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“My Special Gift” by Ashley Chiu, Grade 1

IN FIRST GRADE learned how to use

adjectives to describe how they feel. They also learned how to write friendly letters.

July 26, 2011

Dear Mom, “My Feelings” by Valeria Lopez, Grade 1


Thank you so much for giving me a toy car. At night time, it lights up in the dark. It is so colorful.

I am feeling glad. I am feeling glad

It is my favorite toy. I love the gift! Now I can play

because today was a fun day. I am feeling glad

with my friend.

because I was fast today. I am feeling so glad because my teacher is nice.

Love, Ashley

“My Feelings” by Nathan Liu, Grade 1


“Chuck-E-Cheese’s” by Ashley Chiu, G1

I am feeling excited. My mom made

me feel excited at Target. I was excited because my


mom bought me something. I am still excited. I wish

special place I visited was Chuck-E-

Cheese’s. First, I played with my mom and dad. I

my mom bought me stickers.

played games. Next, I ate cotton candy. The cotton candy was sweet. It was pink. It was soft. Last, I went

“My Special Gift” by Laura Lu, Grade 1

home. I went home with my mom and dad. I went home and my mom said, “I love you.” I felt happy. July 27, 2011

“A Special Place – Sea World” by Valeria Lopez, Grade 1

Dear Lynn,

A special place I visited was Sea World. One

Thank you so much for the earrings. It is

Saturday morning, we went to Sea World. First, we

crystal and so beautiful. It is so shiny. I like the gift!

went on a rollercoaster. We went in a tunnel. We

Now I can wear it.

went down fast. We got wet because it was a water rollercoaster. Next, we went to eat lobster. I ate an


arm and it was yummy. I drank lemonade with ice in


it. Last, I went to see Shamu. I saw a dolphin. The dolphin jumped high and people that knew how to swim were standing on the dolphin. I felt good at Sea World because it was fun.


 Futurelink School Scribes’ Corner   STUDENTS

“The Best Pet” by Ashley Duong, Grade 2


how to write short stories and essays. Their focus for the last two weeks has been personal narratives and expository essays.


you have a cute, little puppy? I have a

puppy! Her name is Daisy. Daisy is cute, playful, and a sleepy girl. Daisy sleeps in her cute, pink and purple bed. She is cute, because she is white and tan. She plays,

“A Special Friend” by Edwin Wong, Grade 2


eats, drinks, and she is very shy. She sleeps with my sister and me. Daisy is a super great dog. She does

you have a best friend at school? Hanson

tricks everyday.

is my best friend. Hanson is friendly, he shares, and

Daisy is a great pet. She is funny, cute, and

he works fast.


Hanson is a good friend. Hanson plays Beyblade with me at recess. He shares his erasers with me when it is class time. He works fast at math and English and helps me when I need help. Hanson likes to share and plays with me when it is recess. Hanson is a great friend.

“The Best Pet” by Jared Du, Grade 2 “My Best Pet” by Joe Zeng, Grade 3

Do you have a best pet? I have one; it’s a fish! I am going to tell you a little bit about my pet. My pet fish is named Ha Ha. He is orange

What is black, barks, and licks your face? My

and he likes to swim. He is three years old and he is a

dog Ruby! I am going to tell you about the best dog

boy. My family has had Ha Ha for six months, but he

in the world, my dog Ruby.

is still alive. I feed him, but sometimes I forget. My

Here are some reasons my dog Ruby is the

pet fish is my sister’s. His birthday is on August 27th.

best. One morning I took Ruby to the park. I taught

He is a swimmer. When he swallows something, he

her tricks. I taught her to jump, stand up, and fetch.

spits something out. One time he jumped out of his

Then we had a race. Finally, we went home and ate


lunch. I like it when Ruby watches me play computer games. We also watch my favorite movies together.

Ha Ha is a great pet. My whole family likes

These are just a few of the wonderful things my dog

him and I do too.

does with me. My dog Ruby is one of a kind. To me, she truly is the best dog in the world.


 Futurelink School Scribes’ Corner   “My Worst Moment” by Jasmine Tran, Grade 3

It was just like any other day until

my sister

got mad and started to punch me. I was worried, scared, and mad. This is what happened on the worst day of my life. On this day, my sister and I were fighting. When my sister and I were at home, she started to punch me. I was so mad I decided to punch her back. My mom told us to stop so we did. I started to cry. My sister was really sorry. Then my sister said she was sorry. We started to hug each other. I learned that if a person hits you, you don’t hit them back, just tell them how you feel! Ever since that day, whenever I get mad, I use my words and do not use my hands.

“My Hobby” by Sabrina Tang, Grade 3



you ever seen something on T.V. that


looked fun? I have. I saw a piano competition on T.V.

how to write different types of five-paragraph

I saw someone win first place. After that, I decided I

essays. The last two weeks, they have been working

wanted to play piano. I am going to tell you about my

on persuasive essays.

hobby, playing the piano. After seeing the competition, I told my mom

Prompt: Your principal is considering a new dress code

I wanted to take piano lessons and she signed me up.

requiring all students to wear uniforms. State whether

My piano teacher gave me a song to practice, because

you think this is a good policy and support your answer.

we were going to have a concert. The song had two parts. I practiced and practiced until I finally got it

PRO: “Uniform Policy” by Trisha Tran, Grade 4

right. When the day of the concert finally arrived, I was so nervous. I went on the stage and played the


song correctly. My mom was so proud of me.

uniforms are a fantastic policy.

I loved piano after I heard the song I played.

Students dress the same when they are in uniforms,

My mom was so impressed that she wanted me to

so they won’t have to spend time looking at how their

teach her how to play. Piano is my best hobby. I

classmates are dressed. Students already have so many

think in the future, I would make a great piano

things to think about: school, socializing, and the


latest movie they want to watch. Since uniforms look


 Futurelink School Scribes’ Corner   the same, students won’t bother each other with questions like, “Where did you buy that shirt?” or comments like, “I don’t like your sense of fashion.” Uniforms help students concentrate on their school work, give students one less thing to whine about, and keep students from wasting time in the morning. Uniforms are good for schools. When students wear uniforms, they concentrate on their work. Students don’t have to concentrate on other peoples’ clothes. Sometimes if there is no uniform, people stare at your clothes all day. When you don’t have a uniform, others will ask you where you bought your clothes. If students wore uniforms, they wouldn’t

CON: “Uniforms Are Not Fun” by Fanny Huang, G4

have to whine all day about their clothes. Without uniforms, students question each other’s fashion


choices. This can make students feel insecure.

are so boring. Uniforms

Students beg their parents to take them shopping, so

don’t have any decoration on them. Boring old

they can buy new clothes.

uniforms make students have bad feelings. Uniforms

Uniforms have another benefit; students

are horrible in my opinion. Uniforms are the worst

don’t have to find their clothes in their morning.

idea because they cost a lot of money, are not fancy,

Sometimes it takes too long to find your clothes. It

and are boring.

also gets messy when you dig through your drawers

Uniforms cost a lot of money because parents

to find clothes to wear to school. If students had

have to keep buying new ones when their children

uniforms, they would already know what to wear to

grow out of them. When students grow out of their


street clothes, they can still wear their mom’s or dad’s School uniforms are a really good policy. If

clothes. Cool, right? If uniforms are too small for



students, parents don’t have any uniforms for their

concentrate on their work rather than worrying about

children to wear. Parents have to work twice as hard

their clothes. When there are uniforms at school,

to pay for their children’s uniforms.






there’s no need to waste time finding your clothes in

Uniforms are not fancy, because you can only

the morning. School uniforms are beneficial for

wear certain clothes and colors. Usually uniforms are


just blue or white. Normal clothes can be fancy or shiny. Having fancy clothes makes people think you are rich, which can make you feel famous. Wearing fancy clothes can inspire students to study, so that they can be smart and rich in the future.


 Futurelink School Scribes’ Corner   Boring clothes make families think that they

students won’t come home crying and parents won’t

are poor because they are so plain. Boring clothes can

have to worry about their kids’ feelings getting hurt.

make students feel sad because they are not colorful.

With uniforms, students can focus in class

Sadness interferes with students’ concentration and

instead of playing with their clothes or accessories.

keeps them from doing their work.

For example, if a student is wearing jewelry or a belt

Uniforms are the worst idea because they are

with a chain, instead of discussing a story with the

expensive, are not fancy, and are boring. If you can’t

class, the student would be playing with their

fit into your uniform, your parents have to buy more.

clothing. With uniforms and a dress code, this

Being fancy is better than wearing a uniform, so say

wouldn’t be a problem. Also, instead of wasting time

no to uniforms!

in the morning pick out clothes, students can study for tests or get extra sleep. During class time, students don’t need to worry about whether their clothes are cool because everyone wears the same thing. Uniforms may look expensive, but they are not. There is always a sale before school starts where students can buy new clothes for the school year at a low price. Parents will only need to buy a few sets of uniforms, unlike real clothes. They will no longer complain about how much their child spends on clothes. Everyone can afford uniforms. Don’t uniforms sound like a great idea? They

PRO: “Say YES to Uniforms” by Crystal Tran, Grade 5

fight bullying and keep students focused. Also, uniforms aren’t very expensive. Let’s have uniforms!

“Stop! Stop making fun of me!” Does this sound familiar? Maybe it’s because your school

CON: “Say NO to Uniforms” by Michelle Chen, Grade 6

doesn’t have a uniform policy. Uniforms help prevent bullying and allow students to focus on academics. Another positive aspect of uniforms is that they’re

Is your school

not expensive. I think schools should have uniforms.

considering getting uniforms?

Getting uniforms is a bad idea. Most students dislike

If schools adopt a uniform policy, there

uniforms; they limit creative ability; and they are

would be less discrimination. Students wouldn’t be

expensive and hard to clean.

put into groups because they wear “cool” or “geeky”

Think about the word uniform. Notice the

clothes. Some people make fun of others because they

root “uni-,” or “one.” It’s true! Uniforms are just one

can’t afford to wear the new trends; however, with

form, one boring outfit. If you have uniforms,

uniforms, this situation is solved. Additionally,

choosing clothes for school is already out of the


 Futurelink School Scribes’ Corner   question. Without uniforms, students would be able


to express themselves.

transportation is bad because it is crowded and you

Most students dislike uniforms, and they






must get to your stop on time. Overall, though, the

have good reason to. First, they are very formal and







most students hate dressing up. Secondly, uniforms

transportation is a great idea, because it is good for

can be very uncomfortable. They can be itchy, tight,

the environment and is quieter than cars.

or simply have too much of a formal feel. Most likely,

If more people took public transportation,

uniforms’ colors are not the colors students like to

there would be less air pollution. Using public

wear. For example, a uniform might have colors that

transportation is better for the environment because

are awkward for boys.

air pollution would be minimized. People could stop

Last but certainly not least, uniforms are

wearing face masks and breathe freely.

expensive and hard to clean. Most sets of uniforms

Using public transportation would reduce the

cost more than $100! They are costly to buy and

noise from millions of cars on the road. It does this

clean. Most uniforms have delicate buttons, zippers,

because passengers would ride on one, long train or

and embroidery. Normal washing machines can ruin

bus. Imagine cars beeping loudly; the loud noises can

these. It is also hard to find a cleaning cycle. If you

cause a car crash! With public transportation, you can

only have two shirts and both are dirty, it can be a

rest peacefully at the end of the day knowing that

pain to figure out how to get them clean for school

there are no more loud noises.

In conclusion, uniforms are a bad idea. They

Although public transportation is good for

limit creative ability, are disliked, and are costly to

the environment, people still argue about its benefits

buy and clean. If you want a good, fun school year,

because of the strain it puts on passengers. It takes a

tell your school to say “NO!” to uniforms.

long time for everyone to board a bus, because many people need to get on. You have to be on time at a bus stop or train station or else you will be late to

Prompt: Many cities suffer from serious air and noise

wherever you are going. However, these short-

pollution—as well as endless traffic jams—because there are too many cars. Some people feel that cities

comings are easy to forgive. Public transportation

with extensive public transportation systems should

carries a lot of people. I would rather wait in a line for

ban passenger cars and force people to walk, bike, or

a bus than destroy the environment. Using

use public transportation. Do you think this is a good


transportation is a good

idea? Why or why not?

idea because it will lessen air pollution and is a lot

PRO: “Take Public Transportation” by Andrew Xiao, Grade 4


quieter than all those cars! You should use public

you know why public transportation is

transportation right now!

good? Public transportation creates less pollution and is quieter than the millions of cars on the road.


 Futurelink School Scribes’ Corner   STUDENTS

She teaches a life-altering lesson through bravery and IN SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE are also

a will to correct Roger’s mistake.

learning how to write five-paragraph essays. For

The story “Thank You, M’am” shows the

the last two weeks, they have been working on

different ways in which teachers can lead a child from

responses to literature (focus: character analysis).

wrong to right. Mrs. Jones gets her lesson across through kindness, generosity, and boldness. In real


Respond to the short story you read in your

life, kids make mistakes for any number of reasons. It

morning English class, “Thank You M’am” by Langston

takes a teacher like Mrs. Jones to inspire them to do

Hughes. Write a character analysis of either Roger or


Mrs. Jones.

“Mrs. Jones” by Michelle Wan, Grade 8

“Thief!” by Justin Hong, Grade 8



After the unpleasant surprise of a

are many different teachers that use

robbery, a normal person would run away, afraid of

different methods to teach. In the story “Thank You

gunfire or a knife from the thief. Everyone, that is,

M’am” by Langston Hughes, Mrs. Jones teaches

but Mrs. Jones. In Langston Hughes’s short story,

Roger a life lesson in her own way. Amazingly, Mrs.

“Thank You, M’am” Mrs. Jones’s turns a failed

Jones offers Roger food and money after he tries to

robbery attempt into a well-taught lesson. Mrs. Jones

snatch her purse. During their meeting, she shows

is a caring, generous, and brave woman.

care towards Roger. Mrs. Jones actions and words show that she is a very caring, generous, and strong-

Mrs. Jones is kind to the thief, a young boy

willed person.

named Roger. After the robbery attempt, she takes Roger to her house and cares for him. She realizes

Mrs. Jones shows care and concern towards

Roger has no one to care for him at home. She gives

Roger. She questions Roger about whether or not he

him water to wash his face.

has anybody at home to wash his face. She takes him home and cleans up his face just like a caring parent

Mrs. Jones is also generous. Instead of taking


Roger to jail, she offers him the shelter of her own home. She gives Roger food and ends up giving him

Mrs. Jones thoughtfully and generously gives

ten dollars for his blue suede shoes—the shoes he

Roger what he needs and wants even though she isn’t

wanted but couldn’t afford, the shoes that lead him to

very wealthy. Although the house is large, Mrs. Jones

steal. She also leaves Roger with an important lesson

she lives with other roomers. Even in her situation,

in life: never steal from anybody.

she offers Roger food and money to buy the blue suede shoes he wants. She is very generous to Roger

Mrs. Jones stands out among others because

considering she doesn’t have much money.

she is fearless and determined. She doesn’t run away after the robbery attempt; she goes up to Roger,

Mrs. Jones has a unique way of teaching.

confronts him about his crime, and disciplines him.

Because she is strong-willed, she decides to use her own method of discipline. She kicks him in his “blue-


 Futurelink School Scribes’ Corner   jeaned sitter” to show him that what he is doing is wrong. She doesn’t take Roger to jail; instead, she takes him home. In the end, she gives him ten dollars for his suede shoes and tells him, “shoes come by devilishness like that will burn your feet.” Roger can think of little more to say than, “Thank you, m’am.” He learns his lesson and Mrs. Jones’s way of teaching works. Through their encounter, Mrs. Jones teaches Roger a lesson. She helps him understand what’s right and wrong by caring for him and trusting him. Mrs. Jones’s actions and words show that she is a very caring, generous, and strong-willed person. Her unique way of teaching will make Roger remember Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones for the rest of his life.



Thank you so much for giving me a toy car. At night time, it lights up in the dark. It is so colorful. It is my favorite toy. I love the gif...