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 Futurelink School Scribes’ Corner   “Dear Mom and Dad” by Dennis Lee, Grade 1

STUDENTS IN FIRST GRADE learned how to use proper capitalization and punctuation. Then, they applied what they learned to write a friendly letter to their family.

November 18, 2011

Dear Mom and Dad, I am so thankful for you two because you do so much for me. You let me go to school. You take me to Cleminson and Futurelink School. You buy me things like toys, clothes, and cards. You let me invite my friends over. You let me swim and play on the jungle gym, monkey bars, tower climb, and slide. Thank you for everything you do!

“Dear Mom and Dad” by Fiona Chen, Grade 1 November 18, 2011

Dear Mom and Dad, I am so thankful for you two. You are so kind to me. You want to make me happy. Once, when you wanted to surprise me, you bought me Pokémon cards. Sometimes you clean up for me when I am busy. You help me do my homework when I need help. Thank you for everything you do for me.

Love, Dennis

Love, Fiona

“Dear Mom” by Carter Lim, Grade 1 (La Rosa)

“Dear Mom and Dad” by Benson Zhu, Grade 1

November 18, 2011 November 18, 2011

Dear Mom, Dear Mom and Dad, I am thankful for you because you cook breakfast. I also like you because you are nice, you are fun, you are funny, and you are happy, too. Thank you for being kind to me and for being my mom.

I am so thankful for you two because you two do so much for me. Mom, can you check my folder? Yes! Thank you for helping me clean up my toys. You’re going to check my homework, aren’t you? Thank you for doing all these things for me.

Love, Carter

Love, Benson


 Futurelink School Scribes’ Corner   “I Can’t Wait for Thanksgiving Because…” by Tony Luong, G3


learned how to organize paragraphs. They practiced writing main ideas, supporting sentences, and concluding sentences. Then, they used what they learned to write an expository essay.

Do you like Thanksgiving? I think Thanksgiving is the best! Every year I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. Here are some of the reasons why I love it so much. On Thanksgiving, I get to see my family and we eat lots of food. We have turkey, ham and corn. Thanksgiving also brings my family together. My family likes to play games and relax on Thanksgiving. We also talk about what we are thankful for. Thanksgiving is a wonderful day for me because I can do two things I really enjoy: eating and spending time with my family. This is why I can’t wait for Thanksgiving.

“Thanksgiving Fun” by Selina Lin, G2

Every year there is one day I really look forward to. It’s a day filled with food and family. That day is Thanksgiving. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving to come this year! Thanksgiving is a great holiday because I get to eat a big turkey. I get to stay home. At home, I can draw a Thanksgiving picture for my family. Best of all, there is no school. These are all the reasons that I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving because I get to spend time with my family. My family is very important to me because without them, Thanksgiving would not be fun.

“About Giving Thanks” by Jack Zheng, Grade 3 (La Rosa)

“Things I am Thankful For” by Andrew Ahn, Grade 2

Many people have things that they are

There are a lot of things to be thankful for.

thankful for. I will write about the things I am most thankful for and why. There are lots of things I am thankful for. First, I am thankful for my family because they feed me. I am thankful for books and teachers for teaching us and making us smart. I am also thankful for my friends because they play with me. Finally, I am thankful for animals because they provide us with food. There are a lot of reasons to be thankful, but these are the five things I am most thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a time we can share with others what we are thankful for. These are the things I am thankful for: I am thankful for a wonderful family; I am thankful for food; I am thankful for friends; and I am thankful for my brother. I am thankful for all of these things. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it gives me a chance to tell my family and friends how much they mean to me.


 Futurelink School Scribes’ Corner   The magician said, “It’s part of my trick.” Then the magician disappeared and all that was left was smoke. Back at home, the turkey escaped to the yard. The turkey found a trail of grains and followed it to a hunter’s house. We found the turkey’s trail and followed it. When we went into the hunter’s house, we saw the turkey and the hunter. Right then, my dad came and yelled, “Stop!” The hunter looked at my dad and disappeared. My dad pondered, “I think I know that guy.” Suddenly, the hunter appeared behind us. My dad distracted him by asking, “Are you that guy I talked to at the market?” “Indeed I am,” said the guy. With the hunter distracted, we grabbed the turkey and left. My dad asked the magician/hunter, “Why would you do all this?” “I wanted that turkey,” the magician/hunter said. My dad opened his mouth and sighed, “Why didn’t you make your own?” “I’m too cheap to buy a turkey.” “Why didn’t you make one with your magic?” The magician paused for a moment. He said, “Ohh yeah…” My dad sighed again and left. When we got home we put the turkey into our dog cage and collapsed on the couch, but somehow the turkey managed to escape again, gobbling as it walked away.

STUDENTS FOURTH GRADE AND UP learned how to use story planning and plot diagrams to write actiondriven short stories.

“Turkey Extravaganza” by Kaylee Tao, Grade 4

It was Thanksgiving Day and my family was getting ready for the big feast. Just as we sat down to dinner, the turkey came to life! It wobbled all over the place. My day said, “What’s going on?! I bought this turkey completely dead!!” Without thinking, my dad instantly went back to the store to try and explain what happened to the turkey. While my dad was at the store we tried to catch the turkey. As the turkey walked out, my cousin bumped into the door. My mom bumped into my cousin; my sisters bumped into my mom; my aunt bumped into my sisters; and my uncle bumped into my aunt. It was just like dominoes! Everybody got up. But then my uncle slipped and it happened all over again—except backwards! We got up again and went outside. At the market, my dad told the man about the turkey. The man told my dad he was a magician. My dad asked, “But why would you bring our turkey to life again?”


 Futurelink School Scribes’ Corner   “The Turkey” by Sean Yang, Grade 4

into the oven. They cooked the turkey better this time. It took everyone 3 hours and 40 minutes to catch the turkey. When they finally sat down to eat, it was 11:30 pm. All that chasing made them hungry and they gobbled up the turkey. The turkey was cooked better this time, they all thought, patting their bellies.

It was Thanksgiving Day. Everyone eagerly anticipated the upcoming feast. Just as everyone sat down for Thanksgiving dinner, the turkey jumped up suddenly and yelled, “Stop!” The family was surprised. The Mom did not know that the turkey was still alive. The brother said, “I don’t think you cooked the turkey very well...” The Mom said, “I did cook the turkey…” What was happening? When the Mom took the turkey out of the oven, the turkey wasn’t moving. This was very strange. Meanwhile, in the other room, the Dad was putting on his clothes. He had just finished his bath. “That was a relaxing bath!” said the Dad. Back in the dining room, the family was trying very hard to catch the turkey, but the turkey was too fast for them. The brother pulled the turkey’s tail. “I got you!” shouted the brother. The turkey pushed the brother’s hand off and the brother fell flat on the floor. “Ow!” shouted the brother. Then the brother quickly got on the phone to call the neighbors to their aid. Five minutes later, the neighbors were helping the family catch the turkey. “Let’s get ‘im!” shouted the brother. They were all so close to catching the turkey, but the turkey stayed out of their grasp. “Ha Ha Ha!” laughed the turkey. The family and neighbors were no match for the turkey’s speed. The turkey was too agile for them. Just then, the Dad burst into the kitchen. “I got you now turkey!” shouted the Dad. The turkey put up quite a fight. All of a sudden, the Dad grabbed the turkey by its foot and swung it

“The Turkey’s Adventure” by Jasmine Lee, Grade 4

One day, a hunter was searching for a turkey. He was walking on a dirt road for hours. “I need a plump turkey for Thanksgiving!” he bellowed. A few hours later, he found a plump turkey. “At last I found a plump turkey,” he said. When he was just about to shoot the turkey, the turkey saw him and ran away. The hunter tried and tried to catch it, but couldn’t. He had failed. The next day, the hunter managed to find the turkey’s den and caught it while it was sleeping. He said to himself, “Yes! I can eat turkey! Not only that, but tomorrow is Thanksgiving!” He ran home and was about to stuff the turkey when the turkey woke up! The turkey struggled to loosen the hunter’s grasp. Finally the turkey bit the hunter’s hand. “Yowie!” shouted the hunter. The hunter let go of the turkey and out it went! “Come back here, you turkey!” the hunter cried, to no avail. The next day, it was Thanksgiving. The hunter polished his black rifle and went to search for another turkey, but whenever he saw one, the turkey saw him and started teasing him. Humiliated, the hunter had to eat chicken instead of turkey for Thanksgiving. The End.


 Futurelink School Scribes’ Corner   “Cats vs Dogs” by Chloe Leung, Grade 5

At the speech, Dog said, “Hi! My name’s Dog. You should vote for me because I am responsible and caring. I can help you with your homework. I can try to solve your problems right away. That is why you should vote for me as president. Remember, my name is Dog.” Cat said, “Hi! I’m Cat. You should vote for me because I am fair and respectful. I can solve your friendship problems quickly and I will be very respectful to all of you. So vote for me, Cat!” After the speeches, there were the votes. The mayor counted the votes. Then he announced, “The winners are… Cat and Dog! You must have a meeting to find out how you two will work it out.” So Cat and Dog decided to have a meeting in the mayor’s meeting room at 3:00 P.M. the next day. During the meeting, there were many arguments and shouts. Finally, Cat said to Dog, “Since you are a dog, and I am a cat, you can be the president of dogs, and I can be the president of cats.” Dog agreed. So there were two presidents. Dog was the president of dogs, and cat was the president of cats. They lived happily ever after.

Long ago, in the village of Meowrrville, where cats and dogs live, there lived Cat and Dog. “When I grow up, I want to be president for three reasons. Number one: My mom and dad were president. Number two: I could be rich. Number three: I want to help the animals of Meowrrville,” said Cat and Dog on the same day. Cat said it at 2:00 P.M. and Dog said it at 2:00 A.M. because he always woke up early. They waited for days and days, months and months, and many years to run for president. Then one day near their birthday, they saw on ad on the wall of a tall skyscraper on their way to school. It said, “You can be the president of Meowrrville. Just sign here.” So Cat, Dog, and many other cats and dogs signed up. At school, Cat and Dog said, at the same time to each other, “I signed the ad about being president.” They were friends with each other who sometimes did the same thing at the same time.

“Bully Stops Bullying” by Andrew Liu, Grade 5 “Craig, I told you a million times not to show everyone your butt! Nobody wants to see it!” Mrs. Hind fumed. “Othay,” Craig replied, clearly embarrassed. He dashed back to his desk. Suddenly, someone started kicking him, cleverly under his desk so Mrs. Hind wouldn’t notice. The foot belonged to Bully, the biggest, baddest, and meanest kid in Craig’s grade. “Stop kicking me!” Craig shouted at Bully. “Craig!” Mrs. Hind scolded. “We’re gonna have a little private talk outside about your insolent

After school, they studied for their speech together. After revising each others’ drafts, they came up with a good speech. They practiced day and night until they thought that they would win.


 Futurelink School Scribes’ Corner   behavior!” She got up and dragged Craig out of the room. As soon as Mrs. Hind and Craig exited the room, the class went DEFCON 10. “No teacher! No teacher!” Everyone was shouting. Pencils, rulers, even a teddy bear went flying through the air. Desks toppled over. The only two kids who weren’t going crazy were Linda and John, Craig’s friends. “Bully got Craig in trouble again!” John complained. “Yeah, but what can we do about it?” Linda questioned. “He’s 5’7” and he has a mustache!” Meanwhile, outside, Mrs. Hind arranged for Craig to be in-school-suspended for the rest of the day. After the final bell rang at 2:45, Craig silently slumped out of the school, determined to leave undetected by Bully. Just then, a huge hand from behind shoved Craig, and he fell. “Hey stupid!” Bully meanly jeered. “Hey, that’s not nice!” Linda and John cried out. They rushed to Craig’s aid. “Are you okay?” Linda asked. John helped him up. “Theyah, Ith othay,” Craig replied. He looked for Bully, but he was nowhere to be seen. “Why does Bully only bully me?” Craig whined. “Bully doesn’t only bully you,” Linda reminded. “I saw him hide a kid’s backpack until he agreed to give $5.00 to Bully.” “Yeah, I saw that, too,” John added. That gave Craig an idea, an idea that would stop Bully from bullying kids ever again. The next morning, Craig saw Linda and John walking to school.

“Hey, wait up!” Craig called. He caught up to them and told them his brilliant plan. “Awesome!” John cried out. “It might actually work.” “And no one will get hurt,” commented Linda, who hated violent ideas. “Okay, let’s put it into action!” the trio cried. At recess, the trio slipped back into the classroom from the playground. Craig opened his locker. John took Bully’s backpack and shoved it into Craig’s locker, and Linda placed a contract on Bully’s desk that read:

I, Bully, agree not to harm or bother another soul if I am to get my backpack back.

x _____________________

“All set,” Linda whispered. And the trio slipped back on the playground as if nothing had happened. After recess, the first thing Bully noticed when he walked back to class was that his backpack was missing. “Hey, which one of you idiots took my backpack!?” Bully fumed at the class. Nobody said anything. Then, bully saw the contract. “Maybe you thould thign it,” Craig innocently suggested. “Argg, fine, ya idiots who wrote this contract!” Bully scribbled his name on the contract.

Signed Bully 6

 Futurelink School Scribes’ Corner   At lunch, the trio took Bully’s backpack out of Craig’s locker and put it on Bully’s desk. After lunch, Bully was merrily reunited with his backpack. “Yayy! My backpack!” Bully rushed toward it. However, Craig was in the way. Bam! Bully knocked Craig down. “Hey, watch where you’re goin’ fool,” Bully flared. “Remember your contract,” Linda chided. And from that day forward, Bully never harmed a single soul.

After she buys the ticket, she finds out that she has won the $112,000,000 prize! With her winnings, Mom goes to the town’s only furniture store and buys a set of gold chairs and tables. She buys a new turkey and a humongous mansion. She also takes her brother to the hospital to get treated. She says, “Get well soon, Bud,” and drives off in her new Rolls-Royce, disappearing beyond the horizon.

“Thanksgiving in Abetown” by Ethan Wong, Grade 6

In a small cottage in Abetown, Mom is making Thanksgiving dinner. Little does she know that despite her detailed and meticulous planning, everything is going to go horribly wrong! First, the metal tables and chairs mysteriously break. Mom struggles to find money to purchase new table sand chairs, but doesn’t find any. Then she goes to check on the turkey, but all of a sudden, it blows up right in front of her eyes! She asks her wrinkly, stingy, old mother for money; her mother immediately refuses. Then her older brother calls her. He says that he got into a terrible car accident on the highway and is near death. He pleads for some money, but the penniless Mom sadly says she doesn’t have any. Suddenly, her house catches on fire. Mom and her family escape, but her new house is nothing but a pile of ashes. Left with nothing, she finds a tattered dollar bill on the sidewalk. She picks it up. She says to herself, “Maybe—if I’m really lucky—I can win the lottery with this dollar.” She goes to the nearest supermarket, Abe Supermarket, and buys a ticket.

“Don’t Eat Me” by Grace Phan, Grade 7

On Thanksgiving night, Mr. Smith goes to the farm to buy a turkey for Thanksgiving. Out of hundreds of turkeys, he chooses me. Figures! Just my luck! Right now I’m sitting in the back of his Mercedes Benz making a big mess. Mr. Smith has a wife and two kids. He wants to surprise them by cooking a delicious Thanksgiving meal. He is a very kind and easy going man, but if you complain too much, he will get angry. My heart is pounding; I must outsmart Mr. Smith. I must not become a Thanksgiving dish. Now I’m in Beverly Hills, California. It’s a beautiful place but not for a turkey. I miss my turkey friends.


 Futurelink School Scribes’ Corner   Inside the Mr. Smith’s house, I plead and plead. “You don’t want to eat me!” I shout as I try to stall the inevitable. “You really should wash me first!” “Hmmmm, you have a point,” Mr. Smith replies reasonably. “Okay, I’ll wash you!” The running water is nice and warm. Mr. Smith scrubs my back with fifty dollars’ worth of lavender shampoo. “There!” he grumbles, “Now say goodbye.” “Wait!” I cry. “I have bad breath! You don’t want me to spoil your stuffing!” “Fine, I’ll brush your teeth,” replies Mr. Smith grudgingly. After Mr. Smith washes me, he brings a knife to my throat. “Don’t eat me,” I say, imploring him, begging him desperately. “A snake bit me and I’m poisonous.” “Lies!” Mr. Smith sneers. He becomes impatient. Mr. Smith brings the knife to my throat and pierces it. The pain and agony is tortuous. My eyes flutter closed, and I begin my eternal slumber. Now, reader, I will spare you the grisly details, but I will say that he should have listened to me when I said I was poisonous. True to my word, the man and all his guests died that night. If he had taken my warning to heart, I would have saved his life and mine. Oh well, I guess! Happy Thanksgiving! Please use a substitute instead of turkey this year, or you may end up like Mr. Smith.

Happy Thanksgiving!



“Dear Mom and Dad” by Fiona Chen, Grade 1 “Dear Mom and Dad” by Dennis Lee, Grade 1 D ear Mom and Dad, D ear Mom and Dad, D ear Mom and Dad,...


“Dear Mom and Dad” by Fiona Chen, Grade 1 “Dear Mom and Dad” by Dennis Lee, Grade 1 D ear Mom and Dad, D ear Mom and Dad, D ear Mom and Dad,...