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California allows illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses La Voz Article Vote / Artículo de La Voz Community News/Noticias de la Comunidad News/Noticias Students urge upton to co-sponsor pathway to citizenship with delivery of symbolic harvest/ Estudiantes en protesta con el sistema de inmigración Behind bars/ Detrás de las Rejas Latinos making a presence in Professional Sports / pg.6 Latinos haciendo presencia in deportes profesionales Lowrider Corner West Side Story November Events /Eventos para el mes de Noviembre

November movies/ Películas para el mes de noviembre Thanksgiving Dinner/Cena del día de Gracias Classifieds / Clasificados

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Letter from the Editor, We hope you enjoy this issue of The Community Voice/La Voz Magazine! November is a special By Dr. José A. Flores time as Thanksgiving Day brings families together to strengthen familial ties. We also center our attention on celebrating the contributions of the “First Americans,” through recognition of Native American Heritage Month. Friends and neighbors will join to celebrate our unique holiday of Thanksgiving. We can all learn from the spirit of goodwill exemplified by our American Indian brothers and sisters who have kept their focus on peace and acceptance of our Great Father’s wishes…living in peace and treasuring our common bonds as Americans. They deserve our sincerest thanks and praise as they have endured many hardships throughout our nation’s history! We also celebrate Veteran’s Day and the beginning of the brisk shopping that takes place before Christmas Eve. Yes, holiday season is upon us! Let us not forget November 5 is Election Day! We have a responsibility to vote! There are many of us who take these offpresidential election cycle elections lightly. We should all vote on November 5 because there are many important local issues that get decided in these elections. Study issues in your local area and vote! Since I live and work in Grand Rapids, there is a special assessment millage proposal supported by Yes! GR Parks which seeks to raise needed funds to restore our city parks, pools, and playgrounds for neighborhood residents to enjoy! We need to get the vote out on this important millage! Our parks are in sad shape and we deserve to give our children places where they can enjoy outdoor events with family and friends. I encourage you to vote yes on the Grand Rapids Parks Ballot question! We also, traditionally celebrate the “Day of the Dead,” Dia de los Muertos in the Hispanic Community and it is becoming mainstream as Detroit and Muskegon have set races to fundraise around the event and it is being celebrated in museums and schools across the state. In addition, several artists from KCAD, Kendall School of Art and Design, are exhibiting their works as part of “Pulso,” art of the Americas Art show in downtown Grand Rapids. Art themes include this special holiday. Lastly, but important to building bridges between cultural communities, the Broadway play West Side Story is being staged in Grand Rapids. We took the opportunity to grace a photo on our cover to reflect the mission of our publication, which helps to create cross-cultural understanding and

serves up positive and relevant news in English and Spanish. We continue to be the largest, full color, bilingual and free publication circulated in Michigan. No other publication has a greater reach into the Hispanic Community of Michigan than does The Community Voice/La Voz Magazine. Pick up a copy in Grand Rapids, Holland, Kalamazoo, Muskegon, Lansing, Detroit, Saginaw and many other metro communities across Michigan. We hope you enjoy the changes we continue to make as we build upon our successes! Have a great holiday! Dr. Jose’ A. Flores

Carta del Editor, Esperamos que disfrute de esta edición de The Community Voice / La Voz! Noviembre es un momento especial como el Día de Acción de Gracias reúne a las familias para fortalecer los lazos familiares. También nos centramos nuestra atención en la celebración de las contribuciones de los " primeros americanos ", a través del reconocimiento del Mes de la Herencia Indígena Estadounidense. Amigos y vecinos se unirán para celebrar nuestra fiesta única de Acción de Gracias. Todos podemos aprender del espíritu de buena voluntad ejemplificado por nuestros hermanos y hermanas indígenas americanas que han mantenido su enfoque en la paz y la aceptación de los deseos de nuestro Gran Padre ... que viva en paz y atesorar nuestros lazos comunes como estadounidenses. Ellos merecen nuestro más sincero agradecimiento y alabanza, ya que han sufrido muchas dificultades a lo largo de la historia de nuestra nación! También celebramos el Día de los Veteranos y el comienzo de la cesta de la enérgica que tiene lugar antes de la Nochebuena. ¡Sí, la temporada de fiestas ya está aquí! ¡No nos olvidemos de que el 05 de noviembre es el Día de las Elecciones! ¡Tenemos la responsabilidad de votar! Hay muchos de nosotros que tomamos estas elecciones fuera de ciclo electoral presidenciales ligeramente. Todos debemos votar el día 5 de noviembre, porque hay muchos temas locales importantes que quedan decididos en esas elecciones. Estudian los temas de su región y votan! Vivo y trabajo en Grand Rapids. Hay una propuesta de impuesto especial apoyado por el grupo ¡Sí! Parques GR, que trata de recaudar fondos necesarios para restaurar nuestros parques, piscinas y patios de recreo para los vecinos del barrio. ¡Tenemos que conseguir el voto sobre esta importante propuesta! Nuestros parques están en condiciones tristes y merece dar ......Spanish version continued on pg. 17


According to 2012 Census data, 17% of the total US population — or 53 million people — are of Hispanic origin, representing the largest ethnic/racial minority in the country. The US Hispanic population is an impactful one, with a projected buying power of $1.5 trillion by 2015. The report found that Hispanics frequently lead the general market as early adopters of emerging technologies and access media through just about every platform available. About 60% of Hispanic households own at least one smartphone, versus 43% of the general market. LOS ANGELES –  California on October 24 joined the growing list of states that allow immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally to obtain driver's licenses -- a measure supported not only by Latino activists but by police chiefs and insurance authorities. Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill in front of a cheering crowd of immigrants and their supporters, predicting other parts of the country will follow the example set by the nation's most populous state.

El pasado 24 de octubre California se unió a la creciente lista de estados que permiten a los inmigrantes que están ilegalmente en los EE.UU. para obtener la licencia de conducir - una medida apoyada no sólo por los activistas latinos, sino por los jefes de policía y las autoridades de seguros.

The licenses, which are expected to become available no later than January 2015, will carry a special designation on the front and a notice stating that the document is not official federal identification and cannot be used to prove eligibility for employment or pub- El gobernador demócrata Jerry lic benefits. Brown firmó la ley frente a una multitud de inmigrantes y sus partidarios, "This is only the first step," Brown said outside City la predicción de otras partes del país Hall in Los Angeles. "When a million people without sigan el ejemplo dado por el estado their documents drive legally and with respect in the más poblado de la nación. state of California, the rest of this country will have to stand up and take notice. No longer are undocuLas licencias, que se espera que esté mented people in the shadows." disponible a más tardar en Enero de 2015, tendrán una designación espeTen other states have enacted measures to give dricial en el frente y un aviso que indica ver's licenses to immigrants in the country illegally, que el documento no es de identifimany of them in the past year, according to the Nacación federal oficial y no se puede tional Immigration Law Center. utilizar para probar la elegibilidad de empleo o beneficios públicos. Some of those states issue only one kind of license. But laws in many states, including Oregon and Colorado, create distinctions between the license given to immigrants and the one issued to other drivers.

And Hispanics aren’t just watching in Spanish, or in English. They co-view nearly 60% of all Spanish language primetime programming and co-view 48% of all English language primetime broadcasting. As the buying power of Hispanics increases, so will their influence in the entertainment industry. Gee concluded by saying, “Hispanics are an important segment in this industry and really ahead of the curve when it comes to adapting to these new technologies and platforms.”

Mensualmente, los hispanos gastan el enorme 68% más de tiempo que los blancos viendo vídeo en Internet y el 20% más tiempo viendo videos en sus teléfonos móviles. Y, son un 30% más propensos a comprar Blu-ray y un 48% más de probabilidades de poseer una tableta.


organized the march and is a diverse coalition of more than 100 public advocacy groups aiming to deliver a petition to Congress on Saturday calling for an end to mass surveillance BEIJING, -- The Chinese government, responding to a of the National Security Agency. The group indeadly influenza strain, said researchers have come up with cludes civil liberties watchdogs like the ACLU a vaccine for H7N9 -- more commonly called the bird flu. Holding signs that said "Stop mass surveiland the Electronic Frontier Foundation and lance," "Thank you, Edward Snowden" and "No more broad-based groups like the Council on Shu Yuelong, director of the Chinese National Influenza Cen- NSA mass spying," and chanting slogans like American-Islamic Relations, the Koch brothter, said the vaccine has passed tests on ferrets and has "no secret courts," the protesters gathered ers' FreedomWorks and Occupy Wall Streetbeen approved for human distribution. under a blue sky to NYC, according to a press hear various speakrelease. The bird flu has killed 45 of the 130 people who were iners. fected after H7N9 surfaced in China this year. The vaccine Miles se manifestaron en conwas developed based on a throat swab taken from an inCraig Aaron, head tra de la vigilancia nacional e fected patient April 3. of the group Free internacional de la NSA el Press, said "this pasado mes de Octubre con Xinhua said it's the first time Chinese researchers have deisn't about right and una marcha hacia el Capitolio veloped a flu vaccine. left -- it's about right y pidiendo mayor escrutinio and wrong." de la agencia a medida que Officials said H7N9 hasn't spread far enough to merit widemás detalles de su espionaje spread vaccination. Stop Watching Us se filtró.

Some immigrant advocates initially raised concerns that a different license in California would contribute to racial profiling. The new law bans discrimination based on the license and states that the license cannot be used as a basis for arresting someone for being in the U.S. illegally.

Chinese develop vaccination for H7N9, bird flu

Monthly, Hispanics spend a whopping 68% more time than whites watching video on the Internet and 20% more time watching video on their mobile phones. And, they’re about 30% more likely to purchase De acuerdo con datos del Blu-ray and 48% more likely to own a tablet. Censo 2012, el 17% de la población total de EE.UU. - o In general, the Latina consumer is more tech savvy than 53 millones de personas - son white females. For example, 77% own smartphones, verde origen hispano, representa sus 55% of white females. Entertainment on the go is also a la minoría étnica / racial más a growing trend, as 37% stream audio on their phones and grande del país. 24% watch video on them. Furthermore, when asked about using mobile data services in the last 30 days, one-out-of- La población hispana de five Hispanic females said they use mobile video and 21% EE.UU. es un impactante uno, said they download full music tracks on their phone. They con un poder adquisitivo are also 15% more likely than the average adult Internet proyectado de 1.5 billones de user to pay for a streaming music subscription. dólares para 2015.

Thousands rallied against NSA's domestic and international surveillance last October by marching to the Capitol and calling for closer scrutiny of the agency as more details of its spying are leaked.

Especially if an elderly person is no longer driving, they may need to get a State ID card. Check with your family, friends and neighbors. Be sure they have the proper ID so they can exercise their right to vote without confusion or embarrassment at the polls. Election officials are required to ask for a photo ID. So know your rights, be prepared, and make every vote count!

con una foto aceptable a las urnas pueden votar como cualquier otro votante mediante la firma de una declaración jurada. Las preguntas relacionadas con el requisito de identificación de los votantes pueden dirigirse a su local de la ciudad o en la oficina del secretario municipal . Para obtener más información relacionada con las elecciones , visite / VOTE

Obtener una tarjeta de identificación del estado Si usted no tiene una licencia de conducir u otra identificación con fotografía aceptable, puede obtener una tarjeta de identificación del estado a su secretario local de la oficina estatal de $ 10. La próxima elección será 5 de Noviembre 2013. Tarjetas de identificación estatales tienen la libertad de los Si usted no sabe si está registrado o no en individuos de 65 años o más o que son ciegos . Las tarjetas donde debe votar, visite el sitio web: también tienen la libertad de aquellos que han tenido / VOTE. Al escribir su nomlegios terminado debido a una discapacidad física o mental bre, fecha de nacimiento y el código postal o el de conducción. número de su licencia de conducir, puedes Prueba de identidad y residencia son necesarios para solicsaber si ya estás registrado, y donde se enitar una tarjeta de identificación del estado . La tarifa tamcuentra el distrito electoral que incluye un bién puede aplicarse a los individuos que presentan mapa. Hay una boleta de muestra, inforcualquier otra buena razón para una exención de By Beverly Christensen mación de contacto local, información al votante cuotas. Visita / sos para ausente, etc.Tome unos minutos para familiarobtener información sobre lo que las forThe next election will be November 5, 2013. If you don't izarse con este sitio. mas son aceptables para probar la idenknow if you are registered or where you should vote, visit to tidad y residencia , o llame al ( 888 ) the website: By writing in your En este día de supresión de votantes SOS-MICH ( 767-6424 ) . name, birth date, and zip code or your driver's license num- que es aún más importante que usted ber, you can learn if you are registered, where your voting vota en todas las elecciones, incluso Sobre todo si una persona mayor ya precinct is located including a map. There is a sample bal- los que usted no considera muy imno está conduciendo , es posible lot, local clerk contact information, absentee voter informa- portante. Muchas elecciones locales que tenga que obtener una tarjeta tion, etc. Take a few minutes to become familiar with this se ganan con sólo unos pocos votos y de identificación estatal . Verifique website. el candidato elegido podrá o no tener con su familia, amigos y vecinos. su mejor interés en mente. Exprese su Asegúrese de que tiene la identifiIn this day of voter suppression it is all the more important opinión votando en todas las eleccación apropiada para que puedan that you vote in every election, even ones you consider ciones. ¡No renunciar a su derecho a ejercer su derecho al voto sin confusión unimportant. Many local elections are won by only a few votar! o vergüenza en las urnas. Los funcionarios votes and the candidate elected may or may not have your electorales están obligados a pedir una idenbest interest in mind. So voice your opinion by voting in ¿Preguntas sobre identificación de votantes ? tificación con foto. ¡Así que conozca sus dereevery election. Don't give up your right to vote! Visita la página web /VOTE chos , debe estar preparado y contar cada voto! Questions about voter ID? Check out the website Los votantes con cación con foto : Los votantes pueden satisfacer Voters with picture ID: Voters can satisfy the ID requirement el requisito de ID al mostrar by showing a Michigan driver’s license or a Michigan peruna licencia de conducir de sonal identification card. Michigan o de una tarjeta de identificación personal Voters who do not possess either document may show any Michigan. of the following forms of picture ID as long as it is current: • Driver’s license or personal ID card issued by another Los votantes que no poseen state. ninguno de esos documen• Federal or state government-issued photo ID. tos pueden mostrar • U.S. passport. cualquiera de las siguientes • Military identification card with photo. formas de identificación con • Student identification with photo from a high school or an fotografía , siempre que sea accredited institution of higher education. actual : • Tribal identification card with photo. • Licencia de conducir o tarjeta de identificación perVoters without picture ID: Michigan election law anticipates sonal emitida por otro estado that not all voters will have picture ID. Voters who do not . have acceptable picture ID or forgot to bring acceptable • Federal o estatal identifipicture ID to the polls can vote like any other voter by sign- cación oficial con foto. ing an affidavit. • Pasaporte de EE.UU. . Questions regarding the voter identification requirement can • Tarjeta de identificación be directed to your local city or township clerk’s office. For militar con foto. more election related information, visit • Identificación de ante con foto de una escuela secundaria o una institución Getting a State ID Card acreditada de educación suIf you do not have a driver's license or other acceptable perior. photo identification, you can get a state identification card • Tarjeta de identificación at your local Secretary of State branch office for $10. tribal con foto. State ID cards are free to individuals who are 65 or older or who are blind. Cards are also free to those who have had Los votantes sin ID de imadriving privileges terminated due to a physical or mental gen: ley electoral Michigan disability. anticipa que no todos los Proof of identity and residency are required when applying votantes tendrán identififor a state ID card. The fee can also be waived for individu- cación con foto. Los als who present other good cause for a fee waiver. votantes que no tienen ID Visit for details on what forms are con una foto aceptable u acceptable in order to prove identity and residency, or call olvidaron traer identificación (888) SOS-MICH (767-6424).

Artículo de La Voz

La Voz article




ER 2013

HAPPY RETIREMENT! Richard & Juanita Campos RICHARD CAMPOS! Wishing you a Happy Retirement from Costco’s From your family & friends!

MARTHA IBARRA APPOINTED MORTGAGE LOAN OFFICER Michael Yates, Mortgage Area Sales Manager for Chemical Bank, is pleased to announce the appointment of Martha Ibarra to Mortgage Loan Officer in the Holland-Riley Street office. Martha brings over four years of experience in the banking and financial services industry and is a graduate of West Ottawa High School. She served as a Customer Service Representative for four years with Chemical Bank prior to her current role. Active in the community, Martha currently serves as a PTA Member of her Quinceañera: community’s local elementary school and enjoys participating in class Stephanie Moreno field trips, reading with students as well as helping with classroom and Date: October 12, 2013 school events. She is also currently enrolled in the West Coast Connect Program, which promotes cultural awareness and community leadership. Parents: Gustavo Moreno y Michael Yates, Mortgage Area Sales Manager para el Banco Chemical, se complace en anunciar el nombramiento de Martha Ibarra Mortgage como Loan Officer en la oficina de Holland-Riley Street. Martha lleva más de cuatro años de experiencia en la industria de servicios financieros y bancarios. Se graduó de la Escuela Preparatoria de West Ottawa. Se desempeñó como Representante de Servicio al Cliente por cuatro años con el Chemical Bank antes de su cargo actual. ¡Felicidades!


Ana Jimenez Ceremony: Our Lady of Sorrows-101 Hall St SE Grand Rapids, MI. 49507 Reception: Barry ExpoHastings MI. 1350 N M-37 HWY 49058

GRUPO ESPERZANA’S DE A.A. CELEBRO SU 15 ANIVERSARIO El 28 de Septiembre de 2013 los miembros del Comité Pro -aniversario de grupo Esperzana A.A. tuvo sus fiestas en ayuda sociedad Hall de San Adalberto, 701 Fifth St N.W. Grand Rapids, MI 49504. Cena, recepción & danza se realizó con más de 200 invitados.

QUIÑONES WILL SHARE COMPELLING STORY OF PERSEVERANCE AT FERRIS FOUNDATION BENEFIT John Quiñones was 13 years old when he and his family traveled 1,500 miles from their home in the barrio of San Antonio to northern Michigan to pick cherries for 75 cents a bucket. He grew up in segregation, was pressured by gangs in his poor neighborhood and steered by teachers and school counselors into vocational programs for auto mechanics or wood shop. He was teased about his accent. But encouragement from his parents and a high school teacher, who recognized his talent for writing, fueled Quiñones’ desire to attend college and pursue a career in journalism. Today, Quiñones is a seven-time Emmy Award-winning ABC news correspondent and host of the network’s popular TV series “What Would You Do?,” who encourages others to pursue their dreams regardless of socioeconomic barriers. He will bring his message of perseverance to the 15th annual Ferris Foundation for Excellence Benefit on Friday, Nov. 1 at DeVos Place in downtown Grand Rapids. The black-tie-optional event will begin with cocktails and a VIP reception for sponsors with Quiñones at 5:30 p.m. Dinner will be served at 7 p.m., followed by the program at 8 p.m. Individual tickets are $250 per person, and several sponsorship levels also are available. To purchase tickets, reserve a sponsorship or for additional information, please contact Kim Erickson at (231) 591-2365 or, or visit



5K RUN/WALK and Kids Fun Run!

Awards for overall and master’s winners and 5-year age groups (male and female); Prizes for the Best Costumes (adults and kids)

(Muskegon, MI) Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen who was shot to death on his way home in Florida, is coming to Muskegon to tell her story.

Location: Muskegon YMCA, 900 W. Western Ave., Muskegon, MI 49441 Date/Time: Sunday, November 3, 2013, 9:00 a.m. race start, Packet pick up and late registration day of race and at the YMCA on Saturday, November 2, 2013 from 1:004:00 p.m. *Late registration will be an additional $5.00 Register online at or mail in the attached registration form to LWFF, P.O. Box 1557, Muskegon, MI 49443 Direct any questions to Race Director, Amber Gonzalez at or 571-236-2285

Presented by HERCO & Friends, the Michigan State Conference NAACP, and V-100 Radio, Sybrina Fulton will be speaking at the Frauenthal Theater in downtown Muskegon, Michigan at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 7, 2013. Tickets are $15.00 for adults and $10.00 for students and may be purchased at the Frauenthal Theater or online at There will also be a special VIP reception beginning at 5:00 p.m. which includes dinner, cash bar, and local entertainment. The cost for this up close and personal reception with Sybrina Fulton is $30.00 dollars per ticket. Tickets can be obtained from local chapter NAACP members & friends, area merchants, or by calling 231-343-2706.

El evento de gala de corbata negra-opcional comenzará con un cóctel y una recepción VIP para patrocinadores con Quiñones a las 5:30 pm La cena será servida a las 7 pm, seguido por el programa a las 8 pm Los boletos individuales cuestan $ 250 por persona, y varios niveles de patrocinio están también disponibles. Para comprar boletos, reserve su patrocinio o para obtener información adicional, póngase en contacto con Kim Erickson al (231) 591-2365 o, o visite

RECONSIDERING THE WAR ON DRUGS Join the ACLU of Michigan for a discussion on drug laws. There are 2.3 million people behind bars in the USA ó triple the number of prisoners in 1987 ó and 25 percent of those incarcerated are locked up for drug offenses. The Western Branch of the ACLU of Michigan is working to protect the public by advocating more reasonable drug policies. Please join us for a discussion on the state of drug policy and how it affects you. Monday, November 11 at 7 p.m. UICA-Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts 2 Fulton West, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Panelist Include: Heather Garretson, J.D., Associate Professor Thomas M. Cooley, School of Law Carl S. Taylor, PhD, Professor, Department of Sociology, Michigan State University Hon. Patrick Bowler, Retired Judge/Consultant, MADCP - Michigan Association of Drug Court Professional State Judicial Outreach Liaison This event is free and open to the public. For more information, Check:




ER 2013

AREA FAITH LEADERS AND CONGREGATIONS CALL ON LAWMAKERS TO ACT NOW TO PROTECT IMMIGRANT FAMILIES GRAND RAPIDS – Four faith leaders led a crowd of 50 organized by Michigan United on a “Migrating Prayer” vigil aimed at moving Congress to protect immigrant families with comprehensive immigration reform. The march and prayer vigil that began at Veterans Memorial Park was part of a nationwide “Day of Action” to get Speaker Boehner and House Republicans to bring a vote on this most crucial legislation. Advocates called on their members of Congress to recognize the needs of immigrant families and to pass immigration reform with a clear path to citizenship. Actions all over the country and all over the state reflect the last election and the bipartisan consensus that emerged from it that the time has come for a path to citizen for immigrant families. The different faith leaders and congregations that took part in the Migrating Prayer vigil reflect that as well. “Faith leaders and their congregations see the needs of immigrant families as issues of justice and morality,” said Kathy Siegen, Fountain Street Church. “The action today is to get Congress to understand the humane thing to do is to protect families as soon as possible, no more families or communities broken with the failed immigration system.” The National Day of Action featured a massive 180 events organized in 38 states. This added to the momentum for comprehensive immigration for accelerated Wednesday when House democrats introduced a comprehensive bill, yielding to the community's demand for their leadership. Cuatro líderes religiosos llevaron a un grupo de 50 organizado por Michigan United en una "Migrating Prayer" vigilia destinada a mover el Congreso para proteger a las familias inmigrantes con la reforma migratoria integral. La vigilia marcha y oración que comenzó en el Veterans Memorial Park era parte de un "Día de Acción" a nivel nacional para obtener Speaker Boehner y republicanos de la Cámara para que la votación de esta ley más importante. Los defensores pidieron a sus miembros del Congreso para reconocer las necesidades de las familias de inmigrantes y para aprobar una reforma migratoria con un camino claro a la ciudadanía. El Día Nacional de Acción incluyó una masiva de180 eventos organizados en 38 estados. Esto sumado al impulso de la inmigración global para acelerar el miércoles, cuando representantes demócratas presentó un proyecto de ley integral, cediendo a la demanda de la comunidad por su liderazgo.


*Latino Federal Employment Status FY2012*

KALAMAZOO – Last October students whose families are caught up in the dysfunctional immigration system brought the moral and economic case for serious immigration reform to Congressman Fred Upton’s office. Students from immigrant families and their supporters delivered 91 bags of apples to symbolize the $91 billion Michigan agriby Angelo Falcón culture contributes to the state’s economy. The broken immigration system is currently keeping farmers and growers from finding The current federal government shutdown has focused the naenough qualified workers to harvest crops and get them to market. tion's attention to the status of the U.S. federal government workforce. A few weeks ago, the U.S. Office of Personnel “We wanted Congressman Upton to have some tangible symbols Management (OPM) issued a report on the status of Latino fedof the damage the immigration system is doing to families and eral employment, their Twelfth Annual Report on Hispanic Emfamily businesses across the state,” said Fran Gamino, a WMU ployment in the Federal Government. The ews it reported was student from a migrant farm worker family. “We need a path to citinot good --- Latinos continue to be the most underrepresented zenship this year to keep immigrant families intact and to make group in the federal workforce and efforts to address this probsure we have people qualified to harvest the crops that are the lem have continued to be ineffective. backbone of the state’s economy. No immigration reform means we don’t have enough migrant workers with the skills to keep farmers and growers solvent.” “Congress Upton can do the right thing for children who want to stay with their parents and for families that depend on crops getting to market for their livelihood,” said Perla Sanchez, another WMU student from a migrant farm worker family. “He can cosponsor a bill that protects immigrant families and the communities they live in. He can help ensure Michigan growers have the workers they need to ensure their economic futures. Supporting immigration reform is not just supporting family values, it supports families’ existence.” El pasado mes de Octubre cuyas familias están atrapados en el sistema de inmigración disfuncional trajeron los argumentos morales y económicos de una reforma migratoria seria a la oficina del congresista Fred Upton. Los estudiantes de familias inmigrantes y sus partidarios entregan 91 bolsas de manzanas para simbolizar el $ 91 mil millones la agricultura Michigan contribuye a la economía del estado. El sistema de inmigración está guardando los agricultores y productores de encontrar suficientes trabajadores calificados para cosechar cultivos y llevarlos al mercado.

Although, according to the US Department of Labor, Latinos make up 15 percent of the civilian labor force, the OPM report found that the 159,651 Latino federal workers made up only 8 percent of the total permanent federal workforce. El actual cierre del gobierno federal se ha centrado la atención de la nación a la situación de la fuerza laboral del gobierno federal de los EE.UU.. Hace unas semanas, la Oficina de Administración de Personal (OPM) de EE.UU. emitió un informe sobre la situación del empleo federal Latino, el Duodécimo Informe Anual sobre Empleo Hispano en el Gobierno Federal. El SAT informó que no era bueno que los latinos continúan siendo el grupo más subrepresentadas en la fuerza laboral federal y los esfuerzos para hacer frente a este problema han seguido siendo ineficaz. Aunque, según el Departamento de Trabajo de los EE.UU., los latinos constituyen el 15 por ciento de la fuerza laboral civil, el informe de la OPM encontró que los 159.651 trabajadores federales latinos representan sólo el 8 por ciento de la fuerza laboral federal permanente total.

WHY IS MARRIAGE NOT AN OPTION THESE DAYS FOR BLACK WOMEN THE FACT IS 70% OF BLACK WOMEN ARE NOT MARRIED and... INFIDELITY IN BLACK AND HISPANIC MARRIAGES IS CLOSE TO 75% By Janet Shapiro Maria Brinson-Sampson, African American attorney, marriage consultant and author of I Am The Marrying Kind: A Guide to Getting Married, Staying Married and Being Happily Married is particularly concerned about the black community where the above statistics are not only facts but appear to not be alarming! Maria sees in her consulting that the lack of a family unit is not only detrimental to the children but to the larger community. “Being single Mom and doing it all is NOT a badge of honor,” says Brinson-Sampson. Being in a relationship and working through challenges is, she adds. “Let’s focus on the basic ways of treating each other,” says Brinson-Sampson, “and really learn to C-H-E-AT: Communicate, Hesitate, Exhortate, Appreciate and Tolerate.” Maria gives a quick test for single women to see if, in fact, they are “the marrying kind” and it is quite eye opening as it tells you why you are having difficulties. In a highly engaging, timely and controversial interview, Brinson-Sampson will discuss: The quick 2-minute “Marrying Kind Test” Why she feels black families in particular are in need of a recalibration of priorities Why the paradigms of marriage and family have shifted so much Why it is critical for society and especially the black community to change them Why marriage and not simply a committed relationship is critical If marriage is simply a result of love How sometimes the marriage balance is not 50/50 and why that is “OK” How she counsels executives and professionals who have a full workload to NOT use a tally sheet - - and it works!

WHY SOME GOOD WOMEN (AND MEN) END UP BREAKING ANOTHER'S MARRIAGE? (Bestselling author and marriage guru Hellen Chen helping another couple to tie the knot.)

getting married, "There is a chance they end up being the 3rd person in someone else's relationship."

According to a study conducted in Washington University, between 1991 and 2006, the numbers of unfaithful wives under 30 increased by 20% and husbands by a whopping 45%.

Chen wrote in her latest book "Hellen Chen's Love Seminar" which shares the vital but often missing love lessons for singles and couples: “Marriage is the most reliable home for love, and is also the most beautiful stage for love.” From a report released this year from the The book, cited as 'the missing manual Journal of Marital and Family Therapy (As- that makes relationship last' will be resociated Press), the percent of marriages leased on on Oct where one or both spouses admit to infi30th. The first 1000 readers will be able to delity, either physical or emotional is 41%. receive bonus materials from Chen's site: Some experts have cited easy access through the internet to meet new people, while other experts related the increase to the rising trend of women joining the workforce. In a recent TV interview in Los Angeles, Chen shared what could happen if a man or woman who has aspired to have a lasting relationship does not end up

STOP WATCHING US PROTEST CALLS FOR END TO SPYING Thousands rallied against NSA's domestic and international surveillance last October by marching to the Capitol and calling for closer scrutiny of the agency as more details of its spying are leaked. Holding signs that said "Stop mass surveillance," "Thank you, Edward Snowden" and "No NSA mass spying," and chanting slogans like "no secret courts," the protesters gathered under a blue sky to hear various speakers. Craig Aaron, head of the group Free Press, said "this isn't about right and left -- it's about right and wrong." Stop Watching Us organized the march and is a diverse coalition of more than 100 public advocacy groups aiming to deliver a petition to Congress on Saturday calling for an end to mass surveillance of the National Security Agency. The group includes civil liberties watchdogs like the ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation and more broad-based groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Koch brothers' FreedomWorks and Occupy Wall StreetNYC, according to a press release. Miles se manifestaron en contra de la vigilancia nacional e internacional de la NSA el pasado mes de Octubre con una marcha hacia el Capitolio y pidiendo mayor escrutinio de la agencia a medida que más detalles de su espionaje se filtró.




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My name is David Garza. I am currently incarcerated at West Shoreline Correctional Facility in Muskegon, Michigan. I first want to thank GOD for giving me the opportunity in giving my testimony to share. I also would like to thank “LA VOZ” for giving all members of L.A.S.S.O (Latin American Spanish Speaking Organization) an opportunity to share their experiences in life and prison. I want to give a special thanks to Chaplain Brian Burrel here at West Shoreline Correctional Facility for introducing special saints like Evangelist Robert Mireles of Straight Street Ministries, and Connie Navarro of Working for the Future Foundation. They are supporter of all Latinos who want a better life and who are members of L.A.S.S.O. My testimony is a path that I chose of chasing fast money. I could have anything I wanted to be in a free society if I had only applied myself to furthering my education and honest work. Instead, I put all of my energy and focus into the drug game. I had a saying if you look hard enough, you will find exactly what you are looking for. I found exactly what my heart desired: More money than I could spend, the excitement of living a double, women, cars, trucks, houses, businesses, power and respect. The word of GOD says in I Timothy 6:10, “For the love of money is the root of all evil”. I loved money more than my family, society, my community, and myself. My conceit was a silent voice in my world. If I knew back then what I know now, I would have chosen a different lifestyle. Another path of living; a path with Jesus Christ leading the way. I had an empty void in my heart that not even alcohol, drugs, money, or women could fill. It seemed like I couldn’t have enough of that negative lifestyle; the more I gained, the more I wanted. I was never full. I lived a path leading towards destruction. My dad once told me, “I know that you’re thick-headed and stubborn, but if you only listen to me once, listen to this. There is nothing like your freedom, son.” Back then I didn’t know what he meant. But now, being incarcerated brought to light those words of wisdom. I know what “freedom “means. Beyond incarceration in death, and I thank GOD for giving me another chance at life, an opportunity at thinking different. Now, I am living right for GOD, myself, my family, and society. We as Latinos here at West Shoreline are part f a faith-based organization known a L.A.S.S.O We promote peace and brotherly love. We welcome all Latinos of all nationalities. Our goal is better ourselves so, when we are released from incarceration, we can be productive members in our families and of our communities. While we are here at West Shoreline Correctional Facility, our priorities and goals are to promote the positive aspects o the ethnic and cultural characteristics of all Latin Americans in confinement, to offer and design programs to better ourselves, and to assist every member of L.A.S.S.O in preparation for release into the communities . To change starts within ourselves so that we can help any Latino, both young and old, to do the same. We would love to reach out to the trouble youths who haven’t tasted the bitter pill of incarceration . “Yo tengo amor por mi gente”, and I wouldn’t want anyone to come to prison. We need positive options. We have all walks of life here, young and old Latinos who have seen it all and made mistakes in their lives. I believe GOD allowed me to experience this other world of incarceration and righteousness so that I can help others who don’t seem to have any hope of a better life: A righteous, peaceful life filled with Christ. GOD bless and thank you, “mi gente”, for giving me the opportunity to hear “Mi Voz”.

Una de doce profesionistas del Grupo Chrysler en recibir el honor

profesionales durante la última conferencia STEM de Women of AUBURN HILLS, Michigan-- Susan Urquijo, ingeniera de costo de vehículos del Grupo Chrysler, fue una de las doce empleadas de la Compañía en ser reconocida por sus logros Color, realizada del 17 al 19 de octubre en la ciudad de Dallas, TX.

“La mejor en el Oeste Medio.” – The Princeton Review

LA PRIMERA EN NUESTRA CLASE. Grand Valley está a la vanguardia ofreciendo programas académicos profesionalmente pertinentes, oportunidades de investigación en el mundo real y magníficas instalaciones en el campus. Además, nuestros estudiantes se benefician de la instrucción personalizada hecha posible gracias a clases pequeñas y profesores dedicados. Es todo parte de nuestro fundamento en la educación liberal que ofrece un magnífico retorno de la inversion y que hace de Grand Valley la mejor opción en el oeste medio y más allá. | (616) 331-2025

Urquijo es originaria de la ciudad de México y actualmente reside en Rochester Hills Michigan. Ella fue reconocida en la categoría Technology Rising Stars una categoria que premia a "jóvenes que ayudan a desarrollar y a producir avances tecnológicos. " Otras profesionales del Grupo Chrylser que recibieron este premio incluyen: Jian Tao, Lan Xu, Divya Jose, Yun Lu, Anna Lesnek, Tramaine Hammett, Soma Haque, Jyotirmai Rao,Maggie Lin, Rajani Sinha, Susan Urquijo, Chrysler Group Vehicle Cost Engineer, was one of twelve female, technical business leaders that received honors this year for their career achievements at the recent Women of Color STEM Conference, Oct. 17-19 in Dallas. Urquijo is a native of Mexico City and current Rochester Hills , Mich. resident. She was recognized in the category, Technology Rising Stars. Technology Rising Stars recipients are “young women who are helping to shape technology for the future.” Other recipients of this award include: Jian Tao, Project Lead, Lan Xu,Indumathy Chockalingam, Divya Jose, Yun Lu, Anna Lesnek, Tramaine Hammett, Soma Haque,Jyotirmai Rao, Maggie Lin, Rajani Sinha. The annual conference brings focus to the impact and achievements of outstanding women of color in technical fields so that these accomplishments are highly visible to industry, government and students.


Farmers and Growers call on Congress to secure labor force, pass immigration reform now Group gathers in Grand Rapids to speak on threats to harvesting, planting and income Grand Rapids, Mich. – A broad spectrum of Michigan farmers and growers were represented in mano de obra inmigrante. Grand Rapids Oct. 10, to draw attention to Michigan agriculture's serious need for a functional visa system to obtain an adequate skilled workforce. Michigan ocupa el segundo lugar entre todos los estados de la diversidad de los cultivos, y Surrounded by photos of unharvested fruits and vegetables that were wasted for lack of skilled más de la mitad del valor de la agricultura del harvesters, representatives spoke about the decade-long effort to obtain immigration reform. estado se encuentra en los cultivos de especialidad tales como plantas de invernadero y Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development Commissioner Don Coe, also manleñosas, árboles de Navidad, y frutas y veraging partner of Black Star Farms a commercial vineyard and winery in Suttons Bay, called for duras que no son mecanizados y debe ser Congress to take action now. Coe outlined a series of actions that could easily document an atendidas a mano . Otros grandes industrias, immigrant workforce. incluyendo la industria de aves de corral y los productos lácteos son también mucho trabajo y "I come at the issue of migrant labor and immigration reform as both a winery operator and sufrimiento por la falta de un sistema de visas MDARD Commissioner for seven years," Coe said. "I fully understand that comprehensive imde trabajo funcional para los inmigrantes. migration reform is a hot-button issue. "Yet we will always need a new workforce to take the jobs our current workforce does not want to do. Once you are established in a job and a place, you do not want to migrate from job to job and place to place," Coe said in calling for a functional and secure visa system to provide a reliable source of documented agricultural workers. Michigan ranks second among all states in the diversity of crops grown, and over half of the state's agriculture value is in specialty crops such as greenhouse and woody plants, Christmas trees, and fruits and vegetables which aren't mechanized and must be tended by hand. Other large industries, including the poultry and dairy industries are also labor-intensive and suffering for lack of a functional worker visa system for immigrants. Flanked by photos of apples having dropped to the ground, rotting tomatoes and unpicked asparagus, the Michigan apple industry said that the lack of labor to hand-harvest what is likely to be one of the state's largest apple crops is a serious problem. Un gran número de productores y cultivadores de Michigan han estado representados en Grand Rapids 10 de octubre, para llamar la atención seria necesidad de Michigan agricultura para un sistema de visados funcional para obtener una mano de obra cualificada adecuada. Un gran número de campesinos y cultivadores de Michigan fueron representados en Grand Rapids el pasado 10 de octubre, para llamar la atención sobre la necesidad de Michigan en la agricultura para un sistema de visas funcional para obtener una mano de obra cualificada adecuada.

Be part of a brighter future WE ARE GR

SCHOOL CHOICE EXPO November 21 | 4-7 pm New City High-Middle 720 Plainfield Ave. NE, Grand Rapids New City High-Middle is the Former Creston Building



Rodeados de fotos de recolecten frutas y verduras que se desperdiciaron cada año por falta de expertos cosechadores, representantes hablaron sobre los esfuerzos de décadas para obtener una reforma migratoria. Grand Rapids Public Schools


El comisionario del Departamento de agricultura y Desarrollo Rural Don Coe, y socio deBlack Star Farms, granjas de viñedo comercial y bodega en Suttons Bay, llamó al Congreso a actuar ahora. COE expuso una serie de acciones que fácilmente podría documentar una








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NHL - Al Montoya When looking at all four major sports in the United States, the National Hockey League is often noted for its lack of Latino presence. However, there have been individuals of Hispanic backgrounds that have worked towards their dreams of playing professional hockey. Al Montoya is one of them. Born in 1985 By Odille Parker Chicago to a Cuban mother, Montoya became the three-year starting goal-

tender for the University of Michigan Wolverines. There, he led the team to a post-season appearance in the NCAA tournament each year and a spot in the 2003 Frozen Four. Montoya decided to enter the 2004 NHL Draft his junior year and was drafted by the New York Rangers as the 6th overall pick, making him the first ever Cuban American to play in the NHL. With the emergence of All-Star goaltender Henrik Lundqvist, Montoya was traded to the Phoenix Coyotes in 2008. There, he became the starting goaltender for the San Antonio Rampage, the team’s AHL affiliate, until making his NHL debut against the Colorado Avalanche in 2009 where he recorded a 3-0 shutout victory. Montoya made his way back to New York in 2011 when he was traded to the New York Islanders for a sixth round draft pick. With the two Islanders goaltenders injured, Montoya was able to play regularly for the first time in his NHL career. During this, Montoya posted a 9-5-5 record with a .921 save percentage and one shut out in the 21 games he played. In 2012, he was traded to the Winnipeg Jets where he remains the backup goaltender for Ondrej Pavelec. Montoya has also represented the United States at four World Championships. Al mirar los cuatro deportes más importantes en los Estados Unidos, la Liga Nacional de Hockey se observa a menudola falta de presencia latina. Sin embargo, ha habido personas de origen hispano que han trabajado en pro de sus sueños de jugar al hockey profesional. Al Montoya es uno de ellos. Nacido en 1985 en Chicago de una madre cubana, Montoya se convirtió en el portero a partir de tres años para la Universidad de Michigan Wolverines. Allí, él llevó al equipo a un aspecto post-temporada en el torneo de la NCAA cada año, y un lugar en el 2003 Frozen Four. Montoya decidió entrar en el NHL Draft 2004 su tercer año y fue seleccionado por los Rangers de Nueva York como la sexta selección global, convirtiéndose en el primer estadounidense en Cuba jamás hacer para jugar en la NHL.

MLB - Miguel Cabrera Throughout the years, Latinos have made a name for themselves in Major League Baseball. At the start of the 2013 season, 28 percent of MLB players were born outside of the United States, with Latinos dominating that statistic. Among those players was Venezuelan All-Star Miguel Cabrera. Born Jose Miguel Cabrera Torres in 1983 Venezuela, came up through the Marlins’ farm system. He made his major league debut in June 2003 at the age of 20 and hit a walk-off home run, soon becoming the Marlins’ cleanup batter. That year, Cabrera became a key player for the Marlins’ post-season run and World Series Championship, hitting a two-run homerun against the dominating Roger Clemens in game 4.




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the University of the Pacific. Flores faced a rough start to his professional career until he landed a position as quarterback for the Oakland Raiders in 1960. There, he was named the Raiders’ starting quarterback, becoming the first Hispanic quarterback in professional football history. He retied in 1970 after a World Championship win with the Kansas City Chiefs. Flores, however, is most noted for his accomplishments as a coach. He is one of two people in NFL history to win a Championship as a player, an assistant coach and as a head coach. He is also the first minority head coach in professional football to win a Super Bowl. He became the head coach of the Oakland Raiders in 1979 after coaching in Buffalo and winning Super Bowl XI as an Assistant Coach in Oakland under John Madden. He went on to win two Super Bowls as head coach – Super Bowl XV with the Raiders and Super Bowl XVIII with the Los Angeles Raiders. He left coaching behind in 1987, having a short-run as President and General Manager of the Seattle Seahawks. He returned as a head coach for the Seahawks for three seasons until being fired in 1995. Currently, Flores is a radio announcer for the Raiders network. However, his 83 wins with the Raiders are the second-most in franchise history, and he left football with a lifetime coaching record of 97-87, 8-3 playoff record and two championship wins. Igual de importante para los jugadores de la Liga Nacional de Fútbol son los entrenadores que los llevan. Aunque los latinos un predominantes en la Liga Mayor de Béisbol, algunos han hecho un nombre por sí mismos en el campo de fútbol - tanto como los jugadores y entrenadores. Tom Flores es uno que se destaca entre ellos. Nacido en Sanger, Cali., Flores comenzó su carrera en el fútbol como un mariscal de campo en Fresno City College, terminando su carrera universitaria en la Universidad del Pacífico. Flores se enfrentó a un duro inicio de su carrera profesional hasta que consiguió un puesto NFL – Tom Flores de mariscal de campo de los Equally as important to the players of the National Football League are the coaches that lead them. Though Latinos Raiders de Oakland en 1960. Allí, fue nombrado mariscal de a predominant in Major League Baseball, some have made a campo titular de los Raiders, conname for themselves in the realm of football – both as players virtiéndose en el primer mariscal and coaches. Tom Flores is one that stands out among these. Born in Sanger, Cali., Flores started his football career as a quar- de campo hispano en la historia terback at Fresno City College, finishing off his college career at del fútbol profesional.

In just his rookie season, Cabrera batted .268, with 12 home runs and 62 RBIs, receiving the NL Rookie of the Month honors in July and September. Cabrera went on to become a core player for the Florida Marlins through 2007, making his first All-Star appearance in 2004. In December 2007, he was traded to the Detroit Tigers, reaching the fourthlargest deal in baseball history with an eight-year $152.3 million contract extension. During his first season with Detroit, Cabrera reached his 1,000-hit plateau on a home run against the Minnesota Twins. He also led the American League with a career-high 37 home runs and became one of only six players who have driven in at least 100 runs in each of past five seasons with his 127 RBIs. Cabrera continued to be a star for the Tigers at bat and on third-base. His shinning career came in 2012, when he became the first player since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967 to win the Triple Crown in batting. He was also voted the 2012 AL MVP, and led the Tigers to the World Series, where they were swept by the San Francisco Giants. Cabrera remains a core plater for Detroit and is an eight-time All-Star, having been selected to both the NL and AL All-star teams. A lo largo de los años, los latinos han hecho un nombre por sí mismos en la Liga Mayor de Béisbol. Al inicio de la temporada 2013, el 28 % de los jugadores de la MLB nacieron fuera de los Estados Unidos, con los latinos que dominan esa estadística. Entre esos jugadores fue venezolana de Estrellas Miguel Cabrera. Hizo su debut en Grandes Ligas en junio de 2003 a la edad de 20 y batear un jonrón walk-off, convirtiéndose pronto bateador estrella de los Marlins. Ese año, Cabrera se convirtió en una pieza clave para la post-temporada de carrera de los Marlins y el Campeonato de la Serie Mundial, bateando un cuadrangular de dos carreras contra el mundo hablaba Roger Clemens en el juego 4.

La marca Chrysler enlista al beisbolista Miguel Cabrera para el comercial “Road to Greatness” Nuevos anuncios de 30 y 60 segundos resaltan la importancia de la integridad como requisito para alcanzar el éxito Auburn Hills, Michigan - La marca Chrysler lanzó un nuevo comercial de televisión en inglés, titulado “Road to Greatness” ("Camino a la Grandeza"). El anuncio destaca la carrera de Miguel Cabrera, el reconocido beisbolista de los Tigres de Detroit, que además es el primer ganador de la Triple Corona de las Ligas Mayores de Béisbol en más de 40 años y actualmente es el Jugador Más Valioso de la Liga Americana. Versiones de 30 y 60 segundos del anuncio serán transmitidos durante los próximos campeonatos de béisbol de las Ligas Mayores, que incluyen las series finales de la Liga Americana y la Liga Nacional, además de la Serie Mundial. El anuncio destaca el camino que los jóvenes jugadores de beisbol deben seguir si quieren triunfar dentro del campo de juego. El comercial remarca la dedicación de Cabrera al trabajo y el entrenamiento recalcando el hashtag #NoShortcuts (#SinAtajos).

Este comercial es una continuación de la campaña publicitaria que enfatiza a la ciudad de Detroit y sus héroes locales que han sido agentes de cambio y han tenido un profundo impacto en la cultura estadounidense a nivel general. Este mismo enfoque se ve también en el esfuerzo que realiza la marca Chrysler para construir los mejores automóviles y en su orgullo de ser "Importado de Detroit”. The Chrysler brand launched a new television commercial in English, entitled "Road to Greatness" ("Path to Greatness"). The ad highlights the career of Miguel Cabrera, the renowned baseball player for the Detroit Tigers, which is also the first winner of the Triple Crown of Major League Baseball in more than 40 years and is currently the MVP of the American League . Versions 30 and 60 second ad will air during the next championships Major League Baseball, including the final series of the American League and National League, and the World Series. The ad highlights the way that young baseball players to follow if they want to succeed in the field. The commercial highlights Cabrera's dedication to work and training emphasizing the hashtag # NoShortcuts (# SinAtajos).

NBA – Eduardo Najera The National Basketball Association has seen an increase in Latino participation in recent years. Though they still strive to make a remaining presence, there have been individuals to carve the path for Latinos. Forward Eduardo Najera is one of them. Born in Chihuahua, Mexico as Eduardo Alonso Najera Perez, Najera came moved to San Antonio, Texas in 1994 to learn English and gain the attention of college basketball coaches. Najera neded up at University of Oklahoma, becoming a star player for them from 1997–2000. He helped the team to four consecutive NCAA tournament appearances and finished in the school’s all-time top ten in nine different statistical categories. In 2000, he was drafted as the 38th pick by the Houston Rockets, becoming the first Mexican player to be drafted into the NBA. He was also the second Mexican-born player to ever join the NBA. Najera went on to play for the Mexican team in the 1997 World University Games and helped them achieve a fourth place finish in the 1999 Games. In 2000, he went to the Dallas Mavericks, where he made the most accomplishments and became a core player before being slowed-down by a knee injury. Najera experienced a few other trades, before ending with the Charlotte Bobcats and retiring in 2012. He is currently the coach for the Texas Legends. However, he is often noted for his work outside the NBA Courts. In 2000 he was named Third Team AllAmerican by both the Associated Press and the National Association of Basketball Coaches, and played the first-ever Basketball Without Borders Americas tournament in Rio de Janeiro in 2004. He also established the Eduardo Najera Foundation for Latino Achievement, which provides scholarships for outstanding Latino students facing barriers to their educations. La Asociación Nacional de Baloncesto ha visto un aumento en la participación de los latinos en los últimos años. A pesar de que todavía se esfuerzan por hacer una presencia restante, ha habido individuos a tallar la ruta de acceso para los latinos. Delantero Eduardo Nájera es uno de ellos. Nacido en Chihuahua, México, Eduardo Alonso Nájera Pérez, Nájera fue trasladado a San Antonio, Texas en 1994 para aprender Inglés y ganar la atención de los entrenadores de baloncesto de la universidad. Najera Neded a la Universidad de Oklahoma, convirtiéndose en un jugador estrella de los 1997 a 2000. En 2000, fue reclutado como la selección número 38 por los Rockets de Houston, convirtiéndose en el primer jugador mexicano en ser reclutado en la NBA.

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This Big Wheels Car Show was held at Margaret Drake Elliot Park on Lake Michigan beach which is in Muskegon, Mi. There was food, fun and games for the community. Specialty Trophies were awarded at the end of the show. Somos pocos pero locos en lowriding! Having a car event? Contact Homer (616)893-3906 Email: Walt Kinsey's Serve Vets

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Veteran's Day Tribute

WEST SIDE STORY November 12 – 17, 2013 | Tickets From: $32 Tickets on sale September 8, 2013

La Voz's Favorite WWII West Michigan Veteran's Martin Morales (L) and Francisco Vega (R) posed together several years ago as we salute Veteran's on Veteran's Day, we highlight these two valiant men for the example of gallantry they made during World War II. Martin Morales joined the Air Force at the tender age of 14 and served in a special aviation unit which included access to our greatest weapons. Francisco Vega served our nation in World War II participating in ďŹ ve major military campaigns including the D-Day landing in Normandy at Omaha Beach and the Battle of the Bulge. His military career has been the subject of many news reports due to his outstanding military service We proudly salute Martin Morales and Francisco "Pancho" Vega for their service to The United States of America! We also salute the many veterans not mentioned here for the sacriďŹ ces they have made to preserving our freedom and maintaining a strong America! May God bless you!

More than ďŹ fty years ago one musical changed theater forever. Now it's back and mesmerizing audiences once again. From the ďŹ rst note to the ďŹ nal breath, WEST SIDE STORY soars as the greatest love story of all time. This revival, based on Tony Award-winning librettist Arthur Laurents' Broadway direction, remains as powerful, poignant and timely as ever. The Bernstein and Sondheim score is considered to be one of Broadway's ďŹ nest and features such classics of the American musical theatre as “Something's Coming,â€? “Tonight,â€? “America,â€? “I Feel Prettyâ€? and “Somewhere.â€? As the Associated Press says, WEST SIDE STORY remains Broadway's best dance-driven musical. Five decades have not dimmed the extraordinary choreography or the score that pulsates throughout." **WEST SIDE STORY is recommended for ages 13 and older. While West Side Story is a show beloved by multiple generations, please be advised that this updated version contains strong language, violence and very sensitive subject matter that is true to the story and plot, but may not be suitable for immature audiences. Hace mĂĄs de cincuenta aĂąos un musical cambiĂł el teatro para siempre. Desde la primera nota a la respiraciĂłn ďŹ nal, West Side Story se eleva como la mĂĄs grande historia de amor de todos los tiempos. Este renacimiento , basado en direcciĂłn Broadway ganadora del premio Tony libretista Arthur Laurents , sigue siendo tan poderoso , conmovedor y oportuna que nunca. La puntuaciĂłn de Bernstein y Sondheim es considerada como una de Broadway es el mĂĄs ďŹ no y cuenta con clĂĄsicos del teatro musical americano como " Algo se acerca ", "Tonight ", "AmĂŠrica ", " I Feel Pretty " y "Somewhere ". ** West Side Story es recomendado para mayores de 13 aĂąos . Mientras que West Side Story es un espectĂĄculo muy querido por varias generaciones , por favor, tenga en cuenta que esta versiĂłn actualizada contiene lenguaje fuerte , violencia y el tema muy sensible que es ďŹ el a la historia y la trama , pero puede no ser adecuado para audiencias maduras .

Carta del Editor, ContinuaciĂłn del artĂ­culo en espaĂąol de la pĂĄg. 5

a nuestros hijos los lugares donde puede disfrutar de eventos al aire libre con familiares y amigos. ÂĄLes recomiendo votar sĂ­ en la pregunta de la boleta de Grand Rapids Parques! TambiĂŠn, tradicionalmente se celebra el "DĂ­a de los Muertos, " en la comunidad hispana, y se estĂĄ convirtiendo en la corriente principal como Detroit y Muskegon han establecido carreras para recaudar fondos. El DĂ­a de los Muertos se celebra en los museos y las escuelas en todo el estado. AdemĂĄs, varios artistas de KCAD, Kendall School of Art and Design, estĂĄn exhibiendo sus obras en el marco de " Pulso ", el arte de la feria Arte de las AmĂŠricas en el centro de Grand Rapids. Temas de arte incluyen este dĂ­a de fiesta especial.

Por Dr. JosĂŠ A. Flores

Aprovechamos la oportunidad para honrar una foto en la portada para reflejar la misiĂłn de nuestra publicaciĂłn, que ayuda a crear un entendimiento entre las culturas y sirve noticias positivas y relevantes en inglĂŠs y espaĂąol. Seguimos siendo la publicaciĂłn mĂĄs grande completamente en color, bilingĂźe y publicaciĂłn gratuita distribuida en Michigan. Ninguna otra publicaciĂłn tiene un mayor alcance en la Comunidad Hispana de Michigan que hace Revista La Voz. Recoja una copia en Grand Rapids, Holland, Kalamazoo, Muskegon, Lansing, Detroit, Saginaw y muchas otras comunidades metropolitanas a travĂŠs de Michigan.

Esperamos que disfrute de los cambios que seguimos haciendo mientras extendemos mĂĄs sobre Por Ăşltimo, pero importante para la nuestros ĂŠxitos! Disfrutan una gran construcciĂłn de puentes entre las fiesta con los suyos! comunidades culturales, la obra de Broadway West Side Story se pre- Dr. JosĂŠ A. Flores senta en Grand Rapids.






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November Events Eventos en Noviembre Cyril Lixenberg: Viaje de un artista. Horarios: Lunes Miércoles y Viernes de 10:00 AM a 5:00 PM. Lugar: Galería de Arte, Universidad Estatal de Grand Valley, 1121 Performing Arts Center, Campus Allendale. Teléfono: 616-331-2563. Entrada: Gratis y abierto al público.

Viernes Noches en GRAM. Horario: 17:00-21:00 Viernes Noches en GRAM, 7:00-8:00 Viernes Conversaciones nocturnas. Lugar: Museo de Arte de Grand Rapids. Teléfono: 616-831-1000. Entrada: $ 8 para los no miembros, Gratis para miembros GRAM

Broadway Grand Rapids presenta: West Side Story. Times: Hora sitio web Horarios. Lugar: DeVos Perfor2013 Carrea de los muertos el sábado, 2 de noviembre mance Hall.http :/ / y el Southwest Detroit Business Association (SDBA) y Living Arts están haciendo los preparativos finales en 5K / 10K run-caminata anual de 7am en el centro de recreación Parque Patton, 2301 Woodmere. Comenzando a las 9 de la carrera-caminata lleva a los participantes a través de dos cementerios históricos, Woodmere y Santa Cruz, mientras cele5th Annual Jay and Betty Van bramos la fiesta mexicana del Andel Legacy Awards Gala. Horadía de Los Muertos. rio: Jueves 6:00-10:00. Lugar: Grand Rapids Public Museum. Teléfono: 616-456-3977. Entrada: $ 150 por persona.

6th Annual Grand Rapids International Wine, Beer & Food Festival. Horario: Jueves 5:00-10:00, viernes de 4:00 pm a 10:00 PM Sábado mediodía hasta las 10:00. Lugar: DeVos Place. Admisión: Adultos $ 15 * $ 0.50 Boletos de muestra se venden en la entrada y redimido en las cabinas para cubrir los costos de las ofrendas. Ninguna persona menor de 21 permitido.

2nd Annual Aria Flame Variety Show. Horario: sábados de 5:00 pm a 12:00 am. Lugar: Teatro Historia Dog. Teléfono: 616-894-1252. Admisión: $ 10 por adelantado, $ 12 en el día de la historia Theater perro.

GVSU Fall Artes Celebración: "Recuerdos de verano - la Grand Rapids identidad americana en Danza". Horario: Lunes 8:00. Ballet presenta Drácula. Horario: viernes, sábado y do- Lugar: Louis Armstrong Theatre, Centro de Artes Escé- Central de Forest Hills sirve la Comedia Clásica potente "Arsenic and Old Lace". Horario: Jueves, viernes y sámingo 7:30 y 2:00pm. Lugar: Peter Martin Wege Thea- nicas, Campus Allendale. Admisión: libre. bado .:30. Lugar: Auditorio Central de Forest Hills. Telétre. Teléfono: 616-454-4771. Entrada: $ 40 adultos, $ 35 fono: 616-493-8700. Entrada: $ 7 entrada general $ 5 mayores, $ 30 niños, $ 12 estudiantes universitarios en seniors. la puerta con ID.

Viva! West Michigan. Horario: Viernes 4:00-8:00. Lugar: Días de la Cultura de nativos americanos. Horario: JueLa Arena DeltaPlex. Teléfono: 616-394-9000. Admisión: ves y viernes de 9:00 am a 3:00 pm y sábados de 10:00 am a 4:00 pm. Lugar: Grand Rapids Public Museum. TeGRATIS. léfono: 616-456-3977.Admission: Gratis con la admisión 4th Annual Yule Run, I'll Walk 5K. Horarios: Viernes 7:00. general. / música. Lugar: Fifth Third Ballpark . Teléfono: 616-233-3560. Admisión: Por favor, consulte el sitio web para más detalles - Los ingresos benefician a la Comisión de Deportes del Oeste de Michigan. NATIVE AMERICAN CULTURE DAY COMING TO THE GRAND RAPIDS PUBLIC MUSEUM Learn more about native cultures that call West Michigan home! On Saturday, November 9, the Grand Rapids Public Museum will host its annual Native American Culture Day. This event, held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. highlights the rich and vibrant nature of local Anishinabek culture, and is free with general admission to the museum. The public event will be preceded by two Native American Culture Days on November 7 and 8 focused on school groups from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. To make a reservation for your school group, call 616.929.1754. For additional information, please visit Aprenda más sobre las culturas nativas que llaman hogar West Michigan! El sábado, 9 de noviembre, el museo público de Grand Rapids se celebrará su anual día de la cultura nativa americana. Este evento, celebrado del 10am a 4pm. Para hacer una reservación para grupo escolar, llame al 616-929-1754. Para obtener más información, visite

Navidad y vacaciones tradiciones alrededor del mundo. Horario: lunes, miércoles, jueves, y viernes 09 a.m.-5:00 tarde, martes 9 a.m.-9:00 p.m., domingos 12:00-5:00. Lugar: Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. Teléfono: 616-957-1580.Admission: edades adultas 14-64 $ 12.00, Mayores de 65 años y mayores $ 9.00, estudiantes con identificación $ 9.00, Niños de 5-13 $ 6.00, Edades Niños 3-4 $ 4.00, 2 niños y jóvenes son gratis.

Folk Fresh I. Horario: Jueves 19:30. Lugar: St. Cecilia Music Center. Teléfono: 616-459-2224. Entrada: $ 20 adultos / $ 10 Students.http :/ / / Chamber Music Society del Lincoln Center. Horario: Jueves 7:30. Lugar: St. Cecilia Music Center. Teléfono: 616459-2224. Entrada: $ 40-35 Adultos / $ 10 estudiantes. Holiday Expo y el Mercado de Artesanías 2013. son/ Horario: Sábados de 9:00 am a 3:00 pm. Lugar: Forest Hills High School Este. Teléfono: 616-443-0172. Entrada: gratuita.

Dr. Grin's Comedy Lineup..Times Comedia del Dr. Grin: Jueves 9:00, viernes 8:00 y 10:30, sábados 5:30, 8:00 y 10:30 (véase el sitio web de exacta) Lugar: Dr club de Calvin College Alumni Coro y Coro de las mujeres con la Comedia. de Grin. Teléfono: 616-356-2000. Entrada: Oja Gjeilo, compositor y pianista. Horario: Domingo $ 5.00 a $ 20.00. Lugar: Calvin College Pacto Bellas Artes Auditorio neup.html del Centro. Teléfono: 616-526-6253. Admisión: $ 15 adultos, $ 5 para Estudiantes.

Actividades Arte familiares. Horario: Martes 6:00-8:00. Lugar: Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. Teléfono: 616-957-1580. Admisión: Adultos 14-64: $ 12, mayores de 65 años y mayores: $ 9, estudiantes con identificación: $ 9, niños 5-13: $ 6, Niños 3-4: $ 4, 2 niños y jóvenes: gratis. Sitio web:

Los Carolers Dickens originales. Horario: Martes 6:008:00. Lugar: Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. Teléfono: 616-957-1580. Admisión: Adultos 14-64: $ 12, mayores de 65 años y mayores: $ 9, estudiantes con identificación: $ 9, niños 5-13: $ 6, Niños 3-4: $ 4, 2 niños y jóvenes: gratis.

ALEX UBAGO IN CHICAGO November 3, 2013 Sunday 8:30 PM Joe's Bar 940 West Weed Street Chicago, Illinois 60622

EL GRAN SILENCIO IN CHICAGO November 13, 2013 Wednesday 8:30 PM Joe's Bar 940 West Weed Street Chicago, Illinois 60622

RAMON AYALA IN HOFFMAN ESTATES November 10, 2013 Sunday 4:00 PM Sears Centre Arena 5333 Prairie Stone Parkway Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60192 ALEJANDRO FERNANDEZ IN DES PLAINES November 24, 2013 Sunday 7:00 PM Cost $ 49 - 150 Allstate Arena 6920 North Mannheim Road Des Plaines, Illinois 60018

SELENA GOMEZ IN DES PLAINES November 22, 2013 Friday 7:00 PM Cost: 24.00 Allstate Arena 6920 North Mannheim Road Des Plaines, Illinois 60018

LUCERO IN DETROIT November 17, 2013 Sunday 8:00 PM Magic Stick 4120 Woodward Avenue Detroit, Michigan 48201

GABRIEL IGLESIAS IN GRAND RAPIDS November 10, 2013 Sunday 8:00 PM $42.00 DeVos Performance Hall 303 Monroe Avenue Northwest Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503 For more information visit / Para m谩s informaci贸n visita




ER 2013

Ana Brenda Contreras nació la Nochebuena de 1986, en Río Bravo Tamaulipas. A los 15 años partió al DF a participar en un reality, tas el cual grabó un disco. Estudió en el CEA, y Ernesto Alonso le dio su primera oportunidad como Juanita, una niña orgullosa de su sangre indígena en Barrera de amor. Ahí, Ana Brenda conocería a Alexis Ayala, quien seria su compañero sentimental por un largo tiempo. Después, Ana Brenda volvió a los realities en Los 5 magníficos, se estrenó en las tablas con "Vaselina" y estelarizó el filme "Divina Confusión" por el cuál recibiría una Diosa de Plata como "Revelación del Año". En el 2008, tuvo su debut estelar en Juro que te amo. Seguidamente impresionó como "mujer asesina" en "Las Garrido, codiciosas". Carla Estrada le dio la oportunidad de ser villana en Sortilegio. Sin embargo, El "Güero Castro" le vio "carita de buena" y la contrató como Aurora, la dulce amiga de Teresa. Tanto impresionó al productor que le ha dado el estelar de "La mujer que no podía amar". En el 2013 es la protagonista de la telenovela, Corazón indomable producida por Nathalie Lartilleux a lado de Daniel Arenas.

Born December 24th, 1986, native from Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas. She arrived Mexico City at age 15 to participate in the reality show "Pop Stars" where she became a finalist and joined the musical band "t'detila". Studied at the Televisa's Centro de Educación Artistica. Her actress career includes participations in soap operas like Barrera de Amor (2005), Duelo de pasiones (2006), Juro que te amo (2008), Sortilegio (2009) and Teresa (2010). She has also participated in films such as "Divina confusion" in 2008 and "Cabeza de buda" in 2009, as well as the TV series "Tiempo final" and "Mujeres Asesinas" in 2009. She performed in plays such as "Aladino", "Vaselina" and "Timbiriche el musical". She is currently starring the soap opera "La que no podia Amar". As of October 17, 2012, Ana Brenda is confirmed to star in Nathalie Lartrilleaux's new telenovela: Corazón indomable.

land, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan,the Netherlands, New name Zealand, of Norway, Paksevistan, Peru, eral inPoland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, ternational television series based on Ukraine, the United States, and Vietthe format of the British TV series nam. As a result, the series became the Strictly Come Dancing, which is distrib- world's most popular television program uted by BBC Worldwide, the commeramong all genres in 2006 and 2007, accial arm of the BBC. Currently the cording to the magazine Television format has been licensed to over 42 ter- Business International, reaching the ritories. Australia was the first country to Top 10 in 17 countries. adapt the show which turned out to be a huge success with veteran Australian The show pairs a number of well known TV host Daryl Somers taking the show celebrities with professional ballroom Live To Air once a week. Versions have dancers, who each week compete by also been produced in other countries, performing one or more choreographed Mexico, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, routines that are pertinent and follow Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, the chosen theme for that particular the Czech Republic, Denmark, , Finweeks' prearranged theme. The Dancing with the Stars is the

dancers are then scored by a panel of judges. Viewers are given a certain amount of time to place votes for their favorite dancers, either by telephone or (in some countries) online. The couple with the lowest combined score provided by the judges and viewers is eliminated. This process continues until there are only two or three couples left; when they have competed for the last time one couple is declared the champion. Bailando con las estrellas (inglés: Dancing with the Stars) es el nombre dado a una serie de programas de televisión internacionales basados en el formato del programa de televisión inglés. Australia fue la

primera en adaptar el formato del show de la BBC, que es ahora un formato muy difundido en el mundo. El programa es un concurso de famosos, en el que participan parejas de celebridades con bailarines de salón profesionales, quienes compiten cada semana por realizar determinados bailes, los que son calificados por un panel de jueces. Los televidentes tienen un cierto período para votar por sus concursantes favoritos, vía teléfono o (en algunos de los shows) por internet. La pareja con el puntaje combinado más bajo (de los jueces más el público) es eliminada y no participa en la próxima semana. Este proceso continúa hasta que queda una sola pareja, que es declarada campeona. Este formato de show se ha hecho muy popular internacionalmente. El programa se transmite por Univision los Domingos a las 8pm/ 7 Centro.

TENDRÁ SABOR LATINO NAVIDAD DE DISNEY A partir del 15 de noviembre y hasta el 6 de enero, quienes visiten el parque de diversiones Disney California Adventure en Anaheim, California, podrán disfrutar la celebración “Disney ¡Viva Navidad!”, que le dará un sabor latino al Disneyland Resort en estas fechas decembrinas. El concepto se desarrollará en el Paradise Garden de DCA y contará con la participación de Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy los Tres Caballeros: Donald Duck, Panchito Pistoles de México y José Carioca de Brasil. Todos, claro, con sus coloridos vestuarios, mientras que en los alrededores habrá comida especialmente preparada para la ocasión – desde buñuelos, pozole casero, tortas al pastor, champurrado y tamales dulces hasta la tradicional rosca de Reyes-, clases de baile, pintura de caras para niños, mesas de artesanías y mucha música latina, entre mariachis y bandas regionales, marionetas gigantes y un ballet folklórico mexicano.

El gran final será el festejo por el Día de Reyes, del 3 al 6 enero, donde, por supuesto, no faltarán pedazos del tradicional bizcocho para los visitantes. Este apartado de "Disney ¡Viva Navidad", con tan intenso sabor mexicano, se suma al clásico entretenimiento navideño de Disneyland Resort, donde todas las noches se realizará el desfile "A Christmas Fantasy", con todo y espectacular nevada y fuegos artificiales. From November 15 until January 6, visitors to the amusement park Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, California, will enjoy the celebration "Disney Christmas Live", which will give a Latin flavor to the Disneyland Resort in these decembrinas dates.

The concept was developed in the Paradise Garden of DCA and will feature Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy The Three Caballeros: Donald Duck, Panchito Pistoles and José Carioca Mexico to Brazil. All, of course, with their colorful costumes, while there will be around food specially prepared for the occasion, from donuts, homemade pozole, tortas al pastor, Champurrado and sweet tamales to traditional Rosca de Reyes-, dance classes, painting faces for children, craft tables and many Latin music, from mariachi and regional bands, giant puppets and Mexican folkloric ballet.

Concierto Terra Live Music con Jencarlos Canela Jencarlos Canela en concierto vía Video on Demand durante su presentación Terra Live Music en Chicago. Disfruta de este extraordinario show que ahora esta en línea y a través de teléfonos celulares de manera gratuita en Durante su presentación, el artista cubano americano ganador de premios cautivó a sus fans con su increíble música y entretenido espectáculo, durante el cual cantó algunos de sus mejores éxitos, así como las nuevas canciones de su tan esperado tercer álbum, incluyendo su primer sencillo "I Love It". Jencarlos Canela anunció el concurso "Persigue tu Sueño", a través del cual los fans pueden votar para seleccionar al grupo o artista ganador quien cantará en el próximo "Terra Live Music in Studio". La audiencia también tendrá la oportunidad de compartir sus propios sueños y participar para ganar $3,000 en efectivo. Terra brings you the opportunity to watch the multitalented singer-songwriter and musician Jencarlos Canela in concert via Video on Demand during his Terra Live Music performance in Chicago. Enjoy this extraordinary show presented now conveniently available online and via smartphones and tablets, free of charge at During his performance, the award-winning Cuban-American artist captivated his fans with his incredible music and entertaining show, singing a few of his top-chart hits, along with some of the new songs from his highly anticipated third album, including the first single "I Love It." Jencarlos Canela announced the "Persigue tu Sueno" ("Follow Your Dream") contest, through which fans can vote to select the winning artist or band who will perform in the next "Terra Live Music in Studio." The audience will also have the opportunity to share their own dreams for a chance to win $3,000 in cash.




Opening November 1


In the near future, a hostile alien race called the Formics have attacked Earth. If not for the legendary heroics of International Fleet Commander Mazer Rackham, all would have been lost. In preparation for the next attack, the highly esteemed Colonel Hyrum Graff and the International Military are training only the best young minds to find the future Mazer. Ender Wiggin, a shy but strategically brilliant boy, is recruited to join the elite. Arriving at Battle School, Ender quickly and easily masters increasingly difficult challenges and simulations, distinguishing himself and winning respect amongst his peers. Ender is soon ordained by Graff as the military's next great hope, resulting in his promotion to Command School. Once there, he's trained by Mazer Rackham himself to lead his fellow soldiers into an epic battle that will determine the future of Earth and save the human race. Rated: PG13. La película “El juego de Ender” es la adaptación cinematográfica de la primera entrega de una saga literaria ideada por Orson Scott Card. En un futuro cercano, una raza alienígena llamada Insectores ha atacado la Tierra. De no ser por un héroe legendario, el Comandante de la Flota Internacional, Mazer Rackham, todo se habría perdido. Preparándose para el próximo ataque, el estricto Coronel Hyrum Graff y el Ejército Internacional entrenan sólo a los mejores jóvenes para encontrar al futuro Mazer. Se acerca una épica batalla que determinará el futuro de la Tierra y la salvación de la raza humana.


Starring four legends like you've never seen them before, LAST VEGAS tells the story of Billy, Paddy, Archie and Sam (played byAcademy-Award winners Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline), best friends since childhood. When Billy, the group's sworn bachelor, finally proposes to his thirty-something (of course) girlfriend, the four head to Las

Vegas with a plan to stop acting their age and relive their glory days. However, upon arriving, the four quickly realize that the decades have transformed Sin City and tested their friendship in ways they never imagined. The Rat Pack may have once played the Sands and Cirque du Soleil may now rule the Strip, but it’s these four who are taking over Vegas. Rated: Pg-13 Billy (el oscarizado Michael Douglas), Paddy (el oscarizado Robert De Niro), Archie (el oscarizado Morgan Freeman) y Sam (el oscarizado Kevin Kline) son amigos desde la infancia. Cuando Billy, el eterno soltero del grupo, decide casarse con su novia treintañera (claro), los cuatro se van a Las Vegas con la idea de olvidarse de su edad y revivir sus días de gloria. Pero al poco de llegar, descubren que “Sin City” (La ciudad del pecado) también ha cambiado con el tiempo y que los años no pasan en balde para los amigos. El “Rat Pack” (Sinatra y compañía) reinó en el Sands y ahora el Cirque du Soleil manda en el Strip, pero los cuatro amigos son capaces de conquistar Las Vegas.

Opening November 8


Marvel's Thor: The Dark World continues the big-screen adventures of Thor, the Mighty Avenger, ashe battles to save Earth and all the Nine Realms from a shadowy enemy that predates the universeitself. In the aftermath of Marvel's Thor and Marvel's The Avengers, Thor fights to restore orderacross the cosmos...but an ancient race led by the vengeful Malekith returns to plunge the universe backinto darkness. Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embarkon his most perilous and personal journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him tosacrifice everything to save us all. Rated: PG-13. El poderoso Vengador, mientras lucha por salvar la Tierra y todos los Nueve Reinos de un enemigo oscuro que precede al universo mismo. A raíz de 'Thor’ y 'Los Vengadores’, Thor lucha para restaurar el orden en todo el cosmos… pero un antigua raza liderada por el vengativo Malekith regresa para sumir al universo de nuevo en la oscuridad. Frente a un enemigo que incluso Odin y Asgard no pueden resistir, Thor debe embarcarse en su viaje más peligroso y personal hasta el momento, uno que lo reunirá con Jane Foster y le obligará a sacrificarlo todo para salvarnos a todos.

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quieren conocerle. Los problemas de David se amontonan: a las deudas que debe pagar a la mafia y al abandono de su novia embarazada (Cobie Smulders), ahora A spirited and courageous young girl transforms the lives of se le une un pleito iniciado por 142 de los 533 veinteañeros que quieren conocer everyone around her when she is sent to live with a new family la identidad de su padre biológico. Mientras David afronta la difícil decisión de si in World War II Germany. revelar o no su identidad, se embarca en un viaje que le llevará a descubrir no Follows a spirited young girl named Liesel (Sophie Nelisse) who solo su verdadero yo, sino también al padre que podría llegar a ser. witnesses the horrors of Nazi Germany while in the care of foster parents, played by Rush and Watson. The girl arrives with a stolen book and begins collecting other tomes, learning to read Opening November 27 while her stepparents harbor a Jewish refugee (Ben Schnetzer) under the stairs. Rated: PG-13 Es una historia contada por una narradora poco habitual: la Walt Disney Animation Studios, the studio behind "Tangled" Muerte, quien nos desvela la historia de una niña que vive and "Wreck-It Ralph," presents "Frozen," a stunning bigcon una familia de acogida en un pueblo cercano a Múnich, screen comedy adventure. Fearless optimist Anna (voice of en la Alemania nazi anterior y sincrónica a la Segunda Kristen Bell) sets off on an epic journey—teaming up with Guerra Mundial. El partido de Hitler es todopoderoso y sus adeptos más numerosos rugged mountain man Kristoff (voice of Jonathan Groff) and cada día. Descubrimos el destino trágico de Liesel Meminger por voz de la Muerte, his loyal reindeer Sven—to find her sister Elsa (voice of Idina quien con su humor negro y su cinismo, sirve de testigo objetivo de la locura humana. Menzel), whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Encountering Everest-like conOpening November 15 ditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious snowman named Olaf (voice of Josh Gad), Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom. Rated: PG. After nearly 15 years apart, Taye Diggs (television’s Private En "Frozen", una profecía condena a un reino a un invierno Practice), Nia Long (Soul Food), Morris Chestnut (Kick-Ass 2), eterno. Así que Anna (voz de Bell) se ve obligada a unirse a Harold Perrineau (Zero Dark Thirty), Terrence Howard (Hus- Kristoff, un audaz hombre de las montañas, y emprender un viaje épico en busca de tle & Flow), Sanaa Lathan (Contagion), Monica Calhoun (Love la Reina de la Nieve (voz de Menzel) para poner fin al gélido hechizo. Anna y Kristoff & Basketball), Melissa De Sousa (Miss Congeniality) and harán frente a temperaturas extremas propias del Everest, a criaturas místicas y Regina Hall (Scary Movie franchise) reprise their career- lucharán contra los elementos en una carrera contrarreloj para salvar al reino de la launching roles in The Best Man Holiday, the long-awaited destrucción más absoluta. next chapter to the film that ushered in a new era of comedy. When the college friends finally reunite over the Christmas holidays, they will discover just how easy it is for long-forgotten rivalries and romances to be ignited. Malcolm D. Lee Oldboy follows the story of an advertising executive who is returns to write and direct this sequel to his directorial kidnapped and held hostage for 20 years in solitary condebut. Sean Daniel (The Mummy franchise) will produce finement without any indication of his captor's motive. When alongside Lee for The Sean Daniel Company. Rated: PG-13. he is inexplicably released, he embarks on an obsessive misLance y Mia van a contraer matrimonio dentro de escasas fechas, pero hay alguien sion to discover who orchestrated his bizarre and torturous que incluso parece estar más nervioso que los novios; ése es Harper, el padrino, que punishment only to find he is still trapped in a web of cones escritor. Su intranquilidad se debe a que también en breve aparecerá en las tienspiracy and torment. His quest for revenge leads him into das su novela, en la cual con toda probabilidad sus amigos se verán claramente rean ill-fated relationship with a young social worker and ultiflejados en los personajes que en ella aparecen, lo que dará lugar a todo tipo de mately to an illusive man who allegedly holds the key to his comentarios, rumores, recelos, sospechas y desavenencias entre el grupo de amigos salvation. Rated: PG-13 que verán publicadas en la novela sus intimidades y secretos. Josh Brolin es el protagonista de “Oldboy”, de Spike Lee, que es un remake del conocido filme de Park Chan-wook. En la Opening November 22 obra original, un hombre era liberado de forma repentina tras llevar diez años encerrado en una habitación. Por supuesto, su intención era descubrir qué personas lo habían THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE begins as Katniss mantenido retenido en aquel lugar y saber cuáles fueron sus motivaciones para ello. Everdeen has returned home safe after winning the 74th Annual Hunger Games along with fellow tribute Peeta Mellark. Winning means that they must turn around and leave their family and close friends, embarking on a "Victor's Follows Langston (Jacob Latimore), a street-wise teen from Tour" of the districts. Along the way Katniss senses that a Baltimore raised by a single mother, as he journeys to New rebellion is simmering, but the Capitol is still very much in York City to spend the Christmas holiday with his estranged control as President Snow prepares the 75th Annual relatives Reverend Cornell and Aretha Cobbs (Forest Hunger Games (The Quarter Quell)—a competition that Whitaker and Angela Bassett). Unwilling to live by the imcould change Panem forever. Rated: PG-13 posing Reverend Cobbs’ rules, a frustrated Langston is deLOS JUEGOS DEL HAMBRE: EN LLAMAS comienza con Kattermined to return home to his mother, Naima (Jennifer niss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) volviendo a casa sana y Hudson). Langston embarks on a surprising and inspirasalva después de ganar los 74º Juegos del Hambre anuales tional journey and along with new friends, and a little divine junto a su tributo Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson). Ganar intervention, he discovers the true meaning of faith, healsignifica tener que dejar atrás a familia y amigos, y eming, and family. Rated: PG-13 barcarse en el “Tour de la Victoria” por los diferentes disLangston es un adolescente que ha sido criado por una tritos. A lo largo del camino, Katniss se da cuenta de que una rebelión comienza a madre soltera en Baltimore. Llegada la Navidad decide viagestarse, pero en el Capitolio continúa todo bajo control mientras el Presidente jar hasta la ciudad de Nueva York para pasar las vacaciones Snow (Donald Sutherland) organiza los 75 Juegos del Hambre anuales (El Vasallaje), con sus familiares el reverendo Cornell y Cobbs Aretha. No una competición que cambiará Panem para siempre… dispuesto a seguir las normas que se le imponen, Langston muy frustrado decide dar marcha atrás y regresar a casa con su madre Naima. En este viaje el joven conocerá a nuevos amigos y descubrirá el verdadero significado de la fe, la familia y el perdón. An affable underachiever finds out he's fathered 533 children through anonymous donations to a fertility clinic 20 years ago. Now he must decide whether or not to come forward when 142 of them file a lawsuit to reveal his identity. A former DEA agent (Jason Statham) heads to the hills with The story of affable underachiever David Wozniak, whose mundane life is turned his daughter to get away from the dangers of the job only to upside down when he finds out that he fathered 533 children through sperm donafind a small town terrorized by a meth-head gang leader tions he made twenty years earlier. In debt to the mob, rejected by his pregnant (James Franco) in this action thriller written by Sylvester Stalgirlfriend, things couldn't look worse for David when he is hit with a lawsuit from lone and directed by Gary Fleder. Kate Bosworth and Winona 142 of the 533 twenty-somethings who want to know the identity of the donor. As Ryder co-star. David struggles to decide whether or not he should reveal his true identity, he emGira en torno a un ex agente de la DEA que se muda a un pebarks on a journey that leads him to discover not only his true self but the father he queño pueblo con el fin de romper con su pasado laboral... could become as well. Rated: PG-13. si bien este, en forma de unos rencorosos traficantes de droDavid Wozniak (Vince Vaughn) es un hombre de pocas ambiciones cuya vacía exisgas, llamarán a su nueva puerta para no dejarle en paz ni a tencia da un vuelco cuando descubre que es padre de 533 hijos, fruto de las donaél ni a su familia ni a sus nuevos vecinos. ciones de esperma que realizó más de veinte años atrás, y que 142 de ellos








LATINO FILMS/ PELÍCULAS LATINAS Jaime Camil y Omar Chaparro coincidieron en que la película Pulling Strings, que se estrenó pasado 4 de octubre, representa una emoción y ansiedad por el gran momento que vive el cine mexicano en la Unión Americana.

dos Unidos con sus abuelos maternos. Pero, por otro lado, tiene la voz de su amigo “Canicas”, interpretado por Omar Chaparro, quien trata de convencerlo de que su retoño no necesita lo mejor, sino tan solo a su padre.

En la comedia que también protagoniza la actriz americana Laura Ramsey, Camil da vida a Alejandro Fernández, un padre soltero que se gana la vida a punta de entonar rancheras en Ciudad de México, pero cuya felicidad se ve empañada por la pérdida temprana de la madre de su pequeña hija, y los retos que enfrenta a la hora de ejercer la paternidad solo.

From Lionsgate and Pantelion Films. Rachel (Laura Ramsey) is an intelligent modern day woman constantly on the move. Primarily focused on her career as a diplomatic consul for the U.S. embassy, she's literally lived her life on the move, globetrotting from city to city. Currently working in Mexico City and set to leave for London, Rachel's world turns upside down on the eve of her own goodbye party when she gets drunk and A todas estas facetas del artista, passes out on the street. Saved by ahora se suma la de mariachi, por Alejandro (Jaime Camil), a handcierto uno bastante guapo, y quien some Mariachi singer and single fatiene la suerte de llamarse igual que ther, Rachel wakes up in his El Potrillo. Éste es el personaje que apartment with no recollection of Camil interpreta en la cinta Pulling how she got there. Nor does she reStrings, a estrenarse el viernes member that she rejected his visa the day before, which he desperEl mexicano manifiesta que su per- ately needs for his daughter. Rosonaje es un hombre muy confunmance unexpectedly blossoms dido, porque considera que lo mejor between thetwo, but either para su hija es mandarla a los Esta-

ALEJANDRO FERNANDEZ ESTRENA “ME OLVIDE DE VIVIR” A DUETO CON VICENTE FERNANDEZ ALEJANDRO FERNÁNDEZ estrenó su nuevo sencillo “Me olvide de vivir”, un dueto con su padre, el legendario cantante Vicente Fernández. La canción es la primera grabación de estudio con su padre en más de 20 años. “Me Olvide de Vivir”, es el segundo sencillo del disco multi-platino CONFIDENCIAS, el cual fue producido por Phil Ramone y debutó #1 en Estados Unidos y 19 países el mes pasado. La nueva gira de DENCIAS rancará en el Arena en Miami noviembre. Resus producprimera clase y voz, Fernández nueva pro-

Alejandro Fernández, CONFIWORLD TOUR 2013 U.S. arAmerican Airlines este 16 de conocido por ciones de su poderosa llevará esta ducción a once ciu-


Direction: Aarón Fernández Script: Aarón Fernández Country: Spain · France · Mexico Production: Aarón Fernández, Alejandro Palma, Christophe Bouffil, Fred Premel Production Company: Comunicación Fractal, Santa Lucía Cine, Tita Productions Photography: AMC, Javier Morón Edition: Ana Laura Calderón Sound: Miguel Hernández, Pablo Tamez Music: Camilo Froideval Art Direction: Patricia de Burgos Cast: Adriana Paz, Amaranta Abril, Bartolo Campos, Eliseo Lara Martínez, Fermín Martínez, Kristyan Ferrer, Norma Pablo, Rebeca Villacorte, Sergio Lasgón On the desolated coast of Veracruz, 17-yearold Sebastián starts to run his uncle’s rentby-the-hour motel on his own. There he meets Miranda, a regular client, who goes to the motel to meet a lover who always keeps her waiting. During those spare moments, Sebastián and Miranda get to know each other and a brief seduction game starts between them.

dades de Estados Unidos. El TOUR CONFIDENCIAS promete una producción sin precedentes de una de las voces más icónicas de la historia de la música Mexicana. En este show Alejandro hace Sebastián, un joven de 17 años, tiene que honor a México, su mariachi y su música, donde presenta sus más administrar por sí solo el motel de habitagrandes éxitos, incluyendo sus tradicionales “rancheras”, éxitos de ciones por horas que su tío posee en la despop y canciones de su nuevo disco CONFIDENCIAS. olada costa tropical de Veracruz. Parejas de adúlteros son la clientela habitual del motel. ALEJANDRO FERNANDEZ was released “Me olvidé de vivir”, feaMiranda, una vendedora de pisos de 35 turing his father, the legendary Vicente Fernandez, this week. The años, lo visita ocasionalmente con Mario, su track is Fernandez’s first studio recording with his father in more amante. Mario suele llegar tarde a las citas, than 20 years. “Me olvidé de vivir”, is the second single from the así que Miranda se ve obligada a esperarlo multi-platinum Grammy winning artist’s CONFIDENCIAS project, en el motel vacío. En ese tiempo muerto, which was produced by Phil Ramone and debuted at #1 in the US and 19 other countries last month. traba amistad con Sebastián y un fugaz juego de seducción se establece entre The ALEJANDRO FERNANDEZ CONFIDENCIAS WORLD ellos. TOUR 2013 U.S. tour kicks off on November 16 at the American Airlines Arena. Renowned for his world class productions and powerful and compelling vocals, Fernandez will take the completely new production to eleven major U.S. THE CONFIDENCIAS tour promises an unprecedented production from one of the most iconic voices in Mexican musical history. The dazzling show pays homage to Mexico via Fernandez’s exceptional mariachi, orchestra and vocal prowess, featuring a collection of his greatest hits, including traditional “rancheras”, pop hits and songs from his new album CONFIDENCIAS.

Experts: Mexicans Should Return To Traditional Cuisine To Fight Obesity entre adultos, está basada en una combinación equilibrada de alimentos formada por nutrientes, vitaminas, proteínas y minerales, apuntó. Si bien la cocina no era "eminentemente vegetariana", sí se basaba en productos cultivados en el campo, añadió López.

Mexico can deal with the high levels of dia- market) not so much as a subproduct of betes and obesity among its people by return- tourism but as a product in and of itself," ing to its traditional cuisine, experts told Efe. Wichtendahl said.

A pesar de la riqueza de la cocina mexicana y de su preferencia por los productos frescos, la Organización de las Naciones Unidas advirtió recientemente en un estudio que el 70% de la población mexicana padece obesidad o sobrepeso.

En este sentido, la experta aclaró que el alto índice de obesidad en el país se debe al "The rupture of the system and the traditional The Mexican World Gastronomy Forum took "abandono de la dieta tradicional" unido a Mexican diet" is at the root of these health place in the Pacific resort city of Acapulco on los cambios de estilo de vida y a la prolifproblems, Mexican Cultural Gastronomy Oct. 9-12. eración de actitudes sedentarias. Conservatory president Gloria Lopez Morales said. There is great ignorance about Mexican food, "La gastronomía hoy en día debe de colowith many people confusing it with "Texcarse no tanto como un subproducto de turDiabetes and obesity are "nutritional probMex" food, a regional cuisine created in the lems," Lopez said. southwestern United States, or thinking it is limited to just tortillas, chilis and tacos, The traditional diet in Mexico, which ranks Wichtendahl said. No. 1 in the world in childhood obesity and No. 2 in adult obesity, was based on a balThe traditional Mexican diet eaten by Indian anced mix of foods rich in nutrients, vitapeoples was based on corn, beans and chilis, mins, protein and minerals, the conservatory and was loaded with vitamin C, Wichtendahl president said. said. Mexico's traditional diet was not "fully vege- The problem in Mexico is excessive contarian," but it was based on foods grown in sumption of soft drinks, Wichtendahl said, the countryside, Lopez said. adding that the country's soft drink consumption averages 163 liters (43.3 gallons) per About 70 percent of Mexico's people are capita annually. obese or overweight, the United Nations said in a recent report. Actualmente, México ocupa el primer lugar mundial en obesidad infantil Lopez said she supported taxing soft drinks, a measure included by President Enrique Peña El retorno a los orígenes de la cocina mexiNieto in his tax reform package. cana representa una solución a los problemas de diabetes y de obesidad que sufre la Mexican World Gastronomy Forum vice población de México, coincidieron expertos president Eduardo Wichtendahl, for his part, en gastronomía said traditional cooking should be marketed differently. La gastronomía tradicional de México, un país que actualmente ocupa el primer lugar "Gastronomy today should be placed (in the mundial en obesidad infantil y el segundo

ismo, sino como un producto en sí", afirmó el vicepresidente del Foro Mundial de Gastronomía Mexicana, Eduardo Wichtendahl, que se celebró en Acapulco el pasado mes de Octubre. Sin embargo, todavía existe una gran ignorancia sobre la comida mexicana, y esta a menudo se asocia con la llamada "tex mex", que es una fusión con el sur de Estados Unidos, o limitada a las tortillas, al chile o a los tacos, que dejan en un segundo plano un recetario caracterizado por la riqueza de sus sabores. En este sentido, recordó las bondades de la dieta mexicana de los pueblos indígenas, compuesta por maíz, frijoles, chile y mucha vitamina C, un ejemplo de cómo la cocina actual se "ha desvirtuado" de sus orígenes. El problema, advirtió, es la ingesta masiva de refrescos en el país, donde el promedio de consumo per cápita es de 163 litros al año. En opinión de Wichtendahl, la solución pasa por fomentar hábitos alimenticios saludables y promover el consumo de aguas frescas azucaradas con miel de agave en lugar de refrescos. Uno de los retos actuales de la gastronomía mexicana es aprender a convivir con otras cocinas sin perder su esencia y sus raíces.


En Spectrum Health proporcionamos avanzados tratamientos que pueden no estar disponibles en otro lugar, conectando al paciente a un sistema altamente colaborativo de investigación, enseñanza y excelencia clínica. Tenemos una buena razón para expandir nuestra experiencia y ofrecerle una mejor oportunidad de recibir atención excepcional. La salud de cada uno de los integrantes de las comunidades a las que atendemos es un objetivo ambicioso. Estamos aquí para hacerlo realidad. Vea cómo Brien Smith, MD, neurólogo de fama internacional, ofrece mejores posibilidades a quienes sufren de epilepsia.


Thanksgiving Dinner Cena para el Día de Gracias

Pocas celebraciones en Estados Unidos tienen tanta importancia y arraigo como el Día de acción de gracias (Thanksgiving day). Se celebra el cuarto jueves de noviembre y es un día en el que las familias se reúnen en torno a la mesa para disfrutar de una opípara cena. No importa dónde se esté, los norteamericanos son capaces de atravesar todo Estados Unidos para acudir a esta cita eminentemente familiar, que tiene más importancia, incluso, que la propia Navidad.

Con el paso del tiempo el pavo 'dejó de ser salvaje' y se convirtió en el verdadero protagonista de esta fiesta. Se prepara relleno y, como sobre gustos no hay nada escrito, se rellena de muy diversas maneras, aunque existe un tipo que puede considerarse el más típico de EEUU y que se realiza a base de pan cortado en cuadraditos, apio, cebolla, salvia y tomillo (o alguna planta aromática similar), ingredientes que se rehogan en la sartén con mantequilla o margarina. También existen versiones, más europeas, que incluyen los piñones, las nueces, las castañas, las frutas secas (uvas o ciruelas pasas, orejones) manzanas e, incluso, hay quien lo rellena con higaditos de pollo o salchichas. Pero, además, para que el menú esté completo se acompaña de mazorcas de maíz, papas, cranberry sauce (salsa de arándanos), verduras, cebollitas francesas, papas partidas en dos y cubiertas con crema agria, beicon y cebollino. Como primer plato se puede servir una sopa y, para completar el menú, un postre tan típico como el pastel de calabaza.


Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day (Action de Grace in Canada), is a traditional North American holiday, which is a form of harvest festival. The date and whereabouts of the first Thanksgiving celebration is a topic of modest contention, though the earliest attested Thanksgiving celebration was on September 8, 1565 in what is now Saint Augustine, Florida. Despite scholarly research to the contrary, the traditional "first Thanksgiving" is venerated as having occurred at the site of Plymouth Plantation, in 1621. Thanksgiving Day is traditionally a day for families and friends to get together for a special meal. The meal often includes a turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, green beans, corn on the cob, pumpkin pie and pecan pie. Thanksgiving Day is a time for many people to give thanks for what they have.These are just a few of the most popular Thanksgiving traditional dishes across the United States. There is one thing for sure, though, and that is that each region of the country and even more so each family has their own traditions and favorite Thanksgiving foods. Thanksgiving Day parades are held in some cities and towns on or around Thanksgiving Day. Some parades or festivities also mark the opening of the Christmas shopping season. Some people have a fourday weekend so it is a popular time for trips and to visit family and friends.

Classic Green Bean Casserole Ingredients 1 can (10 3/4 ounces) Campbell's® Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup (Regular, 98% Fat Free or Healthy Request®) 1/2 cup milk 1 teaspoon soy sauce Dash ground black pepper 4 cups cooked cut green beans 1 1/3 cups French's® French Fried Onions How to Make It 1 Stir the soup, milk, soy sauce, black pepper, beans and 2/3 cup onions in a 1 1/2-quart casserole. 2 Bake at 350°F. for 25 minutes or until the bean mixture is hot and bubbling. Stir the bean mixture. Sprinkle with the remaining onions. 3 Bake for 5 minutes or until the onions are golden brown.


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15 años de Existencia

Horario de Reuniones: A las 7:00pm a 9:00pm Los: Lunes, Martes, Miércoles, Jueves, Viernes, Sábado, Domingo y a las 12:00 Mediodia a 2:00 pm Sábado, Domingo


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