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Future Kulture   Cultural Programs for Youth in Music & Sports February 25th 2005 SE#19915778 Support Sponsorship Agreement ¤ This is hereby an agreement of sponsorship between STUK Gaudeamus D.o.o. (hereafter referred to as; sponsor) and Future Kulture “Venue Festival” under the following conditions. ¤ The sponsorship is solely directed towards support / sponsorship regarding the Venue Festival and events at STUK´s Venue and is based on support in the form of advance booking, equipment usage, advertisement, and administration in connection with the aforementioned event. ¤ The sponsorship is in the form of booking and payments to the artist regarding the Venue Festival. STUK guarantees to provide PA and back gear for all events arranged in Slovenia during the events while in Slovenia. STUK also supports the research and assistance for housing and board for the artist while in Maribor regarding the events booked at STUK. ¤ In return for sponsorship, Future Kulture is obligated to advertise for the sponsor in the following conditions: - Sponsor logo on brochure, booklets, flyers, and posters. - Sponsors name and logo (if amicable) on all press releases - Sponsor has the right to receive extra advertisement if deemed viable ¤ The sponsor will provide transport and delivery of monetary goods and or sponsorship goods or products regarding the support and will receive in return, a support sponsorship agreement contract and a separate list, breaking down the specifics of the support. ¤ Disputes in connection with this agreement + the relevant event(s), are to be decided in Copenhagen City Court, under Danish law (CISG) (KODA). ¤ Date ____ Month _____ Year _____ _____________________ Signature from Sponsor

__________________________ Signature for Future Kulture Ray Andres – Activities Director __________________________ Signature for Future Kulture Charlotte Schwartz Sørensen - Director

Future Kulture Sundevedsgade 32 4 sal (ICQ # 21805697) 45.40987554 33224543

FUKU - Support Sponsorship Agreement 2004 - STUK  

FUKU - Support Sponsorship Agreement 2004 - STUK