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Hampton Court Palace mini-break

Windrush revolution

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How one boat transformed Britain The ancient world’s overlooked icons

battle on the ice Inside Russia’s frozen lake fight

300 victims in a land gripped by terror... On the trail of the Witchfinder General

photography in focus From flash bulbs to Instagram filters

10 steps to win a joust

Secrets of the Medieval tournament revealed Issue 065

Ada Lovelace: Tech visionary

How Lord Byron’s daughter pioneered the Computer Age

PLUS... Garibaldi’s italian insurgency Fulgencio Batista: the great dictator? disbanding The beatles

Discover how photography developed from page 14


The shadow of the Witchfinder General looms long over history. Matthew Hopkins presided over England’s worst witch hunt, dispatching 300 people to the gallows between 1644 and 1647. His influence could also be felt at the Salem trials over half a century later, with many of the Puritan settlers that turned on each other in Massachusetts coming from the same eastern counties in which Hopkins went about his bloody business. Even today the pop culture imagery of the witch – pointed hat, broomstick, black cat – has its roots in the mid-17th century. Hopkins’ personal legend also lives on, inspiring the 1968 Hammer Horror film Witchfinder General. This is all the more impressive as Satanic panics were old in Britain by the time Hopkins came to

Editor’s picks power, more closely associated with Tudor times (Henry VIII passed England’s first law against witchcraft in 1547) and the later reign of the witch-obsessed James VI & I. However, while Hopkins’ dark charisma must have been captivating, perhaps we shouldn’t point the finger of blame entirely in his direction. At the time Hopkins was operating, Britain was engulfed in a civil war, which had whipped up sectarianism and suspicion for him to tap into. Find out what really happened from page 30.

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Crown the ultimate monarch


Russia crushes Germany


Batista: Cuban heel?

Are you a Ricardian, an Elizabethan or perhaps even a Victorian? Vote for your favourite king or queen in our poll now! In a very different type of cold war, find out how Russian hero Alexander Nevsky rebuffed an invasion by Teutonic Knights in an epic battle on a frozen lake.

With Raúl Castro stepping down, look back at the dictator he and his brother Fidel overthrew. Does Fulgencio Batista deserve his reputation as a villain?

Jack Parsons Editor

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WitchFinder GENERAL

30 Devout Puritan, money-grabbing charlatan or servant of

Satan? Discover England’s most infamous witch hunter

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Inside the invention of the camera

18 How to

Learn to develop black and white photos in a darkroom

20 Anatomy of A photographer in the Vietnam War

22 A  day in the life Ride down the Via Veneto with a 1960s paparazzo

24 I nside history Explore the flash bulb camera

26 H  all of fame History’s most famous photographers

28 H  istory answers Your questions answered


40 A  -Z of the ancient world

58 How to win a joust

50 A  da Lovelace: Enchantress of numbers

64 W  indrush revolution

Take a ride through the alphabet in the ancient Mediterranean

Everything you need to know to triumph at a Medieval tournament

Discover the turbulent life of the Victorian tech visionary

4 Be part of history

How Caribbean immigrants helped rebuild and reshape war-torn Britain

80 AllAboutHistory


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06  History in pictures

Incredible photos with equally amazing stories

74  Bluffer’s guide

Everything you need to know about the Expedition of the Thousand

78  Through history


Find out how sport evolved around the world and down the ages

80  Greatest battles Get a grip on the Battle on the Ice

84  Hero or villain? How should history view Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista?


76 What if

The Beatles are a legendary pop group – but what if they’d never formed?

88  Time traveller’s handbook

Take a wander through the streets of the Republic of China

91 O  n the menu

Pluck and prepare a roast pheasant

92 Reviews

Our verdict on the latest nonfiction books, novels and films




Hampton Court Palace mini-break


97  History vs Hollywood

The truth behind the harrowing tale of Goodbye Christopher Robin


Defining Moments Rocket Man

Joseph Duo, a Liberian militia commander loyal to the government, exults after firing a rocket-propelled grenade at rebel forces on a key strategic bridge. Taken during the final throes of the civil war, the image made front pages across the world, opening many people’s eyes to the 14-year conflict for the first time. After the war, Duo, who was a child soldier, completed his high school education and even earned a degree in criminal justice.

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Defining Moments Bridge to the Past

Crowds fill the Sydney Harbour Bridge on its opening day, 19 March 1932. The tallest steel arch bridge in the world, it was nicknamed ‘the iron lung’ because it kept so many employed during the Great Depression. The bridge’s grand unveiling was briefly interrupted by Captain Francis de Groot, a member of a right-wing extremist group, who rode in on a horse and cut the ribbon with his sword before the state premier, Jack Lang, could.




© Getty

Defining Moments Help from Above

A US Army nurse tends to wounded soldiers aboard a C-47 transport plane in March 1944. Also known as a Dakota or Skytrain, this World War II aircraft could carry up to 18 stretcher cases and a medical crew of three. However, with its reinforced floor and cargo doors, the C-47 had a variety of uses so could also carry troops ready for deployment and goods weighing over 2,700 kilograms, including Jeeps and even light trucks.

Š Getty



Defining Moments Cockney Coronation

Boys blow paper blowers at a street party in London during Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation celebrations. While these parties were held across the country, Mrs P Watson from Bethnal Green remembers those in the East End being particularly special: “All along the street, parties were getting under way, bunting across the width of the street, Union Jacks in your face from door to door, big flags hanging from every window.”

© Getty





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All About History 65 (Sampler)  

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All About History 65 (Sampler)  

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