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London’s role in the UK energy system of 2062?

Robert Lowe London’s Energy Future - 2062 Symposium UCL,19 March 2012


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policy context demand for heat and electricity in London options for decarbonising heat and electricity Smart technology and heat networks

policy context‌

DECC Carbon Plan 2011

policy context‌

DECC Carbon Plan 2011

policy context‌

‌the Government will work with local authorities, where appropriate, to lay the foundations for district heating networks, particularly in urban areas with more densely packed demand for heat. This should enable the long-term delivery of heat from low carbon sources.

DECC Carbon Plan 2011

demand and supply‌

UK energy system for 2050

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decarbonised electricity system electrification of heat dramatic reduction in energy storage combination of intermittent and inflexible generation

annual domestic energy demand density in London

heat and electricity demand in London…

dwellings • 3.3 million dwellings • 50% flats • ≈ 15 GW peak heat demand • ≈ 3.5 GW peak electrical demand

reducing demand Price adj. average delivered power (kW)

5 STEP (Seasonal Temperature Energy Price) updated model: 1998 to 2010 and with 2009-10 data (solid). It shows price adjusted power (to 2005 price). The model is equivalent to chart 5 but the model is based on ALL the data, including 2010 winter,. but has altered the model very little. See Models worksheet for details.





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10 Average Quarterly Temperature (째C)



reducing demand

Camden Low Energy Victorian House

• built around 1850 • bought by Camden Council in 1975 • in the Camden Square Conservation Area • initial aim to reduce emissions by 90% based on normal use

construction started January 2008

The Copenhagen District Heating (DH) System.

a role for London in 2062? Copenhagen • 500,000 inhabitants • 68,000 m3 of stored hot water London • 8 million inhabitants • > 1 Megatonne of stored hot water • ~200 TJ of stored energy • ~5x Dinorwig

a role for London in 2062? a smart hub for a national energy system through city-wide DH • • • • • •

heat storage ability to switch dynamically between sources of heat MW scale heat pumps multi-fuel CHP solar thermal waste heat

district heating systems at Esbjerg and Odense

a role for London in 2062?

Marstal district heating system -

a role for London in 2062?

talking points… • building a local industry • difficulty of insulating existing building stock • need to be clear about what we mean by DE, particularly about scale • gas as a transitional fuel? • who should design energy systems? • who should design energy policy? • the importance of regulation – Danish Heat Plan

with thanks to:

Tadj Oreszczyn, Mark Barrett, Andrew Smith, Ian Hamilton, Francis Li


London 2062 Energy

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