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Establishing Camden Town as a creative district How can pop up shops contribute? Key finding of the EIA: -Improve quality and depth of mix ‘Loss leader’ to regenerate high streets Presentation prepared December 2009….

-Sustainable incubator space can anchor and stimulate growth of market led regeneration -A ‘critical cluster’ of high profile/quality start ups can influence further entrepreneurial business growth - ‘satellite businesses’ around the pop up space.

OLF: Three projects

One streetscape: (Cobden J, HSS later) Two tenant mix BID acting as a majority landowner

What is our ideal tenant mix and how do we get the message out there? Publicity and footfall Increase quality and depth of offer (EIA) Attract new investors – retail and new businesses Attract people and access talent Cut crime Identity of Camden Town How to leverage benefits of streetscape to deliver a return?

Retail Cluster Strategy 1) Acquire up to 6/7 shops clustered together – aiming for 15/20% of street in concentrated location 2) Three options: • a selective week by week programming (two week schedules) • select 6- 8 core tenants and work on a regular cycle • Combination of both

Collective Scheme

Why Collective? Response to EIA and an increased public focus on youth unemployment/private sector growth Cultural presence and physical space to promote activity Cost efficient – events

Growth of new start ups and access to influential opinion formers A new cluster – imitate the Tech City success Use empty office stock and return it to the market Bring in fresh new talent and access job opportunities for BID businesses Acting in the space a major landlord would hold

Work Programme

Upgrade existing Collective site Acquire up to 2 more sites Marketing campaign, working primarily with UAL/UCL to find new companies for the space Provide up to125 desk spaces for new entrepreneurs Deliver a fellowship programme: Paid employment placements/supporting sale of their product in BID businesses Workshops and training sessions Mentor relationship for each entrepreneur

Creative Camden

Objectives 1) Support and options for finance to develop benevolent estate management programme 2) Funding for streetscape 3) Inward investment a. Attracting new creative businesses – start ups b. Attracting new major businesses – influential opinionmakers c. Attracting new boutiques and galleries – cultural

Presentation prepared December 2009….

Dexter Moren Associates, the award winning architects, turned C22 into an exhibition space, design studio and built environment discussion forum for a week. They also offered free space planning advice for local businesses and residents.

Mark Davey, Jenny Rush and Candida PowellWilliams, graduates from Slade School of Fine Art in front of Mark’s installation ‘Butterfly’. They, with artist Thomas Yeomans, used C46 as an open studio for the first week of their two week residency, exhibiting the work they created in the second week.


Camden Town Unlimited is in a market leading position

Stephen Emms brought to life his Time Out column ‘Tales from a Park Bench’ in a week long installation. The bench acted as a platform for people tales, hopes and stories, and hosted over 100 impromptu performances.

Sid Duomo models one of the exhibits at our first exhibition ‘Jockstraps and Key Findings (5) a lot of Toast’. This show generated press coverage, we are not sure why…

Key Findings (3)

Simon Pitkeathley (CTU Chief Executive) and Keith Moffitt (Leader of Camden Council) open Anthony Epes photography exhibition ‘London at Dawn’

Vanya Balogh presented the third show in his Big Deals series. ‘Botoxed 69’ brought together 69 individual artists and their Key Findings (2) expressed in sculpture, painting, responses to the recession, ceramics, photography, film, installations and more. Over 1,000 people visited this 3 week show.

C22 was host to ten graduate fashion designers from Heriot Watt University in Key Findings (3) Edinburgh, selling their final year collections. Their bespoke pieces went down a storm, and collectively the students made ÂŁ4,000 in their three weeks.

Key Findings (4)

Top design agency RKCR (The creative brains behind the campaigns for M&S, Virgin and Visit London) turned C22 into a High street design studio offering free branding/advertising campaign advice to local businesses. Over 20 local businesses benefited from their advice during the week.

Localism Act one year on: business communities  

This presentation was delivered by Simon Pitkeathley, CEO, Camden Town Unlimited, at a breakfast seminar put on by Future of London and Port...