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M A N I F E S T o

Our essence.


ow that you’ve done something so simple, but iiiiiiiii at the same time so profound, we want you to realize the value of that moment, the magnitude of what we are going to do together. Why all this imagination and tension? Why build in this direction? e reason why we are doing this is because we want you to know our perspective and the value that we strive to give to documentation, knowing that every moment is important to you.

at’s why, when we document you, we want the photographs to capture what you really experienced. We want to tell the real story. We want to cherish every moment we are a part of and make sure it is captured with great skill. Now, as you may have noticed, our approach (and photographic style) is a bit different, so we wanted to take the rst step in our relationship with you and write down a few things that deene us and the values that we cherish.

d o c u m e n t i n g

First of all, we believe in documenting. As photographers and artists, we believe amazing photography is a well choreographed dance between journalism and art. We believe that, in the end, documentation is what mirrors the past and, in consequence, the event we’ve just been a part of. at’s why our main purpose is to acknowledge the reality reali of your beauty and the great effort you invested in turning this day into something perfect. We’re not just lurking around, dressed up in hunter clothes, yes moment hunters, but we observe and shoot even the smallest details that are easily forgotten also trying to anticipate reactions to different situations. is means that we intervene as little as possible in the atmosphere created and the human interactions. atmos When we nd ourselves on top of a hill or in a magical forest, the setting, the surroundings and the smiles are very important, but your moment is much more than that. Your moment is about you, about connection, about love.

e m o t i o n s

We believe in a full spectrum of emotions. e human spirit is capable of displaying intense emotions, especially when going through something personal. at’s why we carefully document everything - you, your quiet moments, your smiles, tears, immense joy, and every aspect of the day. So don't start your day with a mind full of preconceptions. Let your heart be open and transparent and show what you really are experiencing throughout the whole day. is is the dierence between an act and something authentic.

i n t i m a c y

We believe in intimacy. Intimacy is measured in moments that are characterised by those secret emotions. So many of the emotions we mentioned before are revealed in those few moments when the bride and groom separate themselves from the crowd and give each other some time to breathe, relax and enjoy each other. Or when a mother hugs her child without holding back, or when a lover steals a kiss. e moments when, together, you celebrate this life, the joy, the depth of your love, and take a peek into the future with great enthusiasm. ese are the moments you really want to remember for a lifetime, and the moments we are most eager to capture.Â

s i m p l i c i t y

We believe in simplicity. We have the strong conviction that “less is more”. So, by saying simplicity, we want everything to be as honest and natural as possible. We don’t want you to pose or play some kind of part, or even become someone you’re not, in front of the camera. Love has so many different faces and so many ways to be communicated, that it would be unfair to you and us to try to copy or imitate something else or through a rigid method to constrain your identity into something you’re not. So, give yourselves credit, be yourselves, show the love and affection you have for each other. Believe us when we say that showing genuine love (in simplicity) is the best outtt you can wear. Anytime.


Documenting real life.


hat is lifestyle photography? It’s a true observation of human reality. A journalistic documentation of real ________.moments, important events or situations in people’s lives, captured in an artistic, honest, simple and truthful manner. But let’s be honest. It’s just us with a camera, trying to catch up with life, with crazy, amazing, heartfelt, tearful, painful, extraordinary life. And we love every moment of it. A family portrait, an engagement, a walk with your loved ones, a birthday party, an ordinary day or a moment you want to remember forever. W hen we talk about such an event, a lifestyle portraiture, we see time spent together. is might be an intense hour or two and sometimes it takes even longer. Again, it is very important to remember that for us, quality time spent together has great value and the way we do things is not just offering an impersonal and uninspired service, but engage and deliver the most from it.

What we offer:

Final product:

Our presence throughout the entire event, from the moment it starts, until it ends (or as long as you need us).

All the pictures in high resolution stored online with secured link, ready for you to show to your friends, share with family or print whenever you feel like it.

One (or two, i f needed) photographer who come with professional equipment, experience and ingenuity. A true documentation o f what happens and how it happens.

Sessions are up to two hours at one or two locations you chose for â‚Ź300

w h o


w e

r e a l l y

e are Oti and Ancu, husband and wife, parents 0000 0 to Ezra and Nora, lovers, best friends, travelers, foodies, movie watchers, music listeners, lovers of life and in constant search of God. We own a small log cabin up in the mountains, a Discovery 2, a few photo cameras and a Don’t give up poster. Our greatest accomplishment is our kids whom we love see growing and learning about the world wo through their eyes. We would love to say our life is a fairytale, but we would be lying. Our life is far from perfect. It is full of hardship, trials, joys, peace, the unexpected and the ordinary of raising up a family, serving our community and forming lasting relationships. 

a r e

We got married very young in the heart of the Carpathian mountains, under a tent we built and at tables we decorated, with food our family cooked. We had no idea what life meant and surely we didn’t know what it meant to live it together. But we understand now that we are in a process of continuous learning about love and sacriice and what this means for us. O ur life is a journey, a journey of discovering who we are and where we are going. And this, documenting life with a camera, is a big part of that. ere is so much more to be said and so much more to share, but for now, we will stop here and let some images do the talking. If you want to hear more about our story and maybe share yours with us and with the world, you can do so by writing to us. We would llove to meet you.

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