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It gives me immense pleasure to serve you with the best in consultancy services. Over the years, Future Link has evolved to reach and hold a unique position of pride amongst Visa Consultants. We have expanded our range of operations keeping in mind the ever evolving educational and immigration environment and help find effective solutions to the hurdles faced by students / clients. A complete package is assured to all our clients right from answering their initial inquiry, discussing every relevant detail and choosing the best course of action, effective implementation of the plan of action and watch them leave with a smile on their face. My team and I would like to assure you of our constant endeavor to excel and reach new heights to give you the best services possible whenever called for.

Santosh Ramrakhiani Director, Future Link Consultants


Who We Are Future Link Consultants is one of the leading visa consultants providing overseas educa on and immigra on services since more than 17 years. Our commitment and dedica on is reflected in our day to day work. The knowledge, exper se, wisdom and competency acquired during all these years makes us remarkable in leadership with a solid reputa on. We believe in shaping the career of our clients with lot of responsibility and care. Our services have helped thousands of our clients in accomplishment of their successful career abroad. We are equipped with the best state-of-the-art infrastructure & technology with strong network base across the globe. With Offices in India and Canada, Future Link Consultants is a one stop solu on to study abroad. We are also fit to meet your immigra on requirements including complementary post landing services due to our overseas offices.

What We Do Career Guidance & Admissions Counseling Our experienced team of counselors provide you one to one counseling & guidance for country, course and college/university selec on mee ng your expecta ons. Our aim is to op mize your opportuni es by developing proper career pathway for permanent residence in the country of your choice.

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Post Landing Services Future Link Consultants has its own office in Toronto Ontario, the metropolitan city of Canada. This is one of the reasons making Future Link Consultants a one-stop solu on for all Canada visa related services. Our Client’s immediate needs such as Airport Pickup, Lodging/Boarding, Part me Jobs, etc are taken care by us as soon as they arrive in Canada. Students also remain in touch with us for taking services during and a er their studies that includes Study Permit Extensions, Post Study Work Permits, Spouse Dependent Open Work Permit, Parents Visitor Visa and their own Immigra on applica on under FSW, CEC, PNP & many other different programs. Special packages are available for all your needs right from your studies in Canada ll you get your Immigra on. Contact our nearest office for more details.

Canada - The Land Of Numerous Opportuni es Canada is a well-developed country in North America consis ng of 10 provinces and 3 territories. Canada's border with the United States is the world's longest land border. Surprisingly its total popula on is just a li le more than the na onal capital region of India’s capital 'Delhi'. Canada's ultra-modern cosmopolitan ci es which are clean, safe, friendly and mul cultural add to its charm and grandness. Canada is a developed country and has the fi eenth-highest nominal per capita income globally as well as the tenth-highest ranking in the Human Development Index.


Why Study In Canada Canada is a country of plen ful opportuni es. Studying in Canada opens your doors to a bright future. The reasons why you must consider Canada as your next study des na on are: The United Na on has ranked Canada as one of the best places in the world to live. Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world. Mul cultural society. Standard of living is very high, low crime rate and minimal popula on. High-Quality educa on at affordable cost. Qualifica ons are valued around the world. Very good employment opportuni es. Be er Immigra on opportuni es in future.

What Is Student Partners Program (SPP) In Canada? Student Partners Program (SPP) developed in partnership between the Associa on of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) and CIC is an arrangement between some of the selected Canadian educa onal ins tu ons and the Canadian High Commission in India with an aim to provide quick and easy student visa process to the promising students.

What Are The Benefits Of Applying Canada Student Visa Under SPP? Less documenta on. Faster visa processing. High visa success ra o. No need to submit Income and Bank balance documents.

Eligibility Criteria To Apply Under SPP Qualifica on : Grade 12th or all Diploma Holders (10+3 or 10+2+3), Bachelor's or Master's Degree Holder (Academic 50% or Second Class and above). Academic IELTS : Scores vary depending on College/University & Program you select. Typically minimum 6.0 Bands overall with no band less than 5.5 are required for admission. Funds : GIC (CAD $ 10,000 + CAD $ 200 Bank processing fee) & Payment of 1st Semester Tui on Fees. Medical test through Panel Physician before visa filing.

Colleges / Universi es Op ons : Future Link Consultants represents more than 70+ Colleges/Universi es in Canada. You get major choice of Schools/Colleges/Universi es op ons with us.

Work Permit for Interna onal Students (During & A er Studies) As an Interna onal Student in Canada You may be eligible to work in Canada while studying and a er you graduate. 6

As a study permit holder, you may qualify to work on-campus or off-campus without an addi onal work permit if you meet specific criteria.

Work On-Campus You can work part- me on-campus if you are registered as a full- me student at a college or university, have a valid study permit and have a Social Insurance Number. You must stop working on campus on the day you are no longer studying full me or when your study permit expires.

Work Off-Campus As an Interna onal student you can work off-campus up to 20 hours per week without an addi onal work permit if you are registered as a full- me student at a college or university, have a valid study permit, are in a program that leads to a degree, diploma or cer ficate and is at least six months long and have a Social Insurance Number. If you are no longer a full- me student, you may s ll work off-campus if you: Have been a full- me student since you started your program in Canada and are now studying part- me only because this is your last semester (and you don't need a full course-load to complete your program). You Can Also Work Full-Time : During scheduled breaks, such as the winter and summer holidays or spring break And a er you finish your studies if you have applied for any other work permit. If your academic, professional or voca onal training program includes an essen al co-op or internship component, you will need to apply for a work permit. However if your acceptance le er confirms that a co-op or internship placement is part of your program's curriculum. You then only need to apply for a study permit and CIC will process the work permit as part of your applica on. You may also apply for a post-gradua on work permit to con nue working in Canada a er you graduate from an eligible ins tu on. However you need to apply for a work permit within 90 days of when it was confirmed that you completed your program.

Post Study Work Permits STUDY DURATION


1 Year Study

Up to 1 Year

1 Year PG + 1 Year PG

Up to 3 Years

2 Years of Post – Secondary Study

Up to 3 Years

3 Years or more Studies

Up to 3 Years 7

Document Check List For Admission And Student Visa Applica on In Canada Documents Required For Admission In College/University Documents Required For Admission In College Passport copy first and last page. Grade 10th & 12th Marksheets. Bachelor's/Master's all Marksheets along with Degree Cer ficate. Bachelor's/Master's Transcripts. (If Available). Experience Cer ficates (If Any). IELTS Score Sheet. Documents Required For Admission In University Passport copy first and last page. Grade 10th & 12th Marksheets. Bachelor’s/Master’s all Marksheets along with Degree Cer ficate. Bachelor’s/Master’s Transcript. Experience Cer ficate(If Any) IELTS Score Sheet. Statement of Purpose. Resume. Minimum 3 Reference Le ers.

Documents Required For Canada Student Visa Applica on Student Visa Applica on Under SPP Original Passport (Include all cancelled or expired passports, if applicable) All Visa forms filled and signed. Guaranteed Investment Cer ficate (CAD $10,000 + CAD $200 bank processing fee). All academic documents star ng from Grade 10th ll your recent academics (Notarized). IELTS Score Sheet (Notarized). Work Experience Le er (If Any) (Notarized). 2 Photographs (35mm x 45mm, White background, Ma finish). Payment Receipt of Tui on Fees. Medical Examina on from Panel Physician. Le er of Acceptance. Statement of Purpose (Recommended). Student Visa Applica on Under Non-SPP Original Passport (Include all cancelled or expired passports, if applicable). All Visa forms filled and signed. 8

IELTS Score Sheet. 2 Photographs (35mm x 45mm, White background, Ma finish). Le er of Acceptance. Payment Receipt of Tui on Fees. All academic documents from Grade 10th ll your recent academics (Notarized). Work Experience Le er (If Any) (Notarized). Statement of Purpose (Recommended). Medical Examina on from Panel Physician. Proof of Funds : Guaranteed Investment Cer ficate (GIC) (If Available). Educa onal Loan from an Indian Chartered Bank. Income Tax Returns for past two years - applicant and his parents. (If Applicable) Bank Statement for the past minimum 6 months.

List Of Colleges & Universi es ONTARIO 1) Algonquin College 2) Cambrian College 3) Centennial College 4) Conestoga College 5) Confedera on College 6) Fanshawe College 7) Fleming College 8) Georgian College 9) Mohawk College 10) Niagara College 11) Northern College 12) Seneca College 13) Sheridan College 14) St. Clair College 15) St. Lawrence 16) St. Lawrence – Alpha Campus 16) Toronto Interna onal College 17) Duke Academy 18) Blyth Academy 19) Sault College 20) Upper Canada District School Board 21) Northern College At Pures - Toronto 22) King's University College 23) University Of Windsor 9

24) RCC Ins tute Of Technology 25) Cambrian – Hanson Toronto Campus 26) York Region District School Board 27) Canadore College – Toronto Campus 28) Loyalist College 29) Herzing College 30) Stanford Interna onal College 31) Toronto Ins tute Of Pharmaceu cal Technology 32) O awa-Carleton District School Board 33) Evergreen College 34) University Of Ontario Ins tute Of Technology 35) Anderson College Of Health, Business & Technology 36) Durham College 37) St. Clair- Toronto 38) CIMT College ALBERTA 1) Southern Alberta Ins tute Of Technology (SAIT) 2) Lethbridge College 3) Lakeland College 4) Norquest College 5) Medicine Hat College BRITISH COLUMBIA 1) College Of The Rockies 2) Vancouver Community College 3) Fairleigh Dickinson University 4) Vancouver Island University 5) University Canada West 6) Thompson Rivers University 7) University Of The Fraser Valley 8) Capilano University 9) New York Ins tute Of Technology (NYIT) 10) Northern Lights College 11) College Of New Caledonia 12) Selkrik College 13) Kwantlen Polytechnic University 14) Columbia College SASKATCHEWAN 1) Parkland College 2) Saskatchewan Polytechnic 3) University of Regina 10

MANITOBA 1) Red River College 2) Manitoba Ins tute of Trades and Technology 3) Assiniboine Community College QUEBEC 1) Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board 2) LaSalle College 3) Lester B. Pearson Voca onal College 4) Cégep De La Gaspésie 5) Montreal College Of Informa on Technology

NOVA SCOTIA 1) Cape Breton University 2) Mount Saint Vincent University

NEW BRUNSWICK 1) Mount Allison University

YUKON 1) Yukon College

Permanent Residency In Canada Canada immigra on was historically launched in 1890s when it started invi ng people from all over the globe to se le in their Country. Canada is well known as the Immigrants Capital Country because of its intensive job market, well established and stable economy, less tax infla on, health care policies and is one of the safest Country to Live. Canada offers various programs under which people across the Globe can migrate to Canada although there are various eligibility criteria that one has to meet on the specified factors like age, qualifica on, language proficiency, work experience and adaptability. One of the most steadfast and hassle free migra on solu on introduced in January 2015 by the Canadian government is the Canada Express Entry. The Canada Express Entry works on en rely a compe ve selec on method where in the eligible candidates are rightly selected on the basis of their skill and assessment results. The CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) has a total of 1200 points that an applicant can score on the eligibility criteria.1200 points is a sum of the total points allocated to each eligibility factor that a applicant scores basis the informa on entered in the assessment form. The programs launched by the Canadian Government are: Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) Federal Skill Trade Program (FSTP) Canadian Express Class (CEC) Por on Of The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) 11

FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program) : FSWP was launched as a part of Canada's immigra on strategy where in the immigrants are selected based on their ability to become economically established in Canada. The federal skilled worker program applica ons are processed through the Express Entry. The Express Entry Eligibility is evaluated through a point system under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The Profile eligibility would be assessed on factors like Age, Educa on, language proficiency, work experience and adaptability carrying 67 points which you can earn out of 100 bases the strength of your profile. The combina on of these factors along with the comprehensive ranking system would decide your chances of ge ng invita on to apply under the FSWP program. Your primary occupa on should come under the NOC (Na onal Occupa onal Classifica on) of NOC O, A Or B. Minimum One Year of Con nuous Full Time or Equivalent Amount of part me experience in your primary NOC (O, A, B) is required. CEC (Canadian Experience Class) : Canadian Experience Class Program is devised for those foreign workers who are in Canada on a Temporary basis to work and would like to permanently se le in Canada. To apply Under CEC you should be staying in Canada on any legal basis except on Visitor Visa. Applicants have to meet the minimum eligibility requirements of express entry under the CEC programs. The CEC applica ons are processed under Express Entry where in the applicants can remain in Canada throughout the applica on process as long as they maintain their legal status. CEC is also becoming a popular op on for those interna onal students who are staying in Canada on the basis of their Post Gradua on work permits and have gained one year of work experience in any skilled, professional or technical field Even if the applicant is no longer in Canada can s ll apply for CEC Program provided they have applied for the same within 3 years of leaving their job. Applicant's Canadian Work experience should come under the NOC (Na onal Occupa onal Classifica on) of NOC O, A Or B. Minimum One Year of Con nuous Full Time or Equivalent Amount of part me experience in your primary NOC (O, A, B) required. (Full me work exp. = 1560 hours in one year) PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) : Canadian provinces can nominate immigrants through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Applicants must have the required skills, educa on, language proficiency and work experience to contribute to the economy of that province. They also must portray the intend to live in that Province. 12

Each province has their own immigra on programs and criteria to nominate skilled applicant for their province. Provinces like Saskatchewan, Nova Sco a and Manitoba have their own Occupa on In Demand list, Applicant should fall under that occupa on list to be able to apply for that province. PNP func ons through two streams which would be either through Express Entry or without express entry. Parents and Grandparents Immigra on : As a permanent resident or Canadian ci zen you can apply for PR for your parents or grandparents under the family sponsorship program and invite them to stay with you by sponsoring them. If you sponsor your parent or grandparent you should agree to take the responsibility of your parent or grandparent to support them ďŹ nancially once they arrive to Canada. You should make sure that they do not have to seek any social assistance from the Canadian government at any point of me. The Sponsorer should meet the minimal income requirement (LICO) which is derived on the bases of the family size and number of people you are sponsoring. You must be 18 years of age or older and should be living in Canada.

Canada Spouse Visa What Is A Sponsorship Agreement? A sponsorship agreement is a commitment made by the applicant sponsoring his/her spouse for immigra on to Canada to undertake their ďŹ nancial support in the sense that the sponsor will make reasonable eorts to provide for the essen al needs of the spouse sponsored to immigrate to Canada. Since families are our main source of support and we deeply care about them and share all our good mes and challenges with them, Canadian government has made it possible for us to be with our spouse in Canada through the Canada spouse visa in which future link consultants specializes in all kinds of immigra on services including spouse dependent visa applica ons that include visitor visa, open work permit and immigra on for Canada.

As per Canada spouse visa, a person who is a temporary resident or a permanent resident can sponsor his/her spouse to visit or stay in Canada. This is of 3 types: Spouse Dependent Open Work Permit PR/Ci zen Dependent Visitor Visa 13

1) Spouse Dependent Open Work Permit : Spouse dependent open work permit visa can be applied by spouse of any interna onal student, who is enrolled in a full- me study program in Canada at a recognized learning ins tute, college or university. A post study work permit holder/work permit holder can also bring their spouse to Canada on an open work permit visa. Total Processing Time : 60-90 Days (May Change Depending Case To Case) BeneďŹ ts : Main applicant who is applying for open work permit can work legally and full me. They are authorized to stay un l his/her spouse permit is there in Canada. They can also extend their stay along with their spouse extension stay in Canada. Requirements of principal applicant: He/she must be at least 18 years old. A medical report is required. Documents showing genuine rela onship between you and your spouse.

2) PR/Ci zen Dependent : A person can sponsor his/her be er half who is a permanent resident or ci zen of canada. Total Processing Time : 8-10 months (may change depending case to case) BeneďŹ ts : Will get all the facili es and beneďŹ ts which an immigrant is ge ng. For e.g. Less educa on fees, free medical etc. Children schooling is free and subsidized higher educa on in college/university. Applicant will become pr directly.


Requirements Of Principal Applicant : He/she must be at least 18 years old. Medical report is required. Police clearance cer ficate is required. Documents showing genuine rela onship between you and your spouse.

3) Visitor Visa : A person who is on temporary base, permanent base or ci zen can sponsor his/her spouse to visit them in Canada. In order to qualify for a canadian visitor visa one needs to abide by the following : It is mandatory that the applicant sa sfies the officer that they are just visi ng Canada and will leave Canada at the end of their stay. It is mandatory that they show enough money to maintain themselves and their family members in Canada. That they do not have any criminal ac vity or record. That they do not intend to work or study in Canada unless authorized to do so. That they are in good health condi on and are ready to provide any addi onal document as requested by the officer. Total Processing Time : 15-30 days (may change depending case to case)


Frequently Asked Ques ons

1 How Much Is The Approximate Tui on Fees In Canada? The tui on fee in Canada depends on college/university & the program you select. The average tui on fee in Canada range between $ 14,000 CAD - $ 16,000 CAD per annum approximately.

2 What Is The Cost Of Living In Canada? The cost of living in Canada varies greatly and mainly depends on one's lifestyle. It may range anywhere between CAD $ 7,000 – CAD $ 10,000 per annum approximately.

3 What Is GIC? GIC stands for Guaranteed Investment Cer ficate. Under SPP, it is mandatory to open bank account with GIC partner bank such as the bank of nova sco a or ICICI Bank and deposit CAD $ 10,000 for your first one year living expenses in Canada. A er deposi ng the required amount, GIC cer ficate will be issued to you as a confirma on of your successful deposit which is mandatory to submit during the visa applica on under SPP. Each month of your first 12 months you will receive equal por on of your investment back with interest. You can use these funds to pay for living expenses while you are studying in Canada.

4 Is It Compulsory To Appear For English Proficiency Test? (IELTS/PTE) Any interna onal student who is not a na ve of an English-speaking country needs to give English proficiency test for admission as well as for visa process. The score requirements differ according to the program & colleges/universi es that you select. We have 3 days FREE classes available for the students who would like to check their English proficiency level and are interested to study abroad. Please visit our office for more details.


5 Is Educa on Loan Mandatory To Apply For Canada Student Visa Under SPP? No, educa on loan is not mandatory to consider an applica on under SPP. You can apply under SPP by having an account in Sco a bank of $ 10,000 CAD and paying the fees payment of at least one semester but s ll if you want to apply under general category, you need to apply for educa on loan.

6 How Much Value Does A Diploma, Cer ficate Hold? Colleges offer a wide variety of career - oriented programs like advanced diploma/diploma/cer ficate. These programs are specially designed to give students the opportunity to learn and develop many marketable skills in their preferred career. such programs gives an exposure to prac cal background that employers demand and help to get jobs easily.

7 Can I Work In Canada A er Gradua on? Yes, you can work up to 1 year if you have completed 1 year program and up to 3 years if you have completed 2 or more years program in Canada. You can also select two programs of 1 year each in con nua on to avail the benefit of ge ng work permit up to 3 years.

8 Is There Any Difference In The Process If I Want To Study In Quebec? If you apply to study in Quebec, you need a Québec Acceptance Cer ficate (CAQ) from the Quebec province. A CAQ cer ficate is a mandatory requirement and must be submi ed along with your visa applica on to CIC if you are planning to study in Quebec province. For more details contact our nearest office.

9 When Should I Apply For My Student Visa? CIC recommends you to apply for your student visa as soon as you receive your le er of acceptance and when you meet all the visa applica on requirements. There are deadlines to submit the visa applica on for each Intake. There are 3 major Intakes in Canada : January (Winter Intake), May (Summer Intake) & September (Fall Intake). for more details visit our nearest office. 17

10 Am I Allowed To Return Home For A Visit Or Travel Outside Canada During My Studies? If you are leaving canada for any reason and want to return, you must have the below documents: - A valid passport or travel documents - A valid study permit if you are returning to study in canada - A valid temporary resident visa if you are a ci zen of a specific country for which canada requires a visa. Contact our toronto office if your permit or visa has expired and if you are planning to travel outside canada in near future.


Why Choose Regulated Canadian Immigra on Consultant (RCIC) When I Can Do It Myself Or Through A Non-RCIC? Visa filing is a very important part of your complete student applica on process and you should always take the advice from experts to ensure that you are aware of all the available op ons. Immigra on laws are very complicated and they keep on changing. Our expert professionals can ensure that you get the most current legal advice as per your profile, so that you can make an informed decision. Selec ng Future Link Consultants for processing your visa applica on gives you complete relief and peace of mind because we are legally allowed to represent your applica on at CIC as our director is a registered Canadian immigra on consultant. You can find our director, Santosh Ramrakhiani's name on the following ICCRC official website link: H p://

12 Who Are Considered Authorized Immigra on Consultants? Canadian Federal law requires that Immigra on Consultants in Canada or abroad who provide Canadian Immigra on services for a fee, must be registered with the ICCRC (Immigra on Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) and are cer fied as a Regulated Canadian Immigra on Consultant (RCIC). Our Director, Santosh Ramrakhiani is Regulated Canadian Immigra on Consultant (RCIC) and ac ve member of ICCRC. An ac ve member of ICCRC is one who in the scope of an Immigra on professional perform the du es of providing advice, consulta on and representa on services in regards to the applica ons made to CIC (Canadian Immigra on & Ci zenship) and Refugee Board of Canada in line with the ICCRC guidelines. So, make a right decision by choosing Future Link Consultants for your Canada visa processing.


Why Should I Choose Future Link Consultants? Since 2001, Future Link Consultants has provided quality and reliable services for visa processing and immigra on to many clients. Every year we assist more than 500+ aspiring candidates in fulďŹ lling their dream to Study and Se le Abroad. Interes ng Facts About Us : Exper se in providing overseas educa on services for Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand since more than 17 years. One stop solu on right from coaching, counseling, admission, visa applica on, post visa orienta on, cke ng, accommoda on & post landing services. Interna onal presence with oďŹƒces in Canada and India. In-house coaching services for IELTS, PTE and Spoken English with state of art infrastructure and library facili es. Free 3 days demo classes for all coaching services. Tie-ups with 450+ renowned and reputed interna onal universi es, colleges & ins tutes abroad. We regularly conduct spot admissions and seminars where representa ves from foreign universi es/colleges & ins tutes visit us to directly interact with students/ parents & guide them. Professional and friendly sta members to assist, guide and advise you at each level of service. Quick, easy and smooth processing. Free assessment for students including career counseling.



Note : Admission & Visa application requirements change frequently. Kindly contact us or refer the official website for updated information.

HEAD OFFICE - INDIA : 216, Atlantis, Nr. Genda Circle, Vadodara, Gujarat.

+91 99982 24688

BRANCH OFFICE - INDIA : 217, Sigma Complex, Above D-Mart, V.V. Nagar, Anand, Gujarat.

+91 76008 21916

CORPORATE OFFICE - CANADA : 55, Town Centre Court, Suite 700, Toronto, Ontario - M1P 4X4

+1 416 294 2739

Overseas Education Consultants: A guide to study in Canada  
Overseas Education Consultants: A guide to study in Canada  

Overseas Education Consultants Future Link is providing their services from more than 17 years. A one stop solution for Canada Student Visa...