smart speakers featuring voice assistants were the stars of last year’s CES. At this year’s show, attendees will see the spread of voice assistants on smart TVs, either via a smart speaker, a microphone-enabled remote control or even mics embedded in the TV itself. We chatted with Shalini Govil-Pai, senior director of product management for Android TV, about the battle over both smart TV operating systems as well as how voice-controlled TV could soon become more the norm than the exception. First, how big a purchase factor is the type of OS a smart TV has? The OS itself has not been a big driving factor to date. Does it come with Google Assistant? Does it come with Netflix and YouTube? Those are the questions people ask. What are the consistent set of features you get when you buy a TV? Recently things have started changing, where there has been a little bit more focus [on OS] from a variety of players. Google [is] focusing more on what the OS story is, because that automatically rings, that if I have this OS I actually get certain other things that come with it. It’s not clear to me how it’s going to play out, to be honest. I think some of this is going to shake out in the

next year or two. What reaction are you getting from consumers about having a computerlike OS on their TV? What we hear from our consumers and intelligence we’ve gathered over the last year through a tremendous amount of market research is, hey, we thought OTT would make our life simpler – but it’s not. The data we have says that people are spending 40 minutes just to find what they want to watch. Google’s strength is in search and discovery. So how do we bring that strength of ours to the TV, to help people find content they want to watch? With Android Pie, we are making it even easier for users to set up their device and search for content. How important is voice control as a feature on a TV? The goal of Android TV is to provide a simple, frictionless experience to users. Voice control by the Google Assistant has and will continue to play a major role in enabling this. Assistant delivers on all the direct TV controls mentioned — volume, channel change, content search and start/ stop/pause a show — and can also control smart home devices like temperature and lighting to set the ambience, manage the user’s agenda, share recent news updates, lead an exercise or workout routine, order snacks, access a recipe, and more. Situated in the center of your home,

Android TV devices are well-positioned to serve as the central control point for smart home devices. Moving forward, we want Assistant to be part and parcel of every Android TV release. That is what consumers are asking for and that is what we are leaning on. Every single one of our partners see this and want it. We are aligned here — that voice is an important component of the home. Android TV is on Sony TVs in the U.S., but other major TV brands are already aligned with smart TV platforms. How do you plan to grow Android TV? This week at CES, our partners launching Android TV devices include Sony, Hisense, Philips, TCL, Skyworth, Xiaomi, Haier, Changhong, JVC and Toshiba. Operators are [a] big area we’re focusing on – we have more than 120 partners who are operators. As they see their consumers coming online wanting more and more OTT, what Android TV does is provide the best of both worlds – it helps them retain their live TV business while at the same time offering over-the-top. That’s really helping them insure their market share as their consumers’ tastes and preferences change. We [also] are definitely looking at [the media streamer] market segment as well. OTT boxes provide a much faster way to get to market, and people are also willing to change them faster, so they follow a little more of a mobile model in comparison. So, yes, there’s a lot of growth happening there.

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66 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019



Thursday, January 10 • 1:00 – 2:00 PM ARIA, Level 2, Mariposa Ballroom

The Future of Smart Entertainment: Consumers in Control With the innovation and ubiquity of devices, content, and connectivity, one thing has become clear, consumers are in control. They now enjoy unparalleled freedom when it comes to selecting media & entertainment options – and their expectations are at an all-time high.

the 12 months ending September 2018, the NPD Group found. Other brands, including Apple, accounted for another 6 percent. Suppliers, however, must pick their niches carefully, said Dannie Lau, Xperi’s DTS Play-Fi at GM. Companies competing on price “will have a difficult time matching the scale and development cycles of Google and Amazon,” he said. But “traditional CE companies have historically been able to create price segmentation with ever-improving sound quality and design.” Even a small share of an exploding market is significant for many companies. Based on a September 2018 consumer survey, Strategy Analytics forecast that U.S. smart-speaker shipments would The AiRadio DuoVR-80 is one of three Voiz tabletop radios/speakers with built-in Alexa voice control of speaker functions, Alexa services jump 86 percent to 42.4 million in 2018, with the and compatible smart-home devices. installed base growing 123 percent to 71.2 million. Sales are driven by new users and by repeat purchasers adding speakers to more rooms. Up to 48 percent of U.S. consumers were expected to own a smart speaker by the end of 2018, an August 2018 Adobe Analytics study concluded. The death knell, however, hasn’t sounded for Wi-Fi speakers lacking built-in assistants. “Builtin AI will be a component of every manufacturstudy, including high quality audio, superior deBY JOSEPH PALENCHAR ers’ product plans, though it is doubtful microsign and device compatibility,” said David Watkins Consumer tech brands are gradually expanding phones will find their way into the entire lineup,” of Strategy Analytics. their share of the exploding smart-speaker market said DTS’s Lau. As long as suppliers can’t integrate Nonetheless, CE brands won’t match Amazon despite the dominance of the Amazon and Google more than one AI assistant into a single or Google sales anytime soon because brands. speaker SKU, “it makes more sense to the tech giants offer many more prodAmazon and Google dominate because of their use a ‘Works with’ strategy to appeal to ucts at prices lower than what many CE first-to-market advantage and ample marketing the broadest audience.” brands might be able to offer profitably, and engineering resources. Amazon accounted for Brendon Stead, Sound United’s seFuturesource said. The tech giants’ pri64.4 percent of the U.S. installed base as of Sepnior VP of product development/engimary goal, added Stephen Baker, NPD tember 2018, and Google for 19.6 percent, a Sepneering, also sees “great” potential for Group technology industry advisor, tember 2018 Voicebot survey found. Brands othCleer Audio “is to build an installed base” to deliver than Amazon, Google and Apple, however, have LVCC SOUTH HALL wireless multiroom speakers lacking built-in assistants. However, he said, er voice services, and that means “the grown their share of the installed base from 9.7 1, 20424 “these speakers must interact with exvast majority of volumes” will be in agpercent in January 2018 to 11.3 percent in SeptemLG isting voice agents to stay relevant.” One gressively priced, low-cost, low-auber 2018, Voicebot said. LVCC CENTRAL key to success is “broad interoperability dio-quality Amazon Dots and Google Strategy Analytics finds plenty of opportunity HALL, 11100 with more than one smart assistant siHome Minis. for other brands. When U.S. smart-speaker owners multaneously, like we’re seeing with DeMany CE brands — at least 30 in were asked in a mid-2018 survey to name a brand Samsung’s Harman non and Marantz AVRs,” Stead said. 2018 — already offer smart speakers, they’d choose for their next purchase, 54 perrent Kardon/JBL Suppliers unveiling smart speakers inHARD ROCK HOTEL and so far, the winners consist of JBL chose Amazon, Google or Apple, but almost half & CASINO clude Cleer Audio with its Connect Smart and Sonos. Excluding Amazon and cited other brands. Display Speaker; JBL with its Link Bar; Google, those two led the pack in U.S. Brand considerations: “Many consumers are Voiz LG with three soundbars with Google retail-level unit sales with shares of 6 ready to consider alternative brands, assuming SANDS HALL G, Assistant; and Voiz with its AiRadio. percent and 4 percent, respectively, for they meet the high expectations identified in this 51313

Tech Brands Pick Up Smart-Speaker Challenge


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with a




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68 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Thursday, January 10 • 3:30 – 4:30 PM ARIA, Level 2, Mariposa Ballroom


Superheroes from the Screen to the Workplace Superpowers fall into four categories: enhanced human capabilities, psychic capabilities, animal capabilities and gadgets. Digital reality (VR, MR, AR, 360, immersive) can endow the enterprise worker with these powers, creating the embodiment of man and machine to achieve superhuman feats!

What Will The Home VR Market Look Like In 2019? ($399, spring). IDC reports that shipments of standalone HMDs grew from 2 percent in 2017 to a projected 19 percent in 2018, with a 25 percent increase forecast for this year. But there remain lingering logistic, technology and content issues stalling mass consumer adoption of VR. “VR can require more dedicated spaces, and this creates challenges for some households,” opined

render where the user’s eyes are looking, vs. just adding more resolution, so eye tracking is vitally important. 6DoF is key, and that is here, but still improving. The technology will continue to advance, but it’s up to the developers to figure out what people really want from the technology.” Like most new platforms, VR needs to move beyond simply porting old content. “We are still waiting for the killer app that drives up adoption,” insisted Mainelli. “In the end, social is probably going to be the area that does this, but today’s social apps are too rudimentary. Jumping into a virtual world to sit around a table with avatars of our friends and family isn’t compelling; social needs to be part of an activity of some sort.” “Social VR is very much a work in progress,” agreed Inouye. “Without naming names we’ve certainly seen cases where virtual avatars and conversations between users may not fit the gravity of the virtual environments. Social VR, like many other social aspects of the Internet, also affords a great deal of anonymity, or at least perceived anonymity, among users, which carries all of the negative aspects of the web that we see in more traditional forms of communication and social networking.” What may ultimately spur VR sales is experiential — not at retail, but in the growing number of VR parlors. “Out of home is and will continue to be the way many people have their first good VR experience,” Mainelli said. “Broadly, I think these two segments are symbiotic, and over time the out-of-home experiences will drive more consumers to seek out products for home use. Regardless of today’s challenges, it’s hard not to see VR playing a key role in our lives down the road.” ISTOCK/THINKSTOCK

BY STEWART WOLPIN It’s widely believed that virtual reality is an exciting but still nascent technology, poised to be the next big thing. While the first part of that statement still rings true in 2019, the second, however, may not. According to IDC, sales of VR gear dropped from 6.7 million units in 2017 to just a projected 4.6 million units in 2018. While IDC forecasts VR sales will rise slightly to 5.7 million units this year, this is not the sales graph a new vibrant technology is expected to follow. “Mainstream consumers aren’t terribly interested in the technology today, and use cases such as live sports and social haven’t driven adoption the way many — myself included — had expected,” admitted Tom Mainelli, manager of IDC’s devices group. Mainelli faults two sub-VR categories for the sales decline — screenless, “where category leader Samsung stopped pushing its solution,” and Microsoft’s mixed reality (MR) platform, even after a successful launch of Samsung’s second generation Odyssey+ MR head-mounted display (HMD). “Enthusiasm seems to have waned pretty dramatically from both Microsoft and its partners,” Mainelli observed. “I can’t help but think that Microsoft’s insistence on calling these VR products ‘mixed reality’ didn’t help matters.” “The drastic price cuts that we’ve seen certainly don’t bode well for the platform,” echoed Michael Inouye, principal analyst for ABI Research. “We should soon learn if the PC manufacturers are committed to the market.” The home VR market seems to be coalescing around standalone HMDs such as the Oculus Go ($199), the Lenovo Mirage Solo Daydream ($399) and the highlyvanticipated next-gen Oculus Quest

Inouye. “There are also some consumers who simply refuse to wear any head-mounted displays or glasses, and a subset of consumers get motion sickness from VR and may never be future VR user candidates.” “Only” 4K resolution, which still leaves visible space between pixels, so-called “front 180” views rather than spherical 360-degree views, and limited degrees of freedom (DoF) to move around a virtual environment, also remain technical challenges. “More resolution is always good, but pushing all those pixels taxes processors and battery life,” explained Mainelli. “It’s more important to smartly

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BOOTH 42911


SMART CAMERAS • SMART PLUGS • SMART SENSORS • SMART LIGHTING ©2018 Energizer. Energizer, Energizer Bunny design and certain graphic designs are trademarks of Energizer Brands, LLC and related subsidiaries and are used under license by Jem Connected IOT, Inc. All other brand names are trademarks of their respective owners. Neither Jem Connected IOT, Inc. nor Energizer Brands, LLC is affiliated with the respective owners of their trademarks. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. Google is a trademark of Google LLC. All rights reserved. Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Product not nal: pending Energizer approval

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70 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019

RETAIL A JD delivery drone Is Out To Rescue Retail Sharing its retail tech with U.S. merchants BY ALAN WOLF There’s a new e-commerce giant in town and its aiming for U.S. retailers. But unlike other e-tail goliaths, this company, China’s, is here to help, rather than bury American merchants. Self-described as China’s largest retailer, JD is bringing its two decades of logistical, supply chain and data-driven marketing prowess to CES 2019 to help give U.S. retailers a leg up in the e-tail and instore stakes. Among the retail tech in tow: delivery drones and robots, warehouse worker exoskeletons and AR platforms. As JD tells it, the innovations were born of necessity. The company began as a brick-and-mortar consumer electronics retailer, founded in 1998 by CEO Richard Liu, and launched its online business in 2004 following a national SARS outbreak. But China had not yet built out its logistics infrastructure, compelling JD to develop its own nationwide distribution network. Today that network includes more than 500 warehouses, many fully automated, and nearly 7,000 delivery stations, allowing JD to cover 99 percent of China’s population and deliver over 90

Picking robots in JD’s fully automated Shanghai warehouse

percent of its orders on the same or next day. To help bring that level of service to remote rural customers, JD has been deploying delivery drones for the past two years, and is presently trialing selfdriving delivery vehicles on college campuses featuring onboard lockers, a spokesperson told the Official CES Daily. JD is also employing AR to assist apparel shoppers with styling and fitting, and is developing IoT technology that will allow consumers to control their smart homes from their cars. Chief technology officer Chen Zhang said the company’s R&D efforts are in pursuit of its “Boundaryless Retail” vision, in which consumers can buy whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want it. “As China’s largest retailer, JD is in the unique position of being able to research and develop, and commercially deploy, innovative technology that is shaping the future of shopping worldwide,” he said. JD lays claim to largest-retailer status thanks to a 300 million-plus customer base, and further ranks itself as the world’s third-largest Internet company, based on 2017 revenue of $55.7 billion. (In contrast, No. 1 Chinese e-commerce powerhouse Ali-

baba serves as an online B-to-B platform for global wholesale trade.) JD’s reach and technological prowess have not gone unnoticed by the likes of Google and Walmart, each of which have partnered with, and invested in, the business. According to the South China Morning Post, Google bought a $550 million stake in JD last year and will help it extend its retail operations outside China, while Walmart sold its Chinese e-tail operations to the company in 2016 in exchange for a 10 percent ownership position, and last year led a $500 million fundraising for a JD affiliate that provides deliveries by motorbike in hundreds of Chinese cities and towns. “As JD opens its technology up to other companies and industries, the features that we’ve already rolled out in China, from robotic warehouses to virtual shopping, are going to be enjoyed by consumers everywhere,” Zhang said, in a strategy he described as Retail as a Service, or RaaS. JD will be showcasing its retail acumen at CES this week in a larger, more fully throttled return engagement in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth 30329.

An autonomous delivery robot

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BOOTH 12011




© 2018 Armor All/STP Products. The Armor All word mark and logo are trademarks of the Armor All/STP Products Company and are used under license.

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72 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Namsung America Features 3 In-Vehicle Multimedia Receivers WESTGATE SUITE 2809 Namsung America is launching two new Jensen-branded in-vehicle multimedia receivers and one digital media receiver. The key features include Apple CarPlay technology, Android Auto, Qi wireless charging, SiriusXM-Ready and built-in Bluetooth technology with ID3 tag. Three new models in the 2019 digital media lineup include the 2 DIN multimedia receiver, CAR689; one 2 DIN digital media receiver: CMR2629; and a 1 DIN digital media receiver, model MPQ914. The 2 DIN multimedia receiver (CAR689) fea-

tures a 6.8-inch LCD, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and SiriusXM-Ready alongside three 4V RCA preamp outputs (front/rear/sub), a backup camera input and a RDS tuner. Available in April, the 2DIN multimedia receiver will be priced at $279.99. The digital media receiver (MPQ914) features 10W Qi wireless charging for compatible phones. The receiver’s motorized retractable wireless charging tray is designed conveniently to hold a Qi enabled phone in place while charging, preventing it

from incurring falls or slips. When the car is parked, the receiver will recognize if a phone is still on the charging pad and remain open instead of retracing. The receiver will stop charging once the device is fully charged. Available in April, the MPQ914 will be priced at $89.99.

Dual Shows New In-Vehicle Headunit

In-Ear Headphones Lead Klipsch Showcase

WESTGATE SUITE 2809 Dual Electronics is introducing its new DM529BT in-vehicle headunit. The DM529BT features a large colorful 6.2-inch touchscreen for easy menu navigation and improved backup camera visibility using the RCA backup camera input (camera sold separately). MicroSD and USB inputs allow for playback of high resolution FLAC files in addition to MP3s, while a frontpanel 3.5mm aux input provides audio playback from media devices. The USB input features 1A charging. Additionally, the receiver includes built-in Bluetooth technology for hands-free calling, audio streaming and player control (A2DP and AVRCP). Users are able to answer a call, redial or manage call waiting directly from the receiver. Audio streaming allows basic controls from the receiver’s screen, including play/pause, back/forward and volume up/down. Available in February, the DM529BT receiver is priced at $89.99.

BOOTH 13529 At CES 2019, Klipsch is featuring a number of new techfocused audio solutions, including the T5 family of in-ear headphones. Small and lightweight, yet fully featured and powerful, each model features the brand’s patented oval ear tips for ultimate comfort and a seal for noise isolation and improved bass. The four headphones in the lineup complement a variety of lifestyles and use cases. Models include T5 True Wireless ear buds, active lifestyle and professional versions, and a wired model. Available in spring 2019, pricing will range from $59 to $199. Klipsch also is demonstrating the latest version of its high-resolution wireless speakers with WiSA technology. The speakers are designed for people who want the simplicity of a soundbar and high-performance multichannel audio from WiSA-ready TVs, gaming systems and computers (connects through a USB transmitter). Notably, the price for a Klipsch 5.1 wireless home theater speaker system will be approximately half the cost of the company’s first-generation offering. Available early 2019, pricing will be announced at the show.

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HAIR CARE twice_sd1_3_.indd 16

BOOTH 12011


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74 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


LG Expands Ultra-Light Gram Laptop Line

Yale Launches Assure Lever Smart Lock

BOOT H 11100 LG Electronics is featuring the latest entr ies in its ultra-light gram laptop line at CES 2019: the new LG gram 17 (model 17Z990) and 14inch LG gram 2-in-1 (model 14T990), both 2019 CES Innovation Award winners. The LG gram 17 model offers speed, power and a generous 17-inch high-resolution display all within a 15.6-inch class body. It is equipped with a Wide Quad Extended Graphics Array (WQXGA) display that has twice the pixels (2560 x 1600) of a standard Full HD screen, resulting in highly detailed images with precise color reproduction. The display’s 16:10 ratio offers more screen real estate than the usual 16:9 format, making it ideal for image- and video-editing, viewing multiple documents simultaneously and a host of other applications. With the newest 8th Generation Intel Core processor and up to 16GB of DDR4 memory, the laptop works efficiently and smoothly, even when running the most resource-thirsty files and apps. The laptop comes with a 256GB solid-state drive (SSD) and has an extra slot for an additional SSD, allowing double the onboard storage. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

BOOTH 41917 Yale is at CES 2019 showcasing its new Assure Lever, a smart keypad lever lock designed for single-hole doors including side entries, garage doors, basements, interior rooms and more. With a sleek, slim design, it’s the first non-deadbolt option in the Yale Assure series and comes in four models: keyed and key-free versions as well as keypad and capacitive touchscreen versions. Users can unlock using their four- to eight-digit entry code-the key-free models are tamper-proof, and the keyed models offer flexibility should users ever prefer their physical keys. The Assure Levers can be used as standalone keypad locks, or as smart locks that can be fully integrated into a smart home or alarm system with the addition of a Connected by August, Z-Wave Plus or Zigbee Yale Smart Module. The Assure Lever brings a long-requested non-deadbolt (smart) lock to Yale customers, allowing users to make their interior rooms, side entries and more as secure and simple as deadbolt doors. Elegantly designed and available in three different finishes, the Assure Lever provides stylish functionality to any home. Available in Q1 2, Yale’s Assure Lever locks are priced at $149 to $299 (depending on model and connectivity).

Nite Ize Offers New Idea in Travel, Adventure Storage Bags BOOTH 30778 From the tarmac to cruising altitude, treadmill to corner office, or shoreline to whitewater, Nite Ize’s new RunOff waterproof dry bags featuring TRU Zip technology from Nite Ize alters the conventional wisdom about travel and adventure storage bags. The TRU Zip waterproof zipper sets the RunOff bags apart. Made in America, this toothless, waterproof zipper features an ultra-quiet, easy-touse closure that confidently keeps water out, seals

messes in and keeps contents organized on the go. Nite Ize’s patented TRU Zip technology is incorporated into the durable, lightweight and flexible TPU-coated materials used in the design of the RunOff waterproof dry bags. The ultrasonically welded construction of TRU Zip into the RunOff bags provides maximum protection against water, dust and sand and boasts a proven rating of IP67 (tested to withstand submersion in water up to one meter for 30 minutes).

Designed to accommodate everything from cash and small electronics to shoes and clothes, the RunOff bags will be available in six sizes.

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76 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


AVidea Bringing $150 Safe Zone Gunfire Detection System To CES 2019 BOOTH 25708 At CES 2019, AVidea Group will be showing its Safe Zone Gunfire Detector, which is able to analyze active shooter situations and automatically communicate with first responders, school administrators, parents and other key personnel. Priced at $149, the system is said to combine IR and sound-detection technologies with machine learning, analyzing more than 3,000 data points

of a loud noise exceeding ambient levels. The WiFi-enabled 3-inch device mounts in a ceiling corner and provides gunfire detection for an area of up to 9,000 feet. In instances of sudden increases in noise or light level, the detector will record a full second of data. If a sound is more than 10 dB louder than ambient noise, detectors send the captured acoustic and

IR signals to Safe Zone’s cloud system for analysis. The system is able to filter out false alarms like car backfires, firecrackers or balloons popping, the company noted. Safe Zone president Mike Anderson said the system can respond within 10 seconds to an active shooter situation, versus the average of five minutes for police to be notified by someone on scene.

Azpen Launches Qi Wireless Charging Hub

Danalock Features V3 Wireless Bluetooth Smart Lock

BOOTH 36170 At CES 2019, Azpen Innovation is launching the DockAll Assist model G600, an all-in-one docking station with Qi Wireless Charging and Google Assistant that lets users charge and control devices at the same time. DockAll Assist has been upgraded with fast wireless charging for smartphones or cases enabled with Qi wireless technology and three vertical 10W wireless charging coils. Two full-size USB charging ports on the back allow up to three devices to charge simultaneously. The G600 features dual-channel NFC 5W Bluetooth 4.2 speakers, built-in microphones and a microSD card slot that supports cards up to 64 GB capacity. Manage audio, volume and tracks directly from your device or from the DockAll’s front control panel. The dock itself charges horizontal or vertical devices up to 8 inches and positions at a comfortable 60-degree viewing angle. Pr icing and availability will be announced at the show.

BOOTH 41917 Danalock is at CES 2019 showcasing its V3 wireless Bluetooth smart lock that lets you easily control access to your home with a smartphone. With its simple Danish design and advanced encryption algorithm, the Danalock V3 offers a secure and elegant door locking experience. Danalock V3 uses an advanced encryption method for transferring data (AES 256), which is the same encryption technology used by governments to keep information secure. No special tools are required for installation, as everything on the outside of the door stays as is, while you only mount the Danalock V3 on the inside of the door. It can be installed in five to 10 minutes. Set up the Danalock V3 to unlock the door upon arrival and re-lock the door after entering. Connect it to your smart home gateway or the Danabridge V3 (sold separately) to lock, unlock and monitor the Danalock V3 from anywhere. Create an unlimited number of digital keys for your family members and friends. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

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Legendary Studio Sound Goes Wireless Harness the coveted sonic signature of the critically acclaimed ATH-M50x professional studio headphones for an exhilarating wireless listening experience.


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78 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019

NEW & NOTEWORTHY Royole’s Flexible+: Listen to Product Updates Key It, Wear It, Voxx CES Showcase Whatever NEW PRODUCTS DEBUTING AT CES 2019

BOOTH 13518 This year, the Voxx team rebuilt the entire Prestige product lineup, reducing the size and redesigning the control modules while adding a wealth of new features. Enhancements include the development of all-new transmitters with best-in-class range and a family look, integrated Voxx’s FLCART data bus interface port for more installation options, and online programming with the ability to update system firmware in the field from the FlashLogic website. Also given a Voxx update: the ASCL6 CarLink, updated to the 4G cellular network for increased speed.

The recently released My Branded App program allows dealers to expand their reach by offering customers a Remote Start App with their brand, thereby raising brand awareness and providing a direct connection to their customers. Pricing and availability of all updated products will be announced at the show.

iOttie Features New Magnetic Mounting Solution BOOTH 43052 iOttie’s iTap Magnetic 2 air vent mount is a sleek and compact magnetic mounting solution that holds a smartphone securely while you drive. Designed for maximum convenience, the iTap Magnetic 2 features two rareearth magnets that provide a strong hold for all smartphones and case combinations. A Metal Plate Kit includes small and large metal plates and a protective film that attaches to the back of the smartphone or case and does not interfere with wireless charging when positioned accordingly. Install iTap Magnetic 2 on the air vent of any vehicle. Its twist-lock tightens securely onto air vent blades. Once the mounting system is installed, simply tap the smartphone on the magnetic mounting head to secure the device. Find the ideal viewing angle with a rotating ball joint that swivels for added convenience. Pricing and availability for iTap Magnetic 2 will be announced at the show.

BOOTH 21400 A CES Innovation Award Honoree, the Royole Flexible+ Speaker resembles a standard tube-shaped speaker until you turn it on, which then reveals that the entire cylinder is a display. As users speak commands and ask questions, the entire body of the speaker answers with information and experience-enhancing graphics. There are no corners on the device thanks to Royole’s flexible display, and the company is promoting it as the first 360-degree HD OLED touch display available to the consumer market in this form. Also new in the Royole lineup: the Flexible+ Shirt, a wearable demonstration of the Royole flexible AMOLED product combined with clothing. This flexible display is based on the proprietary technology developed by Royole to achieve displays down to 0.01mm thick with a bending radius of 1mm. The production model includes a protective treatment that allows it to be water resistant. According to the company, the device’s flexibility and light weight make it comfortable to wear. The flexible display integrated into a T-shirt can be preloaded with video content, or content may be streamed wirelessly. It’s powered by a standard USB external battery pack that can be carried in a pocket.

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Curtis : Booth #12432

Voxx : Booth #13506

Computing & Tablets

TV & Kitchen Appliances

Security & Audio Video

Cambio Windows Tablet 2-in-1 (W101SA23T2)


3MP Video Doorbell Camera with Live Streaming and Free Recording (HSDB2A)

RCA is a registered Trademark of Technicolor (S.A.) or its afďŹ liates.

Visit Technicolor Trademark booth to discover our selection of historic brands to license

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Booth #14706 12/23/18 12:23 PM

80 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


iHome Spotlights AwardWinning Product Trio BOOTH 12018 At CES 2019, iHome is showcasing its iBT621 Bluetooth speaker, iBTB2 Aquio Bluetooth waterproof speaker bottle and iCVA66 Alexa Voice Assistant-Enabled Bluetooth vanity mirror. All three products are CES Innovation Awards recipients, in the categories of Best of Innovation (iBT621) and Innovation Awards Honoree (iBTB2 and iCVA66). The Aquio (iBTB2) is BPA-free and manufactured with high-quality, double-wall stainlesssteel that keeps drinks ice cold for up to 24 hours or steaming hot for up to 14 hours. Powered by iHome, the modular speaker with speakerphone capability is waterproof, sandproof and weatherresistant. It’s available in four fashionable colors: midnight, seafoam, merlot and blush. The iBT621 waterproof portable speaker features five LED color-changing modes, wireless music streaming through Bluetooth, audio caller identification and crystal clear speakerphone capability with digital echo canceling—all controllable by Alexa Voice Assistant through the Ama-

zon App on connected devices. Finally, the iCVA66 is the new flagship model of iHome’s popular line of high-quality, featurerich vanity mirrors. The vanity mirror allows users the ability to charge their phones, listen to music, answer calls and use Alexa to play music, set alarms, check calendars or access news, traffic and weather. Pricing and availability of all products will be announced at the show.

QFX Bringing ‘Ultimate Party Machine’ To CES

BOOTH 17531 QFX is introducing its app-controlled PBX-115 15-inch Smart Portable Party speaker at CES 2019. Functions on t he rech a rgeable speaker including light mood setting and volume are controlled by t he free downloadable app. The PBX-115 comes with a wired microphone, FM radio, USB input, RGB light, t wo -m icro phone port, microphone volume control, microphone echo/treble/bass control, aux in, and 100-240V AC adapter. Available now, the PBX-115 is priced at $299.

Eyecloud Spotlights eyecloudCam X Model BOOTH 50523 Eyecloud has been named a 2019 CES Innovation Award Honoree for its new eyecloudCam X AI home security camera, now available through an Indiegogo campaign. Equipped with onboard AI and smart technologies powered by a 12-core Intel Movidius VPU, eyecloudCam X’s key features include a combination of AI-on-edge, easy installation, and completely wire-free operation for up to six months per charge. It offers 1080p HD video, night vision, two-way audio and a 110° viewing angle. It may be monitored via the app, available for iOS and Android.

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FPGAs Visit Us in Suite 29-319 in The Venetian © 2019 Efinix, Inc.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms are everywhere, enabling new advances in areas like image and speech recognition and autonomous driving. But applications on the leading edge need a platform that can change as rapidly as they do. Efinix® TrionTM FPGAs are flexible, programmable platforms that can accelerate AI applications that rely on changing algorithms. Bring your Trionaccelerated product to market quickly today, and change it tomorrow to meet the next challenge. Visit us in Suite 29-319 in The Venetian to view our demos, including customer products featuring Trion FPGAs, Trion design kits, and our Efinity® software.

Come see how Trion FPGAs are driving edge AI computing! twice_sdALL_.indd 14

12/18/18 4:50 PM

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12/18/18 5:00 PM

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84 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019

NEW & NOTEWORTHY D-Link Features New Exo Canon EOS R Takes Series A Leap Forward Router NEW PRODUCTS DEBUTING AT CES 2019

BOOTH 16206 Canon’s new EOS R camera with newly designed RF mount is at the heart of a versatile, powerful system that supports all current EF, EF-S, TS-E and MP-E lenses via mount adapter, and provides the optical advancements and engineering flexibility to build on for years to come. The EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera features a 30.3-megapixel CMOS sensor powered the DIGIC 8 image processor, enabling shooting at up to 8 frames per second. Video storytellers can capture 4K UHD video up to 30 fps and record in 10-bit 4:2:2 (with external recorder). The EOS R also comes with the ability to shoot Canon Log, providing 12 stops of dynamic range, minimal loss of detail in shadows and highlighted areas, and increased flexibility in color grading.

The camera features Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus with 5,655 manually selectable AF points, supporting AF at up to f/11 with a 384-zone (24 x 16) realtime metering system. Canon EOS R is available now, priced at $2,299 for the body only, or as a body-and-lens kit with the RF 24-105mm F4 L IS USM lens for $3,399.

‘Floating’ Alpine A/V Receiver Offers 9-Inch Screen MEETING ROOM N102 Alpine Electronics’ iLX-F259 in-dash audio/video receiver, with its 9-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen, is engineered to fit in a wide variety of vehicles without requiring custom installation. The screen is attached to a sliding mount that

connects to the 1-DIN chassis, allowing the large screen to be mounted at the desired height, angle and depth that’s ergonomically pleasing to the driver — essentially “floating” over the dashboard. With this design, the display size isn’t limited by the size and position of the auto’s factory screen and can be positioned away from dashboard hardware like knobs and HVAC vents. The iLX-F259 has an AM/FM receiver, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth and a rearview-camera input. A 4V pre-out is included for the optional addition of aftermarket amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, and SiriusXM connectivity (requires a tuner and subscription, sold separately). The iLX-F259 will be available in March. Pricing will be announced at the show.

VENETIAN TITIAN 2301A D-Link Systems’ D-Link DIR-3060 router, the latest in D-Link’s Exo Series, is an intelligent gateway equipped with advanced technology, power, and value-added features that provide better connections, security protection, and interactivity. With a powerful dual-core processor, the DIR-3060 provides the processing power to meet home or office network needs, including buffer-free video streaming, gaming and web browsing. With new D-Fend security technology pow-

ered by McAfee, the DIR-3060 provides endto-end protection for every device connected to a user’s home or office network, as well as a comprehensive suite of security and parental controls. Featuring D-Link’s proprietary SuperMesh technology, additional D-Link routers and range extenders can be combined with the DIR-3060 to create a seamless mesh network, optimizing Wi-Fi coverage and eliminating dead spots, and making it easy for the user to set up and operate their entire network. Simplicity and ease are provided with additional features such as voice-assistant compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, automatic firmware updates, and built-in internet speed testing functionality. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

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12/28/18 12:17 PM




FOR SWITCH Nyko, Wireless Core Controller, Dualies, Charge Base Plus, PixelQuest Arcade Kit, Worm Light™, Retro Controller Adapter and Retro Controller Hub are trademarks of Nyko Technologies, Inc. Nintendo®, Nintendo Switch™, Gameboy Color®, Poke Ball™ Plus and Joy-Con™are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Nintendo. These are Nyko products and are not endorsed, manufactured or distributed by Nintendo. ©2018 Nyko Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

WWW.NYKO.COM twice_sdALL_.indd 9

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86 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Beyond Screen Limited Features Tablet Coding Pack BOOTH 43964 B eyond Screen Limited is showcasing its CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree, the Beyond Tablet Coding Pack. Beyond Tablet Coding Pack provides a brand-new platform for young children to create and execute code with physical manipulatives and without a display screen — for example, to code battle strategies or to develop interactive stories with multiple characters incorporating their own voice performance and music composition. The system comprises two main components: a

Beyond Tablet, and game maps and physical manipulatives. Beyond Tablet, a smart tablet without a display screen, offers tangible interactivity through capacitive sensing and RFID recognition. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

New Gentex Mirror Links Homes & Cars More Closely BOOTH 13518 The power of HomeLink car-to-home automation has become even more accessible with Voxx’s new Gentex Prism Homelink Mirror. The all new ADVPMHL1LN now offers a battery-powered (no wires to connect) HomeLink solution discreetly integrated into a frameless prism (day/night) mirror design. Connecting even more drivers to their homes, garage doors, gates, security systems and more, this mirrorintegrated HomeLink 5 technology also includes a longneck wedge mount, providing additional compatibility and making installation quick and easy. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

AudioTechnica Goes True Wireless BOOTH 20860 At CES 2019, Audio-Technica is exhibiting its Sound Reality ATH-CKR7TW and Sonic Sport ATH-SPORT7TW true wireless in-ear headphones, both of which support Bluetooth 5.0. The ATH-CKR7TW true wireless headphones’ sleek design and interchangeable 3D Loop Support provide a discreet yet secure inear fit. Conveniently located button controls provide easy operation. Its specially tuned 11 mm drivers feature a carbon-coated diaphragm that combines light weight with rigidity for faster response time and reduced distortion. Designed for fitness-oriented listeners, the ATH-SPORT7TW feature a stay-in-place fit, built-in mic and touch controls for smartphone and portable device operation. The ATH-SPORT7TW is certified with an IPX5 sweat-resistant rating and can even be rinsed under a tap. The headphones provide 3.5 hours of music on a single charge, and the compact charging carry case can supply a further 14 hours of charge if needed. To deliver clear, powerful audio, the ATH-SPORT7TW employs newly designed 5.8mm dynamic drivers. Now available, the Audio-Technica Sound Reality ATH-CKR7TW is priced at $249 and the Sonic Sport ATH-SPORT7TW at $199.

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12/28/18 12:17 PM


Elite Screens速 Inc.- Consumer Retail | Elite ProAV速- Commercial Grade Screens | EPV Screens速- Residential CI Screens Elite Screens Inc | Elite Screens Pty Ltd. - Australia | Elite Screens China Corp. | Elite Screens Europe GMBH | Elite Screens Hong Kong LTD | Elite Screens India Ptv Ltd | Elite Screens Japan Corp. | Elite Screens Taiwan Ltd

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12/18/18 4:34 PM

88 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


JVC Shows New Digital Media Receivers BOOTH N105 JVC is featuring new digital media receivers at CES 2019. The KW-M650BT digital media receiver offers a shallow chassis and CarPlay support, making it ideal for CarPlay applications that don’t support a full-depth receiver. A new Function key provides customizable access to frequently used settings or sources. The 6.2-inch touchscreen provides quick ac-

cess to popular sources like Pandora and Spotify. The KW-M650BT is equipped with a DSP that offers 13-band EQ, time alignment, high-res audio, K2Technology and sound lift. For system-building, the KW-M650BT has three pre-outs at 5V. Available now, it is priced at $349. The KD-X560BT digital media receiver features a conformal-coated main circuit board, single DIN size and short chassis. But what sets this

House Of Marley Has No Bounds At CES BOOTH 14041 House of Marley is showcasing its CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree, the No Bounds XL cork-crafted Bluetooth speaker. The No Bounds XL Bluetooth speaker is constructed of sustainably harvested cork. The environmentally conscious construction also includes Marley’s signature Regrind silicone, recyclable aluminum and Rewind fabric composed of 100 percent recycled plastics (rPET). Consciously harvested and thoroughly tested, the integrated cork is lightweight, durable, naturally antimicrobial and impermeable to water, allowing it to sustain wear and tear, offer vibration dampening, and float. The rugged, buoyant and waterproof (IP67) speaker is the largest in the all-terrain No Bounds speaker series. With a 16-hour battery life and a quick-charge time of only two hours, the XL acts as a power bank for your smartphone or other USB-powered device. Its wireless dual-speaker pairing capability allows streaming across two No Bounds speakers, while the built-in microphone offers speakerphone functionality and Siri integration. The clip-able design and attached carabiner allow for high performance listening indoors or out. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

receiver apart is its 3-inch full color TFT screen with a backup camera input. Now Side by Sides and other applications can have the benefit of a backup camera. Other notable features include Bluetooth, highspeed USB charging, video playback through USB, 13-band EQ and three sets of 2V pre-outs. Now available, the KD-X560BT is priced at $149.

NAD Intros Master M10 BluOS Streaming Amplifier VENETIAN SUITE 29-236 NAD Electronics is unveiling a new reference product in its flagship Masters Series. The M10 is a state-of-the art amplifier that incorporates BluOS for high-res network streaming and multiroom audio. It also has Dirac Live Room Correction to ensure music can be precisely dialed in for optimum performance. The M10 is fully compatible with all the leading smart home systems to control lighting, shades, HVAC and security from one interface. Available now, it’s priced at $2,499.

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12/28/18 12:17 PM

Mobile accessories of a different caliber. Style, elegance and meticulous engineering.


BOOTH #36011 | South Hall

Quality matters above all else. Experience the difference. View the new Elixage product line at booth 36011.

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12/20/18 4:58 PM

90 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Ossia Cota Forever Sleeves Ends ‘Battery Anxiety’ BOOTH 41937 Ossia is launching the Cota Forever Sleeve, a smartphone case that wirelessly powers devices. The Cota Forever Sleeve has been named a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Wireless Devices, Accessories and Services category. Ossia has now taken home a CES Innovation Award honor for four consecutive years. The Cota Forever Sleeve charges smartphones without plugs, wires or pads and is safe for people, pets and plants. It is compatible with Apple’s iPhone X or equivalently-sized iPhones that have a Lightning port. The Cota Forever Sleeve introduces the opportunity to retrofit millions of mobile phones with Cota Real Wireless Power, the first step in mass-market adoption and direct integration of Cota into mobile phones by manufacturers. Forever Sleeve sports a lithium-ion battery that receives power wirelessly and supplies power to the phone’s battery. This keeps the battery topped up and extends the usability period of the phone

when it is away from a wireless power transmitter. No more “battery anxiety.” Forever Sleeve also supports Qi Wireless Charging. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

OtterBox, PopSockets Team Together For Protective Cases BOOTH 32077 OtterBox and PopSockets are at CES 2019 showcasing the Otter + Pop Symmetry Series case, which integrates OtterBox’s slim and protective case with a built-in PopSockets PopGrip. The PopGrip presses flat to slip easily into pockets and works with Qi wireless charging, while the PopTop easily swaps out to change up the look over and over. Otter + Pop Symmetry Series carries OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection for durable protection against drops and bumps, with a raised, beveled edge to help protect the touchscreen. The built-in PopGrip configures into a stand for handsfree viewing and helps users text one-handed, snap better pics and watch videos hands-free. Available for iPhone 7/8; iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus; and iPhone X/Xs, with additional devices coming soon, the Symmetry Series cases are priced at $49.95.

Say Cheese! Polaroid Intros Instant Digicam, Pocket Printer BOOTH 16615 At CES 2019, Polaroid is showcasing its newest innovations in photo printing: the Polaroid Mint 2-in-1 instant digital camera and printer, and the Polaroid Mint instant digital pocket printer. The Polaroid Mint camera simplifies instant printing with a sleek and modern design, making it the perfect companion for onthe-go use. With its sleek, vertical design, the Polaroid Mint camera instantly prints vibrant, high-quality photos. Simply choose one of three modes — color, sepia, or black and white — add a frame if desired and press the shutter button to print. The 16-megapixel digital camera features a microSD card slot to support up to 256 GB of storage, an integrated selfie mirror; automatic LED flash, and a self-timer. Available now, it is priced at $99.99. Print any photo from your smartphone or tablet on-the-go with the Polaroid Mint instant digital pocket printer. The printer connects to the Polaroid Mint app on a smart device via Bluetooth to print impressive 2x3-inch fullcolor glossy photos in less than a minute. The app features editing, filters, frames, stickers and more to inspire creativity. The slim, lightweight printer b oa st s a battery life to print 50 photos per charge. The Polaroid Mint app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Available now, it is priced at $129. Both the Polaroid Mint camera and printer use the ink-free Zero Ink printing technology.

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12/28/18 12:17 PM


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12/23/18 12:43 PM

92 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Schlage, Amazon Team To Enhance Smart Living BOOTH MP25675 Schlage, a brand of Allegion, has joined forces with Amazon to deliver integrated, convenient smart home solutions to homeowners. Concurrent with this announcement, Schlage is introducing the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt, Zigbee-certified with Amazon Key compatibility. This new lock is available today as part of the Amazon Key Smart Lock Kit. Schlage’s integration of Zigbee protocol into the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt allows customers to lock their door while away from home via

the Amazon Key App when paired to the Amazon Cloud Cam. Customers will receive real-time notifications, live streams, and recorded clips to control and monitor guest access and optional in-home delivery without having to be there. The Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt, Zigbee-certified, can also be managed through the Amazon Alexa app when synched to an Amazon Echo Plus or Echo Show. Amazon Key gives you the freedom to manage access to your home when you’re not there. Simply create a guest profile on the Amazon Key App to

schedule always, recurring or temporary access for the people you trust. Your guests can conveniently come and go using a secure keypad code and you’ll be notified every time your door is locked or unlocked. The Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt, Zigbeecertified is available now for $199 as a standalone lock or as part of an Amazon Key Smart Lock Kit, which includes an Amazon Cloud Cam, for $269.

Samsung Launches New SSD Models

Umay Care Promotes Self-Care

BOOTH 15006 At CES 2019, Samsung is unveiling a pair of SSD models: the Portable SSD X5 and the 970 EVO SSD. The Portable SSD X5 is an N V Me-based Thunderbolt 3 drive designed for content creators who need fast and secure access to their data in a lightweight, compact soSamsung’s Portable SSD X5 lution. Features include a max sequential read speed of 2,800 MB/s and sequential write speed of 2,300 MB/s, and a 2TB capacity option. The Samsung 970 EVO SSD is designed based on the M.2 form factor standard and with the latest PCIe Gen 3x4 lane interface. It maximizes the potential of NVMe bandwidth, delivering unparalleled performance for processing large volumes of data. The 970 EVO provides up to 2TB of capacity and greater system design flexibility for high-performance computing systems.

BOOTH 52541 With Umay Rest, Umay Care created thermal meditation that the company says redefines self-care and helps digital device users find stress relief and reset the effects of screen time by resting the mind and restoring the natural function of their eyes. Umay Care is committed to helping integrate mindfulness into our lives. Umay Rest is a CES 2019 Innovations Awards Honoree in the Tech for a Better World category. Growing digital device usage has greatly changed the world, but it comes at a cost to our vision, sleep and mental health. Umay Rest’s Thermal Meditation redefines self-care. Starting in early 2019, Umay Rest will be available at leading optometry clinics across North America.

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12/28/18 12:17 PM





Los Angeles (323)588-6900 | New York (917) 463-3605 Copyright 2019 QFX Inc. All Rights Reserved. “QFX” is a registered trademark of QFX., Inc.

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94 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Voiz Bringing AiRadio With Alexa BOOTH 51313 Voiz is bringing a line of smart tabletop radios to CES 2019 with built-in Amazon Alexa voice control. Three AiRadio models will be on display, all with 3-inch speakers, bamboo cabinet exteriors, removable cloth grilles, omnidirectional mics, digital signal processors and ClassD digital amplifiers. The vertical AiRadio Poco (VR-60) and horizontal AiRadio Uno (VR-70) are singlespeaker mono units that can be connected to a separately sold speaker for stereo sound. The AiRadio Duo (VR-80), meanwhile, builds in a second 3-inch speaker and a twochannel amplifier for stereo sound. Users can ask Alexa to play their favorite radio station, artist, song, genre or mood; search favorite streaming services by lyrics and album or song release date; and listen to weather reports, recipes and news updates. They can also use the AiRadio to control other Alexa- enabled smart home devices. Founded by Mark Friedman, formerly of Onkyo and Harman, Motorola_Ad_CES_Daily_Jan_half_Page.pdf 1 11/29/18 7:58 AM Voiz can be found in the Sands.


A new form of power has arrived

LVCC, South Hall 4 - 36143 Join us for a big announcement

CES.TECH#CES2019 CES19_sd1_preprints_v3.indd 94

12/28/18 12:17 PM

CES 2019: FOUR DAYS OF DISRUPTIVE TECH is using automation, connectivity, AI and machine learning to create smart tractors and combines to build continually smart, evolving and more efficient farms to feed the world. Resilient technology is also a major focus at CES this year. This area of the show floor will highlight technologies that help keep the world healthy, safe, warm, powered, and fed, and make sure that we have redundancies in place when disasters occur.

CES embodies the energy, excitement, wonder and innovative spirit of the tech industry. CES also is the ideal gathering place to engage with the tech companies and entrepreneurs that drive innovation and fuel the global economy.

You also can see the revolution in transportation at CES 2019. From vehicles to drones to smart city planning, the latest in transportation is rapidly changing the way we do business and operate on the go.

We are delighted that CES 2019 is our largest ever. CES represents the dreams of entrepreneurs who have invested their time and resources to bring their visions to market. Eureka Park, our home for startups at CES, has more than 1,200 exhibitors from 40 countries. At Eureka Park, companies seek funding, refine their products and services for retail shelves, and develop campaigns and pitches to promote their products and services.

On the show floor, see the trends propelling the next wave of innovation including 5G, smart city infrastructure, interactive experiences, driverless cars and solar energy. From health care, fitness, sports and entertainment, to gaming and the smart home, almost every aspect of daily life is now being connected.

Vehicle technology is making cars safer and drivers more connected through advancements in self-driving vehicles and active collision avoidance.

You never know what idea, product or service you will encounter in this energized area. The next transformative technology could be here in Las Vegas this week!

Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray, robotics, drones, electric cars, biometrics and the Internet of Things – these products and services are connecting to each other, providing new efficiencies and a personalized experience for consumers.

Disruptive tech including robotics, cybersecurity and the sharing economy are impacting global industries including finance, retail, health care, agriculture and manufacturing. CES 2019 has the latest in intelligent, autonomous robotic machines that are changing lives for the better. For example, at CES see how Deere and Company


Read the CES 2019 Issue of It Is Innovation (i3): AR and VR are game changers for many industries including health care, agriculture, real estate, retail, manufacturing and business. For example, doctors are using VR to enhance traditional therapies including pain management, architects use AR to design stronger buildings and travel agencies can simplify planning to enhance their clients’ vacations. | #CES2019 twice_sdALL_ cea.indd 1

• Interview with IBM’s Ginni Rometty • The Esports Ecosystem • High Tech Retail • Vehicles and the Smart Home • AI Revolutionizes Health • C Space: The Future of Media

• Interview with FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr • Best Practices for Entrepreneurs • CES Unveiled Las Vegas • 2019 Innovation Awards Showcase Visit for more information.

1 12/18/18 3:25 PM

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TECH’S KEY INGREDIENT Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are changing the way business is done. Companies are incorporating the latest AI developments into more aspects of their businesses as it becomes an “ingredient” technology essential to many others. Thanks to its use in home robotics, self-driving vehicles and smart home tech, CES is the place to see the next generation of intelligent, autonomous machines. AI will soon be deployed everywhere from factory floors and retail stores to banks and insurance offices, creating new opportunities. It’s changing lives for the better – making us safer, healthier and more efficient. AI’s continuous expansion is visible across CES where the future of AI is on display: big data analytics, speech recognition, machine learning and decision-making products and predictive tech are on the show floor. AI technology is starting to read facial expressions, anticipate needs and improve security.

Robots for Good At the AI and Robotics Marketplace, companies are showing machines that can easily fit in our homes, offices, schools and doctor offices. Today’s robots connect to the cloud, can be controlled by phones and respond to sight and sound, making them more helpful than before. Robotic advancements are also found in other CES Marketplaces such as the Smart Home, Accessibility, High-Tech Retailing, Health and Fitness and Smart Cities.

Voice Activation and Smart Assistants Smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo or the Google Home have dominated the tech market with $3.2 billion in U.S. sales during the past three years. These products, activated by AI, let users search the internet via voice, and double as the central hub for apps and smart devices, giving users control of their TV, thermostat and other devices just by speaking.

On Tuesday, Jan. 8, IBM Chairman, President and CEO Ginni Rometty will keynote, officially kicking off CES 2019. Rometty will discuss how technologies such as AI and quantum advances will drastically change business and society for the better – built on a foundation of trust and transparency. Monday, January 7, in room N256 of the Las Vegas Convention Center’s North Hall, the Artificial Intelligence Conference Track will give the industry’s leading experts the stage to

Smart speakers’ popularity with consumers will make them more ubiquitous in retail locations, cars, appliances and office tools. And as the race among market leaders like Amazon and Google plays out, CES 2019 is the place to see what’s happening with one of tech’s hottest trends.

Keynotes and Conference Tracks

Merged for the first time, the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Marketplace features more than 60 exhibitors, including these businesses: • Amazon • John Deere • Google • Omron • Ozobot

• Panasonic • Segway • Veritone • Yamaha | #CES2019 twice_sdALL_ cea.indd 2

This year’s keynotes detail how AI will take devices, vehicles and cities into the next generation of safety, convenience and excellence. LG Electronics President and CTO, Dr. I.P. Park will offer fresh perspectives on the evolving AI landscape, while exploring how it will impact the lives of consumers in the years ahead. He will speak Monday, Jan. 7. Under Dr. Park’s leadership, AI is LG’s main growth engine, thanks to the company’s focus on selfevolving products, a seamless connected user experience and open platforms.

share their insights on the technology’s future. Join in as business leaders and researchers discuss How AI is Advancing Biometrics, AI Integration with Today’s Workforce, Ethics of AI, the Future of Entertainment with AI and other topics.

2 12/18/18 3:25 PM

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12/18/18 4:34 PM

SMART CITIES FUELED BY 5G Soon smart cities, powered by 5G technology, will have sensors embedded in buildings, roads and even water and waste systems. Connected technologies will include smart energy meters, automated street lighting, parking assistance apps and sensors to make cities safer, smarter and more accessible. And CES is the global platform for smart cities and resilient technologies that improve sustainability, mobility and livability, providing commercial solutions that drive urban development. Smart cities are guiding data-enabled decisions to solve public problems. As data is collected, it can be used to optimize energy, reduce congestion and improve the quality of life for consumers. Data will also help cities become more intelligent and solve challenges in new ways by being incorporated in selfdriving cars and buses, as well as emergency preparedness and waste reduction plans. According to CTA market research, more than $34 billion will be spent to create smarter cities by 2020.

The tech elements that make up a smart city are: 1. Network infrastructure (5G, IoT) 2. Platforms to facilitate data sharing 3. Specific applications (hardware like meters and sensors) 4. Systems to manage the collection of data (like blockchain)

Smart Cities at CES 2019 Launched last year for the first time, the Smart Cities Conference and Exhibit brings together the tech solutions, players and audiences needed to build smarter, more connected communities. The CES Smart Cities Marketplace, located at Tech East, Westgate, includes smart city-enabling technology such as artificial intelligence systems, sensors, data analytics, transportation, network infrastructures and other devices and services.

a visionary – and practical – look at all things smart: mobility, connectivity, the enterprise, cities, and entertainment. Explore how emerging technologies are blurring traditional industry lines, impacting people and organizations and enabling a smart future.

Key exhibitors include: • Automotive Grade Linux • Baidu • City of Berlin • Cognata • Deloitte • Dept. of Homeland Security • Ericsson • European Commission • EVBox • ICONIQ Motors • Innoviz Technologies Ltd. • Itron The CES Smart Cities conference program features key thought leaders in this space and highlights 5G technologies and public/ private partnerships. Discover how the growth of smart cities will influence policies, transportation, cities, towns, the industry and our planet. What’s the next big thing in “smart”—and what should you do about it? At the Smart Future Conference Track, Deloitte takes | #CES2019 twice_sdALL_ cea.indd 3

3 12/18/18 3:25 PM

BOLVA’S 2018 9 NEW YEARS RESOLUTION Be the TV brand with the highest average resolution sold yearinina arow* row** soldininNorth NorthAmerica Americafor forthe thesecond third year *Ask usus wewe do itdo *Ask how *Ask ushow how we do it it CES Showing at Hilton Grand CES at Hotel CES Showing Showing at Venetian Venetian Hotel Suite Suite Vacations Convention Center Call: Lee Lee Schoenfeld Schoenfeld (612) (612) 716-1574 716-1574 Call:

Call: Call: Al Al Levene Levene (201) (201) 819-2318 819-2318 Call: Call: Stan Stan Swinden Swinden (604) (604) 657-8068 657-8068 Also by by Also distibuted Alsodistibuted distibuted by O’Rourke Sales Company O’Rourke Sales O’Rourke Sales Company Company

Bolvadaily.indd 1

12/12/18 11:52 AM

CES’ NEWEST MARKETPLACE DISPLAYS TECH FOR GOOD Due to the recurring shocks and stresses impacting the world, resilient technology is more important than ever. The companies exhibiting are helping cities respond to water crises, health issues, disaster recovery, cybersecurity and other issues impacting them on a global level. Whether its new ways to create clean water or find more energy efficient solutions, technology is helping to improve the lives of global citizens.

Also join us Wednesday, January 9 at 3 PM in the LVCC’s North Hall Supersession the Supersession on Top Trends Shaping Global Innovation. Watch as global business leaders and policymakers discuss how companies can find the innovation-friendly environment they need to succeed and how governments and innovators can team up to benefit both their country and their businesses.

New Tech for a Safer World

What does it mean to do good? It’s a commitment to using your resources, knowledge and position – even in the face of adversity – to keep the world healthy, safe, warm, powered and fed. Because of the growing number of ways technology can benefit others and make the world a better place, CES created the Resilience Marketplace to highlight products and companies that are making the world more prepared, responsive and secure.

CES created the Resilience Marketplace this year to serve as the global platform for resilience innovation, showcasing technology that focuses on keeping communities efficient, stable and secure. This dedicated area features dozens of companies including: • Air Force CyberWorx • Fybr • Mindtronic AI • Noxtak Corp • Site 1001 • T-Mobile

SuperSessions and Conference Tracks How can technology be harnessed to prevent water shortages? Can new developments in agriculture make sure no one goes hungry? Find out during the Resilience Conference Track on January 8 and 9 on Level 1 of Westgate Las Vegas. The Resilience Conference delivers world-class conference programming, insights and solutions from the world’s most influential leaders and government officials, investors, startups, major brands and corporate technology attendees. Throughout the two days, innovation leaders will lead panels and discussions on Crisis Prevention – Water Shortages, Famine, Cyber Network Security and other relevant topics. | #CES2019 twice_sdALL_ cea.indd 4

Further Reading Smart cities, thanks to their embrace of connectivity, high-tech communication and innovative approach to improvement, are often ahead of the curve when it comes to embracing drones, self-driving vehicles and other life-saving technology. In CTA’s report Five Technology Trends to Watch from 2019, the report explains how smart cities have grown hand in hand with the further advancement of resilient technology. To read the report and more about resiliency in tech, visit

4 12/18/18 3:25 PM

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9:09 AM









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12/18/18 3:59 PM

DRIVE INTO THE FUTURE A Driving Force in Automobiles Vehicle tech at CES is larger than many standalone car shows, as attendees scour the show floor to witness the latest concept cars and connected vehicles. CES was even named one of the 10 best autoshows by USA Today. CES 2019 will feature more than 160 vehicle tech exhibitors and the most prominent automakers across 290,000 net square feet, including: Las Vegas has turned into a turbocharged car show this week, thanks to thanks to CES 2019’s Vehicle Technology Marketplace, where the latest in self-driving vehicles, connected cars and interactive features come alive right before your eyes. Not only does CES connect you to the inventors and engineers behind the most innovative vehicle technologies, but it also brings together the leaders working behind the scenes to make futuristic automobiles a reality. At CES, see the entire vehicle tech ecosystem of manufacturers, suppliers, original equipment manufacturers, aftermarket businesses, and software and chip developers. More, learn about a variety of vehicle assistance tech supporting the future of cars from companies like Sony, Qualcomm and Bosch, including tech like parking assist, collision avoidance and emergency braking. | #CES2019 twice_sdALL_ cea.indd 5

• Audi • BMW • Chrysler • Daimler (Mercedes) • FCA (Chrysler) • Ford • Honda • Hyundai • Kia • Nissan

CTA recently released its Automotive Technology Roadmap: The Road to Autonomy, a report about what the next decade will look like as self-driving tech becomes more dependable and begins to hit the road. To learn more, visit Research-Standards.

CES also features other key vehicle-related exhibitors who are combining artificial intelligence, voice technology and 5G connectivity in the context of transportation: • Allstate • Byton • Dassault Systemes • Mobileye

CTA’s Self-Driving Policy and Research Self-driving cars and connected cars have the potential to reduce more than 90 percent of accidents caused by human error, help eliminate hours wasted in traffic and reduce congestion. And while the benefits are immense, several policy and technology issues must be addressed to ensure the success and mainstream adoption of self-driving vehicles. CTA works to establish standards for regulating spectrum, liability, insurance and safety for self-driving vehicles. CTA also considers how highway rules, parking structures and car-ownership paradigms will need to change.

Transportation Conference Track The Transportation Conference Track features six panels on how vehicle technology is evolving. Field experts will discuss flying cars, 5G-connected cars, hyperloop technology, predictive maintenance and other advances. CES 2019 will also feature panels such as Transportation Sharing and Rideables with Lime Vice President Caen Contee and the Future of Transportation with Virgin Hyperloop One Senior Vice President Anita Sengupta. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao (pictured above) will also return to CES to share how the federal government is advancing vehicle tech.

5 12/18/18 3:25 PM

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12/20/18 4:58 PM

FEELING GOOD WITH DIGITAL HEALTH See these technologies and solutions from exhibitors like: • 3M • Aetna • BlueSmart Technology Corp. • Humetrix • InBody • Living in Digital Times • Philips • SleepScore Labs Technology is disrupting health care across the globe. From empowering patients by allowing them to better track and address their own health, to changing how medical professionals are trained using technologies like virtual and augmented reality or improving patient diagnosis thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, technology has touched every aspect of the medical spectrum. With advancements in digital therapeutics, AI, remote patient monitoring and other developments – digital health is improving lives around the world. “Digital health has become a key part of CES, showcasing life-changing technologies that address real-world issues like opioid dependence, mental illness, chronic disease and more,” said Karen Chupka, executive vice president, CES. At CES 2019, attendees can witness the various technologies that are changing our health for the better. At the Health & Wellness Marketplace, more than 100 companies are showing how they’re helping consumers live healthier, smarter lives. | #CES2019 twice_sdALL_ cea.indd 6

But technology’s role in improving our health doesn’t stop when we turn off the lights. From sleep trackers and silent alarms, to bedroom lighting, white noise and even smart beds, advancements in sleep technology are optimizing bedrooms and gaining valuable intelligence on our sleep patterns and needs. Explore the evolution these technologies are making on our slumber at the Sleep Tech Marketplace. Finally, the Wearables Marketplace showcases the latest devices that are empowering consumers, allowing them to track everything from their heart rate to their mood, activity and even their pets. Trends showcased at this Marketplace range from the implementation of low-energy Bluetooth to cloud computing, flexible membranes and 3D printing. All three Marketplaces are located in Tech West, at the Sands Expo, Halls A-D.

Discussing Health CES 2019 also features a range of conference programs focused on the intersection of health and wellness and technology. The Digital Health Summit is celebrating its 10th year at CES, providing an in-depth look at the role technology plays in advancing and reforming medicine, health care and wellness. With advances in genomics, telehealth, AI, machine learning, mixed realities and clinical-grade sensors, plus enormous shifts in retail, the industry is poised for expansive transformation.

At the Wearable Tech Summit, presenters explore the use of wearable technologies to monitor and improve our health. Topics range from the use of wearables in the workplace, to proper data collection practices and challenges, to consumer adoption of wearable devices.

For the first time, CES 2019 will provide doctors and health care professionals with the opportunity to earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits during the Disruptive Innovations in Health Care conference on January 10. This program addresses topics including the positive impact of digital therapeutics; FDA-approved apps that treat chronic conditions; the effect of remote patient monitoring and virtual care; how telehealth is transforming the patient experience; and the power of artificial intelligence to improve health care.

6 12/18/18 3:25 PM

Nexstgo Print OL 11Dec.pdf 1 11/12/2018 上午11:38









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12/20/18 5:19 PM

TELLING THE STORIES AT C SPACE CES is about more than just the cutting edge of technology, it’s about doing business. C Space brings together leading CMOs, content creators, Hollywood and media to uncover disruptive trends changing the future of brands, marketing and entertainment. This area is the physical meeting place for these intersecting worlds, providing thought leadership, exhibits and relationship-building opportunities. C Space at CES, located in Tech South in the ARIA, brings the world’s content providers, advertisers, marketers and Hollywood together in one venue to see how tech creates opportunities for content to more effectively reach consumers.

Technology is changing the way people consume content. To keep track of this changing landscape, learn what leaders in content creation, major studios and top advertising firms at keynotes and panels are doing. More than 60 companies and exhibitors include: • CNET • eBay • Google • Hulu • MediaLink • NBCUniversal • NeuLion | #CES2019 twice_sdALL_ cea.indd 7

• Nielsen • • Sirius SM • Snap • T-Mobile • Turner • Vevo

During the C Space Storytellers conference track, influencers and newsmakers share stories and case studies about the unique relationships between brands, entertainment and technology. Brand executives highlight best practices in leveraging celebrity engagement; new technologies in client engagement; transparency and brand safety; blockchain; and creating a purpose-driven brand.

CTA’s Vice President of Communications Tyler Suiters to discuss ad tech. The podcast explores data collection and advertising measurement. The podcast is available at

2019 C Space Speakers include: • Mark Pritchard - Chief Brand Officer, P&G (C Space Storyteller: P&G) • Keith Weed – CMCO, Unilever (C Space Storyteller: Knotch, IBM & Unilever) • Michelle Peluso – CMO, IBM (C Space Storyteller: Knotch, IBM & Unilever) • Molly Battin - EVP, CMO & Global CCO, Turner (Brands and Trendsetting Storytelling Across Platforms) • Meg Goldthwaite - CMO, NPR (CMO Insights - Tech’s Impact on Brand Strategy) • Jenny Rooney - Editor, CMO Network, Forbes (Forbes’ Most Influential CMOs) Among the C Space programs are the sessions produced by MediaLink, a global advisory service working at “the intersection of media, marketing, advertising, entertainment, technology and finance.” Its session on Diversification of Technology examines whether in today’s era of personalization, there is still a role for marketing that appeals to the masses — and if that is even desirable. Another panel looks at the resurgence of ad tech thanks to the recent emergence of new platforms and growing availability of data-driven marketing, including prospects for blockchain in the next wave of media experiences. As a part of the pre-CES podcast series CES Tech Talk by the Consumer Technology Association, “Technology and the Future of Advertising”, featured guests Anda Gansca, CEO and Co-founder, Knotch, and Josh Sternberg, Tech Editor, Ad Week joined

7 12/18/18 3:25 PM

Invites you to discover and preview the next generation of exiting products!

January 8th -11th 2019 • Central Hall • Booth # 17830 • Las Vegas Convention Center

EXCITE YOUR SENSESTM Naxa® is a registered trademark of Naxa Electronics, Inc.

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Naxa Electronics, Inc. 2320 East 49th Street, Vernon, CA 90058 (323)583-8883



12/20/18 8:47 AM

ENGAGING SPORTS TECH Technology is changing every facet of sports and athletics imaginable, from training and performance, to coaching to how we watch and experience professional sports. CES 2019 is the global arena for sports tech innovation, showcasing products and technology that enhance athletic performance, smart arenas, esports, next gen sponsorships and the business of sports on and off the field. It’s the hub for brands with a vested interest in fully exploring the future of sports technology to better understand the implications for athletes.

From smart products that improve athletic performance to state-of-the-art venues and next-gen sponsorships, the CES Sports Zone Marketplace, located at ARIA will showcase the convergence of sports and tech, including the quantified athlete, immersive fan experience and smart venues. | #CES2019 twice_sdALL_ cea.indd 8

Digital, wearable and simulator technologies that help fitness enthusiasts’ workout and train like professional athletes are on display at the Sports Technology Marketplace, located in The Sands, Halls A-D. Several key exhibitors include: • BotBoxer • CSiOnyx • GolfZon

to Watch. Esports revenue, most of which is made up of sponsorships, is expected to break the $1 billion mark this year, according to research firm Newzoo.

• Omega Sports Technology • SanSirro • Sync Think

In addition to sports-focused Marketplaces, CES has sports league representation from MLS, NBA, NCAA, NHL, WWE, MLB, NASCAR, NFL and the United States Olympic Committee. Many athletes have also attended the show in the past, including Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Joe Montana, Landon Donovan, Bryce Harper and Michael Phelps. And team owners and top trainers find the show a valuable source of information as well. Several conference programs explore topics related to the intersection of sports and technology. The CES Sports Zone conference track examines areas including tracking performance data, smart sports venues, sponsorships and athletes’ personal brands. The Sports Zone will also explore the connection between the world of sports and entertainment, as technology gives viewers new ways to consume sports content. Tangential to sports tech, esports is another area that is rapidly growing in popularity, fueled by technological advances such as the increasing performance of gaming systems and the ability of audiences to watch live matches from anywhere on earth, thanks to ubiquitous connectivity. “In the past decade, the world of competitive video games, or esports, has gone from a tiny league of diehards to a mainstream obsession with the same cultural touchstones of football and basketball,” writes Jeremy Snow in his article “Esports and Sports Technology” from the CTA publication, Five Technology Trends

Experience live esports tournaments, see the technology powering these experiences, and learn about how industry experts are engaging fans with immersive entertainment at CES 2019. The CES Sports Zone conference track covers themes relevant to esports such as live venues, leagues, monetization and fan engagement. Whether it’s wearables, virtual reality training and sports simulations, smart arena technology or esports, experience the future of sports at CES 2019.

8 12/18/18 3:25 PM


twice_sdALL_.indd 3 VOXX Corp Automotive TWICE-outline.indd 1

12/27/18 4:11 PM 12/6/17 4:28 PM

CONNECT AT DESIGN & SOURCE If you have a product idea, Design & Source is the place to connect with those who can help you realize your dream. The Design & Source Showcase gives you access to partners who can help you go from concept to market through design, sourcing and manufacturing.

Market-disrupting startups and global brands alike flock to CES. The Design & Source Marketplace was born from this idea and exemplifies what it means to be a global platform for innovators of all sizes. This exhibit area is devoted to collaboration and strategic partnerships and is the place companies can find the best in product design, product sourcing and product-to-market strategies. Looking to make business easier for senior level executives, CES is where people make connections and deals are made across industries, from manufacturers and developers to executives and buyers. The Design & Source Marketplace fulfills this promise. For companies looking for partners, the Design & Source Marketplace, located in Tech East, at the LVCC, South Plaza, is the best place to form the partnerships needed to make your vision a reality. Tech may begin with an idea, but it doesn’t flourish until it reaches production.

From tech powerhouses to early startups, Design & Source is the best place to search for a prototype. This area showcases more than 700 companies from across the globe who specialize in product design, product sourcing, packaging and sustainability. Countries represented include China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the U.S. “CES is the place to bring in source and designers, put them together and give them exposure,” said Joshua Xiang of Suning Appliance Group last year, calling it “a bridge between consumers and manufacturers.” CES 2019 features a range of conference programming relevant to design and source. Representatives from government, academia, and non-government organizations meet at CES to discuss the challenges in moving from an idea to a product. Presenters will discuss the challenges of sourcing critical materials to produce products like lithium-ion batteries, giving startups and established companies the necessary guidance to procure their products’ needs. Standards organizations, including the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), discuss standards implementation, allowing for interoperability of devices, including audio, video and communications. Find a partner. Expand business goals. Make a connection. Don’t miss the destination for big thinkers with big ambitions. | #CES2019 twice_sdALL_ cea.indd 9

The Future of Work To help American workers keep up with the changing tech landscape and address a growing skills gap, CTA supports education and opportunities for companies to reskill their workforces and retain top talent.

U.S. Tech Vets Free for CTA members, this database provides access to one million veteran resumes. Already equipped with strong STEM skills and leadership experience, veterans are a perfect fit for tech companies. 21st Century Workforce Council CTA recently brought together 48 tech companies, including Amazon, Uber and HP, to address the skills gap. The Council encourages executives to share best practices and solutions, address business challenges and create successful talent acquisition strategies. Future of Work Survey CTA’s second annual workforce survey shows that tech companies need more employees with technical skills and they anticipate challenges in finding qualified people over the next five years. Read more at

9 12/18/18 3:25 PM





WHAT ABOUT TECH? Come and find out at the Swiss Pavilion! (Eureka Park, Sands Expo, Hall G – 53310)


twice_sdALL_.indd 27

Main partners:

12/20/18 8:46 AM

CTA FOUNDATION IMPROVES LIVES The CTA Foundation is proud to support innovative organizations using the power of technology to improve the lives of seniors and those with disabilities. CES 2019 is the launch pad for innovation that is changing the world. This is especially evident in the accessible technologies at the show.

roundtable discussion between industry and advocacy leaders. This event highlights the new innovations at CES and develops greater relationships and opportunities for innovative technology solutions. For the second year Verizon will sponsor a reception following the roundtable. The CTA Foundation will also be represented on panels throughout the week including topics like AI and health tech. The CTA Foundation is hosting its fourth annual Eureka Park Accessibility Contest in partnership with the Extreme Tech Challenge. Judges selected five winners from a pool of entries representing companies across the world based upon the potential of their technology to improve the lives of seniors and those with disabilities. They each received $2,500 and a booth in Eureka Park.

The 2019 Contest Winners

Along with CTA, the CTA Foundation is working to identify companies exhibiting technologies that improve the quality of life for individuals of all abilities. If your organization or someone you know is exhibiting an accessible technology, we want to hear from you. The Accessibility Leaders Tour, in conjunction with CTA’s Government and Legal Affairs team, brings leading advocates from the aging and disability communities to CES. The group engages with companies in the industry to help to make technology more accessible. Tour members represent disabilityfocused organizations including the Hearing Loss Association of America, the American Foundation for the Blind, the World Institute on Disability, San Francisco Lighthouse for the Blind and Gallaudet University.

• Briometrix – Sydney, Australia – wearable and fitness technology for people in wheelchairs. • CarePredict – Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA – AI driven platform for elder care. • RealSpace – Liverpool, United Kingdom – Optical system for immersive technology. • Roundtrip – Philadelphia, PA, USA – software for ordering and monitoring nonemergency medical transportation for both hospital staff and transportation drivers.

SUPPORT THE CTA FOUNDATION Be recognized as a philanthropic leader in the consumer technology industry and enable the CTA Foundation to aid older adults and people with disabilities: • Visit to give online or get information on sending stocks or checks. • Shop at and select the Consumer Technology Association Foundation to give 0.5% of your shopping at no extra cost to you. • Contact us for information on how to set up donations through your payroll. • Follow us on Twitter @CTAFoundation and share the work the industry is doing to use technology to improve lives. Thank you for your support.

• WeWalk – Istanbul, Turkey – a smart cane for people with visual impairments.

The CTA Foundation is involved in numerous events at CES 2019 including hosting its annual | #CES2019 twice_sdALL_ cea.indd 10

10 12/18/18 3:25 PM


Real Protection

At ADT we are on a mission to help make the world a safer place every day. This year’s launch of products and features like the ADT Command Panel, Voice Control, Crime Maps, ADT Go and others helps push what’s possible with smart security. We’re not just limited to the boundaries of home - we’re exploring new ways to protect in family safety planning, event disaster planning, school, pet and data safety. This is what the world needs now. This is what we do at ADT every day. This is real protection.




©2019 ADT LLC dba ADT Security Services. All rights reserved. ADT, the ADT logo, 800.ADT.ASAP and the product/service names listed in this document are marks and/or registered marks. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. Third-party marks are the property of their respective owners. License information available at or by calling 800.ADT.ASAP. CA ACO7155, 974443, PPO120288; FL EF0001121; LA F1639, F1640, F1643, F1654, F1655; MA 172C; NC Licensed by the Alarm Systems Licensing Board of the State of North Carolina, 7535P2, 7561P2, 7562P10, 7563P7, 7565P1, 7566P9, 7564P4; NY 12000305615; PA 090797; MS 15019511

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12/26/18 3:14 PM

CELEBRATE STARTUPS AT EUREKA PARK Powerful Connections Eureka Park gives rising tech startups a chance to connect with suppliers, manufacturers, investors and media to grow their business and make their dreams a reality. Many new business connections are made here thanks to the roughly 3,500 fundraising professionals and more than 6,500 media professionals walking the halls alongside C-level executives, engineers and major influencers.

Everyone starts somewhere – and the best start at Eureka Park. At CES’ dedicated area for startup and entrepreneurs, Eureka Park brings early-stage entrepreneurs together to showcase their products, services or apps. It’s the largest startup event in the world where ideas are funded, partnerships are formed and acquisitions happen. Now in its eighth year, Eureka Park is now a staple of CES. Since 2012, the companies that participated have raised more than $1.5 billion in funding. Come to the Sands to see how Eureka Park’s products could change your home, office, gym or doctor’s office.

For many, exhibiting at Eureka Park is the first step in a breakthrough. For example, Robbie Cabral, CEO of and founder of Benjilock, used Eureka Park to promote his company’s fingerprint-activated lock. After winning a CES innovation Award in 2017, Cabral went on the reality show Shark Tank and accepted an offer from Kevin O’Leary. For Jonathon Perrelli, CEO and founder of the personal drink company LifeFuels, a successful exhibit at Eureka Park helped them land a deal with Keurig Dr Pepper.

A World of Technology Startups from all over the world come to Eureka Park, making the show floor a truly global experience. Sections of the show floor are dedicated to certain countries with an array of startups, such as France and the Netherlands. This year entrepreneurs from more than 30 countries will be exhibiting at Eureka Park, including: • Belgium • Canada • Egypt • India • Israel

• Luxembourg • South Korea • Switzerland • Taiwan

A Slice of the Industry Eureka Park contains all aspects of the tech world, including 5G, artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital health, smart cities and beyond. Every major and emerging industry is represented – gathered together in one place to introduce the next-generation of innovation to the marketplace. | #CES2019 twice_sdALL_ cea.indd 11

Here are some standouts you can see at CES 2019: GoSun: Selected as the 2017 Small Business of the Year, GoSun is a portable, solar-powered oven that is perfect for any campsite or backyard barbeque. Using state-of-the art reflectors and a vacuumed tube to store the food, GoSun can store heat and cook vegetables, meat or even cake in an energyefficient way. Heatworks: This South Carolinian company is putting a 21st century spin on water heaters by creating a smart, tankless electric water heater. Last year, Heatworks also launched Tetra, an internet-connected countertop dishwasher that requires no plumbing. Nura: The nuraphone is the “world’s only headphone that automatically learns and adapts to your unique hearing,” by monitoring the sounds made within the inner ear. After analyzing these sounds, the headphones create a unique hearing profile for you, automatically adapting as you continue to listen. Innovators from around the world come to Eureka Park looking for new opportunities and connections; investors come in search of their next unicorn; global media look for the next big story and corporations come seeking partnerships and acquisitions.

11 12/18/18 3:25 PM

CONNECTING THE INDUSTRY 2019 CTA Events CES Unveiled Las Vegas January 6 Las Vegas, NV CES 2019 January 8-11 Las Vegas, NV Digital Patriots Dinner April 30 Washington, DC CES on the Hill May 1 Washington, DC

CEO Summit June 23-26 Prague, Czech Republic

Technology & Standards Spring Forum May 13-16 San Francisco, CA

CT Hall of Fame Dinner November New York, NY

CES Asia June 11-13 Shanghai New International Expo Center Shanghai, China

CES Unveiled New York November New York, NY CES 2020 January 7-10, 2020 Las Vegas, NV

For more information, visit | #CES2019 twice_sdALL_ cea.indd 12

12 12/18/18 3:25 PM

Visit Us at CES! January 8 – 11, 2019


BOOTH 9120 Las Vegas Convention Center — North Hall



CES-2019-Teaser-Invite.indd twice_sdALL_.indd 25 1

Today’s Features » Tomorrow’s Technology //

12/19/18 2:45 2:14 PM


Membership with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) provides practical resources to help you grow every facet of your business. We stand for innovators working to change the world. CTA is where technology companies connect, collaborate and contribute. We help you — and all levels of your organization — succeed through research, events, and an extensive network of councils and working groups covering everything from public policy to technology standards.



Market Research

Access to cutting-edge consumer technology trends and sales forecasts helps you understand opportunities and barriers in the market.

Members receive access to industry trends, consumer research, economic evaluations and a staff of qualified researchers.


U.S. Tech Vets

Make invaluable connections with potential partners and peers at CTA events and through our webinar series. From the flagship CES to Innovate Celebrate and CEO Summit, CTA works year round to grow and shape the future of consumer technologies.

Find highly trained veterans looking for work by posting your company’s open positions on for free.

Research Library

Technology and Standards

The CTA Research Library, a members-only benefit, is one of the premier sources for industry information and market intelligence.

Address the critical trends of technological innovation, marketplace globalization and regulatory reform by participating in our accredited technology standards committees.

Join with us to connect, network and learn about the issues affecting your business. For more information, visit

CTA brings a strong, collective voice to advocate on the behalf of member companies at the state and national level.

CES ASIA 2019 Registration opens soon.

Visit for more information.

JUNE 11-13, 2019 SHANGHAI, CHINA | #CES2019 twice_sdALL_ cea.indd 13

13 12/18/18 3:25 PM

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12/19/18 3:29 PM

120 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Efinix Demos Multiple Trion-Accelerated Products VENETIAN SUITE 29-319 Efinix is introducing Trion T20 FPGA samples and the expansion of the company’s product offering to 200K logic elements (LEs) with the T200 FPGA to support demands by major customers and markets. Additionally, Efinix is showcasing a number of customer products, accelerated by Trion FPGAs. At the Trion FPGA’s core is Efinix’s Quantum FPGA technology, which delivers a 4X Power-Performance-Area advantage over traditional FPGA technologies. Trion FPGAs, offering 4K to 200K logic elements, have a small form-factor, low-power and are priced for high-volume production. The Efinity Integrated Development Environment provides a complete FPGA design suite from RTL to bitstream. With their Power-Performance-Area advantage, Trion FPGAs address applications such as custom logic, compute acceleration, machine learning and deep learning. Through Efinity, customers can seamlessly migrate FPGA or full system into Quantum ASIC for ultra-high-volume production. The T200’s architecture has ample LEs, DSP blocks and on-chip RAM to deliver 1 TOPS for CNN at INT8 precision and 5 TOPS for BNN. It is ideal for the new generation of AI-driven smart home products, automotive applications, and industrial automation that require high-performance edge computing. The Efinity IDE fully supports Trion T20 FPGAs, and T20 design kits are available for preorder on the Efinix store.

Elektrobit Aims To Make Autonomous Driving Safer BOOTH 6106 Elektrobit is demonstrating vehicle infrastructure architecture and state-of-the-art software that will enable safe and secure automated driving experiences. EB’s CES 2019 demos include: • EB corbos: An operating system for safe and secure high-performance controllers necessary for connected and automated vehicles. • EB GUIDE: A tool that enables the creation of a compelling state-of-the-art user experience and delivers seamless integration of graphical and voice user interfaces, animations and effects. • A voice-enabled digital assistant integrated with EB software, providing an increased level of safety by reducing driver distractions and empowering the driver to make informed decisions when the vehicle is in automated driving mode. EB’s booth will also feature interactive video demos of its endto-end solutions for reliable, safe and secure driving. Pricing and availability of all new products will be announced at the show.

Lululab Unveils Lumini AI Skincare Assistant BOOTH 32000 lululab, a Samsung spin-off company, is at CES 2019 showcasing its Red Dot and IF Design Award-winning AI skincare assistant, Lumini. Lumini draws on AI technology for all three steps in the process: taking a selfie, analyzing facial skin, and recommending skincare products. When users take face-focused selfies, Lumini captures footage optimized for analysis by using face recognition technology. Lumini constantly increases accuracy through deep learning. When Lumini recommends products tailored for users, it finds the best prod-

ucts by analyzing online product data and customer reviews through natural language processing. Lumini is equipped with a multi-light module and a camera that employs analysis software, making it operable on both tablet PCs and mobile devices. Module products can be built inside a kiosk or a touchscreen or simply attached to it before using. Add-on products turn regular kiosks into smart devices equipped with an AI skincare analysis solution. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

CES.TECH#CES2019 CES19_sd1_preprints_v3.indd 120

12/28/18 12:17 PM


twice_sdALL_.indd 38

12/21/18 6:07 PM

122 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Belkin Features DuraTek Plus Cables, Home Charger VISIT US AT BOOTH #20654 LV Convention Center - South Hall

BOOTH 30512 At CES 2019, Belkin International is spotlighting its DuraTek Plus Cables and fastcharging USB-C Home Charger + Cable. The DuraTek Plus Cables (Lightning to USBA, USB-A to USB-C) come in 4-, 6- and 10-foot lengths to suit any lifestyle. The durable cables include a strap that bundles the cable and prevents tangles. DuraTek Plus Cables are planned for spring availability, with pricing from $24.99 to $34.99. The USB-C Home Charger + Cable features QuickCharge 4+ technology for faster charging — up to 50 percent in 15 minutes. The charger is compatible with all QuickCharge solutions and power delivery devices, old and new, up to 27W. A 4-foot USB-C cable is included. Scheduled for availability this spring, the USB-C Home Charger + Cable will be priced from $39.99 to $44.99.

BenjiLock Brings Fingerprint TSA Travel Lock BE A CITIZEN OF THE WORLD The LAGOON ANC opens up a new world. Simply sit back and enjoy soothing silence or immerse yourself in music, films or audio books. The LAGOON ANC blocks out the world of outside sounds. With the help of innovative MOSAYC sound personalization, it can be customized to one’s individual hearing.

BOOTH 43146 You’re heading off on a dream vacation and just can’t remember the combination to your luggage lock. Well, the solution is at hand! The award-winning BenjiLock technology, as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, is now available in a travel lock and is being unveiled at CES 2019. According to the company, the patented hybrid technology of BenjiLock is the first of its kind to be accepted by the TSA and Travel Sentry. The lock can be opened by airport security, then returned, keeping valuables safe and secure during the trip. BenjiLock is made of durable die-cast zinc with a secure chrome-plated steel shackle. It can store up to five fingerprints with a resettable combination locking mechanism. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

CES.TECH#CES2019 CES19_sd1_preprints_v3.indd 122

12/28/18 12:17 PM

twice_sd1_3_.indd 23

12/27/18 8:47 AM

124 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Roland Brings Alexa Skill To Musical Instruments BOOTH 18230 Roland is introducing the Roland GO:PIANO with Alexa Built-In, the company’s first digital piano with Alexa built-in, and its first Alexa Skill for select musical instruments. With the power of Alexa, Roland is introducing intuitive new ways to interact with musical instruments, starting with digital piano and soon expanding to other areas. By combining the GO:PIANO with Alexa BuiltIn digital piano with Alexa Skill, aspiring musicians at any level can enjoy simple voice operation

of their instrument while their hands play music. Additionally, Alexa Built-In and Roland’s Alexa Skill open up a world full of Cloud-based creative possibilities, from enjoying libraries of play-along music across the widest variety of genres to sharing recorded personal performances with family and friends around the world. Roland is continuing to update and expand the capabilities of the Alexa Skill to embrace new instruments and new benefits for novice and experienced musicians alike.

Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.


PASSION MAKES TIME LIMITLESS Team TYGR is the ultimate reaming bundle for a pe ect gaming experience. The TYGR 300 R is an open-back headphone with true professional sound reinvented for gaming. High wearing comfo and detailed sound create a unique adventure and bring gaming to another level. Hear sounds that you v ́ e never experienced before and be one ep ahead. Stream your experience with the FOX USB Microphone and make a name in the game. We want to see you on top of the scoreboard.

CES.TECH#CES2019 ADV_TYGRBundle-BYRDSeries-Phonum_18-12_EN_8x4,75_v01.indd 2 CES19_sd1_preprints_v3.indd 124

04.12.18 13:44 12/28/18 12:17 PM













Comfortable and waterproof design for hands-free tracking and control no matter where you are.


Control your drone from the App to takeoff, follow, record, land, and more at the push of a button.



twice_sdALL_.indd 42


Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

12/27/18 12:14 PM

126 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Fibaro’s Home Center App Brings Full Control To A Single Source BOOTH 40540 Fibaro is promoting its Home Center App as a central interface that enables customers to fully control, manage and adjust the Fibaro smart home system. Available for free to Home Center 2 and Home Center Lite Fibaro customers, the newly designed Home Center App leverages machine learning and predictive analytics to display specific connected devices and make scene/automation suggestions based on information collected by sen-

sors installed throughout the home, displaying the information and status of the most important devices at that moment in time. The Home Center App is the end user’s portal to full control over the Fibaro system and all the connected devices, including lighting, appliances, HVAC, wall switches and wall outlets, as well as such multifunction sensors as light, motion, water, temperature and others. Simply by launching

ZON Features App, Smart Bulb BOOTH 50725 ZON is at CES 2019 showcasing its app and Smart Bulb. Easily command and automate your Smart Bulbs with the ZON App. Control and schedule on and off from anywhere directly from a smartphone or by voice via the ZON Speaker Smart Plug or any Alexa speaker device. The Smart Bulb is Alexa-enabled for hands-free control and usability via Alexa device. Features include white ambiance and dimming control via Voice Assistant or smartphone app; 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi support for high-performance streaming. Set scenes for daily occasion s such as day time off or nighttime dimming mo o d. Mu lt i-ro om e a s y lighting setup is simple with the ZON Smart-Home App. Smart Bulbs can be expanded to each room with the ZON Smart Speaker-Plug. Pricing and availability will be announced at CES.

the Home Center App, users can see their home at a glance and determine whether everything is operating normally or if there’s an anomaly that requires their attention. The app, now available on Android and iOS devices, benefits from a single source code for both platforms to ensure a uniform experience regardless of the device being used to control the Fibaro smart home system, according to the company.

My Arcade Spotlights Micro, Mini Players BOOTH 21030 Led by passionate lifelong gamers, My Arcade arrives at CES 2019 with its Mini and Micro Players ready for the spotlight. The Mini Player mini arcade cabinet is packed with favorite classic Bandai-Namco titles such as PacMan, Galaga and Dig Dug. The 10-inch Mini Player cabinet features an array of artwork from the included 20 game titles and is accented with a glowing marquee and coin trap. A 4.25-inch full-color vertically oriented screen and dual forward-facing speakers allows for a more authentic arcade experience. The Micro Players are the ideal collectible for gaming enthusiasts. Standing 6.75 inches tall, each Micro Player features artwork inspired by the original arcade cabinets and boasts a 2.8inch full-color backlit screen that displays 8-bit graphics in all their retro glory. The Micro Players were originally introduced at CES 2018; this continuation of the line brings fan-favorite Ms. Pac Man and a new partnership with Taito, with classics such as Bubble Bobble and Elevator Action. Additional handhelds will be introduced with even more compelling titles. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

CES.TECH#CES2019 CES19_sd1_preprints_v3.indd 126

12/28/18 12:17 PM

CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019 | 127


Blue Introduces Ember XLR Microphone BOOTH 20657 Blue Microphones is introducing Ember, a premium cardioid XLR condenser microphone designed for pristine capture of vocals and instruments. Ember is ideal for music applications like SoundCloud, capturing professional sound for YouTube video production and live streaming. Ember’s tight pickup pattern helps reduce room and background noise. Featuring premium components and precision design, Ember is ideal for on-camera applications. Featuring a proprietary, hand-tuned custom condenser capsule, Ember delivers superbly clear, open and detailed performance for recording or streaming a wide variety of voices and instruments. A tight cardioid pickup pattern focuses on the sound source and minimizes room noise for a clean, up-front sound with excellent isolation. Ember’s streamlined form factor and compact side-address design is ideal for placement in tight spaces or limited onscreen real estate.

Custom-designed phantom power circuitry and a precise cardioid polar pattern ensure remarkably consistent frequency response with minimal noise for a rich, smooth vocal sound. Clean, highoutput gain ensures impressive headroom for even the most dynamic speech and instruments. Ember comes with a mount for any standard microphone stand and is also compatible with Blue’s S3 Shock suspension mount and Compass boom arm accessories. Priced at $99.99, Ember will be available in February at authorized Blue Microphones dealers. Ember is currently available for preorder at select retailers.

#CES2019CES.TECH CES19_sd1_preprints_v3.indd 127

12/28/18 12:17 PM

128 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Ecovacs Introduces AIPowered Cleaning Robot BOOTH 41121 Ecovacs Robotics is

at CES 2019 introducing its latest innovation in floor cleaning, the DEEBOT OZMO 960, at the Smart Home Marketplace. Ecovacs Robotics describes DEEBOT OZMO 960 as the first truly AI-powered f loor cleaning robot. OZMO 960 embeds Ecovacs’ recently announced AIVI (Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation) technology, which introduces object/environmental recognition in addition to spatial recognition to meet the growing consumer demand for minimal manual intervention during cleaning. Ecovacs AIVI can recognize and avoid objects on the floor, and working together with the company’s Smart Navi technology, it allows Ecovacs’ robots to better adapt to a user’s home environment to pro-

vide a more ideal solution for floor cleaning. In addition to AIVI and Smart Navi, highlights include OZMO mopping technolgy and user security features. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

Naxa’s New Qi-Capable LED Lamp Melds Fashion With Function

BOOTH 17830 Naxa intends to make wireless charging an even more seamless experience in the home with the introduction of its new LED lamp. Shipping this year, the NA-1000 serves as a Qi wireless charger with 10-watt fast-charging capabilities. It’s designed to sit on any desk, table or nightstand, allowing users to simply place their device on the stand and enjoy the fast-charging functionality. It also features a foldable design for use while traveling, as well as touch controls. Pricing will be available at the show.

Cleer Showcases Connect Smart Home Display Speaker BOOTH 20424 Cleer is introducing smart home information and entertainment with the Connect Smart Display Speaker designed to work with voice interface. Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity allows optimal connectivity whether in the kitchen, office, den or living room. A vivid 8-inch full-color tilting display (16:10 aspect) with camera can be easily positioned to accommodate cooking in the kitchen, working at a desk or just hanging around the house. The CES 2019 Innovations Honoree

Award-winning Connect delivers rich and immersive stereo sound via a powerful but compact two-way audio driver with passive radiator, digital amplification, and DSP for immersive YouTube TV, movie and music entertainment. A microphone array delivers superb far-field voice recognition with optimized noise rejection for enhanced voice interaction support. Users can customize sensitivity by activating Tap to Ask or muting the microphone for privacy. Now available, the Connect Smart Display Speaker is priced at $149.99.

CES.TECH#CES2019 CES19_sd1_preprints_v3.indd 128

12/28/18 12:17 PM

CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019 | 129


Artec 3D Unveils AI-Based Handheld 3D Scanner

BOOTH 31530 Artec 3D is unveiling Artec Leo, described by the company as a first-of-its-kind smart device and one of the fastest handheld 3D scanners. It’s reportedly capable of capturing data at up to 80 frames per second. Artec Leo builds on last year’s release of Autopilot, an AI-based feature within the Artec Studio 11 software that automatically processes raw 3D data into high-quality 3D models. The new 3D scanner can autonomously select and process data without connecting to a tablet or computer. On Artec Leo’s multitouch, half-HD screen, a user can watch while their object is digitized into a full-color 3D model, making the scanning process simple and intuitive. The scanner includes a 9 DoF inertial system (accelerometer, gyro and compass), which provides precise information about its position and environment. This enables the device to understand the difference between the object being scanned, the surface it is on, and the wall behind it so that it can automatically erase unnecessary data. Available from Artec 3D’s official distributors, it’s priced at $25,800.

All-electric from 0 to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds? We deliver it for mass production.

The 2017 champion. In 2018, a double victory in Berlin. The Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler team has won countless Formula E races. But for us it’s more than just a sport. It’s also a chance to test tomorrow’s drive technology on the racetrack. To ensure that electric drive systems for mass production arrive on the road faster. Interested? Find out more online:

#CES2019CES.TECH 20181204_Motiv 3_US_8x4_75inch.indd 1

CES19_sd1_preprints_v3.indd 129

04.12.18 18:08

12/28/18 12:17 PM

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12/20/18 3:34 PM

twice_sd1_3_idg.indd 2

12/20/18 3:35 PM

twice_sd1_3_idg.indd 3

12/20/18 3:35 PM

twice_sd1_3_idg.indd 4

12/20/18 3:36 PM

twice_sd1_3_idg.indd 5

12/20/18 3:36 PM

twice_sd1_3_idg.indd 6

12/20/18 3:36 PM

twice_sd1_3_idg.indd 7

12/20/18 3:37 PM

twice_sd1_3_idg.indd 8

12/20/18 3:38 PM

twice_sd1_3_idg.indd 9

12/20/18 3:39 PM

CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019 | 139


iGlam Makes Jewelry Any Color You Want It To Be BOOTH 52822 Hailed as the first intelligent jewelry set, iGlam can adapt to colors by using an app that helps to pick up a color directly from the wardrobe. The shining modules can be attached to a silver base ring. It can work for up to five hours, and a charging case will extend this 10 more hours. iGlam is exhibiting in the Ukraine Tech Pavilion.

Vayyar Unveils Walabot HOME for Connected Senior Living BOOTH 42161 Vayyar Imaging is launching Walabot HOME, a product that detects if a person has fallen and automatically places a call for help, without requiring any wearables. Walabot HOME eliminates the need to carry a fall detection device by discreetly monitoring for a fall; it operates in the background of the home just like a smoke detector sensor. Simply place it on the wall and forget about it, but in the case of a fall, it will call loved ones for help. Additionally, individuals can place a call to their emergency contact at any time with the push of a button. Walabot HOME is easy to install and does not require further action once set up. The device uses low-power radio wave technology (similar to Wi-Fi) instead of cameras to monitor individuals’ movements to ensure users maintain their privacy, especially in locations where falls are more likely to happen, such as bathrooms. Walabot HOME also works in a wide range of conditions that cameras cannot, including steam and darkness. Walabot HOME is available for $249.

#CES2019CES.TECH CES19_sd1_preprints_v3.indd 139

12/28/18 12:17 PM

140 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Fesco Heads To CES With Full Head Of Steam BOOTH 17315 We caught up with Raymond Levy, chief operating officer of Fesco, during the holiday selling season to talk about the company’s suite of brands and the outlook for the year ahead. The Brooklyn-based company, a family-owned business that’s been operating for over 50 years, distributes such brands as Gourmia, Atom, GoTouch, Jetson, Car and Driver, Slide, Coby and Charge Worx. Nearly all of these brands had a successful 2018, said Levy, and they’re heading into 2019 with a promising outlook.

Gourmia in particular witnessed success at Costco this holiday selling season, he noted, while Car and Driver has performed well at Best Buy. Despite some uncertainty surrounding tariffs at the time of our conversation in late November, Levy remained optimistic about the year ahead. “Look, I’m not a prophet — I just try to turn one,” he joked. “I try to stay away from anything presumptuous or borderline arrogant. We consider ourselves very fortunate that we are where we are.” The company will exhibit at two booths in the

The Atom XS chargers are designed to be attached to a keychain to provide over two hours of emergency power.

Las Vegas Convention Center during CES: booth 17315 in the Central Hall and 30725 in the South Hall. What follows are a selection of the products that will be on display.

MOST AWARDED HEADPHONE BRAND AT CES THE PAST 2 YEARS Visit Us At: LVCC Tech East South Halls 3-4 Upper Level Booth #35820

Spearhead VR

Triple Driver

Penta Driver

Quad Driver

Triple Driver BT

Spearhead VR BT

CES.TECH#CES2019 CES19_sd1_preprints_v3.indd 140

12/28/18 12:18 PM

CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019 | 141


Pioneer Spotlights Wireless Headsets VENETIAN BESSANO 2602 At CES 2019, Pioneer (sharing space with Onkyo USA Corp.) is introducing two new headsets: the Pioneer S9 Wireless noise-canceling headphones (model SE-MS9BN) and the Pioneer E8 true wireless headphones (model SE-E8TW). The Pioneer S9 is optimized for Google Assistant. It features active noise-canceling technology and Ambient Awareness Mode; supports Hi-Res Audio playback when connected via the supplied cable; features instant touch and pair via NFC technology; and offer multipoint functioning to enable wireless communications. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

Elite Launches Evanesce IC Screen With ALR VENETIAN SUITE 30-120 Elite Screens is introducing its latest in-ceiling elec-

tric projection screen with an ambient light rejecting (ALR) material. The Evanesce Tab-Tension B Cinegrey 5D combines the versatility of an inceiling design with an ISF-certified product for outstanding image quality regardless of whether the lights are off or on, according to the company. A full IR /RF and direct control kit is included. Its internal infrared and radio frequency receivers and remotes are included. Sizes range from 100 to 126 inches and are formatted in a 16:9 aspect ratio. The Evanesce carries a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, with an ENR-G three-year warranty program for educational, non-profit, religious and government/military organizations. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

Pioneer’s E8 truly wireless waterproof headphones

The Pioneer E8 true wireless headphones (model E-E8TW) feature the Ear Direct Mount Structure that aims the driver and nozzle into the inner ear for improved audio response. Three pairs of ear fins are supplied (S/M/L) to guarantee an ideal fit and lock the E8s in place. Ambient awareness tips keep the user in touch with the world while maintaining musical immersion. Internal earphone batteries provide a maximum three hours continuous connection (including audio playback) on a single charge. The supplied carry case can replenish earphones twice on the go, extending listening time to about nine hours. Shake the case and LEDs indicate battery charge remaining. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.




BOOTH #42750

Sands EXPO Halls A-D

#CES2019CES.TECH CES19_sd1_preprints_v3.indd 141

12/28/18 12:18 PM

142 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


MHTG Features Install Bay Fiber HDMI Cables BOOTH 11535 Metra Home Theater Group is showing its installer-friendly Install Bay Fiber HDMI cables with Ethernet. This new series features a removable headshell with a small connector cover and hook that makes pulling the cable through conduit easy. The hybrid active optical fiber technology supports up to 18Gbps bandwidth for 4K@60Hz and HDR with no external power required. They come in spools from 15 to 260 feet long. Availability and pricing will be announced at the show.

The JPEG XS standard is here ! manage more pixels

save cost & power

8K 5G

simplify connectivity

preserve quality with no latency

Klipsch Shows The Three with Google Assistant BOOTH 13529 Klipsch is introducing The Three, its next-generation Heritage Wireless tabletop speaker with built-in Google Assistant. The Three with Google Assistant blends nostalgic mid-century modern design, awardwinning acoustics and robust connectivity with the addition of a personal, helpful digital assistant. The Three with Google Assistant is designed to make daily tasks faster and easier. Functionality includes the ability to ask questions and get information, stream music, hear the news, weather and traffic, add items to a shopping list, control smart home devices, make a phone call and more. The Three with Google Assistant is available now, priced at $499.

Westgate Paradise Center - Booth 1129

CES.TECH#CES2019 IPX_annonce CES19_pictos_new standard_5 1/4*5 1/8_def.indd 1 CES19_sd1_preprints_v3.indd 142

3/12/18 12:25

12/28/18 12:18 PM

CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019 | 143


Perk Up: ‘Swiss Army Knife of Travel Mugs’ At Cauldryn BOOTH 40434 Cauldryn, noted for introducing a travel mug able to boil water from a rechargeable battery, is at CES 2019 with the Cauldryn Coffee, or as it is referred to in some quarters: “the Swiss Army knife of travel mugs.” The Cauldryn Coffee is a 16-ounce vacuumsealed modular travel mug that allows coffee drinkers to actually grind and percolate coffee right in the container. It also provides coffee and tea drinkers the ability to maintain liquid temper-

atures for up to 10 hours. Cauldryn Coffee includes an LCD screen that adjusts temperatures within a single degree from room temperature to boiling (78 to 212 degrees F). Key features include Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone accessibility and attachable accessories that include a percolator, blender, lantern and Bluetooth speaker. Available add-on accessories include a percolator that brews up to two cups of coffee (16 ounces)

directly into a mug; blender base with one speed (on/off) for blending beverages and crushing ice, as well as a pulse function that can grind coffee beans; lantern with integrated bug zapper that includes multiple brightness settings; and a Bluetooth speaker base providing a woofer base structure with four speakers pointing out from around the unit. Now available, the Cauldryn Coffee is priced at $129.

Funai Changes The Equation In Fingernail Painting RENAISSANCE BALLROOM II/BALLROOM III Funai Electric’s Mobile Nail Art Printer changes the equation in fingernail painting. Using the free app, import photos or select one of the preloaded patterns and print them directly on your nails in a matter of seconds. With this affordable nail printer targeted for the mass market, consumers can print nail designs on demand in the convenience of their home or at a ladies-night party. Import your photo, chose your layout, auto-detect your cuticle, preview the design on your nail and instantly print it. After confirming your favorite design via the Nail Art App, simply place your finger on the cradle, which secures your finger while jetting ink precisely on your nail. The nail printer delivers high-resolution prints in a compact, lightweight and easy-to-store package. The Funai Mobile Nail Art Printer is a CES 2019 Innovation Awards nominee. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

#CES2019CES.TECH CES19_sd1_preprints_v3.indd 143

12/28/18 12:18 PM

144 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019




4 3



With their digital hybrid noise-cancelling technology, the new ATH-ANC900BT wireless over-ear headphones deliver the highest degree of ambient noise reduction of any Audio-Technica QuietPoint® model. They also feature a switchable hear-through function, Bluetooth® 5 technology, and touch-and-swipe earcup controls. CES Booth #20860



Parcel Guard by Danby is the smart mailbox designed to keep your online deliveries safe. Parcel Guard protects packages from theft and weather damage, and notifies you when parcels have arrived via our smartphone mobile app. Additional features include wireless connectivity, motion-activated IP camera, tamper alarm and weight monitor. CES Booth # 42750



JumpSmart is the most practical vehicle jump starter on the market! This high-powered unit encompasses a 4-Mode LED Flashlight, Power Bank, and Vehicle Jump Starter compatible with up to an 8-cyclinder vehicle to ensure peace of mind virtually anywhere. ETL Listed. CES Booth #31847



RemoBell S is equipped with fastresponding, video-based motion detection for more accurate activity alerts. Sleeklydesigned, RemoBell S features full HD video quality, 180º viewing angle, and motion zone customization, which lets you select areas of interest for more control over your home’s security. Booth Number: 40646


CES19_sd1_Spotlight.indd 144

12/28/18 3:26 PM

CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019 | 145







FAST Qi WIRELESS CHARGING DOCK DockAll Assist #G600 is an all-in-one Qi Wireless Docking Station with the Google Assistant built-in. Fast charges with three vertical, 10 watt wireless charging coils and, two full-size USB charging ports allows for three devices to charge simultaneously. Equipped with dual 5-Watt Bluetooth 4.2 speakers, three Microphones, MicroSD Card port, front panel controls. The dock itself charges horizontally or vertical at a comfortable upright 60-degree viewing angle. CES Booth# 36170


ESCAPE TO THE WILD LIFE OF GAMING The Power of A Tiger – The TYGR 300 R Enjoy outstanding sound and the soft ear cushions that provide an extremely comfortable fit. Listen to the game as a whole. TYGR is the perfect choice for long and intense gaming sessions. Adapted for in-game sound localization.

The Elegance of the FOX – The FOX USB Studio Microphone Adjust your voice and become the director of your stream. Capture the sound with FOX and stand out from the crowd. Get the maximum sound of your PC, console and mobile device. Cross-platform streaming with studio quality elevates your gaming experience.

PACKAGE INCLUDES Gaming Headphones TYGR 300 R, FOX USB Microphone EXTRANET The first marketing materials are available on the Extranet. Further assets will follow. CES Booth Booth# 20654


Certified by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), the Elixage 10,000mAh Power Delivery USB-C Power Bank provides up to 70 percent faster charging speeds to compatible USB-C devices. The additional USB-C port allows charging multiple devices simultaneously. Not only can you fast charge devices but it rapidly recharges. It is made of premium aluminum and fabric finish in a slim form factor for ultimate portability. Quality matters above all else. Experience the difference. CES Booth #36011

#CES2019CES.TECH CES19_sd1_Spotlight.indd 145

12/28/18 3:26 PM

146 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


2 1





The iCubeLock is a theft prevention device for chargers of cellphones and personal electronics. It easily fastens to any electrical outlet and entraps the charging cubes and USB cords so they cannot be removed, thereby creating a secured charging station. CES Booth #36314



XenLock Pro is a pioneering full lockset and gateway featured with hands-free and auto-unlock technology. A sentry mode with security alarm is also added to the remote control gateway. Just Ask Alexa skill certified. MSRP:$179.99 (Gateway + Lockset) CES Booth #40245



RCA introduces a feature-rich projector you can download and stream all your favorite app’s including: Netflix, YouTube and Google play. Supports a 1080P FHD resolution with the capability of projecting up to a 160” display in dark areas this projector will bring a new level to your home theatre experience. CES Booth #12432



Go green and save green with the MetroVac DataVac® ESD Safe Electric Duster®! The compact yet powerful electric duster will blast dust, dirt and debris off of your expensive tech equipment. All-steel construction, deliberately made better in the USA. CES Booth #35842

CES.TECH#CES2019 CES19_sd1_Spotlight.indd 146

12/28/18 2:13 PM

CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019 | 147


5 8 6




The world’s first elegantly designed, low cost, fully programmable Bluetooth fingerprint reader. Featuring a premium FBI certified fingerprint sensor, the Unity 20 Bluetooth can securely transfer fingerprint data wirelessly to mobile devices for convenient biometric authentication and enrollment. It can also be used on the desktop with Bluetooth-enabled PCs. CES Booth #35232



YogiFi is an intelligent Yoga mat that unifies the science of holistic wellness with modern technology. It’s patent pending technology tracks asanas, provides real-time correctional feedback, correlates body vitals from wearables and tracks daily progress. YogiFi is powered by unique AI platform that has collective wisdom of several yoga instructors across the globe. CES Booth #52341



The first intelligent jewelry set, that fits any look The high app experience and subtlety of device to make it worth your everyday life presence.It can adapt to colors by using a special app, that helps to pick up a color directly from the clothes. CES Booth # 52828



AtmosControl, by Atmos Home, is the 1st universal smart home hub to offer voice, touch, app, and gesture controls. It also includes the top 5 smart home connection standards — Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Infrared. It’s the only smart home hub you’ll need. CES Booth #53168

#CES2019CES.TECH CES19_sd3_Spotlight.indd 147

1/9/19 11:10 AM

148 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019




2 4


HAN-WIN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. INNO-SAFETY Smart Battery Our goal is to be a market leader in the industry of BMS (battery management system) and further provide more reliable battery packs to customers. HWT is onestop and in-house manufacturing process for BMS and packs. At the heart of HanWin Technology is an excellent in-depth knowledge and understanding of battery management system of Li-Ion batteries and a constant drive for innovation.



ELECLEAN disinfectant spray ELECLEAN is a startup and a spin-off from ITRI in 2017. ELECLEAN disinfectant spray is our first product launched onto the market, using nano-catalysis electro-chemical technology to manufacture disinfectant within 15 minutes. Water is the only reagent and directly transformed into ROS(Reactive Oxygen Species) that effectively destroy viruses and bacteria by oxidizing method. We will apply the patented technology to more home appliances in the future.



ezOxygen Breath Checker ezOxygen, 2019 CES Honoree awards, connects your breath health, Air Quqlity Index with smartphone, bring the best care for exercise and respiratory management. The innovative ultrasound intensity technology provides over 10,000 flowrate sampling, ezOxygen using android-based circuit board provides most possibility for cost-effec­tive and mass production.



Cloud Intelligent Aquaculture Water Toxic Concentration Monitoring System GINTEL TECH is an innovative company with trans-disciplinary core tech­nology. The intelligent product provides quick monitoring, prediction and pre-warning the main sources of water toxic concentration. Further the system provide how to deal with the toxic concentration by non-tox­ic solutions. The accuracy of system is at least 2 decimal digits. For export and remote area the system can be calibrated in cloud server to keep the system accurate always.

CES.TECH#CES2019 CES19_sd1_Spotlight.indd 148

1/4/19 4:54 PM

CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019 | 149


5 6





Caduceus Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology is determined to target of long-term medical-related software development and manufacture of medical devices. The company designed medical software includes 3D graphics, medical information systems, and develop­ment of innovative medical equipment, surgical aided software design, imaging software development, the progress of orthope­dics, internal medicine, ophthalmology and medicine required soft­ ware products.



OmniCam Omni Eyes collects and digitizes live street videos, and converts them using Al technologies to various location-based informa­tion for real-time task execution and long-term statistics/data analytics



SiPS- STARWING Intelligent lndoor Positioning System STARWING, the leading indoor positioning system provider, specializes in Centimeter-Level positioning technology as well as A.I. computing and analysis. STARWING’s positioning system, SiPS, offers the total solu­tion, including hardware, software, analysis tools, system integration, mobile apps. SiPS has won several technology awards and assisted numerous customers in smart field upgrade, such as indoor navigation, asset management, behavior analysis, security surveillance.



The world’s first 4G/L TE smart key box with vision Lubn, the Honoree of CES 2019 Innovation Award, is determined to democratize autonomous property management with trust. By building an intelligent property management platform, Lubn can provide the power of business intelligence to property managers through Lubn 4G/ LTE smart key box and Smart Contract. LubnBox is the first 4G/LTE smart key box with an embedded camera to enable remote property management via cloud. Lubn Smart Contract helps the managers build the trust among managers, property owners and service providers.

#CES2019CES.TECH CES19_sd1_Spotlight.indd 149

1/4/19 4:54 PM

150 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019



GoDonut is a universal stand perfect for tablets and smartphones. It’s sleek in design, lightweight, portable, patented, and proudly made in California. Take it to school, work, the kitchen, & so much more. Go with Godonut! CES Booth #53554

CAREER MARKETPLACE Director – Technology Partnership & Innovation, Charlotte, NC Reporting to the Chief Technology Officer for Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS), you will be responsible for leading the Innovation, Partnership and Technology Roadmaps for SPS, operationalizing and structuring MOS across our global footprint driving innovation and technology initiatives. Honeywell’s SPS business has created job share opportunities to offer workplace flexibility for individuals who are returning to the workplace, may need flexibility for home or family needs, or would prefer a part-time role. With this job share opportunity, you will partner with another colleague to divide the responsibilities of one position and each of you will have responsibility for the success of the total job. This job share opportunity is part-time (20+ hours per week), exempt, salaried, and includes competitive benefits.

Top Engineering Exec – Industrial Safety, Charlotte, NC Reporting to the Chief Technology Officer for Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS) and the President of Industrial Safety, the Top Engineering Exec, Industrial Safety is responsible for leading the global technology/engineering team and building relationships with customers and clients. S/he will lead and direct all technology and R&D activities for the business to drive innovation and deliver connected safety solutions that meet customer needs. The Top Engineering Exec, Industrial Safety will lead a globally distributed design centers to differentiate Honeywell’s offerings. The ideal candidate will have relevant experience in MEMS or materials engineering for products / connected products. Experience in safety or process industry w/ extensive product (NPI) and technology development is critical.

We are looking for a leader who can drive results and has excellent collaboration and influencing skills to work within Honeywell’s matrixed organization. S/he should be effective at working across business units, functions and at various levels and in a global environment. S/he should thrive in an intense, results oriented environment.

In addition, we are looking for a leader who can drive results and has excellent collaboration and influencing skills to work within Honeywell’s matrixed organization. S/he should be effective at working across business units, functions and at various levels and in a global environment. S/he should thrive in an intense, results oriented environment.

The successful candidate will possess strong bias for action, high energy level, and ability to build interpersonal relationship across Honeywell. This candidate will lead by example, maintain a positive attitude and big picture perspective, and drive personal accountability. This leader will build trust and operate with high integrity, display personal courage and commitment, and empower others.

The successful candidate will possess strong bias for action, high energy level, and ability to build interpersonal relationship across Honeywell. This candidate will lead by example, maintain a positive attitude and big picture perspective, and drive personal accountability. This leader will build trust and operate with high integrity, display personal courage and commitment, and empower others.

Requirements include: • Bachelor’s Degree • 10+ years’ experience in technology / product engineering role • 5+ years leadership experience • Experience working in global environment (especially High Growth Regions) • A leader with the ability to thrive in a results-oriented environment • Demonstrated capability to effectively manage and influence in a matrixed global and cross-functional business structure

Requirements Include: • Bachelor of Science in Engineering - Mechanical, Electrical / Chemical • 15+ years of experience in Applied and/or New Product or Technology Development • Engineering organization with global footprint AND / OR should have managed RDE spend >$50M • Globally distributed teams serving both global and local market needs • Technology & Product Development Experience

We Value: • Advanced degree – Master’s or PhD is preferred • Experience in Program Management or Operations • Experience in managing external partnerships • Experience with M&A, Joint Ventures etc. • Proven experience and success in development of long range technology development plans.

We Value: • Relevant experience in sensor technology AND/OR materials technology development • Led product strategy transformation and acted as evangelist for change • Understanding of regulatory agencies, standards, mandates and environments • International Experience • Industrial domain / vertical industry background – O&G, Refinery, Paper & Pulp, etc

To apply, please visit and apply for req# HRD51800. Honeywell is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will be considered without regard to age, race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, nationality, sex, or veteran status.

To apply, please visit and apply for req#175994. Honeywell is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will be considered without regard to age, race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, nationality, sex, or veteran status.

CES.TECH#CES2019 CES19_sd3_live.indd 150

1/9/19 5:17 PM

CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019 | 151


STM Goods Launches Myth Collection BOOTH 31858 STM Goods is launching the Myth Collection, its newest line of products. A four-piece assortment of casual accessories, Myth combines STM’s trademark protection and clever, thoughtful design with a captivating look of complementary colors and fabrics. The Myth line comprises a 28L capacity backpack, 18L backpack, laptop brief and laptop sleeve, as well as two storage accessory items: the Must Stash and the larger Dapper Wrapper. Each pack and brief boasts abundant storage divided into roomy sections that easily hold daily essentials: a laptop, tablet, phone and documents. (The roomier backpacks even have enough space to house incidentals such as a lightweight jacket or lunch bag.)

Suspended tech cells for digital gear provide ample protection, and numerous zippers and pockets throughout the bags help ensure that smaller items remain organized and safely in place. The Myth sleeve is sized and designed to safely carry and protect a laptop, and features a fleecelined section that securely cradles tech gear. Must Stash is a 1.5L volume carrier that comfortably fits inside most STM backpacks and provides additional organization as a repository for cords, pens and other small items. Dapper Wrapper features multiple pockets and storage compartments for corralling cables, adapters and other larger odds and ends Now available, items in the Myth Collection are

HumanEyes Expands Vuze Camera Line BOOTH 21411 At CES 2019, HumanEyes Technologies is showcasing its line of Vuze cameras, including Vuze VR, Vuze+ and its newest camera, the Vuze XR dual VR camera. Vuze XR began shipping in December for $439. The dual-camera Vuze XR is portable and easy to use. It seamlessly combines 3D VR180 and 2D 360-degree capture systems with 5.7K resolution for full-motion video and 18-megapixel still image capture. Via the Vuze XR mobile app, users can broadcast video live and share to social media platforms. The Vuze line of cameras gives content creators, social media enthusiasts, adventure seekers and creators of all types the power to share and live stream to mobile phones, computers, social networks, VR headsets and on HumanEyes Zone, a custom VR website. Equipped with 360-degree audio and video stabilization, Vuze XR supports the Google VR180 standard and Facebook’s 3D180 format. Advanced editing and stitching functions up to 4K/30 fps are available via the camera’s mobile app; desktop stitching handles higher resolutions, including 4K/60 fps and 5.7K/30 fps MPEG-4 files. HumanEyes is working closely with the Google team to complete VR180 certification for the Vuze XR.

priced as follows: 28L backpack is $139, 18L backpack is $119; brief is $79.95; and sleeve is $59.95. Dapper Wrapper is priced at $29.95 and Must Stash at $19.95.

Phonak Ups The Ante In Hearing Aid Technologies CES INNOVATION AWARDS SHOWCASE Phonak is at CES 2019 showcasing its two CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honorees: Phonak Audéo Marvel, an honoree for Accessibility, and the Phonak Virto B-Titanium, an honoree in the 3D Printing category. Phonak Audéo Marvel is a universal Bluetooth hearing aid designed to fully support direct stereo audio streaming. Because Marvel hearing aids use Bluetooth Classic, they connect to Android, iPhone and billions of other Bluetooth devices, allowing hearing aid wearers to experience clear, rich sound and stream music, phone calls, video and more to both ears in full stereo. Phonak Marvel hearing aids are rechargeable, giving wearers a full day of hearing, including streaming, on a single charge. The Phonak Virto B-Titanium 3D-printed hearing aid is able to realize a thinner shell compared to standard acrylic shells, enabling a deeper placement in the ear canal and a virtually invisible fit. Pricing and availability of both products will be announced at the show.

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1/9/19 5:17 PM

152 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Flo Technologies Commits To Preventing Water Damage BOOTH 53172 Flo Technologies is on a mission to prevent water damage, one drip at a time, via its all-in-one security system. While many believe their home’s water system is leak-free, an average U.S. home loses over 17 gallons of water per day due to leaks. The Flo watermonitoring and shut-off system proactively detects micro-leaks and other vulnerabilities anywhere in a home’s water supply. Flo is so confident in its system that it offers an optional guarantee of effectiveness via its FloProtect program. Using FloSense technology, the smart home de-

vice learns the unique consumption behaviors of the home. When an abnormality is identified, the system will alert you via the free iOS and Android app, where you can shut off the water, get troubleshooting tips or contact Flo Support. Flo’s MicroLeak technology runs daily proactive tests, identifying and notifying of tiny leaks that often go undetected. Flo is able to detect these leaks through its proprietary pressure sensor, capable of detecting a leak as small as one drop per minute. These technologies, combined with Flo’s experienced customer support team, give homeowners

the information and tools they need to proactively protect their home from water damage and limit water waste. According to the company, 1,512,466 gallons of water have been saved by the Flo community (through August 2018). Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

Back It In, Safe & Simple, With FenSens BOOTH 50874 Aiming to make parking safe and simple, FenSens is introducing the FenSens Smart Wireless Backup Camera with app for Android and iOS. It reportedly installs easily, like any license plate frame. Available now and priced at $149, it adds camera safety technology to any vehicle without requiring special wiring or the installation of additional LCD monitors in the car. FenSens works right out of the box and doesn’t require professional help, according to the company. After the Wi-Fi /Bluetooth-enabled Smart Backup Camera is installed via four security screws, stick-on mount or magnet mount, the mobile app will automatically launch when you hit the patented QuickLaunch button. You can also launch the device using voice commands or automatically when your car is in reverse. Users are adv i sed to review local license plate r ules. FenSens can be placed at the top or bottom of the plate to avoid obstructing numbers or registration tags.

Spectra Unveils New Jensen Products

BOOTH 12425 Spectra is introducing new products in its Jensen line at CES 2019, including the JAS-725 Under Cabinet Bluetooth Music System (with Alexa Fairfield and Tap to Talk) and the QiCR-50 dual alarm clock radio with wireless Qi charging. The JAS-725 is an under-cabinet, Amazon Alexa-enabled Wi-Fi/Bluetooth stereo smart speaker. It features hands-free convenience with far-field voice control, which lets the JAS-725 to hear you from across the room, even while music is playing. It includes a hands-free speakerphone with a built-in microphone for a Bluetooth-enabled phone. The QiCR-50 digital dual alarm clock offers two ways to charge a smartphone: via the top-mounted Qi wireless charging pad or 1-amp USB charging port. Features include two separate alarms, dimmer control, sleep and snooze function, and aux input jack. The unit operates on 120V AC power with a battery backup. Pricing and availability of both products will be announced at the show.

CES.TECH#CES2019 CES19_sd1_preprints_v3.indd 152

12/28/18 12:18 PM

CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019 | 153


remo+ Upgrades DoorCam BOOTH 40646 remo+ is spotlighting DoorCam 2, the next iteration of its award-winning DoorCam wireless, over-the-door, smart security camera. DoorCam 2 fits over any type of door — whether push or pull to enter — and streams all front door activity live on demand, whenever and wherever you want. It features modular zone detection, allowing users to select the areas in which they want to detect motion and decreasing the number of “false alarms” from irrelevant activity such as pedestrians and traffic on busy streets. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

Nortek Sets 1st Demos Of New ELAN Touch Panels BOOTH 41537 At its CES 2019 booth, Nortek Security & Control is holding the first-ever demo of its two new intelligent and interactive ELAN touch panels, which leverage face recognition and voice control technology. Each intelligent touch panel starts with a highresolution touchscreen interface. Face recognition and advanced motion analytics from NSC’s IntelliVision enable these two panels to respond to individual users with personalized options. The dual digital MEMS microphone array provides exceptional voice control for the ELAN system, with flexibility

that lets users choose their preferred voice interface without needing to fill the house with voice assistant hardware. The intelligent touch panels display high-resolution video, including monitoring and playback from ELAN surveillance cameras and NVR. Two-way audio and video enables communication with the video doorbell, paging and ELAN Intercom. ELAN Discovery simplifies installation by autodiscovering the intelligent touch panels on the network and configuring them with just a click. Each panel mounts using a standard two-gang (U.S.) box, which means no custom bracket is required. The interactive panels can be powered locally using a 12V DC power supply (not included) or using PoE and connect to the controller over Wi-Fi or using power over Ethernet and with a single wire hookup. Both touch panels are expected to ship in Q2. Pricing will be announced at the show.

Shure Features Bluetooth 5 Earphone Cable BOOTH 20724 Shure is at CES 2019 unveiling its new high-resolution Bluetooth 5 Earphone Communication Cable. Building on the success of Shure’s line of detachable SE Sound Isolating Earphones, the new Bluetooth communication accessory provides a high-fidelity Bluetooth option for discerning listeners seeking a premium wireless solution. The new communication cable is the next generation in Shure’s foray into Bluetooth connectivity, following the introduction of the company’s wireless earphone accessory last year. Designed for mobile listening, the new wireless product delivers an audio experience to match today’s highresolution audio players, providing even the most discerning sound aficionados the convenience and portability of wireless without sacrificing quality. Featuring a dedicated, high-performance headphone amplifier, the earphone accessory provides lower noise and distortion while accurately maintaining frequency response. It supports popular audio codecs, including Qualcomm aptX audio, aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, AAC and SBC. With an in-line remote and mic control, the new high-resolution communication cable leverages Bluetooth 5, the latest version of the wireless communication standard. Retaining a wireless range of up to 30 feet, its battery capacity provides up to 10 hours of play time and up to 350 hours of standby time. Available for $149, the cable is currently available for purchase on and through authorized retailers.

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154 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


New Laptops ION Audio Lead AVITA Features ’65 Inaugural Launch Mustang-Styled Boombox

BOOTH 10711 Part of AVITA’s inaugural launch of products, the 12.5-inch Liber and 14-inch Clarus laptops boast slim and light configurations, all-aluminum chassis and an array of color options. In addition to its laptops, AVITA plans to bring a variety of other consumer tech devices to CES, all geared toward consumers who care as much about aesthetics as they do performance. The company intends to launch home audio and smart home devices this year. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

BOOTH 15040 ION Audio is introducing the Mustang Cassette Stereo boombox, the latest in the family of ION Audio-Ford Motor Company officially licensed products. The Mustang Cassette Stereo has styling meant to evoke the look and feel of the iconic mid-’60s Ford Mustang. This portable stereo speaker has an AM/FM radio and stereo cassette player with auto-stop, plus USB and SD card playback for versatility. It can also stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device. The analog tuning dial evokes the looks of the classic Mustang’s speedometer, right down to being flanked by round dials on either side. It’s got a powerful sound system, with two 3-inch full-range speakers and a rearfiring bass radiator for powerful, impactful sound. With its long-lasting rechargeable battery, users will enjoy their music all day long, and in high style. The Mustang Cassette Stereo will be available in the first quarter. Pricing will be announced at the show.

Kodak PixPro Adds Luma Projectors To Line BOOTH 210 Kodak PixPro is featuring three new Luma projectors — Kodak Luma 75, Luma 150 and Luma 350 — at CES 2019. Designed with a simple plug-and-play operation system and 75-lumen display, the 5-ounce Kodak Luma 75 projects vivid images and video onto any surface up to 80 inches. The super-quiet projector has a 100 percent image offset and adjustable focus. It can easily play back files from a microSD card, computer or other multimedia device.

With a 150-lumen display, the Kodak Luma 150 is compatible with images and videos up to 1080p. The projector can cast up to 150-inch images and is also equipped to mirror images and videos wirelessly from a mobile device. The brightest and most robust of all the Kodak Luma projectors, the Kodak Luma 350 has a 350-lumen display that can project stunning video and images up to 200 inches. This compact device is compatible with videos up to 4K and comes

equipped with 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM. With a built-in Android operating system, the Luma 350 gives consumers access to wireless networks, plus the option to download a variety of OTT apps through the built-in app store. Pricing and availability will be at the show.

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CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019 | 155


Audio-Technica Enhances Popular Headphone Model with Bluetooth BOOTH 20860 With the introduction of the ATH-M50xBT wireless over-ear headphones, Audio-Technica is bringing Bluetooth wireless technology to one of its most popular pro audio and consumer headphones. The closed-back ATH-M50xBT delivers an exhilarating wireless listening experience with extended bass and a smooth, wide frequency response. Its 45mm large-aperture driver, which has the capacity of a 15–28,000 Hz frequency range, delivers studio-quality sonic accuracy and musical enjoyment. Rare-earth magnets and Audio-Technica’s copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils are the same as those used in the original ATH-M50x.

The ATH-M50xBT uses Bluetooth 5.0 and is compatible with aptX and AAC codecs for superior wireless audio reproduction. An internal battery provides up to 40 hours on a full charge (a USB charging cable is supplied). Alternately, the headphones can be used in wired mode with devices that have a wired connection or when battery power is low. The ATH-M50xBT retains the robust construction and fold-flat design with 90-degree swiveling earcups of the ATH-M50x The Audio-Technica ATHM50xBT headphones are now available for $199.

Roland VR-1HD Enhances Live Streaming

BOOTH 18230 Roland is spotlighting its new VR-1HD, a mixer for dynamic multicamera broadcasting to bring live streaming videos to life. Connect, switch and stream cameras, presentations, videogames, smartphones and tablets with VR-1HD’s “worry-free” HDMI inputs. Each of the three inputs accepts HD and computer video resolutions for audio that can be easily mixed with two studio-quality XLR microphone inputs and line input. The mixer allows users to go hands-free and headset-free while live streaming with a top-mounted mic input, so creators can use a gooseneck microphone and easily operate the VR-1HD with dedicated controls. VR-1HD’s video editing software provides users with Scene Switching functionality, allowing them to instantly switch between “scenes” with effortless transitions for a professional finish. The mixer lets creators preset up to five scenes that they can later use while live streaming videos and performances. Performers can easily share their content with the same connection technology as a traditional webcam. Simply plug it in to a computer’s USB port for a fully produced live cast or recording and engage with your audience on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. T h e V R -1 H D will be available in Q2 2019 at Roland retail partners. Pricing will be announced at the show.

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156 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Humanscale Shows Redesigned Monitor Arms Line BOOTH 35617 Humanscale is unveiling a rede-

sign of its line of monitor arms at CES 2019. Now ready to order, the M2.1, M8.1 and M10 accommodate changes in how we work with technology today. An essential tool for smart offices, monitor arms promote healthier postures for computer users, helping to reduce neck and eye strain, while increasing usable desk surface. As the workplace continues to become more agile, with hot-desking and co-working spaces on the rise, the M2.1, M8.1 and M10 are designed to optimize the user experience with intuitive functionality, precise positioning and smooth movement, allowing computer users to instantly personalize their work areas and be more comfortable, healthy and productive. The M2.1, M8.1 and M10 meet a variety of configuration needs, from traditional desks to sit/stand

workstations, and offer the unique ability to customize the arm style to suit any application. A patented weight-compensating spring technology ensures a simple, fluid range of motion. The M2.1 is priced at $350; the M8.1 at $540; and the M10 at $930.

1MORE Expands Premium Headphones Line BOOTH 46246 1MORE is at CES 2019 launching two additions to its line of premium headphones. The 1MORE Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones (Stylish TWS) and the Dual Driver BT ANC In-Ear Headphones (BT ANC) round out the new wireless offerings.

The Stylish TWS, available in black and gold in the U.S., features a sleek metallic finish and a rounded “water-drop” shape for a tight fit. The lightweight design, ergonomically angled nozzles and a silicone O-hook are designed to enable a better fit. For the serious traveler, the BT ANC features enhanced audio capabilities with dual drivers: one dynamic driver and one balanced armature for more bass extension and crystal clear mids, highs and vocals. It features active noise cancellation for travel and urban noise, while the environmental noise cancellation (ENC) ensures crisp voice communication without background interruption, according to 1MORE. The BT ANC also includes a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter for use when the battery is depleted. The Stylish TWS (priced at $99.99) is now available on and Amazon, whereas the BT ANC (priced at $199) is available on

AQ Spotlights Mythical Creatures Cables Series VENETIAN SUITE 29-103 AudioQuest is at CES 2019 spotlighting its Mythical Creatures speaker cables series, comprising Thunderbird, Firebird and Dragon models. Building on a solid base of familiar AQ technologies, William Low and Garth Powell (the same team responsible for last year’s AudioQuest AC power cables) specifically focused on addressing one of the most vexing issues plaguing speaker cable design: the mismatch between the amplifier’s source impedance and the speaker’s load impedance. All previous attempts to address this issue chose to move the speaker cable’s characteristic impedance to a value closer to the nominal impedance of the speakers. All such attempts failed because a speaker’s impedance changes with frequency, and the amplifier’s output impedance is something else altogether. By eliminating the Mythical Creatures speaker cable’s characteristic impedance, current compression and distortion of the signal (current) transient is significantly reduced. The result is dynamic contrast, transient response, and bass slam that are rendered seemingly without effort. These cables may be used in one of two ways: either as ideal full-range cables, or in combination with a dedicated BASS cable in a BiWire cable assembly. ThunderBird, FireBird and Dragon BASS cables incorporate AQ’s patented common-mode noise-rejection technology, yielding audibly dramatic additional reason to BiWire when possible. Available now, the AudioQuest Mythical Creatures cables range in price from $4,450 to $47,000 retail.

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Our Services Our partners look to us to make unique and valuable connections in a number of ways including creative advertising solutions, memorable live experiences, superior eCommerce technology and innovative media services. We push boundaries, seize opportunities and exceed expectations. See how we can take your business to the next level. Learn more at


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158 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Curtis International Shows RCA Roku TV BOOTH 12432 Curtis International, a distributor of consumer tech, will have the new RCA Roku 65-inch smart 4K Ultra HD TV with HDR on display at its booth. The new TV is designed to provide seamless access to thousands of streaming channels, including the 4K Spotlight channel, hailed by the company as the easiest way to find 4K content across popular streaming channels. In addition, users can easily search the top streaming channels like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, YouTube, etc., by title, actor or director and find what they want to watch quickly. The TV delivers user-friendly experience, putting favorite broadcast programs, streaming channels, gaming console and other devices on an easy-to-access menu with a simple remote control. They can also get content from a smartphone or tablet with the free mobile app.

ToughTested Showcases ProComm2 Flex Bluetooth Headset BOOTH 31172 ToughTested, a division of Mizco, is at CES 2019 introducing the ProComm2 Flex foldable noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones. ProComm Flex 2’s handsfree neckband style design offers a unique twist: It’s actually bendable to fit and foldable to store. The ProComm Flex offers users a wide range of technologies to enhance the headset’s sound features, with Bluetooth 5.0 technology and A2DP, HFP, HSP and AVRCP protocols. ProComm Flex 2 offers dual listening modes and dual noise-cancelling microphones, with a 23 dB noise reduction rating. Key features of the ProComm2 include braided Kevlar cables, applied coating for IPX5 water resistance, eight hours of play time and 72 hours of standby. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

New Yuneec Portable Folding Drone Offers Voice Control, Face ID BOOTH MP25761 Yuneec International is launching its all-new Mantis Q, an adventure-ready drone controlled via mobile device or remote and featuring voice control technology. With foldable arms for optimal portability, up to 33 minutes of battery life, and autonomous flight modes with top speeds over 44 miles per hour, the Mantis Q can take photos or record video via voice control. It’s priced at $499 and includes a controller, one battery, spare propellers (one set), three-port charger, power and USB cable.

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CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019 | 159


Imagry Spotlights Mapless Platform For Autonomous Vehicles BOOTH 3500 Software developer Imagry is launching the latest version of its mapless platform for autonomous vehicles at CES 2019. Today, autonomous vehicles use HD mapping that requires a strong, persistent connection to satellite GPS. Imagry’s mapless autonomous driving platform eliminates this requirement, instead using an intelligent, visionbased approach that requires neither a map nor a cloud connection, allowing the market for autonomous vehicles to scale and commercialize more rapidly at a lower cost. Imagry said its platform is able to identify the road, route, vehicles, obstructions and pedestri-

Top: AdaSky’s Viper sensor simultaneously detects and classifies pedestrians, vehicles, trucks, bicycles and motorcycles Bottom: Side-by-side comparison of views from a typical dashcam (left) and AdaSky’s Viper thermal camera

ans. Trained by a patent-pending simulator that’s developed in-house, the software features an Aleph Star algorithm that uses physics-based planning to compensate for perception errors in real time. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

AICO Shows New Bluetooth Universal Remote BOOTH 51641 A Singapore enterprise dedicated to home automation, AICO Technologies is featuring its Smart Egg, a Bluetooth universal remote able to control infrared devices from any mobile phone. Features include custom scene, indoor automation, voice control via Google Home and Echo programmable timer. Owing to its low power consumption, the Smart Egg can be powered by battery for up to 12 months. AICO says Smart Egg is the only Bluetooth remote that supports both iBeacon (indoor automation) and IFTTT (voice control). Smart Egg is available now. Pricing will be announced at the show.

AdaSky Enhances Viper High-Res Thermal Camera WESTGATE HOSPITALITY SUITE 1630 AdaSky is demonstrating new capabilities of its Viper sensor, a compact, high-resolution thermal camera that simultaneously detects and classifies pedestrians, vehicles, trucks, bicycles and motorcycles. It’s providing in-vehicle driving demonstrations of these computer-vision capabilities with Viper’s real-time FIR-based perception solution. AdaSky’s Viper works together with stateof-the-art machine-vision algorithms and can be added to any autonomous vehicle or advanced driver assistance solution to enable better perception of the vehicle’s surroundings. Viper passively collects the FIR signal that radiates from objects and other materials and converts it to VGA video. It then applies AdaSky’s proprietary deep-learning computer-vision algorithms to provide accurate object detection, classification and scene analysis, allowing the vehicle to precisely detect pedestrians at a few hundreds of meters, which means more distance in which to react to driving decisions.

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160 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019


Protecto Offers New Twist On Water Leak Detection BOOTH 50615 The French start-up SAS Protecto is launching its new anti-waste water device, ProtectConnect, a water meter insulation jacket that protects water meters from the cold to -11° F. Thanks to connected technology, the insulation jacket provides continuous monitoring and immediately detects any water leaks in houses. ProtectConnect is a CES 2019 Innovation Award Honoree. The smart cover developed by Protecto protects and insulates against freezing and is fitted with connected technology. It is remotely controlled via a mobile application, allowing realtime monitoring and detection of leaks wherever

they occur in the house. This device offers a complete package of leakage detection that can be used anywhere in a primary residence or a holiday home. Users can either m a n age t he d amage t hem s elve s or ask Protecto to do so. Protecto supports the individual within 24 hours by putting users in touch with a network of selected professional partners, including plumbers, a geological leakage company and water services in the municipalities in case a water meter needs to be replaced. Pricing and availability will be announced at the show.

Popsical Remix Takes Karaoke To Another Level BOOTH 51641 Popsical is unveiling its latest product, the Popsical Remix karaoke streaming system. Popsical Remix comprises a palm-sized wireless karaoke streaming device and two wireless microphones, bringing together the best of hardware and software to deliver a memorable singing experience. All you need is an internet connection to browse the ever-growing library of more than 200,000 karaoke songs in more than 14 languages. Its self-updating cloud-based system and special track re-

quest feature ensure that the song library is constantly updated with the user’s favorite tunes. The unit offers a built-in mixer and HDMI and aux inputs for compatibility with a range of sound systems. Ever yone in your living room can enjoy seamless control of the Popsical Remix with unlimited iOS/Android Popsical Karaoke mobile app pairing, and toggle with your preferred vocal, echo, pitch, speed and fun sound settings to boost your rock star appeal.

Woojer’s patented Oscillating Frame Actuators deliver performance with an optimal combination of tactile sensation, size, weight and power consumption

Israel Pavilion: A Deep Dive Into Cool Innovation

BOOTH 51701 The future of tech includes a vehicle that can drive on the road and fly in the air, enabling city livers to commute 150 miles in just an hour. This and more from various start-ups in media, entertainment and automotive, healthcare, AI and a host of other industries can be seen at the Israel Pavilion in Eureka Park. In AI, Israel is featuring companies such as Waycare, an AI-powered smart mobility platform that enables cities to take control of their roads by harnessing in-vehicle and municipal data for predictive insights and proactive traffic management. In the AR/VR space, Woojer’s patented Oscillating Frame Actuators deliver performance with an optimal combination of tactile sensation, size, weight and power consumption, making it an ideal fit for any haptic application. For the retail industry, Israel fields five new startups, including Hexa and Syte. Syte provides visual AI technology for consumers to search with images and social media during their shopping trips, while enabling retailers with detailed and accurate textual tags for their inventory using only the product image. Hexa, an AI-based platform, creates, scales and distributes 3D content by automatically converting existing 2D images into VR, AR and 3Dweb-compatible assets. About that flying car: NFT is showcasing a twoor four-seater electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL): a car and airplane at the same time. It drives on the road and flies like a plane. People living within 150 miles of a city can commute in less than one hour, door-to-door.

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CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019 | 161

JANUARY 10, 2019 8:30-9:10 AM Kids@Play/Family Tech Summit, presented by L iving in Digital Times, Building Tomorrow’s Leaders with Today’s Play Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4302 9-10 AM Innovation Policy, presented by C  onsumer Technology Association, Drones: Mapping the Policy and Business Landscape LVCC, North Hall, N258 9-10 AM IoT Infrastructure Solutions, presented by IMC, IoT Software Platforms: Measure Twice, Cut Once LVCC, North Hall, N253, $ 9-10 AM Research Summit, presented by Consumer Technology Association, 5G and Technology: Oh, the Places We’ll Go! LVCC, North Hall, N256 9-10 AM Service Robotics Arrive in Daily Life, presented by R  obotics Business Review/RoboBusiness, Looking Ahead to Our Lives With Robots LVCC, North Hall, N262, $

9-10 AM Smart Cities, presented by Consumer Technology Association, Fueling Big Cities With Sundip Doshi, Founder and CEO, AerNos Inc. Westgate, Level 1, Ballroom F

9-9:30 AM Disruptive Innovations in Health Care: CME Accredited, presented by Consumer Technology Association and the American Heart Association, What’s Hot in Health at CES 2019 Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4305, $ 9:10-9:40 AM Kids@Play/Family Tech Summit, presented by Living in Digital Times, STEAM Powered Play Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4302 9:30-10 AM C Space Storytellers, presented by Consumer Technology Association, C Space Storyteller: Hulu ARIA, Level 2, Mariposa Ballroom

9:30-10 AM Navigating the Global Marketplace, sponsored by Alibaba, Buying on LVCC, South Plaza, 62000

10:15-11:15 AM Smart Cities, presented by C  onsumer Technology Association, Cities Flirt with Blockchain Westgate, Level 1, Ballroom F

9:40-10:10 AM Kids@Play/Family Tech Summit, presented by L iving in Digital Times, Cracking the Coding Question Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4302

10:30-11 AM Navigating the Global Marketplace, sponsored by Alibaba, Reshaping Global Commerce LVCC, South Plaza, 62000

9:45-10:45 AM Disruptive Innovations in Health Care: CME Accredited, presented by Consumer Technology Association and the American Heart Association, Digital Therapeutics: Empowering People and Revolutionizing Treatment Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4305, $ 10-10:30 AM Navigating the Global Marketplace, sponsored by Alibaba, Meet Suppliers LVCC, South Plaza, 62000 10-11:45 AM Startup Insights, presented by C  onsumer Technology Association, CTA Foundation Social Pitch sponsored by A  ARP Sands, Hall G, 50268 10:10-10:40 AM Kids@Play/Family Tech Summit, presented by L iving in Digital Times, Voice and AI: Are They Kids’ New BFF? Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4302 10:15-11 AM C Space Storytellers, presented by Consumer Technology Association, C Space Storyteller: Samsung Ads and Finecast ARIA, Level 2, Mariposa Ballroom 10:15-11:15 AM Innovation Policy, presented by Consumer Technology Association, Tech Revolutionizing Medicine – If We Let It LVCC, North Hall, N258 10:15-11:15 AM IoT Infrastructure Solutions, presented by IMC, IoT Transforms Supply Chain for Retail and Consumer Goods LVCC, North Hall, N253, $ 10:15-11:15 AM Research Summit, presented by Consumer Technology Association, Future Challenges, Current Performance: Opportunities for Retail LVCC, North Hall, N256 10:15-11:15 AM Service Robotics Arrive in Daily Life, presented by R  obotics Business Review/ RoboBusiness, Household Robots: Doing the Chores We Don’t Want to Do LVCC, North Hall, N262, $

10:55-11:15 AM Kids@Play/Family Tech Summit, presented by L iving in Digital Times, “Mixed Play” Experiences Lets Digital Get Phygital Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4302 11-11:30 AM Navigating the Global Marketplace, sponsored by Alibaba, Selling on LVCC, South Plaza, 62000 11 AM-12 PM Disruptive Innovations in Health Care: CME Accredited, presented by Consumer Technology Association and the American Heart Association, Treating Chronic Conditions with Mobile Apps Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4305, $ 11:30-11:50 AM Kids@Play/Family Tech Summit, presented by L iving in Digital Times, Kids, Creativity; Tech: Adding Humor and Heart Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4302

11:30 AM-12:30 PM Innovation Policy, presented by Consumer Technology Association, Make Trade, Not Tariffs With Sarah Thorn, Senior Director, Global Government Affairs, Walmart LVCC, North Hall, N258

11:30 AM-12:30 PM IoT Infrastructure Solutions, presented by IMC, Navigate Regional and Global Policies for IoT Consumer Markets LVCC, North Hall, N253, $ 11:30 AM-12:30 PM Research Summit, presented by Consumer Technology Association, The Evolution of Product Data: New Shopping Revelations LVCC, North Hall, N256 11:30 AM-12:30 PM Service Robotics Arrive in Daily Life, presented by R  obotics Business Review/RoboBusiness, On the Menu: Robots Cook Up Faster Food LVCC, North Hall, N262, $

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1/9/19 11:13 AM

162 | CES 2019 DAILY | JANUARY 8-11, 2019 11:50 AM-12:30 PM Kids@Play/Family Tech Summit, presented by Living in Digital Times, Connected Cool Kids Landscape 2.0 Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4302

1:55-2:20 PM Kids@Play/Family Tech Summit, presented by L iving in Digital Times, Is My Kid Tech Addicted? (Spoiler Alert: No) Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4302

3:15-3:45 PM Kids@Play/Family Tech Summit, presented by L iving in Digital Times, Adding the Human Touch to Smart Homes and IoT Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4302

1-1:30 PM Kids@Play/Family Tech Summit, presented by L iving in Digital Times, Protecting Our Kids - Policy Around Connected Toys Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4302

2:15-3:15 PM Design and Source, presented by Consumer Technology Association, Key Technologies for CE Product Designs LVCC, South Plaza, 62000

3:30-4:30 PM Design and Source, presented by C  onsumer Technology Association, Global Product Labeling Requirements for Cyber LVCC, South Plaza, 62000

1-2 PM Design and Source, presented by C  onsumer Technology Association, Critical Materials Sustainability and Lithium-ion Batteries LVCC, South Plaza, 62000

2:15-3:15 PM Disruptive Innovations in Health Care: CME Accredited, presented by Consumer Technology Association and the American Heart Association, New Reimbursement Models Driving Virtual Care and Remote Patient Monitoring Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4305, $

3:30-4:30 PM Disruptive Innovations in Health Care: CME Accredited, presented by Consumer Technology Association and the American Heart Association, The Power of AI in Health Care Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4305, $

1-2 PM Disruptive Innovations in Health Care: CME Accredited, presented by Consumer Technology Association and the American Heart Association, Telehealth and the Uberization of Health Care ? Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4305, $ 1-2 PM Innovation Policy, presented by C  onsumer Technology Association, Solving Bias in Artificial Intelligence LVCC, North Hall, N258

1-2 PM Service Robotics Arrive in Daily Life, presented by Robotics Business Review/ RoboBusiness, Can Robots and Automation Revitalize Retail? With Steve Carlin, Chief Strategy Officer, SoftBank Robotics LVCC, North Hall, N262, $

1-2 PM Smart Cities, presented by C  onsumer Technology Association, When Does My Air Taxi Arrive? Westgate, Level 1, Ballroom F 1-2 PM Smart Future, sponsored by D  eloitte, The Future of Smart Entertainment: Consumers in Control ARIA, Level 2, Mariposa Ballroom 1-2 PM Startup Insights, presented by C  onsumer Technology Association, A New Era of Collaboration, Powered by Canon Sands, Hall G, 50268 1:35-1:55 PM Kids@Play/Family Tech Summit, presented by L iving in Digital Times, Kids, Tech; Games: From Minecraft to Fortnite Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4302

2:15-3:15 PM Service Robotics Arrive in Daily Life, presented by R  obotics Business Review/RoboBusiness, Creating Tomorrow’s Robotic Caregivers LVCC, North Hall, N262, $

2:15-3:15 PM Smart Cities, presented by C  onsumer Technology Association, What’s Next for Transportation in the Smart City? With Catherine Pugh, Mayor, City of Baltimore Westgate, Level 1, Ballroom F

2:15-3:15 PM Smart Future, sponsored by D  eloitte, The Future of Advertising for TV Publishers ARIA, Level 2, Mariposa Ballroom 2:20 -2:40 PM Kids@Play/Family Tech Summit, presented by L iving in Digital Times, Slow and Steady: Media for Pause and Reflection Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4302 2:40-3 PM Kids@Play/Family Tech Summit, presented by L iving in Digital Times, Take Time For You, Be There For Them Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4302 3-4 PM Startup Insights, presented by C  onsumer Technology Association, Success Factors for Entering North American Market Sands, Hall G, 50268

3:30-4:30 PM Service Robotics Arrive in Daily Life, presented by R  obotics Business Review/ RoboBusiness, R2-D2 or C-3PO? Should General-Purpose Robots Be Humanoid? LVCC, North Hall, N262, $ 3:30-4:30 PM Smart Cities, presented by C  onsumer Technology Association, Smart Cities, Public Safety and Disaster Preparedness/Recovery Westgate, Level 1, Ballroom F 3:30-4:30 PM Smart Future, sponsored by D  eloitte, Superheroes from the Screen to the Workplace ARIA, Level 2, Mariposa Ballroom 3:45-4:15 PM Kids@Play/Family Tech Summit, presented by L iving in Digital Times, New Parents Power the Baby Tech Craze Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4302 4:30-5 PM Startup Insights, presented by C  onsumer Technology Association, GES, Government; You: Partners in Innovation? Sands, Hall G, 50268 4:40-5 PM Kids@Play/Family Tech Summit, presented by Living in Digital Times, How Data; Technology Fuels Multigenerational Branding Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4302 5-5:30 PM Kids@Play/Family Tech Summit, presented by L iving in Digital Times, New Technologies; Easy-to-Use Design: Count Seniors In Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4302 6-7:30 PM Kids@Play/Family Tech Summit, presented by L iving in Digital Times, 10th Annual KAPI (Kids At Play Interactive) Awards Reception Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4302

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CES Daily Show Day 3 - January 10, 2019  

CES Daily Show Day 3 - January 10, 2019

CES Daily Show Day 3 - January 10, 2019  

CES Daily Show Day 3 - January 10, 2019