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HTML5 - RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN (RWD) iPad sales are expected to surpass their desktop counterparts in 2014, so it pays to consider the browsing experience of mobile and tablet users on your website.

Mobile Usage There are 1.5 Billion smart phone users and 197 Million tablet users in the world, websites are being consumed away from the traditional computer more and more. It is more essential now, more than ever, that website owners respond to this trend and ensure their website is capable of displaying properly for each device. Google has also indicated that it will serve different results to users searching on mobile devices, and you should earn extra points if your content is ready to be served to these mobile devices. Also, users are consuming websites in a different way now. Not all mobile users are "out and about", and looking for information. Research has shown that they are actually replacing laptops/desktops by browsing on their iPhone/iPad while in front of the tv, on the bus, in the office, etc. There are some industries that will adapt to Responsive Web Design much quicker than others but eventually all websites will have a responsive design, as it will simply not be possible to ignore this trend. The faster adapting websites include restaurants, pubs, hotels, news and media, events, clubs, property, car dealers, etc. This list is not limited and will continue to grow. With several screen sizes and functions available, you can avoid some of the drawbacks of developing a native app by going with a mobile version of your website. Future Media’s team has the experience, knowledge and tools to make FUTURE MEDIA TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS PVT.LTD. Pune, India. Phone- 91-20-40788992, Email: Website:

an innovative, and effective mobile website. With a mobile website, you can give your prospects on the go the best opportunity to view your offering. Advantages of Responsive Web Design (RWD) 1. SEO - As mentioned, Google has gone out and said that they prefer sites that are responsive (as opposed to having a separate mobile site for the same content), as there is only one address for them to serve the content for to the user. You also have more of a chance of your content being served to users searching on mobile devices, compared to non-optimised sites. 2. Cost - To maintain separate device specific websites (e.g. for iPhone, iPad, Desktop) would be more costly than maintaining one single website that's layout adapts automatically to the device in question. 3. Users - With a well designed reponsive website, your users will be happier to use your website and return again and again, on their alternative devices. If a user can't use your site efficiently, as it is not set up to work on their device, it's unlikely they will keep returning. 4. Competition - As RWD is in its early adoption stage, getting a leg up on the competition could gain you extra customers and sales. Your new responsive site could appear ahead of your competitors in Google searches, and nobody will turn that down. 5. Future Proof - By going responsive, your website will stand a much better chance of standing the test of time online. If you get a site designed today, and don't refresh the look for another 3 years, even if new devices are anounced in that time, your site should have no problem being displayed in it's adaptive layout. Some of the services we offer around Responsive Web Design and Mobile Web Design: • Responsive Layouts • Mobile Design • iPhone, iPad, Android • Media Query CSS • Standalone Mobile Sites • jQuery Mobile Sites • Mobile Web Applications FUTURE MEDIA TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS PVT.LTD. Pune, India. Phone- 91-20-40788992, Email: Website:

Contact Future Media: Future MediaTM Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 17. B.N. Building, Baner Road, Pune - 411045, Maharashtra, India. Phone: +91 (20) 40788992 (Sales - Direct Line) Email: Website:

FUTURE MEDIA TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS PVT.LTD. Pune, India. Phone- 91-20-40788992, Email: Website:

Responsive Web Design Development India - Future Media  
Responsive Web Design Development India - Future Media  

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