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TOP DESIGN TRENDS D&AD and Future Laboratory identify four key movements to inspire your work in 2015

Leading agencies reveal how to choose the ideal fonts for any design project DESIGN AN APP INTERFACE

Exclusive video walkthrough: how ustwo developed a new app for Lush cosmetics

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march 2015

editor’s letter Typeface selection is a true artform, and as any multidisciplinary designer knows, it goes well beyond simple aesthetics. Factors such as tone of voice, emphasis and cultural associations are all essential to consider. But when you also take practical considerations such as usage format, language support and licensing into account, the once overwhelming amount of choice on offer is soon whittled down. Our special report this issue gets to the heart of how four world-class studios – Pentagram, Studio Dumbar, Frost* Design and Typotheque – tackle this daily challenge as part of their workflow, spanning everything from branding to editorial design and beyond. Elsewhere, we explore what agents can, and should, do to help boost your success as a designer or illustrator – and how you can get the most from the additional opportunities that representation can provide. And with the dust from last month’s Charlie Hebdo tragedy still settling, we also asked Adrian Shaughnessy to consider what creative freedom really means, and how the aftershock from events like this affects us all. With design students everywhere soon to start working away on their portfolios, next month’s special issue covers everything you need to know about pitching yourself just right – whether going for a job, or just presenting your body of work to prospective clients. Don’t miss it.

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Nick Carson Editor


studio dumBar

This month’s cover is designed by globally renowned Dutch design agency Studio Dumbar, which specialises in creating every visible expression of a brand or organisation. Check out the feature on page 44 for their take on picking the perfect typeface.

Tim rodgers

Born in Northern Ireland, Tim is the co-founder and creative partner of rehabstudio, an independent digital creative-technology company based in Belfast, London and New York. Turn to page 28, where he discusses the art of evoking emotion through UX design.

dev morgan

Dev is a lead designer working on software and services for global digital studio ustwo, with bases in London, Malmo and New York. Follow Dev’s process on page 83 as he demonstrates how Sketch can be used to prototype a shopping basket for an iPhone 6 app interface.

joy nazzari

Director and co-founder of d&co, Joy Nazzari reveals how her agency collaborated with Poke to rebrand the old London 2012 media centre as new creative hub Here East in the first of our project diaries, starting on page 76.

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lukas haider

Based in Vienna, Austria, multidisciplinary graphic designer Lukas currently works at design studio GREAT. He found his way into design by creating posters and album art for befriended musicians, as he discusses in more detail in our profile on page 56.

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6 March 2015

Nick Carson

editor This month, Nick spent a week skiing in Val Thorens in the French Alps. He remembered how to parallel turn after eight years, but unfortunately that didn’t work on ice and he’s sporting a bruise the size of a dinner plate.

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jo gulliver


VivIENNE CALVERT Production controller Mark Constance Production manager

Art editor Jo celebrated her birthday this month, and might just treat herself to a new phone as a result – although the smashed screen of her current handset reminds her so much of travelling that she’s hesitant to part with it.

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OPERATIONS editor One of Tim’s New Year’s resolutions is to be more active. Team CA plan to play regular badminton (in theory), but he’s also invested in new running shoes in case a collective post-resolution inertia sets in.


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Rich Carter

Designer Rich spent much of January combing eBay listings for potential furniture bargains to help make his home feel more lived-in. His big plan for 2015 is to find a new hobby, so tweet your suggestions to @Rich_Carter.


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sammy maine Sammy’s love for cinema went up a notch this month after she saw Hollywood satire Birdman. Otherwise she has been listening to rock band Sleater-Kinney’s new album on a loop, because it’s that good.

MARTIN COOPER Martin is currently busying himself reading all about the world’s most famous hacker, Kevin Mitnick, in between trying to learn about the art of rhetoric and lusting after architectural LEGO sets.

beren neale

julia sagar

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ISSUE 237 M A RCH 20 15



Trends: As D&AD launches the New Blood Awards 2015, the organisation teams up with Future Laboratory to pick the hottest trends in design


 eople: Teemu Suviala discusses his new creative P director role at Wolff Olins, plus a look round the studios of Menosunocerouno and Brands & People


Places: Cape Town creatives Robyn Cooke, Jepchumba and Simon Deiner show you round the highlights of the city ahead of Design Indaba


 vents: Marc Chacksfield discovers some true E design innovations among the stalls at this years Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada



22  does creative freedom exist? Adrian Shaughnessy considers what Charlie Hebdo tells us about the power of imagery and creative responsibility 26

Our selection of the world’s best new graphic design, illustration and motion graphics work 30

burn your business plan: Sabrina Smelko sets out her uncompromising outlook on the dangers of advance planning – and what to do instead

28  design to control emotions: Evoking an emotional response through user experience is an artform in itself, argues rehabstudio’s Tim Rodgers


83  design a mobile interface in sketch: Dev Morgan of ustwo demonstrates how Sketch can be used to create a shopping basket in an iPhone app

need to know

Project diaries

94  take control of your fonts Christopher Phin sheds light on the tricky business of font management in creative projects

Big branding for East London’s epic creative space, a pop-up cocktail menu for The Savoy Hotel, and a CGI-free Hammerson shopping arcade ad 75

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The latest in our exclusive series of video documentaries visits the influential studio that runs its own publishing house 70

Tony Brook, co-founder of Spin

Unit Editions’ Adrian Shaughnessy

S peci a l R ep ort

pick the perfect typeface

Selecting the right typeface for the job depends on function, context and a whole host of other factors that need to be taken into account, as Anne Wollenberg discovers 44

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lukas haider

Music is a constant source of inspiration for this Vienna-based designer and VJ collective co-founder 56

In du s t r y iss ue s

IS AN agent FOR YOU?

Do you need an agent? What can they do for you? And how can you make the most of representation? Find out here 64

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T r e nds CULTURE Technology awakens in OgilvyOne Worldwide’s campaign for British Airways, with digital billboards capable of reacting to passing aircraft

D &AD NEw b l o o d

Aiming for the sky As D&AD launches the New Blood Awards 2015, the organisation teams up with Future Laboratory to pick the hottest trends in design ach year D&AD documents and rewards the finest work by creatives across a range of disciplines through the D&AD Awards, and the D&AD New Blood Awards. By doing so, D&AD is uniquely positioned to track new things happening across the creative indistries. With the New Blood Awards 2015 now launched, we invited D&AD and The Future Laboratory to give us some insight into the key consumer trends that are shaping society. From the ever-expanding role of technology, to our changing sense of identity and on to our desire to explore the more extreme ends of the spectrum, these understanding these trends could help you think about the next brief you tackle. Turn the page, and perhaps these trends and the accompanying case studies will inspire some winning creative ideas. These trends have also helped inform the briefs D&AD has developed for this year’s New Blood competition. Whether you’re a copywriter or photographer, a digital specialist, product designer or something in-between – there’s a brief for you. This year’s brands include Airbnb, BBC, Facebook, John Lewis, Vice and the WWF.


The D&AD New Blood Awards are open to aspiring creatives under the age of 24 and recent graduates. If your course finished on or after 1 January 2013, then you’re eligible to enter. To find out more, visit the D&AD website where you’ll find the full rules and a series of briefs to choose from. Then simply decide whether you’ll go it alone or assemble a crack team, and go ahead and make your mark. To download this year’s brief packs, visit The deadline is 5pm GMT on 31 March 2015. Best of luck!

CULTUR E Tren d s

Awakening Tech Our digital and offline worlds are converging. We have become bedfellows with robots, we take advice from gadgets and we ask life’s questions from mega-systems. But how can we embrace technology without losing our own humanity in the process? Perhaps the answer lies with designers who’ll discover how to use technology in ways that inspire and engage people, and really makes a difference to them as they go about their day.

Magic of Flying For British Airways, OgilvyOne Worldwide built the world’s first billboards that reacted to BA planes flying overhead. Using an ADSB antenna, they read every aircraft’s transponder data within a 200km radius. The ads displayed each plane’s flight number and the location of its departure. Dynamic retail messaging was also matched to each route, inspiring viewers to book. The campaign won two D&AD Yellow Pencils in 2014.

Living Architecture Rush hour at the train station is a universally stressful experience. NS and ProRail in The Netherlands wanted to improve the transfer process on station platforms, making it more comfortable, faster and safer. Edenspiekermann helped develop LED strips positioned above each platform showing travellers everything they need to know. Using a system of coloured bands, they even indicate how busy the train is. A three-month pilot at Den Bosch train station was very successful and travellers gave NS a significantly higher rating at the end of the trial period. The project won a Black Pencil at the 2014 D&AD Awards.

Sharded Self Social media is changing how we interact, make decisions and form opinions. As we pin, post and preen our way to an ideal online identity, these personality fragments are forming the components of a new ‘sharded self’ – it appears as if we can inhabit as many lives as we like.

Enjoy Your Privacy Only one in three smartphone users install security software to protect their devices, which is staggering when you consider how much potentially embarassing information we keep on them. Advertising agency Leo Burnett created Enjoy Your Privacy to challenge security apathy by dramatising the risks of leaving information and WiFi connections unprotected. Using WebSocket, users can pair their phones with their desktops. However, once the synchronisation process is underway participants appear to gain access to seven strangers’ phones. They can then see intimate photos, text messages, emails and financial information. Each character has a secret, which is revealed when you view certain pieces of trigger content. An epilogue video plays once the secrets are revealed, explaining the campaign.

ASOS Face/Off Last year students Lena Paik and Nicholas Cheong of Lasalle College of the Arts were New Blood winners with a proposed app for ASOS. It’s always awkward bumping into someone wearing the same outfit, so they created a new way for people to showcase their clothing choices and stage outfit battles. You upload an outfit photo, and the app uses image recognition to search for challengers wearing something similar. Other users can then vote, chosing the winners of these outfit battles every hour. The results are put on a leaderboard and the winners can then be featured on the ASOS site.

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