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Get more from your collaborations and take your design work to the next level August 2013





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Sea Design reveals the process behind projects for Monotype and Regatta clothing


on how Adobe’s controversial subsonly move will affect pro designers

Featuring... • The latest trends • Inspiring poster design • Hvass&Hannibal • Creative collaboration •E  steban Diácono • Fresh talent at D&AD New Blood and New Designers • And much more...

Why this popular field of design still packs a punch

august 2013

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TRENDS: The French photographer pioneering a new eccentric, eclectic style, plus a quirky batch of designer beanbags from Barcelona

ind us t r y i s s u es


 EOPLE: Wade through the “colourful, organised P mess” of Zim&Zou’s workspace, plus two studios pooling resources in a new collaborative venture


 LACEs: A creative tour of Manila courtesy of P photography duo Ryan Vergara and Garovs Garrovillo


 vents: We check out the fresh talent at D&AD E New Blood, New Designers and the University of the Arts London, and report from Cannes Lions festival


SKILL UP OR GET LEFT BEHIND: Paul Wyatt argues that Adobe’s controversial subs-only model will benefit a new breed of multidisciplinary creatives


PLAYING THE PLATFORM GAME: However excited a client is about new tech, says Dean Johnson, a new idea must have an audience to succeed


capturing the festival spirit: With the festival season in full swing, Becky Barker asks how good branding can help reflect the experience


Machine dreams: Non-Format reveals the creative process behind its robot-inspired branding for Norway’s Only Connect Festival


 music made visible: How a charity project inspired Matt(H)Booth to develop an experimental graphic tool to visualise sound waves


unite & conquer

How creative collaboration can yield genuinely fresh and exciting results 70




PERFECTING THE PUZZLE GAME: Manesh Mistry developed a simple, graphic interface for iOS puzzler Blip Blup during a ‘project holiday’ at ustwo

Our selection of the world’s best new graphic design, illustration and motion graphics work 32 -8-

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7/10/13 5:53 PM


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: the designer series The fifth part in our series exploring the working practices of the world’s leading studios visits Sea Design 46

Monotype’s James Fooks-Bale swings by

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SP eci a l r eport

The power of posters

Renowned critic and design writer Rick Poynor explores the enduring appeal of poster design in the digital marketplace


Designer Sam Jones on Regatta’s branding

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Stu di o li fe

Hvass & Hannibal

We chat to the co-founders of this fun-loving Danish studio in their bright and airy new workspace in Copenhagen 60

I n c o nv e rs at io n

Esteban Diácono

From near-bankruptcy and depression to global acclaim: meet Buenos Aires’ rising star of motion graphics 76 -9-

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7/10/13 5:53 PM

CULTUR E Trend s

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7/10/13 6:54 PM

T r e nds CULTURE This piece is taken from French photographer Emile Barret’s series A Contemporary Atlas of Human Body Process


Eccentric Eclectic Photographer Emile Barret’s work shuns modern simplicity in favour of a quirky display cabinet of curated objects e love the eccentric nature of the recent work by French photographer Emile Barret. Entitled A Contemporary Atlas of Human Body Process, the collection of images encompasses an eclectic combination of anatomical and scientific visual references, artfully combined with nostalgic illustrative elements, and randomly placed playful objects such as pineapples and pin wheels. The chaotic, yet strangely coherent aesthetic offers a breath of fresh air against the current backdrop of considered minimalism, suggesting the emergence of a more quirky visual landscape. Meanwhile, the eclectic subject matter references an encyclopaedic approach, tapping into an innate human impulse to collect and hoard objects and images.



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7/10/13 6:54 PM

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