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FutureProofCIC Better Business, Stronger Communities

Better business Stronger communities

Positive impact

Activating projects that achieve your aims

Capturing and communicating impact

Better Business, Stronger Communities

We work with business, charities, sport foundations and international aid agencies to define the strategies, activate the campaigns and measure the impact realised by the people and places closest to them. We offer professional consultancy services on a range of issues and through GoSketch! leave a lasting legacy. ABOUT US We look at things differently. It’s why we’re a CIC and why we have a clear social purpose. It guides the work we do and shapes our own response to the issues we see facing the people and places close to us. Whether that’s helping define your vision, activating your strategy, or creatively measuring and communicating your impact, we look for those points of difference that resonate, building relationships and creating opportunities with your key audiences.

DEFINING PURPOSE What does the future hold – for you, your clients, or the people you support? We start the conversations that establish what’s important to you and the people you connect with now and into the future. We use this to shape your vision and strategy, building relevancy with those that matter most. We make your story more accessible to funders, partners, regulators, customers and beneficiaries.

Strategies that define and communicate purpose


ACTION Have a strategy but questioning how you best deliver it? We get involved for as long or as short as you need, kick-starting a new initiative, re-energising an existing one, building partnerships, or just simply helping manage current commitments. We’ll take the time to understand what you want before shaping a project plan, and measure how it’s going along the way. Our aim is to always secure successful outcomes – we just recognise that sometimes an extra pair of hands can make all the difference.

Supporting business and the third sector since 2012 IMPACT Everyone has a story to tell. We start by understanding what’s important, and then talk to stakeholders, funders, partners and beneficiaries before bringing all that together through engaging and inspiring content. Fusing stories, case studies, quotes, stats and social value we make sure that your full impact is recognised. It’s a noisy world but our engagement led approach means your audience is involved in your story right from the start.

Creative confidence PLAY. DRAW. GROW


We fuse design and sport to make both more accessible to young people. We want more people playing sport. We want to increase awareness of creative and sporting careers. And we want to give people the skills to succeed whatever comes their way. PLAY. DRAW. GROW

HOW IT WORKS Groups of around 20 students join a 6-8 week programme. 90 minute sessions include 60 minutes of professional coaching, and 30 minutes of design time. Teams of up to 10 create their own hero character – working as a team they choose the name, fonts, colours, etc, before sketching out their design. We complete the process by printing their design onto training tops, and bats, rackets, balls or clubs. Kit they get to keep so that they can keep playing and designing.

FUTURE FIT The positive impacts of sport extend beyond the field of play, often providing social, health, and individual benefits. We want every participant to have the opportunity to enjoy sport and find a level in which they are comfortable. Inclusive sessions are run by fully qualified coaches from our partner organisations, who signpost exit routes so that participants can carry on playing. Burgess Hill Academy: 91% of the group felt more positive about sport and more confident playing sport

Increasing sports participation

Pathways to creative and sporting careers

Building confidence, resilience and motivation

Inspiring more than 1,700 young people through sport and design

INSPIRING CHARACTER Confidence, perseverance, motivation, concentration, teamworking, creativity. All essential to succeed on the pitch and in the classroom. We see participants become more connected, closer to their peers and teachers, improving their chances of success. Shirley High: 35% improved team skills, 32% increased perseverance, 20% reported improved motivation and concentration

EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES The exposure to sport and creativity highlights how choices at GCSE can lead to a range of fantastic and accessible careers – from game design to community coaching! We’ve also measured wider benefits: increased attendance, improved behaviour and attainment. Worthing High: 66% more positive about creative subjects, 8% reduction in behaviour points, 7% increase in achievement points