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 ssential guide E to iPhone Get to know your iPhone and see how it can enrich your life both at home and at work

Essential guide 8 Essential guide to the iPhone

Setting up 20 24 26 27 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 43 44 46 48 50

“You can do even more with apps from the App Store”

Activate and register a new iPhone Get to grips with Settings Set up a Wi-Fi connection Connect to 4G Set up your iCloud account Sync your apps with iCloud Use iCloud to back up your iPhone Create a Passcode Lock Customise Touch ID settings Understand 3D Touch Control your privacy settings Sync your music collection Sync movies to your iPhone Use Lock screen widgets Customise the Notification Centre Change your wallpaper Set up Find My iPhone

6 iPhone for Beginners

Getting started 54 56 57 58 60 62 64 66 68 70 72 74 76 78 80 82

Add a contact Call a person from your contacts Make a call using the keypad Reject incoming calls with a message or reminder Understand the Do Not Disturb setting Chat with FaceTime Manage your messages Understand the latest iMessage functions Access your emails Manage personal and business accounts in Mail Get more from Safari Find your way with Maps Discover Maps’ handiest features Use the Camera Understand the Camera modes Shoot video on your iPhone

84 86 88 90 92 94

Explore the Photos app Multitask with the Control Centre Tell the time with the Clock app Add an event in your Calendar Set location-based Reminders K  eep track of current affairs with News 96 Navigate your iPhone using Siri 98 Use Facebook integration 100 Get to grips with Twitter integration 102 Track your fitness with the Health app 104 Set up and start using Apple Pay


The next step What to do now you’ve mastered the basics

“Master the basics and then move on to the next level – there will be no stopping you!”


Essential iPhone apps

Get the top apps on your iPhone

The next step 108 Jot down your thoughts with the Notes app 110 Use the App Store 112 Get the most from iTunes 114 Use iTunes to download music

116 118 120 122 124 126 128 130 132 134 136 138 140 142

Buy and view TV shows Explore Apple Music Create a playlist in Apple Music Enhance your audio entertainment with Podcasts Use iPhone Videos Purchase an ebook Find your way around iBooks Create a movie in iMovie Make music in GarageBand Create documents in the Pages app Make spreadsheets in the Numbers app Captivate an audience with a presentation in Keynote Browse the Files app Set up your Apple Watch

Essential apps 144 Essential iPhone apps

Discover which apps will help you get more from your iPhone

iPhone for Beginners 7

Essential guide Explore the iPhone X’s hardware

Learn how to find your way around Apple’s revolutionary device New design

The iPhone X features an edge-to-edge display as well as an all-glass front and back, making it lighter than older iPhone models

TrueDepth camera

With an infrared camera, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor and flood illuminator the iPhone X can take selfies better than any other iPhone

Face ID

The front-facing camera can scan the user’s face to confirm their identity. This can be used to unlock the phone or confirm payments using Apple Pay

Large Power button Now called the ‘Side button,’ not only did it see an increase in size, it can also be used to activate Siri by long-pressing or press it twice to bring up Apple Pay

Super retina display

The iPhone X is Apple’s first phone to use an OLED display. The 5.8 screen has a resolution of 2436x1125 at 458ppi

Wireless charging

The glass back of the iPhone X allows it to use Qi-standard wireless charging technology. There are plenty of charging mats on the market already

16 iPhone for Beginners

No Home button

The Home button has been removed to make way for the all-screen design, but its functions have been moved to other buttons or changed to swiping gestures


You can also connect other devices to your iPhone, such as keyboards and speakers. Here we explore some of the possibilities AirPods

Fitness armband

These wireless earphones, released alongside the iPhone 7, provide exceptional sound quality and include sensors that can detect when you are listening and when you are not so they can stop the music accordingly

Keep your iPhone secure and close at hand to monitor your fitness and supply motivational music during your workouts with this attractive armband from Belkin

Apple Watch

Get more from your iPhone with the Apple Watch. Accept calls, track your heartbeat, make payments and so much more with this brilliantly intuitive piece of kit

Guitar interface

You can plug your electric guitar straight into your iPhone using devices such as the IK Multimedia iRig 2 Guitar Interface and apply a range of cool effects to your sounds


Why not help preserve the wellbeing of your treasured iPhone by investing in a silicone case? These stylish covers from Apple come in a wide range of colours and offer plenty of spongy protection for your device

iPhone for Beginners 17

Getting started Add a contact

Create and update contacts on the iPhone Now that you’ve finally got your hands on a shiny new iPhone, one of the first things you’re going to want to do is add a contact in the excellent Contacts app. It has easyto-navigate buttons and a natural feel. If you’re new to the whole touchscreen concept, then this process will be a revelation in simplicity. Not only can you add all the pertinent information you need, but there are cool little extras hidden in your iPhone that make the system very slick, intuitive and easy to use. The Contacts app works when your iPhone is held vertically, and this will give you access to all the options you’ll ever need. You can literally feel your way around all of the apps on your iPhone, and the Contacts app is certainly no different. Remember that even if you make a mistake, you can go back and edit anything you like over and over again until you’re happy with it. You can also sync contacts from your other iOS and macOS devices using iCloud – so you only ever need create a new contact on any device once.

Edit contacts

You can go back to any contact you want and edit their details by tapping on the Edit button at the very top of the page. Hit Done when complete


Once you’ve entered a contact, you can talk with them in many ways, including text message and FaceTime

“There are cool extras hidden in your iPhone that make the system slick, intuitive and easy to use”

Contacts Add people to your contacts

01 Open the app

02 Tap and type

03 Cross it

Open the Contacts app from the Home screen of your iPhone, and then tap the ‘+’ button, which can be found in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

After doing this, you can start entering the necessary information. First, tap on the field that you wish to start with. A logical place to start is with the first name.

As you get used to the keyboard, you may find yourself making mistakes. You can use the backspace button to delete characters, or remove everything using the ‘x’ button.

54 iPhone for Beginners

04 Add photo

05 Take your pic

06 Move and scale

To add a photo, just tap the add photo button. You can choose to either take a new photo, or add an existing one from your photo library if there’s one you already like.

You can now choose from the pictures that you have to hand. If there are more pictures than can fit in the window, then you can scroll up and down to view them all.

You are now able to move and scale the picture that you have selected according to your preferences. Pinch or reverse pinch in order to zoom in and out of the picture.

07 Choose or cancel

08 Add fields

09 Finish up

Once the picture has been arranged how you would like it, tap on the Choose button at the bottom of the window. The picture you have selected will then slide into place.

Go through the rest of the form and add as much or as little information for your contact as you want. Just tap on a field to edit it, and the keyboard will spring up.

Once you are completely finished, all you have to do is hit the Done button in the top-right corner of the screen in order to save the changes. Now, proceed to contact your contact!

iPhone for Beginners 55

Getting started Understand the powerful Camera modes The iPhone cameras are not only technically brilliant; they also provide a varied selection of powerful modes to play with The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus cameras are extremely impressive and you should have all of the tools you need for any type of photo or video built into the software. We will show you how to use each of the included modes here and how to add some personality to your shots, but as with any camera, patience and a basic understanding of lighting will always help achieve the best photographs. It’s highly likely that your iPhone is good enough for you to leave your standalone camera at home, and for most purposes it will produce shots that are more than clear enough in every type of situation. If you have an iPhone X then your camera has the new Portrait Lighting feature, which creates studio lighting effects to provide the best selfies.

Extra functions

At the top you can choose whether to enable HDR or not, set a timer for group shots and also turn the flash on and off

Be focused

Tap the screen to focus and slide your finger up and down to adjust the exposure. Every adjustment is previewed in real-time

“The iPhone is good enough for you to leave your standalone camera at home”

Camera Take control of the iPhone camera

01 Lighting and timing

02 Tap to focus

03 Control the exposure

Before you snap, check the options at the top. You can set the flash to automatic and enable HDR for landscape shots. On the iPhone 8 Plus you also have the Portrait option that recreates a bokeh effect.

With ‘PHOTO’ selected at the bottom of the screen, tap anywhere and the lens will focus on that area. This means you can make any part of the foreground the subject.

When focussed, you will see a sun icon next to the yellow square. You can move this up and down to manually control the exposure and your changes will be shown in real-time before the photo is taken.

80 iPhone for Beginners

04 A perfect square

05 Capture a panoramic photo

06 Capture a video

Scroll the modes to ‘SQUARE’ at the bottom to use the camera in the same way as normal, but the resultant photo will be formatted for social networks like Instagram. It’s a surprisingly useful mode.

The ‘PANO’ option is very clever, but you will need a steady hand. When in this mode, tap the capture button and slowly move the iPhone from left to right; the end result will be impressive.

Capture a video by scrolling to ‘VIDEO’ mode and hitting the capture button. Try to take videos while holding the iPhone horizontally as the end result will be more suitable for YouTube.

07 Slow it down

08 Time lapsing

09 Clever filters

Once you have selected the ‘SLO-MO’ mode and taken a video, you can play it back and slide the top bar to choose exactly where the slow motion effect starts and ends.

Select ‘TIME-LAPSE’ and then the capture button to take a series of shots which will display as a timelapse once complete. You need to take a long video because the final product will be much shorter.

Tap the icon in the camera mode that looks like three interlocked circles. You can now access filters which will preview in real-time and be applied to your photo. It’s easy to remove the filter afterwards.

iPhone for Beginners 81

The next step Use the App Store

One of the best things about your iPhone is that it can be upgraded on the go. The App Store allows you to make the iPhone even better than it already is The iPhone is magical, and a major part of the magic is that you can expand its capabilities with cheap or even free apps. The App Store has been a roaring success for Apple, with over 2.2 million applications to choose from – not to mention the $70 billion that it has made for developers. In iOS 11, the App Store got a major redesign, with the store being split into two major sections; Apps and Games. There is also the new Today section which has interviews with developers of the most popular apps in the store and more. The software tends to be incredibly good value – it’s amazing what your iPhone can do after just a 99p investment. And navigating the App Store is easy too. Simply use the section icons at the bottom of the interface to jump to the various parts of the store, or see what’s popular in the Search tab. Follow our guide on these pages to get the most from the App Store.

“The number and range of applications on offer is stunning”

Featured apps

The Featured section of the each page showcases the latest releases or updates and the most popular downloads


From the bottom menu you can see the featured apps in the Today section, search for a specific app or see which ones need to be updated

App Store Learn how to use the App Store

01 Discover great games

02 Find new apps

03 Search for specifics

At the top of this section will be the featured games - these can be new titles or ones with major updates. Scrolling down will take you to see the most popular downloads.

The App section is formatted the same way as the Games section. Scroll down to the very bottom to find links to redeem a gift card or download code, as well as a parent’s guide to the store.

If you know the name of the app that you would like to download, then all you need to do is tap the Search tab along the bottom and type keywords into the blank field.

110 iPhone for Beginners

04 Browse the charts

05 Check out categories

06 Buy an app

Apple allows you to see the Top Paid and Top Free charts for both Apps and Games, which is rather useful. Scroll down to the Top Charts in either section and press See All.

If you are not completely sure what you want, but have a general idea, then you can scroll down to the Categories section of either the App or Games tab and tap on See All.

07 Update an app

08 Explore the Today section

09 View the game or app of the day

Over time, apps get updated. Tap on the Updates tab at the bottom-right corner, and see if you have any that require updating. The screen tells you if all of your apps are up to date.

The today section is the first thing you will see when you boot up the app. There is a daily group of apps and games with a brief description on why you may want them, as well as a game and app of the day.

The page will give a description of what the game or app is, any cool features and why you should download it. At the bottom of each page will be a link to buy or download the application.

When you are ready to buy an app, the process is very straightforward. Simply tap on the price, and a small menu will appear. Tap Purchase, and then enter your password.

iPhone for Beginners 111

Essential apps Watch the latest shows and movies Netflix

Price: Free

A huge library There is a huge library of movies and TV shows to choose from and a simple search will bring up a myriad of options to view

Extra Netflix settings You can choose if you want to stream the shows over mobile or just Wi-Fi. If you have limited mobile data, choose only Wi-Fi

Your personal choices The software will work out what you like to watch and offer recommendations. It also remembers where you left off for next time

Enjoy amazing streaming quality

The speed at which the Netflix app can stream shows and the resulting quality will impress you every single time you use it

Stream music Spotify

Price: Free

Spotify offers you the ability to stream millions of music tracks any time you like and the library is now so large that it is unlikely that you will not find any track you want. The software is very slick and the reliability and speed of the service are mesmerising, with the ability to play tracks offline if you subscribe to the monthly service. This software could completely change the way you consume music and open up your music preferences greatly. 150 iPhone for Beginners

01 See what’s new

A tap of the New Releases option will show you all of the music that has just been released. You may be surprised to find that very recent albums are available.

02 Play tracks offline

To play tracks offline on your device, you will need to subscribe to the monthly plan. This means that you can play your music without an internet connection.

Read in style Kindle Price: Free

Amazon’s Kindle app offers a raft of advantages over competing services. For a start, the eBook library is gargantuan and you will be able to find any title you are interested in. Also, the sync service ensures that when you stop reading a book at any point, you can carry on using another device seamlessly. Pricing is on the whole very competitive and the software itself offers a reading experience that is clean and clear enough to make the entire experience as enjoyable as possible. If you want to start reading eBooks, this is a great app and online service to start with.

02 Set up the experience

The ‘Aa’ icon option lets you choose the text size, font, brightness and line widths in seconds, plus you can also choose which exact theme you prefer to read with.

01 Your book library

You can view your entire ebook collection using the top-left icon. It will show you all of the ebooks that have been downloaded and also those stored in the cloud.

03 It’s time to read

You will now be able to sit back and relax while enjoying a good book whenever and wherever you want to. The portability of a phone or tablet adds much convenience.

Turn your device into an e-reader Kobo Books Price: Free

Sign in or create a free account and then enjoy a wide array of titles to download and read on your device. You are also presented with a few free reads to get your started.

Comixology Price: Free

Comixology offers over 100,000 comics to buy or with Comixology Unlimited you can pay a monthly fee and read as many books as you wish.

Audible Price: Free

If you want to give your eyes a rest and listen to books instead of reading them then the Audible app is packed full of captivating audio books to download. iPhone for Beginners 151


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