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Partnering to tackle hard-to-reach households Nigel Turner, Business Development Account Manager, EDF Energy Friday 8th November 2013

EDF Energy – Partnerships are key •

EDF Energy is the largest supplier of low carbon electricity & delivered energy efficiency measures to over 400,000 homes through CERT & CESP

As a major energy supplier to London residents, we are keen to help increase uptake of energy efficiency and low carbon measures

Continue to build partnerships with GLA, Boroughs, RSL’s - offering our own established network of partners or work with Boroughs’ supply chain

London Warm Zones case study - Partnering to tackle hard-to-reach households, how we are supporting a pilot scheme aimed at helping people eligible for ECO funding who are missing out

Partnerships is one way we can achieve our mutual goals………

London Warm Zone

ECO HHCRO – challenges Often vulnerable people eligible for HHCRO funding • do not advertise themselves • are hardest group to reach /access • miss out on funding and services available - they are not aware/don’t know how to access - Install costs too high to bring heating up to decent standards as heating savings low How do we Identify & engage with these people? • Many people in London are Fuel poor, but due to cultural differences, barriers of language, disabilities etc. Are classified as ‘Hard to Reach • Data sharing How do we overcome these barriers.............. ........

EDF Energy Approach - Warm Zones •

Area based - systematic door to door assessments conducted by multi lingual team

Holistic programme delivery - integration of a mix of schemes and funding

Delivery of energy efficiency measures (heating/insulation) mainly private homes

Income maximisation – full benefit take up service; Link in Warm Homes Discount

Trusted - One stop shop

EDF Energy Approach - Warm Zones Marketing & awareness raising Doorstep assessment Analysis – Measures offered Energy Advice Survey households for measures Measures installation Benefits referral/Income Max Performance reporting & learning

ECO HHCRO – A Solution •

EDF Energy & LWZ establish ECO HHCRO Boiler replacement pilot

Experienced delivering heating in individual private homes, target audience for HHCRO - LWZ Over 12 years experience working with vulnerable customers (low income, elderly, young families) - Delivery Energy Efficiency measures (Heating and insulation) - Deliver other services supporting fuel poor/vulnerable customers

First stage - Installation of 600 boilers under HHCRO - learning's applied to delivery of current & future HHCRO schemes - Test hypotheses around LWZ & EDF Energy's modelling/research - Compare findings with DECC and others

Continue to build current and new partnerships including London Boroughs, Greater London Authority

Next steps – take key findings from pilot and roll out across London

ECO and RE:NEW - Nigel Turner, London Warm Zones/EDF Energy  

Partnering to Tackle Hard-to-reach Households

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