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Localism in London Future of London Seminar 9 November 2011

The Mayor’s role in planning •

Publishing a spatial development strategy (“the London Plan”) •Overall strategic plan for London •Geographic/locational aspects of Mayoral strategies •Londonwide context for borough plans •Policy framework for Mayoral planning decisions

• Considering development proposals of strategic importance: •Some he can tell a borough to refuse permission for •Some he can take over and decide for himself

Localism in London "My intention is that the London Plan should provide a foundation for more local action, providing a framework, direction and information resource for planning boroughs, neighbourhoods and individual developments..." Boris Johnson, London Plan EiP July 2010

Localism in London "Delivery is not just for us in City Hall – boroughs and neighbourhoods have an increasingly important role, and I want to see this Plan used by them as a resource for localism, helping them develop and then implement local approaches to meet their needs, but also add up Londonwide to more than the sum of the parts. That multi-faceted approach to what “local” means has been the genius of London over the last two thousand years; it will help ensure we have a city we can be proud to hand on to those who follow us". Boris Johnson, London Plan Foreword, July 2011

Responding to Localism • London Plan Implementation Framework • New Londonwide approach to implementation • Improved infrastructure planning • Guidance (eg shaping neighbourhoods) • Community Infrastructure Levy

• Changes to Mayor of London Order on referable applications • Cross-boundary issues: who? what?

The National Planning Policy Framework • Doesn't refer to London • Government intends to revoke GOL Circular 1/2008 • NPPF policies intended to apply in absence of local plan • Biggest impetus for localism in planning

NPPF - the Mayor's Response • "London Plan should be expression of NPPF in London..the prime source of policy in the capital" • Need a specific reference to London • Scope for Mayor to work with others to produce successor to 1/2008 • Need to allow for locally-sensitive policy approaches (eg housing in London)

The future..some thoughts • Will continue to be a Londonwide angle to localism • NPPF could support a new relationship • between Mayor, boroughs and neighbourhoods • between public and private sectors • between London and central Government

• Money will be tight - need to work together to make available resources stretch

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Localism in London  

Presentation on the impact of Localism in London by Andrew Barry Purssell, GLA