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Professor Sir Peter Hall London 2062 - UCL 23 April 2012

London Plan: Population Rising (especially in East) - but Ageing

Employment: Growing too – especially in Centre and East

Deprivation: Continuing W-E Divide

London Plan 2011: Key Diagram

Major Transport Schemes



Heathrow: Missing Connection

Orbirail: Good News, Bad News

Missing Interchange: Bermondsey

Missing Interchange: Loughborough Jct

Missing Interchange: Brixton

The West London Line Model

How Berlin Does It! (Why not here?)

Orbirail 2?

HS2: Key Features • Very high speed: up to 400k/hr • No stops, except • “Edge city” locations: airports, secondary centres • 2 phases: (1) Birmingham (2) Leeds, Manchester • Links on to HS1… • …and “classic” network

London • Euston: enlarged: Problem! • (Maybe not?: divert LM slow trains to Crossrail? • King’s Cross: • HS1 link

Capital Superhub: London International • European Model: Berlin Hauptbahnhof • UK Example: Proposed London International: • Euston + KX/SP

Old Oak: A West London Stratford?

Thames Gateway Targets: 2003

Thames Gateway Bridge: An Answer?

Thames Gateway: Stratford 1999, 2012

Kent Thamesside: Ebbsfleet Valley, Fastrack

Thames Gateway: Eastern Quarry 1997, 2006, 2015

South East Mega-City Region

Sustainable Communities Corridors: Growing the SE into the Midlands‌

Outer Orbirail

London Plan: Airports

Thames Hub Airport

London 2062_PH