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Future of London Discussion group “Are there lessons we can learn from CERT/CESP for the new ECO world?” Nigel Turner, Warm Zones Manager, EDF Energy/London Warm Zones Tuesday 13th November 2012


Overview &strategy - Govt Policy Govt key Climate Change agenda drives policy • 80% reductions on 1990 levels of Carbon Dioxide emissions by 2050. • Deliver secure energy on way to a low carbon energy future • Fuel Poverty strategy to elevate fuel poverty for all customers by 2016 • Warm Front - Domestic Energy Efficiency scheme • LA Social & Private sector Decent Homes schemes • No more public funds as Warm Front & Decent Homes phased out by 2013 and replaced with....... • Green Deal & Energy Company Obligation (ECO) - Save energy, Carbon Dioxide and support vulnerable consumers i.e. elderly; low income • Up to 2020 focus on energy efficiency and completing cost effective measures begun in the previous decade, including: cavity wall insulation,

Regional/GLA pledge 60% reduction by 2025. 2

Current Programmes to Dec 2012 CERT is 3rd supplier obligation 2008-2012 • Save 293 Million lifetime tonnes of Carbon Dioxide • 40% Priority Group target certain low-income consumers - Qualifying benefits or those 70 & over • 16.2 MtCO2 Super Priority Group – includes clients in receipt of Pen Credit, CTC income less £16,190 • 73.4 Mt CO2- professionally installed insulation • OFGEM = 255 MtCO2 delivered by June 2012; - 2m Cavities; 3m Lofts; 51,000 SWI ; 303m CFL

CESP obligation on Suppliers & Generators • Save 19.25 Million lifetime tonnes of Carbon Dioxide • Encourage “whole house” solutions/Area Based • Target most deprived areas = Income Domain of the Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) • OFGEM report c6.1 MtCO2 delivered 122,337 measures in 66,977 homes by June 2012 • 433 schemes submitted by obligated parties; accounts for 97% of target if all delivered 3

ECO & Green Deal – beyond 2013 Energy Company Obligation 2013-15 & beyond • c£1.3bn/year of which £540m for vulnerable • c£760m/year Carbon Emission Reduction all Tenure - Target = 20.9 Million Lifetime Carbon Dioxide - Primarily Solid Wall; hard to treat cavities • c£350m/year Affordable Warmth PRIVATE ONLY - Target = £4.2bn cost savings - Broadened eligibility criteria SPG + WTFC - Primarily Heating and insulation, include lofts and cavities • c£190m/year Carbon Saving Communities all Tenure - Target = 6.8 Million lifetime Carbon Dioxide - Poorest areas, and includes social housing - Loft, cavity and other insulation measures 4

Key challenges - Vulnerable Vulnerable people in fuel poverty & Priority groups • do not advertise themselves • are often the hardest group to reach /access • often miss out on grants and services available • many will be part of new ECO target group Identifying & engaging the hard to reach . • Many people in London ‘High Risk’, but due to cultural differences and barriers of language, may also be classified as ‘Hard to Reach

Finding the sources of funding to pay for: • assessments, • energy efficiency measures, • income maximisation 5

London Warm Zone - A Solution? •

Area based - systematic door to door assessments conducted by multi lingual team

Holistic programme delivery – integration of a mix of schemes and funding

Delivery of energy efficiency measures (heating/insulation) – includes private

Income maximisation – full benefit take up service

Trusted - One stop shop

6 CONFIDENTIAL - Title of presentation

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London Warm Zone – A solution? Marketing & awareness raising Doorstep assessment Analysis – What’s on offer Energy Advice Survey households for measures Measures installation Benefits referral Performance reporting & learning


Income Max Warm Homes Discount

Carbon reduction Fuel Poverty Green Deal ECO

London Warm Zones - Outputs


Over 57,000 homes in London received measures through the scheme

Over 220,000 assessed/energy audits

New and replacement space and water heating systems

Insulation measures such as cavity wall, loft, draught proofing

Over £10 million in new or additional welfare benefits

Developed an effective model which - Works closely with key partners including Councils and Communities

Received wide spread recognition from key stakeholders - National Government (Departments of Energy and Climate Change) - UK Regulator (OFGEM) - Social responsibility (Business in the Communities) - Regional Government Greater London Authority/RENEW scheme

Are there any lessons learnt?


UK Government flagship scheme Green Deal 2013 onwards - Households install energy efficiency measures such as heating/insulation at no up front cost - Repayments made over period of time via customers electricity bill - Only if customer meets “golden rule” where projected savings on energy bills are greater than the cost of the Green Deal loan

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) - 2013 to 2015 £1.3 billion per year nationally from Energy Suppliers - £540m per year on Affordable Warmth - helping low income/vulnerable - £770m per year carbon saving obligation to support Green Deal

Warm Zones discussions with EDF Energy on setting up an ECO pilot - Targeting Individual private vulnerable households with - Similar eligibility criteria (low income, vulnerable) - Similar measures (Heating and insulation)

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Delivering Energy Efficiency: Learning from CERT/CESP for ECO  

Presentation by Nigel Turner, Warm Zones Manager from EDF Energy/London Warm Zones, delivered at Future of London's roundtable event Deliver...

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