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Creat eau nique with phone co layers mpo and 3 sition D too ls

Under the sea Build compositions with blend modes

Discover essential retouching tips for wildlife

Let there be light Build beautiful images with adjustments and layers


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The Pen Tool is definitely one of the most useful features in Photoshop. It’s a tool that offers users incredible precision, and that makes it perfect for selecting objects and sketching out shapes. Ultimately though, it’s designed for drawing, and the Pen Tool has actually changed the way we think about digital illustration. Our feature this issue introduces you to this formidable weapon of Photoshop, and how you can wield it in any project. We’re also especially proud of our tutorials this issue. Learn to sketch from photos, make stunning, detailed photocompositions, create isometric art and even incorporate Lightroom into your wildlife photo edits. Also, make sure to check out our expert reviews, insightful interviews and beautiful galleries. We hope you enjoy the issue!

Erlingur Einarsson Editor

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filters & adjustments 06 FileSilo 20 Master Download the wealth of resources on Compose a stunning underwater offer to you this issue

challenge 07 Readers’ Win Skylum Luminar software worth £64 in this issue’s challenge

gallery 08 Trending Check out some of our favourite art from around the web this month

gallery 10 Readers’ See what your fellow readers have been creating lately

Become an illustrator 12 Feature: with the Pen Tool Learn to make sublime illustrations using Photoshop’s most humble tool

scene with simple techniques, masks, adjustments and filters

sketch effects 26 Create Build sketch effects from photos

using filters, blend modes & masks

a digital watercolour 36 Paint Discover how to transform a photo

into a watercolour painting using an outline and a bespoke brush

vibrant light trails 40 Create Master the art of light trails and

turn your city scenes into glowing works of art

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day into night 46 Transform I Made Control time and learn how to 34 How See how Mohamad Kaaki made the convert a sunny landscape into an beautiful double-exposure River composition from scratch

I Made 51 How Fadi Aijan took a whale into the

desert with excellent editing tricks

I Made 56 How Fabio Paiva shows us how he made his larger-than-life Super Netuno

focus 58 Project Rachel Foo has made a surprise career out of her adorable and stunning cat portraits

88 Reviews All the latest hardware, software and books rated by our expert reviewers

interview 96 Portfolio Glyn Dewis on his fame, his passion for the 1940s and how he’s still learning today

focus 98 Reader Caroline Julia Moore has

accumulated an impressive body of work in a short time


atmospheric night-time composite

a caricature with 52 Mould Face-Aware Liquify

Edit facial features and push past the limits of reality with the traditional Liquify tools

a type poster with 60 Create Photoshop & Capture

Get a project off the ground with Adobe Capture and complete the design in Photoshop

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Advanced Photoshop

a 3D water cube 62 Create Use basic compositing skills and a touch of 3D rendering to create an ambitious isometric composition

images 68 Composite from stock photos

Learn techniques on how to seamlessly blend stock images to create a composite picture using Smart Objects



62 36



40 20

Elements creative filters in 76 Harness Quick mode

animal shots 82 Improve The essential techniques for

a three-colour 78 Make artwork

neon text 84 Create Make your typography glow

Why slave for hours in Expert mode when Quick filters can help?

Break photos down into three colours using Levels & filters

enhancing photos of your furry friends, from colour correction to sharpening detail

with layer styles and brushes

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Readers’ Challenge We challenged you... In issue 166, we challenged you to get creative with the set theme of History. You were allowed to create whatever you wanted, so long as it incorporated the theme somehow.

Upload your images to /PhotoshopCreative Pamela Woerst

History Books All of the pictures used for this image are from Unsplash. A mix of masks, blend modes and selection tools were used to create this picture.

Readers’ Challenge winner This issue’s challenge... Think you can do better? Prove it! Next issue, the theme is Adventure. We don’t mind how you work it into your image, just be as creative as you possibly can! Head to PhotoshopCreative/ and simply hit the Challenge link. Closing date: 16/8/18.

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This issue, one lucky winner will receive Skylum Luminar as their prize! Luminar is a powerful photo-editing tool that can be used on Mac and PC, with great filter options for your images, and in-depth sliders for tweaking.

Honourable mentions See some honourable mentions from this issue’s challenge at


trending images

Check out some of the most popular artwork that’s been rocking the internet over the last few weeks, and take inspiration from what’s currently trending There’s nothing more inspiring than surfing the internet and seeing what other artists are creating, and we encourage you to do so. Here are some of our favourite pictures that caught our attention recently, from some of the world’s most exciting artists and designers.

Muhammed Sajid​

I used Photoshop for this, to create a kind of bristle effect and shading for the illustrations. First I created all the layers and then masked every layer; I gave some depth by using the round soft edge brush with the Dissolve blend mode.

This typographic piece really takes you on a journey! Mirko’s work has been featured by Behance, and we really like how cohesive, bold and smooth it looks. Check out the other cities he illustrated for City of Colors!

Mirko Càmia

London is part of a project called City of Colors. From sketch to Illustrator, I used Adobe Photoshop for post-production and details with custom dirty brushes. For colour correction I focused on gradients using layer masks, Curves and Levels adjustment layers. With two showcases online from Photoshop, Jithin is a proven illustrator with a distinctive style. This piece was part of his February illustrations, viewed over 2,000 times, and demonstrates how filters and brushes can combine to great effect.


Viewed over 9,000 times online, this is part of a project called Home. Muhammed’s clear eye for detail, shape and space is what makes his pieces so well realised, and this is a particular highlight of his work.

Jithin Puthenpurakkal

I always feel that things are more beautiful while they move. I used yellow and orange to make this image warm. It feels great to work with customised brushes in Photoshop CC; I used Radial and Motion Blur to give the feeling of motion.

Featured by The Student Show online, Büşra’s work is bright, beautiful and a fantastic example for aspiring digital illustrators. We loved the simplicity of this piece, and the Some Birds series it was a part of.

AS Roma www. asroma. com/en

Büşra Üzgün

This is actually a simple design. It was fairly easy to create, because it involved using the Photoshop tools that I know best. Textured brushes were key in bringing the piece together and giving it an illustrative vibe.

Football clubs have been falling over themselves to make the most elaborate videos to announce new transfer signings, so we thought we’d go in the opposite direction. Two minutes’ work in Photoshop and 48,000 Likes later, it’s our most successful transfer announcement ever. Thanks Photoshop!

Football clubs’ social media teams reveal new signings, and from Alexis Sánchez to Neymar, players are unveiled explosively on Twitter. This very tongue-in-cheek announcement of Bryan Cristante’s move to Roma caught our eye though, as it did for the 15,000 people who retweeted it.

Tomasz Majewski

To draw my illustration I used Photoshop and self-made brushes. These brushes match my personal hand-drawing style. It’s very important for me to be unique when I digitally draw my artwork. Tomasz has over 10,000 Behance followers, and a lot of his work treads a line between beauty and horror. This particular image is both darkly intriguing and bold around the edges. We think it’s great.


Readers’ Images Welcome to an inspirational round-up of great Photoshop artwork created by none other than your fellow readers

get in touch

Send us your images now for the chance to appear in future galleries Tweet us your creative artwork @PshopCreative Upload your images to Facebook Search PhotoshopCreative

Alternatively, you can email:

Charli Edwards Image of the issue This composite was one of a series I have been working on; the theme is a mix of elemental and opposites. This is one half of a set playing on opposites, so where this one features nature, lush vegetation, seduction and beauty, its sister piece will feature the exact opposite.

Nirmalya Sengupta I turned this image to black and white using Channel Mixer, removed noise and retouched it. I then applied a paint effect using some splash brushes and added a gradient map, before I worked on the typography.

MauriĚ cio Xavier This art was created using a mixture of 3D, digital painting and manipulation of images. I used many references from many horror films and science fiction films to get the result.


Bandula Samarasekera Once I chose the elements, I adjusted each one according to the perspective. Then I masked the working layer to use different blending modes with lighting changes, followed by colour treatment for each element.

Marc Dhaeyer This work was made with stock photos from DeviantArt. The assembling was not too difficult, but it took a lot of adjustment layers to obtain the right result. Finally, the filters from NIK collection finished the job.

Trish Dixon-Royal This piece is termed as digital scrapbooking, which developed from traditional scrapbooking. This particular layout contains nine separate layers created with Photoshop using masks, blend modes and Levels.


become an illustrator with

the pen tool

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