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Scribes’ Corner August 01, 2012 This collection of student work was written between June 18, 2012 and July 20, 2012. Since the start of our summer program, students have learned about and written expository essays, descriptive essays, and narrative essays. This is just a small sample of all the work they have done!

Grade 1

Grade 4

“Chuck-e-Cheese” by Carter Lin “Chuck-e-Cheese” by Fiona Tang “Aquarium” by Donovan Tang “Birthday Party” by Fiona Du

“When I Almost Drowned” by Joshua Sie To “Someone Who is Special to Me” by Sabrina Tran “My Mom” by Lu Li (ESL) “Going Fishing” by Alice Tang (ESL)

Grade 2

Grade 5

“How to Paint Your Nails” by Alisa Li “How to Make a Sundae” by Evelyn Xiao “How to Hug and Kiss Your Mom” by Jasmine She “How to do Karate” by Jordan Guan

“My Labrador Retriever” by Megan Lau “How to Make Three Sandwiches” by Sean Yang “Windy City” by Fanny Huang “How to Make a Fruit Mix” by Sunnie Zhou “My Trip to Anchorage, Alaska” by Preston Wong

Grade 3 “Birthday Party” by Rebecca Tao “When My Sister Helped Me” by Ashley Duong “A Terrible Day” by Braxton Hoang “My Blanket, Super Blankie Hero” by Selina Lin

cover illustration by Dennis Lee (G2)

Chuck-e-Cheese written by Carter Lin (G1) One day, my whole class and I went to Chuck-e-Cheese. First, I got tokens. Next, I played a ship game. Then, I fed tickets into the Ticket Muncher. Later, I ate. Last, I traded my tickets for vampire teeth. I want to go back!

written by Fiona Tang (G1) One day, I went to Chuck-e-Cheese in El Monte. I went on a Friday. It was my field trip. First, I ate pizza. Next, I played games. Soon, we got juice. I went with my class. I ate and played. Last, I went back in the van. It was so much fun!

Aquarium written by Donovan Tang (G1) One day, I went to the aquarium. I went with my family. We took a van to get there. I went in the morning. First, I ate. Then, I went to the aquarium. Later, I touched the tidal pool. I touched plants. Finally, I went home. I felt happy and sad.

Birthday Party written by Fiona Du (G1) illustrated by Rachel Truong (G4) One day, I went to a birthday party. My family took me to my friend’s house. First, I played games. Next, we ate some cake. Then, we talked. Last, we ran around. I had lots of fun there.

How to Paint Your Nails written by Alisa Li (G2) Do you know how to paint your nails? I can teach you. You will need a napkin and your favorite nail polish. Painting your nails is fun and easy. First, get a napkin. Then, get a small glass bottle of nail polish. Choose your favorite color. Next, paint each of your nails. Try not to get the nail polish on your skin. Finally, wait for the nail polish to dry. Painting your nails is fun. Painting your nails is an enjoyable activity because you can choose any color you want. Your hands will look pretty with beautifully painted nails.

How to Make a Sundae written by Evelyn Xiao (G2) You can make a sundae with help from your dad. You will need your favorite ice cream, colorful sprinkles, an ice cream scooper, a clean, white bowl, a white napkin, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and caramel. Making a sundae is easy. First, get the scooper and scoop your favorite flavor of ice cream into a clean bowl. Next, add whipped cream on top of your ice cream. Drizzle the caramel and chocolate syrup if you’d like. After that, you can add sprinkles for a pop of color. Put a spoon in the sundae and serve it with a napkin. Finally, you can enjoy your delicious creation! Making sundaes is fun! Sundaes are a tasty, sweet treat that’s especially yummy on a hot day. You can add your favorite toppings to make different creations.

How to Hug and Kiss Your Mom written and illustrated by Jasmine She (G2) I can teach you how to kiss and hug your mom. You will need your mom, a kiss, and a hug. Kissing and hugging your mom is so easy. First, get your mom. Then, kiss her on the cheek. Next, hug her and she will say thank you. You can tell her how much you love her. Kissing and hugging your mom is easy. It is also a great way to show your appreciation for all that she does for you. The next time you see your mom, you should give her a big kiss and hug!

How to Do Karate written by Jordan Guan (G2) Do you know how to do karate? I will show you. You will need a uniform and a large, soft pad. Karate is easy to do. First, bow to your teacher. Next, lift up your leg to kick. Then, extend one arm to punch. Switch arms as you punch. Last, lift your arm and use one hand to choke your opponent. Control yourself! This is only practice. Karate is fun! It is a great form of exercise. It can protect you and also teach you discipline.

When My Sister Helped Me written by Ashley Duong (G3) Do you have a great little sister? My little sister is very helpful. She is very sweet. My sister is a great family member. When I fell down, my sister helped me get up. She got me up from the floor and gave me a bandage to put on. I felt happy when my sister got me up. My sister asked, “Are you okay?” I said, “I’m fine.” She said, “That’s good.” I said, “Let’s go in the house.” If my sister were not there, no one would have helped me get up. I was glad she was there to help me. My sister always helps when I need help. That is why I love my little sister.

A Terrible Day written by Braxton Hoang (G3) Have you ever tripped and got hurt? I got hurt while walking on the sidewalk. My mom came to help me. My mom is a good sport, and she is one of the kindest people I know. I needed help because I tripped and hurt my ankle. I felt happy that my mom cared about me. It felt so good when she picked me up. I really appreciated her kindness. My mom asked, “Are you all right?” She told me to please be careful next time. She helped me rub my ankle. I love her very much. Without my mom, I would have nobody to help me. I feel lucky to have a mom like her. If she hadn’t rubbed my ankle, it could have been sore. My mom is the best mom ever.

My Blanket, Super Blankie Hero written and illustrated by Selina Lin (G3) My blanket is soft and cuddly. It has my favorite picture on it. At home, I always bring it everywhere. My special blanket is my most favorite one of all. My blanket is important because it helps me get to sleep. It makes me happy when I am sad and lonely. When I go to sleep, I have a good night. I always keep it next to me on the side. My blanket gives me no bad dreams. I always have my blanket to keep me company. If I didn’t have it, I would be sad. My blanket has a soft part that keeps me sleepy. My blanket can be anything, like a jump rope. Do you know what my blanket’s name is? Its name is Blankie, but I sometimes call it Super Blankie Hero. I think the name is fitting. I love my blanket.

When I Almost Drowned written by Joshua Sie To (G4) When I was at the beach in the fall, a big wave crashed on me. Because of this, I almost drowned. I’m going to tell you about what happened that day. First, my uncle came for a visit. My dad, mom, uncle, brother, baby sister, and I wanted to celebrate that he came. We decided to go to the beach to celebrate. We got into the car, and my mom told me, “Go to sleep, and I can wake you up when we get there.” Next, we made it to the beach. I ran around and I made huge sandcastles. But then I went into the waves and I almost drowned. The waves were bigger than me and the sand made me fall because it was moving. Even though I almost drowned, I wasn’t afraid because some sea animals that can dig in sand were making me laugh. Even though I almost drowned that day, everything turned out to be okay. Before I went home, I made a sand angel. We went home feeling tired that day.

Birthday Party written and illustrated by Rebecca Tao (G3) Have you ever gone to your friend’s birthday party? I was very excited when I went to my friend’s birthday party. I knew I was going to have fun. I named by friend’s birthday party Super Fun Birthday Party. At my friend’s fantastic birthday party, we got to play Wii. The game we played was Just Dance 2. There were six girls at the party. We played together in the pool, too. We played a lot of games. I played this marvelous game called “Pretend.” We played dress up as well. The funniest game we played was swing shot. We used balls, got them wet, and shot them in a basket. Have you had gone to a birthday party as fun as this one? I think my friend’s birthday party was the best one I have ever been to. We had a darling time. At the end of the party, I said, “Bye bye!” and went home.

Someone Who is Special to Me written by Sabrina Tran (G4) Do you know someone special to you? I do. My mom is special to me. She is special to me because she cares for me. I’m going to tell you why my mom is special to me. For one thing, my mom cooks me the tastiest and healthiest food. By giving me healthy foods, she keeps me healthy. In this way, she shows how she cares for me. My mom also teaches me how to take care of myself. She taught me to do my laundry and wash the dishes. Learning ways to take care of my family and myself is important, because when I grow up, I will need to do these things on my own. Lastly, my mom takes me to many places. For example, she took me to Knott’s Berry Farm. I like it when we go to new places. I like to go anywhere! My mom is one-of-a-kind. She cooks me the tastiest and healthiest food. My mom teaches me the things I need to know. She also takes me to different and new places. My mom is special to me. Who is special to you?

My Mom written by Lu Li (G7 ESL) I’d like to introduce my mom to you. She is very kind and cares about me. She is slim and beautiful. She is also a good cook. I’m going to tell you about this understanding lady. My mom is kind and cares about me. She seldom gets angry and has a kindly manner. She will do almost everything for me. She is also very knowledgeable. If I ask her a question, she can answer very quickly. She also takes time to remind me not to forget something everyday, although she is very busy. My mom is beautiful. She is slim, tall, and light-skinned, has long black hair with glasses, and always wears dresses. When she wears dresses, she looks awesome. My mom is also a good cook. She often cooks healthy food. Her food is healthy because she uses less oil in her dishes. Her cooking is delicious. It tastes, smells, and looks excellent. Every time I’ll eat a lot, so I’m a little fat now. My mom really is an understanding lady. She is kind and cares about me; she is is slim and beautiful; and she is a good cook. For all three reasons, I love my mom!

Going Fishing written by Alice Tang (G5 ESL) It was summer vacation and my family went to a fish farm to go fishing. We fished, had lunch, and had supper. We stayed there for one day. We’ll go back another day. I had a lot of fun! The farm was pretty. It had three ponds and five to six lakes. It had a big house. We had lunch and supper there. We also slept the night. There were a lot of vegetables behind the house, as well as a potato garden. There were trees all around. I saw many birds nest on one tree. After we visited the farm, the farmer handed my mom and I a fishing rod and two buckets. Then he took us to the potato garden, so that we could dig for potatoes. Mom was just looking at the surface of the dirt, but I was digging in the soil and looking for potatoes. After a half-hour had passed, I had found a lot of potatoes. I had found about a half-bucket, but my mom only found one quarter of a bucket. I put my potatoes on my fishing rod. Then, I threw my fishing line in. I waited and waited, but I couldn’t get any fish. Suddenly, my mom cried, “Somebody help me! I think I got a fish!” My dad came to help my mom. He pulled up the line with a big fish! It was at least thirty centimeters! My mom paid the farmer four Renminbi. Then we ate the fish for lunch and supper! Fishing is fun! The lunch and supper were yummy. We had the fish my mom caught with vegetables, meat, juice, cakes, rice, candies, potatoes, and other drinks! I don’t like to eat fish, but it was all organic, so I ate some. I had a lot of fun because the farm was pretty, fishing is fun, and supper and lunch were yummy. I feel so happy about the trip!

My Labrador Retriever written by Megan Lau (G5) Everyday I come home from school, I get knocked down by a big brown ball of fur. That big ball of fur is my dog, Tristan. My dog Tristan is the best because he is funny, strong, and playful. I have a funny dog. When he sleeps and music is playing, he twitches a lot. When I take him outside, he wiggles his butt and tail! Have you seen a dog doing its business? It lifts its leg up right? Well, my dog squats! My dog is strong and protective as well. Whenever I walk him, his mouth is always dropped open showing his sharp teeth. Every time I buy him a bone, the next thing you know, the bone is snapped in half! When I walk him, he sometimes drags me behind him. He is also playful. When I roll a ball to him, he plays with it. He likes to run and play in the backyard. He can do many tricks, like stand on his hind legs, roll, sit, stay, and chase his tail in a circle. Tristan is an awesome dog, because he is hilarious, muscular, and fun to play with. He is the funniest, because he twitches. He is the strongest, because he can drag me when he walks. He is playful, because he plays with a ball when I roll it to him. That is why he is the BEST DOG IN THE WORLD!!!

How to Make Three Sandwiches written by Sean Yang (G4) Do your friends make fun of you because you can’t cook? Well, never get made fun of again! I will teach you how to make three sandwiches: a ham sandwich, a grilled cheese sandwich, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Read on to learn more. First, I will teach you how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. To start, get two slices of bread. Then, get a knife. Spread peanut butter and jelly on the slices. Now you put the slides together. Take a bite and it’s delicious! Now I will teach you how to make a ham sandwich. First, get two slices of ham. Put the ham on the bread and assemble the sandwich. If you want, you can also add lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and mayo. Now you have a yummy ham sandwich! Finally, I will show you how to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Turn on the toaster. Get a slice of cheese and the two slices of bread. Put it together, add some heat, and you’ve got a great sandwich. Now you can make your own sandwiches. Be the envy of your neighborhood by being able to feed all your friends when they come over. You can make a feast! Surprise your parents by making them their favorite sandwich. Be sure to make tons of sandwiches with these simple instructions!

Windy City written by Fanny Huang (G5) “Jeez, why is it so windy?” I asked. November 30th, 2011 was the windiest day I’ve ever experienced. The wind was so strong and loud. It all started at school. It was around 9:00 am and my class and I heard the wind blowing hard. I heard the younger kids playing outside. I had a difficult time hearing my teacher speak. She closed the window so we wouldn’t have any excuses for not paying attention. During recess, the wind nearly took me off my feet as I went to the library, and boy was I glad to go inside! On the way home, there was traffic and branches on the street. When I was at home, I struggled to do my homework. The wind was howling in my ears. I heard leaves thrashing in the wind. At night, when I was sleeping, my mom said, “Grab your pillow and get in the dining room.” “Okay,” I answered sleepily. My mom explained why we had to sleep in the dining room. She said that the wind might blow the tree in our front yard down on our room. In the morning, I was relieved that the wind wasn’t crazy anymore. When I checked out the yard, it was messier than yesterday. There were leaves all over the place. Trees were down and the traffic was horrible. Some of the power lines fell down! Sooner or later I was going to have to help clean up the mess—and I don’t like cleaning. The wind was so powerful and noisy, but I felt safe and unworried. My family and I were protected in a strong, mighty house from the crazy, windy day.

How to Make Fruit Mix written by Sunnie Zhou (G5) Do you want something good and healthy as a snack? If you do, then try snacking on a fruit mix! Fruit mixes are just fruit cut into squares mixed together. If you try it, you’ll really like it! When I make fruit mixes, I feel calm. Before cutting the fruit, you must complete some tasks. First, choose your favorite fruits to make a fruit mix. Use at least five different kinds of fruit. Next, wash the fruit until it is clean. Last, use a knife to take off the skin of the fruit. Now, you can cut the fruit. Cut the fruit out into big half-ovals. After you do that, cut them into rectangles. Then, cut the fruit into squares. There are still a few steps you have to follow before you can eat the fruit mix. First, put the fruit into a bowl. Put a spoon or fork in the bowl so you can eat with it. The last step is optional. If you think the fruit is too sour, you can put sugar on it. Making fruit mixes makes me calm and it might make you calm, too. It is also easy to make a fruit mix. You just need to follow simple tasks and you’ll have a bowl of yummy fruit mix! Making fruit mixes might take time, but it is fun. After you make it, I hope you enjoy eating it!

My Trip to Anchorage, Alaska written by Preston Wong (G5) “Wow,” I said. My family and I were boarding the cruise ship Celebrity Millennium for two weeks. The ship was heading to Anchorage, Alaska. It was going to be the most exciting trip I’ve been on. First, we got to our quarter. Then, we unpacked our luggage and ate our ambrosial food in the banquet room. My family and I ate sushi, pizza, Caesar salad, eggs, toast, and more. It was so tasty! On the cruise, we stopped at five unique places. Each place we stopped, we ate crab, fish, lobster, and more seafood. There were several activities to partake in at the stop off points and on the cruise ship itself. I hiked on cliffs. I saw other people ziplining, hiking, and looking at maps to see where they would go next. Back on the ship, there was a playroom to pass the time. You could sign up and play any game you wanted there. They also babysat you. In addition, there was a show every night. In the shows, they sang 1970’s and 1980’s songs and a magician did special card tricks. As we traveled further and further north, my family and I saw enormous icebergs. There were tons of seals on the icebergs. The seals were grayish and blackish and the icebergs were bright white. The tallest iceberg we saw was as tall as our ship! After I saw the iceberg, I felt joyful because I’ve never seen an iceberg that tall in my life. Soon afterwards, we arrived at Anchorage, Alaska. My dad rented a car and we drove to our hotel. We unpacked our luggage and went out to eat at a fancy restaurant. We ate beef, homemade hotdogs, pasta, steak, and more. The next day, we went on a tour for five to six hours. The park that we toured was called Denali National Park. The bus provided us with lunch and unique information about the park. At the park, I saw Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in America. I also saw beaver dams, rivers, and animals, such as bears, deer, falcons, owls, and squirrels. When the tour was over, my family and I went back to the hotel. I felt really excited about the park because I saw interesting animals, dams, and rivers. The next day, we flew back home. Anchorage, Alaska was the most memorable trip I’ve been on. I felt joyful, happy, and ecstatic. I also learned many new facts about Alaska. My trip to Alaska broke several records: it was the coolest, coldest, nicest, longest trip I’ve ever been on.


This collection of student work was written between June 18, 2012 and July 20, 2012. Since the start of our summer program, students have le...