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iOS Meet iPadOS

The iPad gets its own operating system


More like a proper computer in its own right


here’s been speculation for years about Apple unifying its desktop and mobile operating systems. After all, iOS is based on macOS, and today’s iPhones and iPads are powerful enough to run similar software to Macs. Then again, using an iPhone is inevitably a very different experience from using a Mac. The iPad, though, lies somewhere in between, and at WWDC 2019, Craig Federighi announced that it would finally have its own operating system, logically if cumbersomely known as iPadOS. It’s iOS 13 with some extra bits, but the extra bits should make using an iPad for proper work feel less compromised. iPadOS focuses on making use of the bigger screen, working in more than one app or on more than one document at once, and entering and editing text. It also benefits from iOS 13’s new flexibility in accessing files (see p6). Reflecting the growing size and resolution of iPads, the Home screen grid has six icons across rather than five, which still leaves room for them to squash up further when you

In iOS 13, using an iPad for proper work should feel less compromised slide in the new Today View sidebar, bringing your favourite Widgets.

Browser boost Safari will now identify itself as a desktop browser, so websites should appear as they would on your Mac rather than on an iPhone. You can view web pages side by side just by dragging off a URL. In keeping

with the revamped Files app, you can see downloads in progress or recently completed and jump to their file location. Finally, how about using iPad apps with a mouse? Apple still isn’t keen to open this can of worms, but iPadOS does support both USB and Bluetooth mice as an accessibility feature, enabled under Assistive Touch.

Install fonts on your iPadfonts The App Store becomes a type shop


he ability to add typefaces is essential to design and publishing work, and Apple has finally offered support for font installation in iPadOS – via the App Store. A few vendors are already signed up, including Adobe and Monotype, although it’s not clear

if they’ll let users install fonts for which they already own desktop licences at no extra cost, or how Adobe Fonts included in Creative Cloud will be handled. As far as we can tell, the method of installing fonts via configuration profiles, facilitated by apps such as AnyFont, should still work.

iOS Manage payments

Manage your subscriptions Keep on top of your monthly and annual spend on digital services it will take 15 minutes you will learn How to set up and manage Apple Music, Family Sharing and app subscriptions You’ll need An Apple ID, iOS 12 (some features work in earlier versions)

It’s easy to lose track of what you’re paying for and by what means 8|

Love them or loathe them, subs to digital services – music and TV streaming, but also apps – are becoming more common. Already, you might have several of them that you use only on your iOS devices: extra iCloud storage, Apple Music, and recurring payments for third-party apps you need. What’s worrying about them is that it’s easy to lose track of what you’re paying for

and by what means. Apple’s platform doesn’t send you a single itemised bill each month that lists all your outgoings paid through it. So, you need to know where to look in iOS and online to keep an eye on what you’re shelling out for. Even if you have no interest in subscribing to Apple Music, knowing where to look will be even more important if you plan to try any of Apple’s other upcoming subscription services that are coming later this year: Apple News+, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade.

Save money on select subs

Where you can subscribe within an app, as with Dropbox, those subs are manageable from one place in Settings.

When you’re finished checking your spend on subscriptions, consider setting up Family Sharing. If you plan to pay for Apple News+ and have other members in your immediate family who are interested in it too, turning on this feature will save you money because only one of you needs to pay. That’s on top of the other helpful moneysaving and productivity benefits that Family Sharing delivers. (Check out the Jargon Buster on the opposite page.) Nate Drake

iOS Tweak iOS behaviours

Make iOS behave better Here are nine options that everyone should at least investigate it will take 20 minutes you will learn How to adjust iPhone or iPad behaviours for a better experience You’ll need An iOS 12 device (some features work on older versions)

Your iPad (or iPhone) arrives with sensible settings that will suit most people, but it’s wise to check the Settings app for behaviours you might want to tweak. From increasing the privacy of notifications on the Lock screen to improving familiar features like Look Up and Siri, we’ll help you get a running start by highlighting some of the most important settings to check out. Those people with 4G iPads and data plans should definitely pay special attention to steps

4 and 5 on the next page. That said, you may want to hold back on making changes until you are sure which apps are using too much data. Your provider may have an app or a web-based service that breaks down overall data usage. However, you can keep a close watch on individual apps in iOS’s Mobile Data settings menu, which lists the amount used by each one. Those figures are cumulative, and can be cleared by tapping Reset Statistics at the bottom of that page. If you intend to use this, we recommend setting a recurring alert in Reminders to prompt you to do so.

Keep digging!

iOS can help you identify long-term drains on your mobile data allowance 10 |

Sometimes you’ll want to use Hey Siri to make life easier. On occasions when you’d rather your iOS device wasn’t listening for the magic phrase, though, place it face down.

The iTunes and App Stores are much nicer to browse these days, with slick animation and videos of apps and games that autoplay – these look great, but videos can use even more of your mobile data. Not all of our tips are for brand-new devices. If your current iPad or iPhone is running well except for its Home button’s reliability, don’t worry if you can’t afford the money or downtime to get it fixed right now – there’s a software workaround! Alan Stonebridge

APPLE APPS Templates in Pages

Create templates in Pages You can now make your own templates for Pages documents it will take 40 minutes you will learn How to set up a template with replaceable preset content You’ll need An iPad with iOS 11 or later, Pages 5.0 or later

The updates to Pages, Numbers and Keynote for iOS that were announced at the end of March added the ability to save templates, plus more related features. You still can’t create the text placeholders that you find in Apple’s own templates – which can be tapped once to type over – but you can now set images as placeholders. You can already tap any image, tap the brush icon in the toolbar at the top right, go to the Image tab and tap Replace to place a new

image file within the same box. When you set an image as a Placeholder, it just means it gets a little + icon in the bottom right corner that does the same, but faster. You can now switch Pages word processor documents to page layout mode (and vice versa), rather than the mode being fixed by the template you chose when creating a document. Finally, any objects that you create can be saved, and will sync via iCloud, so you can use them again. Just tap and pick ‘Add to Shapes’ to do so. Adam Banks

How to Create and save a template Genius tip! To see and select pages and master pages, tap the icon next to Documents at the top left of Pages’ main view and turn on Page Thumbnails.

1 Make a blank document

In Pages’ template chooser, tap Create Document and choose Blank. Tap More (…) > Document Setup > Document Setup icon (top right). To use page layout mode, turn off Document Body. Turn off Header and Footer.

12 |

2 Set your margins

Setting page margins here should help make a neat layout. Oddly, in page layout mode, Pages ignores them. We’ll work around that. Tap the + icon, pick a square from the shapes tab and resize it to fit the margins.

APP store APPS Make photo notes

Make photo notes with Magpie Get snap happy and remember everything it will take 10 minutes you will learn How to store useful information with photos You’ll need The Magpie - Photos & Notes app

Magpie is the kind of app you didn’t know you needed, and then can’t imagine living without. It’s a kind of notes app, but instead of storing scribbles it’s all about photos. Whether it’s a wedding dress or a wonderful meal, a book or a brilliant beach, a hotel or a hotdog stand… Magpie enables you to snap it all, store it, and find it again later. You can use Magpie in all kinds of ways: as a kind of Pinterest to store things you like the

look of, as a way to organise and share collaborations ranging from birthday gifts to building project ideas, or to record places. That’s one of the most useful scenarios: how many times have you seen a restaurant, cafe, bar or other interesting place and thought “I’ll need to come back and visit”, before forgetting all about it? In Magpie you can snap it, add a map to it, store it and share it. You can share your lists with other app users, or post images to social media. Carrie Marshall

How to Make photo reminders

Genius tip! Magpie works great on iPad, but it’s even more at home on iPhone, of course, since your iPhone goes all the places you do. Your notes will sync between devices, of course!

16 |

1 Make a list

Magpie revolves around lists, so to do anything you’ll need to begin by creating a new list. Give it a meaningful name but don’t worry too much: you can always change it later. Tap Create to continue.

2 Add an item

Here you see the main interface: the list(s) in the panel at the left, and their contents in the larger panel. Our new list doesn’t have any content yet, so we’ll choose to add a photo from our iOS Photos library.

APP store APPS Make punchy posters

Make punchy posters with Typorama Get your personal or professional messages across Jealous of those eye-catching billboards advertising gourmet burgers and the latest fashions? Don’t be: Typorama gives you the ability to create your own with the minimum of effort. But while the app may be simple to use, it’s in no way simplistic. Typorama offers all the tools you need to fine-tune your design to deliver genuinely eye-catching results again and again. You can share your results on social media, create images large enough for A3 printouts or simply create a new background image for your iPad.

it will take 20 minutes you will learn How to design and share posters You’ll need iOS 9.0 or later, Typorama app

The free version of Typorama provides all the basic functionality you need, but you can’t save projects to reuse or adapt. For that you’ll need a Pro licence, which also unlocks additional styles, stock images and overlays, plus the ability to remove and replace the Typorama watermark with your own logo. To unlock Pro features, select a restricted item and tap ‘Unlock’ to access a free threeday trial (which automatically converts to a £3.99/month subscription unless you cancel in Settings), or purchase the app outright for £17.99. Nick Peers

explained… The Typorama interface 1


Pick a style

Text colour and style

Swipe left and right to choose from 60 styles. Keep tapping a style to view its variations.



Edit and position text Double-tap to change the text, tap once to select the text box for resizing, moving and rotating it.

20 |

Use these tabs to change your text’s colour, plus add extra effects using sliders.


Add background




Tap here to select your background image, plus add an overlay, filter and make other adjustments.


GEAR The latest accessories

apple Gear The hottest products for your iPad

AirPods 2nd Gen HHHHH £159 he new version Apple’s wildly popular true wireless headphones are very much an incremental update. The sound is the same (really quite good, but lacking in isolation); the fit is surprisingly solid for most people; they switch between iOS devices seamlessly; and they auto-pause when you take one out of your ear. The battery life has been slightly increased in some situations, but the main new addition is that you can say “Hey Siri” to trigger Apple’s assistant and tell it to do stuff. There’s also a wireless charging case, but that’s an extra £40. A great buy.


iZotope Spire Studio HHHHH £260 or musicians, the ability to record whenever inspiration strikes is a game-changer. This portable gadget has multi-track recording built in without connecting to any other devices, so you could lay down an entire layered song if you want. The top features a touch-sensitive circular LED pad that serves as a VU (volume unit) meter, a guide to the amount of tracks used, and as a means for changing the monitoring levels in your headphones. It has an omni-directional condenser mic built into the front, and there are other professional XLR inputs. You can output recordings to your iPad wirelessly using the companion app after.


22 |

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