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Can 2014 Be A Great Year? By Dr. José A. Flores

Reading articles and viewing news reports on the big events of last year may be a bit depressing as we witnessed horrific weather events that left the our planet and our country feeling the devastating effects of a changing world climate. We witnessed the ravages of super-storms, massive hurricanes, typhoons, widespread flooding, landslides and raging fires. Millions of people on the planet were left homeless and thousands perished as catastrophe after catastrophe as stories filled newsrooms across the country. At the same time we witnessed world and national leaders debate the prospects of achieving peace in the most difficult worn-torn sectors of the globe and some deals were forged by changed strategies of engaging our traditional enemies through direct diplomacy. The freeze on Iran’s nuclear arms race gives us some ray of hope, at least for the next six months of 2014. Let’s pray for peace in the Middle-East! We should feel proud of our efforts to move toward a more peaceful world than to continue the flight path of “warhawks” engaging in conflicts that cost American lives and money to finance unnecessary wars. We should continue searching out solutions to world conflict through diplomacy and compromise, wherever possible, while we focus on rebuilding our nation’s economy and infrastructure with the goal of full-employment of our citizenry. Americans deserve a better living standard in this decade! Many of us are fed up with a dysfunctional Congress and lack of effective diplomacy to keep us out of costly wars! China, Syria, Korea, Iran must be conflicts where political and economic strategies are used effectively by our nation to curb the commitment of U.S. troops. Most of us want to see our troops come home from Afghanistan and avoid deployment to other hotspots on the continent of Africa or elsewhere.

fort by activists in the United States to create a focus on a domestic agenda that addresses rebuilding our economy and providing the 99% of Americans a fairer wage, a prospect for greater equality and the removal of barriers to success because of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. We have pushed the pendulum further to the center in areas of equality during 2013, but much more remains to be done in furthering our goal to create a more “Just Society” and removing discrimination of all forms in America. Progress is possible! As we reflect on 2013, and think about the possibilities that exist for the improvement of our nation and our impact on the world, let’s focus on being creative with our strategies to impact our national agenda. Let’s continue to push toward the goal of world peace. Let’s push for a U.S. Congress that focuses its efforts on putting Americans back to work thereby reducing unemployment through the creation of jobs. Let’s focus on rebuilding our economy through re-investment now that the auto industry, the banking industry and the insurance industry seem to have recovered after tax-payer funded bailouts given them. American small businesses and homeowners need financial lending institutions to invest in the recovery through increased lending! A concerted effort is now overdue! Our national security depends on a nation where all Americans have an equal opportunity to be employed and productive contributors to our country. We will be well-served by a U.S. Congress that provides the newly arrived immigrant communities a pathway to citizenship and an opportunity to work legally in America with families that remain together! We should continue to push for a fair immigration policy in the U.S. in 2014. We must remain active and hopeful that change in America is coming in 2014!

There continues to be a widespread ef- Happy New Year and Onward! ......Spanish version continued on pg. 14


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En esta primera edición del año La Comunidad de voz / La Voz destaca los logros de nuestros liders en los niveles locales, estatales y nacionales. Saludamos a nuestros líderes por sus aportes realizados hacia el mejoramiento de nuestra nación, nuestro estado y nuestras comunidades. Claudia Sanchez Benitez Ana María Chávez Margaret Moran LAUP, a local non-profit organizaAnna Maria Chávez is the Chief Executive Officer of the Girl Scouts of the USA (2011–present) and the first Latina to head the organization. She joined the Girl Scouts as a child; her family later moved to Phoenix, Arizona. She attended Yale University on a full scholarship and majored in history. After graduation she clerked for an Arizona attorney and then attended the University of Arizona Law School. She then worked for the federal government in Washington before returning to Arizona as in-house counsel and assistant director for the Division of Aging and Community Services at the Arizona Department of Economic Security and later deputy chief of staff for Urban Relations and Community Development under Governor Janet Napolitano. In 2009 she became head of Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas and in August 2011 elected head of the Girl Scouts of the USA (taking over effective November 2011). Anna María Chávez es la Directora General de las Girl Scouts de los EE.UU. (2011-presente) y es la primera latina en la cabeza de la organización. Anna trabajó para el gobierno federal en Washington antes de regresar a Arizona como abogada interna y director adjunto de la División de Envejecimiento y Servicios a la Comunidad del Departamento de Seguridad Económica de Arizona y despuees como subjefe del Estado Mayor de Relaciones Urbanas y Desarrollo de la Comunidad en virtud de Gobernador Janet Napolitano. En 2009 se convirtió en jefe de las Girl Scouts del suroeste de Texas y en agosto de 2011 jefe elegido de las Girl Scouts de los EE.UU.

Francisco Gonzalez McDonald’s Corporation, one of largest financial contributors to Michigan’s economy, has appointed Francisco “Pancho” Gonzalez as its new Vice President and General Manager of the Michigan region. As Vice President and General Manager of the Michigan Region, Gonzalez will implement a regional strategic business plan, as well as other critical initiatives to sustain profitable growth.

tion that specializes in education for members of the Latin American Community, offers youth and adult education programs, including English as a Second Language (ESL), GED and the Adelante youth program. It also offers youth conferences and digital connector courses that allow participants to learn how to make themselves more marketable in business and education placements.

Margaret Moran was elected as National President at the League of United Latin American Citizen’s 81st National Convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico on July 17th 2010. This past summer, at the 83rd National Convention in Orlando, Fl. President Moran began serving her third term as President of the Nation’s largest and oldest Hispanic civil rights membership organization. Moran has received numerous honors and awards for her continued service to LULAC and her community, including: the Puerto Rican Solidarity Award, the Civil Rights Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award from District XV, the LULAC National Presidential Commendation, LULAC National Women’s Hall of Fame Inductee, the Dr. Anita Del Rio - Latina Leadership and Community Service Award among others. President Moran is retired from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Margaret Moran Margaret Moran, Presidenta de la Liga de Ciudadanos Latinoamericanos Unidos (LULAC).Moran ha recibido numerosos honores y premios por su continuo servicio a LULAC y su comunidad, incluyendo el Premio Solidaridad Puertoriqueña, el Premio Derechos Civiles y el Premio Logro Vitalicio del Distrito XV, la Distinción del Presidente Nacional de LULAC, Hall de la Fama de las Mujeres LULAC, el Premio al Liderazgo y Servicio Comunitario Dra. Anita del Rio, entre otros.

Sanchez Benitez is a native of Mexico with an MBA from Cornerstone University. She has experience in customer service, strategic planning and human resources, and LAUP board members believe that her background will contribute positively to the growth and future of the organization. “Claudia has the education, skills, experiences and passion to effectively direct the several programs which LAUP offers to the community,” Ed Amaya, President of the LAUP board, said. “Her desire to advance understanding through education, serve the Latino community, and her ability to serve as a bridge with other communities are qualities we believe will serve her and us well.” During her time as executive director, Sanchez Benitez hopes to have an impact and role in helping the Latino community move forward by means of the organization.

U.S. Air Force Maj. Nelson Aviles Figueroa U.S. Air Force Maj. Nelson AvilesFigueroa, 4th Communications Squadron commander, grew up on the island of Puerto Rico where he said he developed values like honesty, humility, loyalty and a hardworking mentality, which helped make him the Airman he is today. Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 each year and highlights the achievements and contributions of Hispanic citizens to the United States. El Mayor Nelson AvilesFigueroa, DE LA Fuerza Aérea de EE.UU. Cuarto comandante del Escuadrón de Comunicaciones. Celebrando el mes de la Herencia Hispana

Elena Ríos

President CEO. From the very beginning of her training in medicine, Dr. Elena Rios has worked to improve the recruitment and success rates of minority students in United States medical schools. After graduation she turned her voluntary work with individual students into a large-scale national effort, by co-foundMcDonalds Corporation, uno ing the National Network of Latin American Medical Students. de los mayores contribuyentes Since then, she has held a series of appointments in California financieros en la economía de Michigan, nombró a Francisco programs designed to improve educational and career opportunities for minorities in the health professions, and in 1998 Dr. Rios was appointed president of the National Hispanic Medical As"Pancho" González como su sociation. nuevo Vicepresidente y GerDr. Rios has received an array of awards, including the American Association of Indian Physicians ente General de la región de Appreciation Award in 1995 and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of MiMichigan. nority Health Award in 1998. She was named one of the 100 Most Influential Hispanics of the NaComo Vicepresidente y Gertion by Hispanic Business Magazine in 2001 and received the American Public Health ente General de la Región Michigan, González quiere un Association's Latino Caucus Distinguished Career Award the same year. Directora y presidenta de la Asociación Nacional Hispana Médica (NHMA, por sus siglas en inplan estratégico de negocios regional, así como otras iniciati- glés), donde representa a los médicos hispanos de los Estados Unidos. La revista 'Hispanic Business', la reconoció dentro de los 100 hispanos más influyentes e innovadores. Elena sido vas críticas para sostener un honrada por la Asociación de Salud Pública, Minority Health Month, Inc., Hispanic Magazine, Vercrecimiento rentable. izon's First Pollin Community Service Award, y Amerimed.


Latino Americanos Unidos para el Progreso Inc. anunció el nombramiento de la nueva Directora Ejecutiva Claudia Sanchez Benitez. Sánchez Benítez es originaria de México, con un MBA de la Universidad de Cornerstone. Tiene experiencia en servicio al cliente, la planificación estratégica y los recursos humanos, y ha sido miemba activa de LAUP . Durante su tiempo como directora ejecutiva, Sánchez Benítez espera tener un impacto en ayudar a la comunidad latina en avanzar a través de la organización.

Julia Guevara Julia Guevara, of Grand Rapids, to the Hispanic/Latino Commission of Michigan. Guevara is the associate vice president for academic affairs and professor of social work at Grand Valley State University. She holds a bachelor's degree in social science from Grand Valley State University, a master's of social work from Western Michigan University and a doctorate in social work and public administration from Michigan State University. She will replace Judge Maria Oxholm. Julia Guevara, de Grand Rapids, nombrada por el gobernador Snyder para la Comisión Hispano / Latino de Michigan.

Gloria Lara

Iracema García Iracema’s success story begins in Valle Hermoso, Tamaulipas, Mexico. “When I came here, I didn’t even speak English!” Her parents, a homemaker and farmer, eventually settled and raised their family in Manistee, MI. Motivated by the desire for a better life, Iracema worked hard in high school and was awarded an academic scholarship to Aquinas College where she earned her B.S in International Business and Master of Management. Her work at PNC has earned her not only PNC’s 2012 Achievement Award, but PNC’s 2012 Circle of Excellence, the highest honor conveyed by the bank. Over the past thirteen years, her career has focused on helping clients reach their financial goals, for example: saving for homes or vehicles, assisting them with loans when needed, helping them to repair their credit and save for retirement. Her goal is to use all of the knowledge she has accumulated over the years to help people make the best decisions for their financial futures and make a difference in their lives. Additionally, Iracema works with Believe 2 Become, an organization which works closely with the community to help parents find their voice and become more involved in their children’s schools. To that extent she has also been arduously involved in volunteer work within the Grand Rapids community. Iracema previously volunteered at Junior Achievement, and continues the habit of giving back to the community in a number of different ways. When not at the bank, Iracema can be found putting her skill set and knowledge base to work at various community organizations. As Board Treasurer and volunteer for South End Community Outreach Ministries, Iracema delivers financial literacy classes as well as some ESL classes. She also spends time at Godwin South School working with children through PNC’s Grow Up Great program which focuses on early childhood education.

With a MBA degree from the Harvard Business School, Gloria has held executive positions at companies like IBM and Chrysler. She also serves on the board of Spectrum Health Hospital Group.

Martha Ibarra Michael Yates, Mortgage Area Sales Manager for Chemical Bank, is pleased to announce the appointment of Martha Ibarra to Mortgage Loan Officer in the HollandRiley Street office.

The majority of Gloria’s volunteer work has been focused on Girl Scouting. After being elected to the board of directors and then serving as chair of the Detroit-area council, Gloria was later elected to the National Board of Directors of Girl Scouts of the USA, where she served for six years, including three years as a member of the Executive Committee.

Martha brings over four years of experience in the banking and financial services industry and is a graduate of West Ottawa High School. She served as a Customer Service Representative for four years with Chemical Bank prior to her current role. Active in the community, Martha currently serves as a PTA Member of her community’s local elementary school and enjoys participating in class field trips, reading with students as well as helping with classroom and school events. She is also currently enrolled in the West Coast Connect Program, which promotes cultural awareness and community leadership.

Today, Gloria is CEO of the Girls Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore. She proudly relates that “With the support of our volunteers and committed staff members, girls develop qualities that will serve them all their lives, such as leadership, strong values, social conscience and conviction about their own potential and selfworth.” Most recently, Gloria was named 2013 Hispanic Businessperson of the Year by the Western Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. This award is for an individual who has made a significant contribution to the West Michigan Hispanic Business community. Con un MBA de Harvard Business School, Gloria ha servido de ejecutiva en compañías como IBM y Chrysler. Tambien sire en la junta de Spectrum Health Hospital Group. La mayor parte del trabajo voluntario de Gloria se ha centrado en las Girl Scouts. Después de ser elegida miembro de la junta directiva y luego presidenta del área de Detroit, Gloria fue elegida miembro de la Junta Directiva Nacional de Girl Scouts de los EE.UU., donde se desempeñó durante seis años, incluyendo tres años como miembro del Comité Ejecutivo.

Michael Yates, Mortgage Area Sales Manager para el Banco Chemical, se complace en anunciar el nombramiento de Martha Ibarra Mortgage como Loan Officer en la oficina de Holland-Riley Street. Martha lleva más de cuatro años de experiencia en la industria de servicios financieros y bancarios. Se graduó de la Escuela Preparatoria de West Ottawa. Se desempeñó como Representante de Servicio al Cliente por cuatro años con el Chemical Bank antes de su cargo actual. ¡Felicidades!

Hoy, Gloria es CEO de las Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore. Con orgullo relata que "Con el apoyo de nuestros voluntarios y miembros del personal, las niñas desarrollan cualidades que les servirán toda la vida, tales como el liderazgo, valores fuertes, la conciencia social y la convicción de su propio potencial y la autoestima."

Motivada por el deseo para una vida mejor, Iracema trabajó duro en la escuela secundaria y fue galardonada con una beca académica para Aquinas College, donde obtuvo su licenMás recientemente, Gloria fue nombrada Empresario Hispano del ciatura en Negocios Internacionales y Maestria en Gestión. Su Año 2013 por la Cámara de Comercio Hispana del Oeste de trabajo en el PNC ha sido reconocido con el Premio de Logros Michigan. Este premio es otorgado por contribuciones significati2012, y el Circulo de Excelencia 2012, el más alto honor que vas a la comunidad de negocios hispanos del Oeste de Michigan. Adriana Almanza transmite el banco. Durante los últimos trece años, su carrera se ha centrado en ayudar a los clientes a alcanzar sus metas In 2005, Adriana was awarded a full tuition scholarship to Grand Valley State University, where financieras, por ejemplo: el ahorro para los hogares o vehícushe studied International Relations and Latin American Studies. “International Relations opened los, ayudando con préstamos cuando es necesario, ayudar a my eyes to understanding various issues on a global scale, while my LAS minor introduced me to reparar su crédito y ahorrar para la jubilación. Su objetivo es the politics, history, and culture of Latin America, a region of the world that is often ignored” She utilizar todos los conocimientos que ha acumulado a lo largo was later hired by the same school to work with middle and high school students as an Admisde los años para ayudar a la gente a tomar las mejores decisions Counselor. Adriana loves her work, which includes a great number of students who will be siones para su futuro financiero y hacer una diferencia en sus the first in their family to attend college, because, “Education is such an important tool when we vidas. Además, Iracema trabaja con Believe 2 Become, una are looking at advancing the socioeconomic status of our people.” Adriana is currently enrolled in organización que trabaja en estrecha colaboración con la coa Master’s program from which she will graduate in April, 2014, but she is already planning to conmunidad para ayudar a los padres a encontrar su voz y particitinue her education through the Ph.D level because, “We need more Latinos with Ph.Ds; we are far too underrepresented par más en la escuela de sus hijos. in this area.” Even with her busy schedule as a full-time student and full-time employee, Adriana has always found time to give back to En esa medida ha sido también arduamente involucrada en el her community through volunteer projects. She began volunteering with youth and migrant workers as soon as she gradtrabajo voluntario en la comunidad de Grand Rapids. Iracema uated from college, but her favorite project was building a playground for the children at a migrant camp in Belding, MI. anteriormente trabajó como voluntaria en Junior Achievement, She continues volunteering on a monthly basis in addition to acting as the advisor for a student run organization on y continúa la costumbre de dar a la comunidad en un número GVSU’s campus that educates and advocates for immigration reform” de maneras diferentes. Cuando no está en el banco, Iracema se encuentra poniendo sus habilidades y conocimiento a traEn 2005, Adriana fue galardonada con una beca completa de Grand Valley State University, donde estudió Relaciones bajar en varias organizaciones comunitarias. Como Tesorera Internacionales y Estudios Latinoamericanos. Adriana fue contratada por la misma escuela para trabajar con los estudiJunta y voluntaria de South End Community Outreach Minantes de secundaria y preparatoria como consejera de admisiones. Adriana le encanta su trabajo, que incluye un gran istries, Iracema ofrece clases de educación financiera, así número de estudiantes quienes serán la primeros en su familia en asistir a la universidad, ya que, "La educación es una como algunas clases de inglés como segundo idioma. Tamherramienta tan importante cuando estamos ante el avance de la situación socioeconómica de nuestro pueblo." Adriana bién pasa tiempo en la Escuela de Godwin South trabajando está actualmente matriculada en un programa de Maestría de la cual se graduará en abril de 2014, pero ella ya está con los niños a través del programa PNC Grow Up Great, que planeando continuar su educación a través del nivel de doctorado, ya que, "Necesitamos más latinos con doctorados, se centra en la educación infantil. somos demasiado poco representados en esta área.


O B I T UA R Y CIRILO FERNANDEZ, Cirilo Fernandez, aged 64 of Grand Rapids, MI., passed away Wednesday, December 11, 2013 in Puerto Rico. He was preceded in death by his mother, Luisa; father, Pio Fernandez; and brother, Miguel Fernandez. He was born in Puerto Rico and at the age of five he and his family moved to Grand Rapids, MI.

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – West Michigan businessman and baseball icon Bob Sullivan received the Gerald R. Ford Award from the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame on Thursday, Dec. 5. His "Sullivans" baseball team, established in 1953, captured multiple national titles as one of the elite amateur baseball programs in the United States. Major Leaguers, including Kirk Gibson, Willie Horton, Jim Kaat, Al Kaline, Dave Rozema and Mickey Stanley were among more than 50 who played for the Sullivans who advanced to play in the big leagues. The Sullivans captured the National Baseball Congress World Title four times and also won the international Haarlem (Netherlands) Baseball Week championship six times. During his baseball career, Sullivan was a manager, sponsor, support and also a scout for the Tigers. A businessman, he is the owner of Sullivan’s Carpet & Furniture, among other entrepreneurial ventures. Congratulations Bob!

He is survived by his loving wife of 30 years, Josie; their children, Luisa "Lisa" Fernandez, Virginia "Ginny" and Reggie Jordan, Cirilo Fernandez Jr., Marcos Fernandez, Tony and Gina Saucedo, Teresa and Keith Gmazel, Michael and Dawn Saucedo; 15 grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; sisters and brothers, Rosalia and Jose Espindola, Carmen Fernandez, Nilda and Hector Rodriguez, Virginia and Robert Savala, Alex and Rosa Fernandez, Pio and Leah Fernandez, Johnny and Lori Fernandez, & Ana and Alex Sepulveda. On Wednesday December 18, 2013, the Mass of Christian Burial was held at St. John Vianney Church, 4101 Clyde Park SW, Wyoming, with Fr. Steven Cron celebrant.

Downtown Holland Ice Sculpting Competition Friday, January 10 – Saturday, January 11, 2014 Each January, Downtown Holland partners with the National Ice Carving Association (NICA) to host a Collegiate Invitational Ice Sculpting Competition. This year’s competition will take place Friday, January 10 and Saturday, January 11. Downtown Holland and NICA will bring talented students from colleges around the Midwest and beyond together for this exciting weekend-long competition. This is one “cool” event you won’t want to miss! Over 20 talented students will be competing in the collegiate invitational, each transforming 300-pound blocks of ice into glistening works of art using chisels, chainsaws, torches, and more. The compulsory competition will take place from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm on Friday, January 10, while the freestyle competition will be held from 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm the afternoon of Saturday, January 11. Bundle up and come watch in amazement as the ice flies! Esculturas realizadas en hielo, no te lo pierdas asiste al Centro de Holland el 10 y 11 de Enero, y encontrarás una variedad de Esculturas. ¡No te lo pierdas!


GUN LAKE CASINO OPENS NEW SPACIOUS VALET ENTRANCE AND EXPANDS SURFACE PARKING (Wayland, Mich.) – Gun Lake Casino open a new spacious valet entrance on Saturday, December 21. This completed phase of construction also includes expanded surface parking areas to provide enhanced convenience and service for visitors and guests. The spacious valet area is now located at the east side of the casino building for enhanced service. Valet service is available at a new contemporary, state-of-the-art portecochere which features heated ceiling lamps for guest comfort. The parking area near the new valet has also been expanded by several hundred spaces. “We have seen tremendous support from our guests and want to make their visit here even more convenient,” says Santa was the first guest to use Gun Lake Casino’s new valet and picked up over 550 toys that were donated to Rob McDermott, general manager for Gun Lake Casino. “Our first-class valet service is complimentary for all of our Lakeshore Toys for Tots. guests, seven days a week. We are thrilled to offer our guests this additional amenity and extra conveniences,” says McDermott. Enhanced guest amenities now include: • A 12,000 square-foot, five lane covered and heated valet drop-off and pick-up area • 287 new surface parking spaces added at west entrance • Complimentary valet service offered seven days a week • Previous valet will become an additional covered drop-off and pick-up area for guests who self-park • Coat check conveniently located at new valet entrance •Departure lanes are closest to building for added convenience

¡Felicidades! El Chayo Cervantes Ondas en Español en WKAR Radio MSU E. Lansing Welcomes a new addition to the show as a co-pilot Corina Salinaz (Corey) de Lansing, Mi. Empleada en Michigan Farm Bureau. Corey tiene dos hijos: Sargent Isaac Vasquez, serving in the US Army, married with 2 children. Residing in Hawaii and David Vasquez 19 years old attending L.C.C. and lives at home with Corina Corey started working with El Chayo in late November 2013. The Community Voice / Voice welcomes Corina to Ondas en Español!

Gun Lake Casino abrió un nuevo Valet Entrance para sus clientes y expande su estacionamiento. Gracias a todos por su apoyo.

Kalamazoo Career Fair Returns on March 19 Kalamazoo Valley Community College and the Southwest Michigan Advanced Manufacturing Career Consortium are hosting the third annual Kalamazoo Career Fair. This year’s event will be held from 2 to 6 p.m. on March 19, 2014 at Kalamazoo Valley Community College’s Texas Township Campus. The event is free and open to the public. The purpose of this collaboration is to give student and community job seekers the opportunity to meet face-to-face with area employers. Last year’s revamped event drew more than 1,800 job seekers, up from 800 the previous year. Borgess Health, Parker Hannifin, Stryker Instrument and Medical Operations, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, and Denso Manufacturing have already signed up to participate. Nearly 100 employers with current job openings are expected to attend again this year. Job seekers who attend the Career Fair should bring copies of their resumes, dress for success and be prepared to meet with potential employers. The Kalamazoo Gazette/Advance Internet/M-Live is the event sponsor again this year along with WKZO AM and WVFM 106.5. For a Career Fair recap video and information about manufacturing careers, go to: A list of participating employers, video interviews with area employers, tips for job seekers and other details are also available on the Career Fair website at

To register a business as a Career Fair participant, go to: THE COMMUNITY VOICE LA VOZ /JANUARY 2014 09

City of Detroit, Banks Reach Agreement to DTE Energy to lower 'Significant Reduction' on Pension Swaps rates for electric Termination Deal customers

Residential customers to save about $80 a year

DETROIT -- Following two days of intense negotiations with a federal mediator, the City and the banks that underwrote a controversial pension funding plan have agreed to further reduce the termination amount to $165 million. The agreement, which must still be approved by federal bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes, would remove a major hurdle to Detroit's continued restructuring and turnaround efforts. The deal on the pension funding instruments will free up the City's casino revenue — about $15 million a month — to be used on rebuilding and improving basic services for its 700,000 residents and it closes the chapter on a financial deal that helped drive the city to insolvency. "This is an important development for the City and its residents because it means we can start moving forward on implementing needed investments in public safety and services," Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr said. "This agreement represents a significant reduction from the original deal struck with the banks. The banks and the City, through mediation, and with the mediator's recommendation, have accepted the reduction in terms."

Despuésde dos días de intensas negociaciones con un mediador federal, la Ciudad y los bancos que suscribieron un plan de financiación de pensiones controvertido, han acordado reducir aún más la cantidad de terminación a $ 165 millones. El acuerdo de terminación y el préstamo revisada financiación posterior a la petición debe ser aprobada por el Juez Rhodes.

Originally, the banks — Bank of America Merrill Lynch and UBS — had agreed to terminate the City's debt on the pension deals for $230 million, which represented approximately a 25percent reduction from the $293.3 million the City owed on the secured debt.  Today's deal put the savings to the city at $128 million, or 43 percent of the original amount owed. To pay the banks, the City has secured $350 million in post-petition financing loan through Barclays. As a result of the mediation deal today, the City has agreed to lower the post-petition financing loan to $285 million: $165 million to the termination amount to the banks and $120 million cash to the City to fund immediate improvements to basic city services. The termination agreement and the revised post-petition financing loan must be approved by Judge Rhodes.

DTE Energy is lowering electric rates by approximately 6.5 percent for its residential electric customers in 2014, due to lower fuel supply costs and on-going efforts to reduce the company's cost structure. The average residential electric customer will see an annual savings of about $80. Business customer rates will decline by 5.5 – 7.4 percent, depending on their level of service. In addition to lower fuel costs, the cost of providing energy from wind has also improved. The lower cost of wind power is due to the declining costs to build our wind parks and higher output from those parks.   DTE's plan calls for an overall reduction of all customer rates – both residential and business – of nearly$300 million a year. The plan was reviewed and approved by the Michigan Public Service Commission. Anderson said the company is very focused on the need to keep electric service affordable. As Michigan'slargest electricity supplier and the largest investor in renewable energy in the state, DTE has led its peer electric utilities in controlling operating costs. Between 2007 and 2012, for example, DTE Energy saw zero increase in its operating costs, compared with an average cost increase of 33 percent at its peer electric companies over the same period.   DTE Energy va a bajar las tarifas de electricidad en aproximadamente un 6.5 por ciento para los clientes residenciales en el año 2014, debido a menores costos de suministro de combustible y los esfuerzos en curso para reducir la estructura de costos de la compañía. Además de reducir los costos de los combustibles, el costo de la provisión de energía a partir del viento también ha mejorado. El menor costo de la energía eólica se debe a la disminución de los costos para construir nuestros parques eólicos y la mayor producción de los parques.

Dems seize on expiring jobless aid “They Call Us Illegal”: Fast-Food Workers Face Silent Raids

By Vicki Needham

Democrats are seizing on the expiration of federal unemployment benefits to batter the GOP ahead of the midterm elections.   They say Republicans are to blame for the failure of Congress to renew jobless aid for 1.3 million of the long-term unemployed and are making the point repeatedly in a coordinated messaging blitz over the holiday break. Rep. Sandy Levin (D-Mich.) is leading an effort to drum up local news coverage about people who are losing their benefits, while House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)  portrayed Republicans as oblivious to the plight of the unemployed. "I don't know if my colleagues oppose it, or know or care about the impact on families," Pelosi said. The benefits were created during the height of the recession and kick in when state-level unemployment runs out. Participants must prove that they are looking for work to receive the benefits, which can run as long as 73 weeks. President Obama has called for a three-month retroactive reauthorization of the program, and Senate Majority Harry Reid (D-Nev.) vowed to make it the first order of business when the Senate reconvenes in January.

by David Bacon

OAKLAND, California - Since the Golden Arches rose above the first Southern California drive-ins, workers have labored in their shadows for the lowest legal wage a boss can pay. Other fast-food chains have mushroomed since, copying the same ideas. Pay workers the least possible. Keep them guessing from week to week how many hours they'll get. If anyone gets upset, there are always many more people on the street, ready to step behind the counter, clean up the dirty tables or stand at the grill in the heat and smoke. Los demócratas están aprovechando de la expiración de los beneficios federales de desempleo a la masa del Partido Republicano antes de las elecciones de mitad de mandato. Rep. Sandy Levin (Demócrata de Michigan) está liderando un esfuerzo para reunir la cobertura de noticias locales acerca de las personas que están perdiendo sus beneficios, mientras que líder de la minoría Nancy Pelosi (D-California) retratado republicanos como ajeno a la difícil situación de los desempleados.


Is it a surprise that many people in those jobs came to this country to feed their hungry children or give a future to those they left behind? People will put up with a lot when they're hungry enough. They'll take ibuprofen to get through the shift or line up for food at the local food pantry at the end of the month, because their paychecks won't stretch that far. All to keep that job. These days, many of those workers have heard about strikes and work stoppages. The word is out about protests asking for $15 an hour instead of the $8 minimum. So fast-food chains are finally discovering what building service contractors and garment sweatshops have known for years. They've "suddenly realized" their workers are immigrants.

Michigan Women Mobilize Following Abortion-Restriction Measure

Pope Francis calls for world peace In his first Christmas Day address, Pope Francis called for peace in Syria, South Sudan, the Central African Republic and Israel.

LANSING, Mich. - In the wake of a controversial state measure passed this month that requires women to purchase an additional insurance rider for abortions, even in cases of incest or rape, Michigan women are mobilizing online and in person. Amanda Lick said she was not particularly active in politics until her outrage over this legislation drove her to social media. That's where Lick started up the "Women for Michigan" Facebook page, which already has attracted thousands of followers and contributed to rallies across the state.

The new pope, named the man of the year by Time magazine, also made an immigration plea, asking that people pray this Christmas that migrants “in search of a dignified life may find acceptance and assistance.”

"We are not going to get the Michigan that we want until we - together, collectively, women and the men that also support us - come together and define what it is that we want this state to look like," Lick declared. Como consecuencia de una meThose rallies featured speakers from the National Organization for dida estatal controvertida el Women Michigan chapter, which is currently contemplating whether to pasado este mes, requiere a las try to collect signatures to force a statewide referendum on the issue. mujeres a adquirir un seguro adicional para los abortos, incluso en Lick said she believes this measure, which was introduced as an inicasos de incesto o violación, las tiative and cannot be vetoed by the governor, has been a wake-up mujeres de Michigan se están movcall for women from all parts of the political spectrum. ilizando en online y en persona. Amanda Lick dijo que ella nunca ha "People all over the state are contacting me and saying, 'We're ready, estado dentro de la política hasta we're ready to make a difference!", and I feel like many women feel que su indignación por esta legislike this has gone too far." lación la llevó a los medios de comunicación social. Ahí es donde In order to advance a referendum, Michigan state law requires acLick puso en marcha "Mujeres por tivists to collect 161,305 signatures within 90 days of the Legislature's la Michigan" página de Facebook, adjournment. que ya ha atraído a miles de seguidores y contribuyó a maniWomen for Michigan Facebook page is at Facebook.  festaciones en todo el estado.

En su primer discurso del día de Navidad, el Papa Francis llamado a Francis is the first pope from Latin America, and his la paz en Siria, Sudán first Christmas address was delivered to a crowd es- del Sur, la República timated at 150,000 people at the Vatican. Centroafricana y de Israel. In his address, Francis called for a sparing of the Syrian people from “further suffering,” and asked for El nuevo Papa, llamado prayer “to enable the parties in conflict to put an end el hombre del año por to all violence and guarantee access to humanitarian la revista Time, también aid.” hizo un llamado de inmigración, pidiendo In South Sudan, where a civil war has reportedly left que la gente rece en thousands dead, Francis called for social harmony, esta Navidad por los inand he called for a “favorable outcome” to peace migrantes "en busca de talks between the Israelis and Palestinians. una vida digna pueden encontrar aceptación y Francis also spoke out against human trafficking and asistencia”. the use of children in war. “Child of Bethlehem, touch the hearts of all those engaged in human trafficking, that they may realize the gravity of this crime against humanity. Look upon the many children who are kidnapped, wounded and killed in armed conflicts, and all those who are robbed of their childhood and forced to become soldiers,” he said.

Murió el líder Sudafricano Nelson Mandela Murió el líder Sudafricano Nelson Mandela, a los 95 años, falleció en su casa de Johannesburgo, al lado de su familia. El anuncio lo hizo el actual presidente Jacob Zuma, quien en un mensaje televisado. El presidente Zuma manifestó:” Nuestros pensamientos están al lado de Mandela. Nuestros pensamientos están con el pueblo sudafricano, que lamente la muerte de esta persona que más que nadie llegó a encarnar el sentido de una nación” En su alocución el presidente de Sudafrica, anunció que debido a haber sido el primer presidente de raza negra de su país, ordenando que  “todas las banderas de la República de Sudáfrica ondeen a media hasta desde mañana”, y  continúen hasta el día después Freedom fighter, prisoner, de su funeral. moral compass and South Africa's symbol of the strugEl presidente Zuma hizo el anuncio al pueblo gle against racial oppressudafricano, vestido totalmente con traje ossion. curo y expresó “Vamos a recordar sus deseos, y los deseos de su familia”. That was Nelson Mandela, who emerged from prison Mandela un luchador incansable contra el after 27 years to lead his racismo, en especial contra el régimen country out of decades of “apartheid”, se vio afectado últimamente de apartheid. una enfermedad durante estos dos últimos años.  En los últimos momentos de su existenHe died on December 5,at cia según su hijo mayor, Makaziwe Mandela, el age 95. líder sudafricano se mantenía fuerte a pesar

Obtenga más experiencia de su experiencia universitaria. Pasantías, estudios en el extranjero, investigaciones con profesores/ estudiantes y más experiencias se incorporan a nuestro fundamento de educación liberal, de modo que usted está bien preparado para su primer trabajo y tiene las habilidades que necesita para tener éxito donde quiera le lleven su carrera y su vida.

de estar en su lecho de muerte,


Avalanche Bay at Boyne Mountain is an 88,000-square-foot water playground, the largest in Michigan. Enjoy five water slides, a lazy river, hot tubs, interactive play structure, wave rider surf pool and climbing wall. Boyne Mountain also offers guests a menu of activities including Michigan’s finest downhill skiing, amazing golf, a pampered retreat at the Solace Spa. Lodging options include hotel rooms, chalets and charming Austrian-themed houses. Avalanche Bay at Boyne Mountain es un parque acuático de 88.000 metros cuadrados, el más grande de Michigan. Disfrute de cinco toboganes, un río lento, , la estructura de los juegos interactivos, jinete de la onda piscina de surf y muro de escalada. Las opciones de alojamiento incluyen habitaciones de hotel, chalets y casas con encanto austriacos temática. Traverse City offers the Great Wolf Lodge, a hotel and four-story water park with 250,000 gallons of fun and eight water slides, five pools, and a giant water fort. Fort McKenzie is an interactive tree house with suspension bridges, soaking spray stations and more. A 1,000-gallon water bucket dumps down at intervals to add to the fun. A three-person toboggan ride winds 336-feet through the water park and there’s a 25-foot rock climbing wall with secure harness equipment. Adults can retreat to Aveda, a fullservice spa. Rustic-themed suites accommodate four to eight guests. Traverse City ofrece el Great Wolf Lodge, un hotel y un parque acuático de cuatro pisos con 250 mil galones de diversión y ocho toboganes acuáticos, cinco piscinas, y un gigante de agua fuerte. Fort McKenzie es una casa interactiva de árboles con puentes colgantes, estaciones de pulverización-spa y mucho más. Northern Michigan also offers an indoor water park at Comfort Suites Lakeside in the resort town of Houghton Lake. This 9,000square foot water park offers water slides, a lazy river, kid’s pool and a hot tub. Boaters can dock nearby and take in a round at one of five golf courses. Northern Michigan también ofrece un parque acuático cubierto en el Comfort Suites Lakeside en la ciudad turística de Houghton Lake. Este parque acuático ofrece toboganes, un río, piscina para niños perezososy mucho más. Located in Rothbury near Muskegon, the Double JJ Resort is home to a 60,000-square foot Gold Rush Indoor Waterpark. Guests can play water basketball, try out the water slide, float down the lazy river and venture into the wave pool or water fort. Take a thrill ride on the white water raft, a choice of tubes and Michigan’s tallest indoor waterslide. There’s an indoor/outdoor family hot tub and one just for adults. Visitors not staying at the ranch can purchase day passes to the water park, which is open weekends for winter months. Call ahead for exact times and dates. Situado en Rothbury cerca de Muskegon, el Double JJ Resort es el hogar de un Indoor Waterpark pie 60.000 cuadrados Gold Rush. Se puede jugar al baloncesto acuático, probar el tobogán de agua, flotar por el río lento y aventurarse en la piscina de olas o al agua fuerte. Tome un emocionante viaje en la balsa de aguas blancas, una selección de tubos y más alto tobogán interior de Michigan. The Bavarian-themed town of Frankenmuth offers two types of water adventures. At the Bavarian Inn Lodge guests can dip into five indoor pools and three whirlpools. One pool features a waterfall and another is just for adults. A special pool is designated for toddlers and there is a two-story children’s play village. Kids and parents can play a round of indoor miniature golf or more than 100 arcade games. The lodge offers dining, 350 rooms and suites, and several packages for families, groups and special occasions. The inn overlooks the Cass River and it’s a short walk to the Bavarian Inn restaurant and Main Street shops. La ciudad de temática bávara de Frankenmuth ofrece muchos tipos de aventuras acuáticas. El hotel tiene vistas al río Cass y es un corto paseo hasta el restaurante bávaro Inn y tiendas de Main Street. Treat your family to an unforgettable weekend at Zehnder's Splash Village Hotel & Waterpark. Zehnder’s Splash Village Hotel & Indoor Waterpark, just one mile from downtown Frankenmuth and next door to Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, offers 30,000 square feet of aquatic adventures. The huge dumping buckets pours out 400 gallons of warm water and there are two, four-story tube slides, a lazy river, toddler area, water geysers and sprays and a hot tub. The 146-room hotel also offers a game arcade, snack bar and dining for breakfast and lunch. Many packages include dinner at Zehnder’s Restaurant on Main Street. Guests may use the free shuttle to dine and shop in downtown Frankenmuth. Trate a su familia a un inolvidable fin de semana en casa de Zehnder Splash Village Hotel & Waterpark. De Zehnder Splash Village Hotel & Indoor Waterpark, sólo una milla del centro de Frankenmuth y al lado de las maravillas de Navidad de Bronner, gratuito de transporte a cenar y hacer compras en el centro de Frankenmuth. Not far from downtown Detroit is the 248-room Best Western Sterling Inn in Sterling Heights. Plunge into the 22,000-square-foot indoor water park that includes a three-story water slide, lazy river and geysers. Kids can enjoy a 2,300 square foot interactive Splash Play Park. The inn also has an indoor running track, basketball court, video game arcade and a fitness center. No muy lejos del centro de Detroit es la de 248 habitaciones de Best Western Sterling Inn en Sterling Heights. Sumérgete en el parque acuático bajo techo de 22,000 pies cuadrados. Splash Universe Water Park Resort, attached to the Holiday Inn & Suites hotel, is the perfect destination for your family's next adventure. Located next to Cabela's, Splash Universe is a 25,000 square foot water park that offers over 100,000 gallons of water park fun. Enjoy the outdoors, indoors year round at Splash Universe Dundee, including an indoor water park featuring water slides, adventure areas, a Ripplin' River and an interactive play structure perfect for kids of all ages. Splash Universe Water Park Resort, al lado del hotel Holiday Inn & Suites, es el destino perfecto para la próxima aventura de su familia. Ofrece más de 100,000 galones de divertido parque acuático. Disfrute del aire libre, durante todo el año en el interior en Splash Universe Dundee, incluyendo un parque acuático cubierto con toboganes, zonas de aventura, un 'River Ripplin y una estructura de juego interactivo perfecto para los niños de todas las edades


The 18,000-square foot Surfari Joe's Indoor Wilderness Water Park in Watervliet, just northeast of Benton Harbor, is open on weekends for splashing good fun. Check ahead before you go for times and dates. The park includes water, body and tube slides, a toddler’s water play area, lazy river and hot tub. There is also a video arcade. Surfari Joe Wilderness en Watervliet, al noreste de Benton Harbor, está abierto los fines de semana para salpicar la buena diversión. El parque incluye agua, y de tubo toboganes, área de juegos acuáticos de un niños pequeños, río lento y bañera de hidromasaje. There are more indoor water park adventures available at the Holiday Inn Express South in Grand Rapids. The Big Dip Indoor Water Park has a 3-story double figure eight water slide, kiddie pool, hot tub, whirlpool and a Jungle Jim. Holiday Inn Express South en Grand Rapids. El parque acuático cubierto de Big Dip tiene 3 pisos de doble figura de ocho tobogán, piscina para niños, bañera de hidromasaje, piscina de hidromasaje y una Jungle Jim.

Soaring Eagle Waterpark & Hotel, located in Mount Pleasant. The hotel has 45,000-square-foot water park and is more than an acre in size. The hotel offers 243 guest rooms, family suites and other accommodations. Soaring Eagle Waterpark & Hotel, que se encuentra en Mount Pleasant. El hotel cuenta con un parque acuático de 45.000 metros cuadrados . El hotel ofrece 243 habitaciones, suites familiares y otros alojamientos. Snow Tubing, Sledding & Tobagganing / Snow Tubing, Trineo y Tobagganing Fly down a hill on a twisting, turning inflated tube. Feel the snow beneath you as you wiz past fellow sledders. Hang on tight to the toboggan’s ropes. The “thrill of the hill” awaits you as you snow tube, sled or toboggan in Michigan. Volar en una colina en una torsión, y gira . Agárrate fuerte a las cuerdas de la pista de trineo. "La emoción de la colina" le espera ya que la nieve del tubo, patín o tobogán en Michigan. Dog Sledding / Trineos Leave it to man's best friend to deliver a winter adventure you will always remember. So bundle up, channel your inner wilderness explorer and get ready to holler "mush" as your adventure begins. Déjelo en el mejor amigo del hombre para ofrecer una aventura de invierno que siempre recordarás. Así que abrigarse, tu explorador interno del canal y prepárate gritar "mush" como comienza su aventura. Snowshoeing / Raquetas de nieve Set out for new adventures. Take the trail less traveled. Snowshoeing is an ancient mode of exploration that stirs the senses and the soul. Hear the crunch of packed snow under your snowshoes as it pierces the winter silence. Michigan snowshoeing will quench your winter wanderlust. Tomar el camino que menos transitado. Raquetas de nieve es un antiguo modo de exploración que despierta los sentidos y el alma. Oír el crujido de nieve empacado bajo sus raquetas como si atraviesa el silencio del invierno. Michigan raquetas saciará tu espiritu viajero de invierno. Fishing/Pezca Ice fishing in Michigan is a time-honored sport, providing a traditional winter experience. Ice fishing can be a solitary sport or a chance to win bragging rights among family and friends. So rest on your pail or sit in a shanty and experience Pure Michigan ice fishing. Pesca en el hielo en Michigan es un deporte ancestral, proporcionando una experiencia tradicional de invierno. Pesca en el hielo puede ser un deporte solitario o una oportunidad de ganar los derechos de fanfarronear entre familiares y amigos. Ice Climbing / Escala en Hielo Ice climbing is gaining enthusiasts as it combines winter’s natural beauty, challenge and adventure. Swing an axe into the ice and climb nature’s ladder. Whether ascending a low incline or attacking behemoth vertical ice, test your mettle as you ice climb the frozen wonders of Michigan. Escalada en hielo está ganando a los entusiastas que combina la belleza natural de invierno, desafío y la aventura. Swing un hacha en el hielo y subir por la escalera de la naturaleza. Cross Country Ski Trails / Pistas a Campo Traviesa For a quieter journey, cross country skiers can glide along over 3,000 miles of trails through Michigan's state parks and forests. Ski beside lakes, across meadows and enjoy the many rest stops along the way.. Para un viaje más tranquilo, los esquiadores de campo traviesa pueden deslizarse a lo largo de más de 3.000 kilómetros de senderos a través de bosques y parques del estado de Michigan. Esquiar al lado de lagos, a través de prados y disfrutar de las muchas paradas de descanso en el camino... Snowboarding Snowboarding is one of the hottest winter sports on the snow scene today. Not just for kids, snowboarding offers everyone a chance to become “one with the board.” From steep runs and 30-foot cliff drops to beginner parks with small jumps and rails, you’ll experience an adrenalin rush like no other. Snowboard es uno de los deportes de invierno más populares en la escena de nieve. Desde pistas empinadas y gotas de acantilado de 30 pies para parques de principiante con pequeños saltos y rieles, usted experimentará una subida de adrenalina como ningún otro. THE COMMUNITY VOICE LA VOZ / JANUARY 2014 13

Hello, My name is Rolondo Nino, and I’m a member of L.A.S.S.O, which is located at the West Shoreline Correctional Facility. My story is to the point but nothing short of struggles, and challenges, which has helped to shape and mold me into the man I am today. I grew up in a single parent and family home. I was without the help and guidance a Father. I am one of three children, while growing up I was sexually, physically, and verbally abused. I never believed that I was good enough, and was turned down on a daily basis. I was always looking for approval, but in a negative way. I wanted attention, and didn’t really know how to get it. I always felt like I had something to prove to people and those who were close to me. So, what do I do?I looked to the gangs in the area, and quickly found my self traveling down a destructive path. I was committing crimes at the age of nine (9), and ignored the ones that love me the most. I had a child at a young age and didn’t know how to be a father to my daughter. I found my self married and then divorced after constant neglect of my wife and child. I then entered the prison system. A place that I thought I’d never be. I soon realized that we all pay a price for our actions whether that be good, or bad, and that even though my life was not a sweet fairy tale, I am responsible for my self, and the decisions I made. Then the time came when I had to face my demons and look deep within myself, and evaluate who I was and what kind of person I wanted to become. If only I had listened to my Mother, my Aunt, and mentors I truly believe I would be telling a different story. I know now that life is what we make it, and being part of (L.A.S.S.O.) has brought me back to the basics of living life. We learn about God, Love and Unity all while displaying this to one another. This world is made up of all different types of people, which is just one of the things that makes this organization so unique. Here at (L.A.S.S.O.) we experience that uniqueness through love, and the word of God. It has motivated me to want to be a good man, father, son, and brother to my loved ones as well as those around me. I know that life will be challenging at times, but now I look at challenges differently thanks to (L.A.S.S.O.). I know now that challenges build character, and character builds personality. I have put on a new personally, and have overcome, and I owe it all to God, and my experiences here at (L.A.S.S.O.) is about changing the lives of others, and finding ways to be successful while living by Gods standards. I can say with honor that “In faith, trust, and loyalty in God I pledge and I will make a difference in my own life and those around me, while promoting the positives aspects of ethnic and cultural characteristics of all my Latin Brother and Sisters”.

¿Podrá ser un gran año el 2014? Continuación del artículo en español de la pág. 3

Leer artículos y ver informes de noticias sobre los grandes acontecimientos del año pasado pueden ser un poco deprimidos. Fuimos testigos de fenómenos climáticos terribles que dejaron el planeta y nuestro país devastados por los efectos de un clima cambiante. Hemos sido testigos de los estragos de las súpertormentas, huracanes masivos, tifones, inundaciones, deslizamientos de tierra e incendios furiosas. Millones de personas en el planeta se quedaron sin hogar y miles perecieron como catástrofe tras catástrofe como revelaron noticias en las salas de redacción de todo el país.

Por Dr. José A. Flores

Sigue existiendo un esfuerzo generalizado por los activistas en los Estados Unidos para crear un enfoque en una agenda nacional que aborde la reconstrucción de nuestra economía y proporciona el 99 % de los estadounidenses un salario más justo, una perspectiva de una mayor igualdad y la eliminación de barreras para el éxito, por razón de raza, sexo, religión u orientación sexual. Hemos empujado el péndulo más al centro en materia de igualdad durante el 2013, pero aún queda mucho por hacer en la promoción de nuestro objetivo de crear un mundo más " justa " y la eliminación de toda forma de discriminación en Estados Unidos. ¡El progreso es posible!

Al reflexionar sobre el año 2013, pensamos en las posibilidades que existen para la superación de nuestra nación y de nuestro impacto en el mundo, vamos a centrarnos en ser creativos con nuestras estrategias para impactar nuestra agenda nacional. Vamos a continuar a empujar hacia la meta de la paz mundial. Vamos a impulsar un Congreso de EE.UU. que centra sus esfuerzos en poner los estadounidenses a trabajar y de esta manera reducir el desempleo mediante la creación de puestos de trabajo. Vamos a centrarnos en la reconstrucción de nuestra economía a través de la reinversión, ahora que la industria automotriz, la industria de la banca y la industria de seguros parecen haberse recuperado después de los rescates financieros les dimos. Debemos sentirnos orgullosos de nuestros esfuerzos para avanzar hacia un mundo más pacífico que seguir la trayectoria de vuelo de los " halcones guerreros " la partici- ¡Las pequeñas empresas y los propietarios estadounidenses necesitan las instituciones de crédito para invertir en la recuperación mediante el aumento de los préstapación en los conflictos que cuestan vidas de estadounidenses y dinero para financiar guerras innecesarias. Debemos seguir buscando soluciones a los conflictos del mos! ¡Un esfuerzo concertado ya está vencido! mundo a través de la diplomacia y el compromiso, siempre que sea posible, al mismo tiempo que nos centramos en la reconstrucción de la economía y la infraestructura de Nuestra seguridad nacional depende de una nación en la que todos los estadounidenses tengan la misma oportunidad de ser empleados y contribuyentes pronuestra nación con el objetivo de pleno empleo de nuestra ciudadanía. ¡Los estaductivos a nuestro país. Estaremos bien servidos por un Congreso de los EE.UU. que dounidenses merecen un mejor nivel de vida en esta década! ¡Muchos de nosotros estamos hartos de un Congreso disfuncional y la falta de diplomacia eficaz para man- ofrece a las comunidades de inmigrantes recién llegados un camino a la ciudadanía y la oportunidad de trabajar legalmente en Estados Unidos con las familias que pertenernos fuera de costosas guerras! manecen juntos! Debemos continuar presionando por una política migratoria justa en los EE.UU. en 2014. ¡Debemos permanecer activos y llenos de esperanza de que el China, Siria, Corea, Irán deben ser los conflictos en que se utilizan con eficacia las estrategias políticas y económicas de nuestro país para frenar el compromiso de las cambio en Estados Unidos esté llegando en el 2014! tropas estadounidenses. La mayoría de nosotros queremos ver a nuestras tropas ¡Feliz Año Nuevo y Adelante! volver a casa desde Afganistán y evitar la implementación en otros puntos del continente de África o en otros lugares. Al mismo tiempo, hemos sido testigos los líderes al nivel mundial y nacional debatir las perspectivas de lograr la paz en los sectores más desgarrados del mundo y algunas ofertas fueron forjadas por las estrategias cambiadas de hablar con nuestros enemigos a través de la diplomacia directa. La congelación de la carrera armamentista nuclear de Irán nos da una luz de esperanza, al menos por los próximos seis meses de 2014. ¡Vamos a orar por la paz en el Medio Oriente!


North American International Auto Show - 25 years strong and growing DETROIT, Dec. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- As the North American International Auto Show 2014 (NAIAS) celebrates 25 years of bringing the best of the auto industry to the world stage in Detroit, it does so in a transformed Cobo Center, a world-class venue fitting for a world-class show. It all starts with the Press Preview on Jan. 13, and runs through the Public Show, concluding on Jan. 26. "After 25 years as one of the premier, global auto shows, the NAIAS continues to amaze," said Bob Shuman, chairman, NAIAS 2014. "In fact, if it's possible to top last year's spectacular show, considered by many as the 'best show – ever,' we are confident that we will do it this year with fantastic product unveilings, an automotive technology showcase, an improved venue, and Detroit hospitality." Some 50 global vehicle unveilings are expected to be made on Detroit's world stage, according to Shuman.

North American International Auto Show 2014 (NAIAS) celebra 25 años de traer lo mejor de la industria automotriz a la escena mundial en Detroit, se realiza en el Centro Cobo. Comienza con un previo para la prensa el 13 de enero, y se extiende para el público, concluyendo el 26 de enero.

Also this year, journalists and visitors to NAIAS will enjoy activities in Cobo Center's new Atrium, the focal point of the facility that now features spectacular views of one of the area's greatest natural resources – the Detroit River. Additionally, the Grand Riverview Ballroom, formerly Cobo Arena, adds a magnificent and enormous space for meetings, conventions and vehicle unveilings. Add to that renovated meeting rooms, new networking space and infrastructure improvements, and Detroit's Cobo Center stands among the list of some of the world's finest event venues.

Se espera que unos 50 inauguraciones globales de vehículos a realizar en el escenario mundial de Detroit,

"The changes to Cobo are not all that's new," said Shuman. "Several manufacturers will be debuting allnew exhibits at this year's show. Attendees during the Press Preview, Industry Preview, Charity Preview and Public Show will be amazed at the changes inside and out. It's truly fitting for our 25th Anniversary celebration."

NAIAS incluyes fabricantes como: Acura, AMG, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Equus Automotive, Fiat, Ford Division, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Nissan, Porsche, Ram, Scion, Smart, SRT, Subaru, Tesla, Toyota, VL Automotive , Volkswagen, and Volvo.

NAIAS exhibiting manufacturers include: Acura, AMG, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Equus Automotive, Fiat, Ford Division, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Nissan, Porsche, Ram, Scion, Smart, SRT, Subaru, Tesla, Toyota, VL Automotive , Volkswagen, and Volvo.

Sé parte de un futuro más brillante Be part of a brighter future

Infórmate más acerca de las escuelas de elección, mientras disfrutas de una cena gratis, regalos, música y juegos para los niños.



El 30 de Enero desde las 4 a 7 PM Gerald R. Ford Academic Center 851 Madison Ave. SE, Grand Ra pids Rapids Januar ryy 300 | 4-7pm Gerald R. Ford Academic Center January



ás de ate m l cción, Infórm s de ele as de cuela las es tras disfrut IS, n i mie GRAT

Learn more about School Choice while enjoying free dinner, giveaways, music and kids games.








Tom Detzler brought these bikes

1986 El Camino Filpe Pesina O.C., Lansing, MI 2

Capital City Call Out 09-15-2013 II

1962 Lincoln Artrageous I

Lacey Shields,Holly Peck, Kristin King,& Jessica Shanghressy Motor Super-Charged Energy Drink sponsorsII

D.J. Capital City Call Out II

Presenting The Capitol City Call Out Car, Truck, & Bike Show! The Capitol City Call Out Car, Truck, and Bike Show was held on September 15th, 2013, at the Summit Sports & Ice Complex in Lansing, MI, located at 9410 Davis Hwy. Members from various clubs came out to support this event. We saw members from Outta Control & Westside car clubs from Ohio. They were getting the cars ready for judging and hopping. DJ “Siz 1� was spinning the tunes & the Dai Motor Energy Girls were giving out free samples to spectators. The event was a great success! Congratulations! We would like to thank Daimon Jordan & his crew for inviting La Voz Magazine to cover this event! Somos pocos pero locos en lowriding! Having a car event? Contact Homer (616)893-3906 Email:

New Age Kustoms Car Club with Air Jordan at the scene

60's Chevy Impala ready to hop!


January Events Eventos en Enero Grand Rapids Christmas and Holiday Traditions Around the World 01/01/14 – 01/05/14 –Times: Times vary, see website. Venue: Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. Phone: 616-957-1580. Admission: Adult 14–64: $12, Senior 65 & older: $9, Students with ID: $9, Children 5–13: $6, Children 3–4: $4, Children 2 & younger: Free. Navidad, Días Festivos yTradiciones Alrededor del Mundo. Horarios: Los horarios varían, consulte el sitio web. Lugar: Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. Teléfono: 616-957-1580. Entrada: adultos 14 a 64: $ 12, mayores de 65 y mayores: $ 9, estudiantes con ID: $ 9, niños 5-13: $ 6, niños 3-4: $ 4, niños de 2 o menos: Gratis. Horario: Jueves 19:30. Lugar: St. Cecilia Music Center. Teléfono: 616-459-2224. Entrada: $ 20 adultos / $ 10 estudiantes.

Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids Presents: "The Milliner". 01/08/14 - 01/19/2014- Times: Please Check Website for ShowTimes. Venue: Spectrum Theatre. Phone: 616234-3595. Admission: General Admission: $20 Senior Citizens: $18 Student Tickets (All Performances): $5 with ID Final Dress Rehearsal (Call for Details): $5. Horario: Consulte el sitio web. Lugar: Spectrum TheaMathias J. Alten, American Impressionist tre. Teléfono: 616-234-3595. Entrada: General: $ 20 Ju01/03/14 – Times: Friday, Saturday 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. bilados: $ 18 boletos estudiantiles (Todos los Venue: George and Barbara Gordon Gallery, Grand Va- espectáculos): $ 5 con ID final Dress Rehearsal (Llame lley State University. Phone: 616-331-2563. Admis- para detalles): $ 5. sion:Free. Horario: Viernes, Sábado 1:00-5:00. Lugar: Galería Ge- Circle on the Side: The Lyons orge y Barbara Gordon, Grand Valley State University. 01/16/14 - 01/25/2014- Times: Thursday - Saturday Teléfono: 616-331-2563. Entrada: Gratuita. 7:30pm. Venue: Aquinas Colleg. Phone: / artgallery 6656.Admission: $15-$17. Horarios: Jueves - Sábado 7:30. Lugar: Grand Rapids Antiques Aquino College. Teléfono: 616-456-6656.AdMarket. mission: $ 15 - $ 17. 01/04/14 - 01/05/2014– Times: Saturday 9:00 AM to The Hit Men 7:00 PM, Sunday 10:00 AM 01/24/14 Times: Friday 7:30 PM. Venue: Van to 4:00 PM. Venue: DeVos Singel Fine Arts Center. Phone: 616-878Place. Phone: 847-5796800. Admission: $42.50. 9079. Admission:10.00. www.grandrapidsantiquesHorario: Viernes 7:30. Lugar: Van Singel tro de Bellas Artes. Teléfono: 616-878-6800. Horario: Sábados de 9:00 Admisión: $ 42.50. am a 7:00 pm, domingos de 10:00 AM a 4:00 PM. Lugar: Nuclear Cowboyz DeVos Place. Teléfono: 84701/24/14- 01/25/2014 Times: Friday & Satur579-9079. Admisión: 10.00. day 7:30 PM. Venue: Van Andel Arena. Phone: 616-742-6600. Admission: $17.50 - $87.50 Horario: Viernes y sábado 7:30. Lugar: Van Andel Arena. Knockout Promotions Presents: New Revolution Teléfono: 616-742-6600. Admisión: $ 17.50 - $ 87.50 Live MMA 01/04/14 – Times: Saturday 6:00 PM. Venue: The Del- Ethnic Heritage Festival taPlex Arena and Conference Center. Phone: 616-364- 01/24/14 Times: Saturday 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Venue: 9000. Admission: $25-$320. Grand Rapids Public Museum. Phone: 616-456-3977. The event features a variety of organizations, perforsents-new-revolution-live-mma-2/ mances, beer tastings and presentations. The Museum Horario: Sábado 6:00. Lugar:The DeltaPlex Arena and Café will feature ethnic food selections. There will be a Conference Center. Teléfono: 616-364-9000. Entrada: $ special International Beer Tasting from 1 to 4 p.m. in the 25 - $ 320. Overlook Room on the Museum’s third floor. motions-presents-new-revolution-live-mma-2/ Horario: sábado de 10:00 AM a 3:00 PM. Lugar: Grand Bridal Show at the GRAM Rapids Public Museum. Teléfono: 616-456-397. Habrá 01/06/14 Times: Monday 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. una degustación de cerveza internacional especial de 1 Venue:.Grand Rapids Art Museum. Phone: 616-532- a 4 pm en la Sala Mirador en el tercer piso del Museo. 8833. Admission: Tickets available at the door. The Harlem Globetrotters Horario: Lunes 5:00-9:00. Lugar:. Museo de Arte de 01/26/14 Times: Sunday 2:00PM. Venue: Van Andel Grand Rapids. Teléfono: 616-532-8833. Admisión: En- Arena. Phone: 616-742-6600. Admission: $21 - $95. tradas a la venta en la puerta. Horario: Domingo 2:00. Lugar: Van Andel Arena. Telé fono: 616-742-6600. Entrada: $ 21 - $ 95. 2014/Overview.aspx NHL Winter Classic Fresh Folk II 1/1/2014 - Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Football 01/09/14 Times: Thursday 7:30 PM. Venue: St. Cecilia Stadium- Hockeytown and The Big House will come toMusic Center. Phone: 616-459-2224. Admission: $20 gether this winter for what is expected to be a historic Adults / $10 Students. The second concert in the series holiday extravaganza of hockey culminating with the is a “Round Robin” concert with six singer songwriters in- 2014 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic on New Year’s cluding Drew Nelson, Jimmie Stagger, Mark Sala, Jen Day. Sygit, Josh Rose and May Erlewine. Each artist will have Estadio de Futbol de La Universidad de University of Mitheir time at storytelling and singing original music. chigan-Hockeytown y The Big House se reunirán este


invierno por lo que se espera que sea un gran espectáculo histórico, hockey culminando con el 2014 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic el día de Año Nuevo. International Motorcycle Show 01/03/14 – 01/05/14 – Novi, Suburban Collection Showplace. International Motorcycle Show – the largest motorcycle show series in the world – features hundreds of new bikes, scooters and entertainment for the entire family. Admission fee. For more information call (800) 3315706. La serie más grande demostración de la motocicleta en el mundo - con cientos de nuevas motos, scooters y entretenimiento para toda la familia. Precio de la entrada. Para más información llame al (800) 331-5706.

Colin Stetson – Concert 01/15/14 – 01/16/14 – Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Arthur Miller Theatre. Ann Arbor native Colin Stetson returns home to make his University Musical Society (UMS) debut performance, January 15-16, 2014, in Arthur Miller Theatr.For concert information, visit the website link or call (734) 764-2538. Ann Arbor nativa Colin Stetson regresa a su casa para hacer su Sociedad Musical Universitaria (UMS) debut, 15-16, en la información del concierto Arthur Miller Theatr.For, visite el sitio web de enlace o llame al (734) 764Michigan Monster Energy Winter Cup Series at Crys- 2538. tal Mountain 01/04/14 – Crystal Mountain, Boyne Mountain, and Kalamazoo Reptile & Exotic Animal Show Shanty Creek are the place for snowboarding/freeski 01/18/14 – Kalamazoo County Expo Center & Faircompetitions and after-party events this winter. Series ground. Buy, sell, or trade a variety of reptiles, amphibegins Saturday, January 4 at Crystal Mountain (Thomp- bians, small mammals and other exotic pets. Admission sonville), and continues February 8 at Boyne Mountain for adults is $4, children $2, children under six are free, (Boyne Falls), and the championship finale March 8 at Family Max – $15. Hours are 10am-3pm in Room A. Shanty Creek Resorts (Bellaire). For more event infor- Kalamazoo County Expo Center y del parque de atracmation, please visit the web link or call AGA Nation at ciones. La entrada para adultos es de $ 4, niños $ 2, los niños menores de seis años son gratis, Familia Max - $ (248) 660-2215. Crystal Mountain, Boyne Mountain y Shanty Creek son 15. El horario es de 10 a.m.-3 p.m. en la Sala A el lugar para las competiciones de snowboard / freeski eventos. Series comienza Sábado, 04 de enero en Crys- North American International Auto Show 2014 tal Mountain (Thompsonville), y continúa hasta el 8 de 01/18/14 – 01/26/14-Detroit, Cobo Center febrero, y final del campeonato 8 de marzo en Shanty Now in its 26th year as an international event, the NAIAS Creek Resorts (Bellaire). Para más información del is among the most prestigious auto shows in the world, evento, por favor visite el enlace de Internet o llamar al providing unparalleled access to the automotive products, people and ideas that matter most – up close and AGA Nación al (248) 660 a 2215. in one place. 26 º año como un evento internacional, el NAIAS es uno Make/Do: Contemporary Artists Exhibit 01/09/14 – 02/14/14 – Kalamazoo, Richmond Center for de los más prestigiosos salones del automóvil en el Visual Arts. All events are free and open to the public. mundo, proporcionando un acceso sin precedentes a Gallery hours are M-Th 10am-6pm, F 10am-9pm, Sat. los productos de automoción, personas e ideas que más importan - de cerca y en un solo lugar. 12 pm-6pm, closed Sunday. Todos los eventos son gratuitos y abiertos al público. Horario de la galería lunes-Jueves 10am a 6pm, viernes Snowfest 2014 10 a.m.-9 p.m., Sab.24:00-18:00, cerrado los domingos. 01/22/14 – 01/27/14 – Frankenmuth, Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth. Zehnder’s Snowfest has been host to one of the top snow sculpting events in North America for the Plymouth Winter Fest 01/10/14 – 01/12/14 – Downtown Plymouth Formerly past 22 years. In addition, Zehnder’s Snowfest will have known as the Plymouth Ice Festival, the Plymouth Win- entertainment for the entire family in the warming tent, a ter Fest will take place over three days and include ice fireworks display, petting zoo and children’s activities. carving competitions, food booths, and entertainment. Plan now to attend Zehnder’s Snowfest 2014. Admission to the festival is free. Ice sculptures availa- Snowfest de Zehnder ha sido sede de uno de los mejores eventos de escultura de nieve en América del Norte ble for viewing 24-hours a day (weather permitting). El Plymouth Winter Fest se llevará a cabo durante tres durante los últimos 22 años. Además, Snowfest de días e incluyen concursos de tallado de hielo, puestos Zehnder tendrá entretenimiento para toda la familia en de comida y entretenimiento. La entrada al festival es la carpa de calentamiento, un espectáculo de fuegos argratuita. Esculturas de hielo disponibles para ver las 24 tificiales, zoológico y actividades infantiles. Planifique ahora para asistir de Zehnder Snowfest 2014 horas del día (si el tiempo lo permite) Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam 01/11/14 – Detroit Monster Jam will feature 18 Monster Jam trucks, including the legendary Grave Digger® driven by Chad Tingler, Max-DSM (Maximum Destruction), driven by Morgan Kane, Northern NightmareSM driven by Cam McQueen and El Toro Loco® (Yellow) driven by Becky McDonough. For information call (800) 745-3000. Monster Jam Detroit contará con 18 camiones Monster Jam, incluyendo el legendario Grave Digger ® impulsada por Chad Tingler, Max-DSM (Maximum Destruction), impulsado por Morgan Kane, Northern NightmareSM impulsado por Cam McQueen y El Toro Loco ® (amarillo), impulsados por Becky McDonough. Para información llame al (800) 745-3000.

Sesame Street Live 01/23/14 – 02/17/14 – Detroit, Fox Theatre. Join the chorus of ‘Can’t Stop Singing’ for this toe tapping, finger snapping musical event! All you need is a song when Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Murray and all of your favorite Sesame Street friends bring the magic of music to life on stages big and small – and right into the audience! For event times and additional information call (800) 7453000. Todo lo que necesitas es una canción cuando Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Murray y todos sus amigos favoritos de Sesame Street llevar la magia de la música a la vida en los escenarios grandes y pequeños - y justo en la audiencia! Para los tiempos de eventos y más información llame al (800) 745-3000.

LOS CAMPESINOS! IN CHICAGO January 25, 2014 Saturday 8:00 PM $ 22.50 METRO 3730 North Clark Street Chicago, Illinois 60613

JUANCHO HERRERA - WORLD MUSIC WEDNESDAY IN CHICAGO January 29, 2014 Wednesday 8:00 PM Cost: FREE! ($10 suggested donation) Gary and Laura Maurer Concert Hall 4544 North Lincoln Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60625

SAUL HERNANDEZ IN CHICAGO February 28, 2014 Friday 6:30 PM House of Blues - Chicago 329 North Dearborn Chicago, Illinois 60654

NU BAMBU WITH LA REPUBLICA IN CHICAGO January 25, 2014 Saturday 9:30 PM Cost $ Cost: 7.50 Hard Rock Cafe Chicago 63 W Ontario Chicago, Illinois 60610

GEORGE LOPEZ January 25, 2014 8:00 PM Adult: $27.00 - $69.00 Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort Mt. Pleasant, Mi.

For more information visit / Para m谩s informaci贸n visita


A full year after her death, and in the throes of multiple specials, concerts and homages surrounding her death, Jenni Rivera once more tops the Billboard charts with "1969 - Siempre: En Vivo Desde Monterrey: Parte 1," on Fonovisa. The live album debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart, moving 24,000 copies. But the power of Jenni is undisputable. She outsold stalwarts like Alejandro Fernandez, whose "Confidencias" had the third sales week of the year (21,000 copies) and Prince Royce with 19,000. As always, Rivera’s strength lies more in total album sales than in track activity. Her single “Dos Botellas de Mezcal” is at No. 18 on the Regional Mexican Airplay list487.554, while the track entered the Latin digital songs chart at 38 this week. But another Rivera album, "La Misma Gran Señora," shot back up on Billboard’s Top Latin the Albums chart, going 21-10 last week December. And while Rivera is the banda diva at the top another, noteworthy banda release from a female act arrived from Ana Bárbara. Her independent release, "Yo Soy La Mujer," came in at No. 28 on the Top Latin Albums chart. Un año después de su muerte, y en medio de múltiples, conciertos y homenajes que rodearon su muerte, Jenni Rivera, una vez más encabeza las listas de Billboard con "1969 - Siempre: En Vivo Desde Monterrey: Parte 1", en Fonovisa. El álbum en vivo debutó en el No. 1 en las listas Top Latin Albums de Billboard, pasando de 24.000 copias. Pero el poder de Jenni es indiscutible. Ella vendió más incondicionales como Alejandro Fernández, cuyo "Confidencias" tuvo la tercera semana de ventas del año (21,000 copias) y Prince Royce con 19,000. Como siempre, la fuerza de Rivera se encuentra más en las ventas totales de discos que en la actividad de pista. Su single "Dos Botellas de Mezcal" es en el N º 18 en la lista Regional Mexican Airplay, mientras que la pista entró en las listas de canciones digitales América a los 38 la última semana de Diciembre.

Revelan Causas del Accidente Aéreo de Jenni Rivera Negligencia del propietario y edad son algunas de las razones que podría haber tomado la vida de Jenni Rivera.


Después del gran éxito de su disco MTV UNPLUGGED, que ganó dos Latin Grammys (incluyendo álbum del Año) y 1 Grammy, además de convertirse en uno de los discos latinos más vendidos en todo el mundo, superando más de medio Estos factores incluyen la edad del Learjet 1969, la millón de unidades a nivel internacional y edad del piloto, y la negligencia del propietario con el que realizó una gira de 120 para reportar problemas con el funcionamiento del conciertos en 26 países, el cantante, avión. compositor y guitarrista Colombiano JUANES, presentó el pasado mes de DiDebido al “alto nivel de destrucción de la aeronciembre LA LUZ, primer sencillo de su ave”, los investigadores no pudieron encontrar nuevo álbum. una sola causa del accidente. "La Luz" fue escrita por JUANES, Sin embargo, la Administración General de grabada en vivo en Hensen Studios (Los Aviación Civil esta segura que ni el clima, ni un Ángeles, California) con la colaboración incendio o explosión en el avión fueron factores en el accidente. del músico y productor mexicano Emmanuel "Meme" del Real (Café Tacvba), Abe Laboriel y Brian Ray (Paul McCartney), entre otros y producida por el productor e ingeniero de Just days before the anniversary of Jenni Rivera’s tragic death, we have new information sonido Inglés Steve Lillywhite (U2, The Killers y The Rolling Stones entre muchos otros). surrounding the plane crash which took her life. El video, grabado en la ciudad de Cartagena, Colombia, será estrenado próximamente. En According to a report issued by Mexico’s General Civil Aviation Administration (DGAC), the estos momentos Juanes se encuentra terminando los últimos detalles de su nuevo álbum age of the 1969 Learjet plane, the age of the pilots, and owner negligence in reporting que será lanzado en el 2014. problems with the plane’s operation are all factors that contributed to the crash. Colombian star Juanes released the first single off his upcoming sixth solo studio album, The report details what factors put the flight at risk, pointing to “an aircraft that was more due in 2014. "La Luz" (The Light), an uptempo track with Colombian rhythms, was penned than 43 years old, operated by pilots in the extremes of the span of life, one who was 78 by Juanes and produced by Steve Lillywhite (The Killers, U2). years old and the other who was 21 years old.” Juanes Q&A: The Colombian Superstar Talks Upcoming Tour, Memoir Reaction & 'DWTS' The report also reveals that the plane owner, charter company Starwood Enterprises of Las Showcase Juanes recorded it in Los Angeles with Emmanuel "Meme" del Real, of Mexican Vegas, failed to make notes in the log about failures detected by the crew. rock band Café Tacuba. A video, filmed in the historic resort city of Cartagena, will be released soon. Según un reporte publicado por la Administración General de Aviación Civil de México, el accidente aéreo que causó la muerte de la Diva de la Banda fue el resultado de una “serie de factores”.

LIVE CONCERT TO PREMIERE ON HBO LATINO AND HBO LATIN AMERICA SPRING 2014 Fresh off of receiving his Kennedy Center Honors Award last december, Carlos Santana took the stage with his band SANTANA on Saturday, December 14th for a once-in-a-lifetime concert event performing to a sold out house at Arena VFG in Guadalajara, Mexico. SANTANA was joined by some of Latin’s music biggest and brightest stars including ChocQuibTown, Lila Downs, Gloria Estefan, Juanes, Miguel, Fher Olvera of Maná, Niña Pastori, Samuel Rosa of Skank, Romeo Santos, Soledad and Diego Torres, performing songs from his forthcoming studio album CORAZÓN, to be released in spring 2014. The live concert will be released on DVD next year and will premiere on HBO Latino and HBO Latin America in spring 2014. A few days prior to the concert, Carlos filmed interviews for the forthcoming documentary entitled “Live It To Believe It,” on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico. Carlos was joined in Nayarit by ChocQuibTown, Lila Downs, Juanes, Niña Pastori, Fher Olvera of Maná, Samuel Rosa of Skank, Salvador Santana, Soledad, and Cindy Blackman Santana, who were interviewed in various locations throughout the Nayarit Riviera. The documentary will be included in the DVD release of the show set for release in spring 2014 and will also be featured as part of the HBO special in spring 2014. Carlos Santana acaba de recibir su premio Kennedy Center Honors en pasado mes de diciembre, subió al escenario con su banda Santana el sábado 14 de diciembre para un concierto que solo se vive una vez en tu vida, en la Arena VFG , en Guadalajara, México . SANTANA estuvo acompañado por algunos de los más grandes de la música de América y de las estrellas más brillantes , incluyendo ChocQuibTown , Lila Downs , Gloria Estefan , Juanes, Miguel , Fher Olvera de Maná, Niña Pastori , Samuel Rosa de Skank , Romeo Santos, Soledad y Diego Torres, interpretando canciones de su próximo álbum de estudio CORAZÓN , que se lanzará en la primavera de 2014 . El concierto en vivo será lanzado en DVD el próximo año y se estrenará en HBO Latino y HBO Latin América en la primavera de 2014 .


FURIOUS BEAUTY: A HIP HOP FAMILY LOS ANGELES, CA FURIOUS BEAUTY: A HIP HOP FAMILY is a documentary detailing the influence of Los Angeles dance troupe Versa-Style and its founders Jackie “Miss Funk” Lopez and Leigh “Breeze-Lee” Foaad who inspire their underprivileged students to find value in their own lives by elevating hip hop dance into theatrical performances. An official selection of the Downtown Independent Film Festival, FURIOUS BEAUTY follows the troupe as they gear up for a big

show and is available DVD and Video On Demand (VOD) platforms (including Hulu and Amazon Instant) . In a few years, Versa-Style, a dance program born from the streets, has developed an award-winning troupe that serves as a surrogate family, helping innercity, high-risk youth to achieve goals beyond their dreams. The program’s founders, Lopez and Foaad, specifically aim to instill a socio-cultural understanding of and appreciation for the dance styles that define this generation. With this educational sentiment at the heart of each performance, Versa-Style tours LA area schools, competes, and has been invited to travel as cultural ambassadors to Israel and India to share their brand of infectious dance. The program, which serves lower income youth, has helped several students earn acceptance to academically demanding colleges such as UCLA. Several students are currently working towards becoming dance educators themselves. Director Calvin Leung was a Yale graduate with a biology degree who found a second calling in dance that led him to connect with Lopez and Foaad at a dance competition. He found the troupe’s sense of family appeal—a group of men and women, bound by a shared passion and united in their desire to rise above their circumstances. His film demonstrates how finding one’s community can make all the difference in a life. SYNOPSIS: The soulful journey of a professional street dance company, Versa-Style, as it creates an inspired theatrical stage show in Los Angeles. Led by Jackie “Miss Funk” Lopez, a single Latina mother, and her partner Leigh “Breeze-Lee” Foaad, they pull together a dance company with young people from the street scene and the yards of Los Angeles’ public schools, infusing in them a sense of discipline and commitment. A community develops where people of all races and creeds are able to express themselves, turning their fears and desperation into performance art. More than a dance troupe, Versa-Style becomes a family and serves to upend prejudice about the hip hop lifestyle. TRAILER: (Preview) | | El viaje sentimental de una compañía de danza de calle profesional, Versa-estilo, crea un inspirado espectáculo teatral en Los Angeles. Liderados por Jackie "Miss Funk" López, una madre soltera Latina, y su pareja Leigh "Breeze-Lee" Foaad, tiran juntos una compañía de danza con jóvenes de la escena de la calle y los patios de las escuelas públicas de Los Ángeles, infundiendo en ellos un sentido de la disciplina y el compromiso. Una comunidad se desarrolla donde personas de todas las razas y credos son capaces de expresarse, convirtiendo sus miedos y desesperación en el arte del performance. Más que una compañía de danza, Versa-Style se convierte en una familia y sirve para poner de cabeza los prejuicios sobre el estilo de vida hip hop. DVD y Video On Demand (VOD) platforms (incluyendo Hulu and Amazon Instant), estan dispinibles. Visita TRAILER: (Preview) | |




Opening January 3

and the strength of the human spirit. Cuenta la historia de Alcmena, la madre de Hércules, que se queda embarazada de Zeus cuando su marido Anfitrión no está por casa. De esta unión, y de la del propio Anfitrión que llega en el momento justo de mejorar las cosas, nacerán dos vástagos… IfiOpen Grave focuses on a man who wakes up in a pit of dead cles, hijo directo de Anfitrión, y Hércules, hijo de Zeus. bodies with no memory of who he is or how he got there. Fleeing the scene, he breaks into a nearby house and is met at gunpoint by a group of terrified strangers, all suffering from memory loss. Suspicion gives way to violence as the group When journalist Anne Roland goes looking for a missing starts to piece together clues about their identities, but when friend, she uncovers the U.S. government's most terrifying they uncover a threat that's more vicious -- and hungry -- than secret. each other, they are forced to figure out what brought them In 1963, the U.S. government began experimenting on unall together -- before it's too late. Rated: R. suspecting Americans with chemical agents intended to in'Open Grave' es un thriller de suspense que cuenta la historia duce mind control. The programme was named de un hombre que se despierta inesperadamente en una ‘MK-ULTRA’ and the results were horrifying… When her tumba repleta de cadáveres en estado de descomposición. El best friend James Hirsch goes missing, Internet journalist protagonista, desconcertado, intenta entender qué ha podido Anne Roland decides to investigate and discovers he made ocurrir y cómo ha podido llegar hasta ese terrorífico lugar. Pero entre su incertiduma videotape of himself taking a mind-altering drug before bre y su angustia, deberá tener fuerza para averiguar quién es el auténtico responsvanishing into thin air. Further probing guides her to anarable de esas muertes. Sospecha de todas aquellas personas que le rodean, incluso del chist poet and novelist Thomas Blackburn who gets illehombre desconocido que le rescató, pero su mayor preocupación viene cuando sin gally high on LSD-type hallucinogens supplied by a friend. saber cómo ni porqué empieza a sospechar de él mismo... But when Anne learns this friend has been extracting the drug from the pineal glands of dead humans, the search leads to the mysterious Chamber 5 in a Black Rock desert research centre where she Opening January 3 enters an alternate universe of stretched sanity, brain receivers, sinister Numbers stations and Lovecraftian illusion. Based on real documents, actual test subject testimony In Ancient Greece 1200 B.C., a queen succumbs to the lust of and uncovered secrets about testing run by the CIA. Rated: R. Zeus to bear a son promised to overthrow the tyrannical rule CAPÍTULO BANSHEE sigue periodista de investigación, ANNA, la investigación de un of the king and restore peace to a land in hardship. But this amigo desaparecido que ingirió una sustancia química investigación indocumentados prince, Hercules, knows nothing of his real identity or his des- una vez probado en experimentos de civiles a manos de la CIA MK-Ultra. El sendero tiny. He desires only one thing: the love of Hebe, Princess of laberíntico de evidencia la lleva al mundo inquietante de pruebas Black Ops químicos, Crete, who has been promised to his own brother. When Her- transmisiones de radio inexplicables y entidades desfigurados en la negrura de la cules learns of his greater purpose, he must choose: to flee noche. Anna hará cualquier cosa para descubrir qué hay detrás de la desaparición de with his true love or to fulfill his destiny and become the true su amigo, pero para su horror las entidades vienen después de ella. Suspense-thriller hero of his time. The story behind one of the greatest myths basado en hechos reales filmados en 3D estereoscópico mirando Katia Winter y Ted is revealed in this action-packed epic - a tale of love, sacrifice Levine




La tradición de preparar a los estudiantes para vidas profesionales exitosas y gratificantes es lo que diferencia a la Universidad Estatal de Ferris. Es también lo que atrae a los estudiantes que desean graduarse con el conocimiento y la experiencia necesaria para tener un impacto importante en sus futuros. Asimismo, es lo que atrae a los empleadores que desean contratar trabajadores que puedan tener un impacto inmediato en sus empresas.


Opening January 17


This original story follow a young Jack (Chris Pine) as he uncovers a financial terrorist plot. The story follows him from 9/11, through his tour of duty in Afghanistan, which scarred him forever, and into his early days in the Financial Intelligence Unit of the modern CIA where he becomes an analyst, under the guardianship of his handler, Harper (Kevin Costner). When Ryan believes he’s uncovered a Russian plot to collapse the United States economy, he goes from being an

analyst to becoming a spy and must fight to save his own life and those of countless others, while also trying to protect the thing that's more important to him than anything, his relationship with his fiancée Cathy (Keira Knightley). La trama de la película gira en torno al personaje Jack Ryan, un antiguo Marine que en la actualidad es agente de bolsa de Wall Street, hasta que es contratado por un multimillonario ruso para ser su consultor financiero. Durante el período que pasa realizando esta misión, el protagonista se verá involucrado en una trama terrorista que pretende devaluar la moneda estadounidense y como consecuencia, destruir todo el sistema económico del país. Jack hará todo lo que esté en su mano para salir con vida de este complot terrorista. ¿Conseguirá escapar?


After being banished to the city, the mischievous Surly Squirrel plans a nut store heist of outrageous proportions and gets caught up in a convoluted bank heist. Surly, a curmudgeon, independent squirrel is banished from his park and forced to survive in the city. Lucky for him, he stumbles on the one thing that may be able to save his life, and the rest of park community, as they gear up for winter - Maury's Nut Store.. Rated: PG. La película de animación “The nut job” tratará sobre Surly, una ardilla cascarrabias que es desterrada del parque en el que hasta ahora habitaba y que se ve obligada a sobrevivir en la ciudad (donde, junto a la rata Buddy, planea robar una tienda de nueces).

Opening January 24


Set in a dystopic present where vigilant gargoyles and ferocious demons rage in a battle for ultimate power, Victor Frankenstein's creation Adam (Aaron Eckhart) finds himself caught in the middle as both sides race to discover the secret to his immortality. From the creators of the hit supernatural saga, UNDERWORLD, comes the action thriller I, FRANKENSTEIN, written for the screen and directed by Stuart Beattie, based on the graphic novel "I, Frankenstein" by Kevin Grevioux, and brought to life by a cast that includes Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto, Jai Courtney, Socratis Otto, Mahesh Jadu, Caitlin Stasey and Aden Young as Victor Frankenstein. Rated: PG-13. Película ubicada en un presente distópico donde gárgolas y demonios vigilantes están inmersos en una batalla por el poder. En medio la criatura de Víctor Frankenstein, Adam, quien ha sobrevivido hasta nuestros días gracias a un error genético en su creación y malvive en una metrópolis violenta y oscura que lleva siglos padeciendo las consecuencias de una guerra entre dos clanes rivales inmortales.


After a major shipment of drugs goes missing on the USCanadian border, forest ranger and former Navy SEAL Henry is plunged into survival mode when the drug cartel forces him to help retrieve the downed package. Trapped in the wilderness with no communication to the outside world, Henry finds himself face to face with Clay, a man with a personal vendetta against Henry who has returned for retribution. Now, the two mortal enemies must make a choice: put aside their past and work together, or die alone at the hands of the drug runners, a ruthless gang who will stop at nothing to retrieve their lost cargo. Rated: R. ‘Enemies Closer’ será un thriller de acción donde, según su sinopsis, Jean-Claude interpretará a un excesivo contrabandista que está intentado pasar droga por la frontera que separa Estados Unidos y Canadá y en cuyo camino se cruzan dos personas, interpretados por Tom Everett Scott y Orlando Jones, que se llevan a matar entre sí y que estaban a punto de zanjar para siempre sus diferencias. Eso quedará de lado cuando la vida de estos dos militares corra peligro tras intentar ser asesinados por los secuaces de Van Damme, comenzando entonces una lucha por la supervivencia que dejará tras de sí una cantidad indecente de cadáveres.


El cineasta estadunidenses John Sayles estrenó Go for sisters, acompañado por el actor chicano Edward James Olmos, en la onceava edición del Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia (FICM). Sayles informó que la película fue realizada en 19 días, con menos de un millón de dólares de presupuesto, pero con actores de mucha experiencia: “En esos pocos días estuvimos en más de 60 locaciones, nos movíamos dos o tres veces por día. El calor en el Valle de San Fernando, en Calexico y Mexicali estuvo brutal, 46 grados. Es el único caso en el que, al escribir, pensé en los tres actores principales. Me gusta preparar sorpresas para mis actores, que se pregunten ¿qué pasa aquí? Me gusta hacer pocas tomas. Solamente dos o tres tomas”. El cineasta mexicano Alejandro Springall, productor del filme, precisó que el largometraje costó 850 mil dólares (11 millones de pesos) y se estrenó el pasado 5 noviembre en Nueva York y luego en Los Ángeles. Go For Sisters, un film de John Sayles, es para los espectadores un antídoto contra los thrillers de acción y grandes presupuestos; es un estudio de personaje que toma su tiempo para permitir que las estrellas, Edward James Olmos, LisaGay Hamilton y Yolanda Ross—con la participación de Héctor Elizondo y Evelina Fernández— se revelen con gran detalle sus tramas individuales y entrelazadas y sus motivaciones en escenas llenas de tensión que llevan a la película a su conclusión. Más allá de las relaciones, la historia escrita por Sayles revela qué tan cercano a la superficie de nuestras vidas transcurre la corriente de un mundo turbulento que uno a veces debe seguir para encontrar a un familiar. El personaje de LisaGay Hamilton, la oficial encargada de libertad condicionada Bernice, se halla en una búsqueda por su hijo, Rodney, interpretado por McKinley Belcher, III, un ex soldado que perdió su camino después de regresar de la guerra. Bernice pide ayuda a Freddy Suárez, interpretado por Edward James Olmos, un antiguo detective envuelto en el escándalo pero con gran destreza, desesperado con sus propios problemas, y a Fontayne, el personaje interpretado por Yolanda Ross, una vieja amiga quien actualmente está libre bajo libertad condicionada y que busca sobrevivir en momentos de desesperación personal y económica. La película, que Olmos denomina como “Una de mis mejores de todos los tiempos”, se estrenó en Los Ángeles el 15 de noviembre.



John Sayles 2013 Lisa Gay Hamilton Yolonda Ross Edward James Olmos 123min 18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent guardian. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed.

Bernice (LisaGay Hamilton) and Fontayne (Yolonda Ross) grew up so close people said they could “go for sisters”, but time sent them down different paths. Twenty years later, those paths cross: Fontayne is a recovering addict fresh out of jail, and Bernice is her new parole officer. When Bernice’s son Rodney goes missing on the Mexican border, his shady associates all in hiding or brutally murdered, Bernice realizes she needs someone with the connections to navigate Rodney's world without involving the police… and turns to her old friend. The pair enlist the services of disgraced ex-LAPD detective Freddy Suárez (Edward James Olmos) and plunge into the dim underbelly of Tijuana, forced to unravel a complex web of human traffickers, smugglers, and corrupt cops before Rodney meets the same fate as his partners. As much a story of relationships as a story of crime, GO FOR SISTERS is a welcome return to the border for master filmmaker and two-time Academy Award nominee John Sayles (“Lone Star,” “Passion Fish”).


Qué es y Como cuidarse de la Influenza H1N1 ¿Qué es la influenza H1N1 (influenza o gripe porcina)? La influenza H1N1 (a la que en un comienzo se le llamó “gripe porcina”) es la infección por un nuevo virus de influenza que causa enfermedades en las personas. En los Estados Unidos, este virus nuevo se detectó por primera vez en las personas en abril del 2009, y otros países, como México y Canadá, también han reportado casos de personas enfermas por este virus. Este virus se transmite de persona a persona, probablemente en forma muy similar a como se propagan los virus de la influenza o gripe estacional. ¿Por qué también se le llama “influenza o gripe porcina” a este nuevo virus H1N1? Este virus en un comienzo se llamó virus de la “gripe porcina” porque las pruebas de diagnóstico en laboratorios indicaron que muchos de los genes presentes en este nuevo virus eran muy similares a los virus de la influenza que afectan con regularidad a los cerdos de Norteamérica. Sin embargo, estudios adicionales han indicado que este nuevo virus es muy diferente a los que comúnmente circulan en los cerdos de Norteamérica. Tiene dos genes de virus de la influenza que circulan comúnmente en cerdos en Europa y Asia, así como genes de aves y seres humanos. Los científicos denominan a este tipo “virus reordenado” cuádruple. ¿Cuáles son los signos y síntomas de este virus en las personas? Los síntomas de este virus nuevo de la influenza H1N1 en las personas son similares a los síntomas de la influenza o gripe estacional e incluyen fiebre, tos, dolor de garganta, moqueo o secreción nasal, dolores en el cuerpo, dolor de cabeza, escalofríos y fatiga. Una cantidad significativa de personas infectadas por este virus también han reportado tener vómito y diarrea. Además, al igual de lo que ocurre con la influenza o gripe estacional, se han presentado casos de enfermedades graves y muertes en personas como resultado de complicaciones asociadas a este virus. ¿Qué tan grave es la enfermedad asociada a este nuevo virus H1N1? En estos momentos se desconoce qué tan grave podrá ser este virus en la población general. Los CDC están estudiando los antecedentes médicos de las personas que han sido infectadas por este virus para determinar quiénes pueden tener un riesgo mayor de infección, sufrir enfermedades graves o requerir hospitalización debido a este virus. En casos de influenza o gripe estacional, hay ciertas personas que tienen un riesgo más alto de sufrir complicaciones graves relacionadas con la influenza. En este grupo se incluyen las personas de 65 años o más, niños pequeños, mujeres embarazadas y personas de cualquier edad con afecciones crónicas. Se desconoce en estos momentos

si ciertos grupos de personas presentan un riesgo mayor de sufrir complicaciones graves relacionadas con la influenza debido a la infección por este nuevo virus. Los CDC también están realizando estudios de laboratorio para determinar si ciertas personas pueden tener una inmunidad natural a este virus, de acuerdo a su edad.

enfermas. • Si está enfermo, quédese en casa por 7 días a partir del comienzo de los síntomas o hasta que hayan ¿Cómo se propaga este nuevo virus H1N1? pasado 24 horas desde que desaparecieron los sínSe cree que la propagación de este virus H1N1 tomas, el tiempo que sea mayor. Esto se hace para está ocurriendo de la misma forma en que se evitar infectar a otras personas y propagar más el propaga la influenza estacional. Los virus de la influenza se transmiten principal- virus. Otras medidas importantes que usted puede tomar: mente de persona a persona cuando alguien con esta enfermedad tose o estornuda. Algunas veces, • Siga las recomendaciones de las autoridades de las personas pueden contagiarse al tocar algo que salud pública con relación al cierre de escuelas, tiene los virus de la influenza y luego llevarse las evitar frecuentar sitios con multitudes y tomar medidas de distanciamiento social. manos a la boca o la nariz. • Prepárese por si se enferma y tiene que quedarse en casa por una semana más o menos; tenga sum¿Por cuánto tiempo puede una persona infecinistros de medicamentos de venta libre, desinfectada propagar este virus a otras? En estos momentos, los CDC consideran que este tantes a base de alcohol, pañuelos desechables y virus tiene las mismas propiedades de propagación otros artículos similares que puedan ser útiles, para que los virus de la influenza o gripe estacional. En evitar tener que salir a comprarlos mientras está enfermo y es contagioso. los estudios realizados sobre la influenza o gripe estacional se ha indicado que las personas pueden How To Take Swine Flu Precautions ser contagiosas desde un día antes de empezar a manifestar los síntomas hasta 7 días después de As schools across the United States get ready to que se enfermaron. Los niños, en particular los open, it is a good time to review swine (H1N1) flu más pequeños, pueden ser más contagiosos por más tiempo. Los CDC están estudiando el virus y precautions. Clinicians are encouraged to consider sus características para tratar de entenderlo mejor swine flu infection in patients with respiratory illy proporcionarán más información tan pronto esté ness. We know the H1N1 flu is more serious for persons less than 30 years of age, pregnant disponible. women, persons with chronic conditions (such as diabetes, lung disease, and heart disease), and the ¿Qué puedo hacer para evitar enfermarme? elderly. En este momento no hay una vacuna contra el nuevo virus H1N1. Hay medidas que usted puede tomar diariamente para ayudar a prevenir la propa- Persons flu symptoms should stay home from gación de gérmenes que causan enfermedades res- work or school to avoid spreading infections (including influenza and other respiratory illnesses) piratorias como la influenza. to others in their communities. In addition, one of the best way to lessen the spread of H1N1 flu and Siga estos pasos todos los días para proteger su other respiratory illnesses is frequent hand washing. salud: • Cúbrase la nariz y la boca con un pañuelo desechable al toser o estornudar. Bote el pañuelo Tips to help prevent the spread of H1N1 (swine) flu: desechable a la basura después de usarlo. * Wash your hands often with soap and water. • Lávese las manos a menudo con agua y jabón, especialmente después de toser o estornudar. Los * Use waterless alcohol-based hand gels (containdesinfectantes para manos que contienen alcohol ing at least 60% alcohol) when soap is not available and hands are not visibly dirty. también son eficaces. • Evite tocarse los ojos, la nariz o la boca. Esta es * Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Try to cough or sneeze into la manera en que se propagan los gérmenes. • Trate de evitar el contacto cercano con personas your elbow / upper sleeve rather than your hand. If you use a tissue, dispose of it in a wastebasket and


then wash your hands. * Follow all local health recommendations. For example, you may be asked to put on a surgical mask to protect others. Seek medical care if you feel sick with flu symptoms: * If you are ill with fever and other swine flu symptoms like cough and sore throat, see a doctor, especially if you think you may have had contact with someone with swine flu or severe respiratory illness in the past 7 days before becoming ill. * Antiviral Medications: The recommended antiviral drugs for H1N1 flu treatment are oseltamivir (brand name Tamiflu®) and zanamivir (brand name Relenza®). Both are prescription drugs that fight against swine flu by keeping flu viruses from reproducing in your body. Your doctor may suggest you take them, but he/she may not. It will depend on how serious your infection is and your related co-morbidities (for example chronic lung disease). When you make the appointment, tell the doctor the following: o Your symptoms, o Where you traveled, and o If you have had close contact with a person infected with swine flu. Avoid leaving your home while sick with the H1N1 flu except to get local medical care, or as instructed by your doctor. Do not go to work or school while ill with H1N1 flu. If you must leave your home (for example, to seek medical care) wear a surgical mask to keep from spreading your illness to others. Always cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw away used tissues in a trash can. Wash your hands with soap and water often and especially after you cough or sneeze. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand gel containing at least 60% alcohol. Avoid close contact with other people as much as possible. Wear a surgical mask if you are in contact with other people.

INVESTIGADOR ESPAÑOL LOGRA AVANCES EN EL TRATAMIENTO DE LA LEUCEMIA Spectrum Health Announces Top 10 Baby Names for 2013 GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., December 19, 2013 – “Emma” and “Liam” remain No. 1 for most popular names for girls and boys for the second year in a row, according to Spectrum Health’s Top 10 Baby Names lists for 2013. This year saw little change to the girls’ list from last year. The same names from 2012 made the 2013 list, with only “Charlotte” a newcomer. However, there are seven new boys’ names on that list for this year, with only “Liam,” “Gabriel” and “Noah” returning from 2012.

Un estudio realizado en la Universidad de California en San Francisco (UCSF) ha abierto una puerta al tratamiento de un tipo de leucemia infantil que no responde a quimioterapia, dijo su autor, Ernesto Díaz Flores. A study carried out at the University of California, Los resultados de su trabajo de más seis años fueron publicados esta semana en la prestigiosa revista Science Signaling Los resultados de su trabajo de más seis años fueron publicados esta semana en la prestigiosa revista Science Signaling y explican el comportamiento del oncogén Ras para el caso de un tipo de leucemia mieloide similar a la leucemia mielomonocítica (JMML) que afecta a niños y adolescentes. "Es un análisis exhaustivo del mecanismo de cómo una mutación en un gen puede alterar la proteína y cómo esa proteína puede alterar la función de la célula y dar como resultado una leucemia", explicó Díaz, doctorado en Biología Molecular por la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid que desde hace 9 años desarrolla su carrera en California.

San Francisco has opened a door to the treatment of a type of leukemia in children that does not respond to chemotherapy, lead author Ernesto Diaz Flores.

The results of his more than six years of work were published on December in the prestigious magazine Science Signaling and explain the behavior of the Ras oncogene in the case of a type of leukemia similar to juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia. "It's an exhaustive analysis of the mechanism of how a mutation in a gene can alter the protein and how that protein can alter the function of the cell and cause leukemia as a result," said Diaz, who holds a doctorate in molecular biology from the Autonomous University of Madrid but has been pursuing his career for the past nine years in California. "Up to now it was believed that the Ras oncogene was continuously activated making cells multiply without stopping, generating leukemia, however our study shows that the oncogene needs some factors in the blood called cytokines to induce the multiplication," he said. Diaz, who worked with UCSF's Kevin Shannon and a group of researchers, found the proteins that control the entire process, which lays the basis for possible applications in patient therapies.

The Family Birthplace at Butterworth Hospital delivers more babies than any other hospital in Michigan with 7,372 births in its fiscal year 2013. Of that total, 3,637 were girls and 3,735 were boys. Top 10 Names for Girls in 2013 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Emma Sophia Olivia Charlotte Ava Isabella Abigail Addison Grace Emily / Harper

Top 10 Names for Boys in 2013 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Liam Ethan Lucas Mason Carter Gabriel Levi Noah Elijah Oliver

Here is last year’s list of the most popular names. Top 10 Names for Girls in 2012 1. Emma 2. Sophia 3. Ava 4. Olivia 5. Evelyn 6. Grace 7. Isabella 8. Emily 9. Abigail 10. Addison / Avery / Harper Top 10 Names for Boys in 2012 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Liam Noah Jacob Gabriel Jackson Landon Isaac Benjamin Owen William


ROSCA DE REYES Toda una tradición La Rosca de Reyes es toda una tradición en Latinoamérica. La rosca de Reyes representa las coronas de los tres Reyes Magos.

minutos, por lo general las roscas no tienen conservadores porque en México se elaboran diariamente.

La rosca es un bollo elaborado con una masa dulce con forma de toroide adornado con rodajas de fruta cristalizada (escarchada) o confitada de colores variados, que se sirve en España el día 6 de enero denominado día de Reyes, por influencia posterior este bollo navideño se sirve igualmente en otros países hispanos (principalmente en Argentina y en México) durante las mismas fechas, así como en Portugal.

Sin duda el alza en la materia prima que utilizan en las panificadoras repercute en la producción de pan, sin embargo se trata de mantener los mismos precios del año pasado, y asi poder seguir la tradición Por ello las frutas confitadas de distintos colores imi- que por tantos años se ha tan a las joyas que portaban en sus coronas. Dentro realizado, hay roscas para lleva tradicionalmente un muñequito que represente todos los gustos y preal niño Dios ocultó al evitar que Herodes lo descubri- supuestos. El azúcar y el huevo fueron los productos que más incrementaron de precio. era Primero se reposa la masa para la rosca de reyes la cual incluye huevo, leche, sal, mantequilla y otros insumos. Posteriormente se le da forma a la rosca dependiendo el tamaño y es ahí donde estratégicamente se colocan los muñequitos. “También se barniza con huevo y se decora con acitrón, higo y cerezas. Hay personas que nos piden hasta 12 monitos en la rosca de reyes. Después se le pone brillo comestible y la rosca ingresa al horno a temperatura moderada por unos 20

Actualmente se le ponen a la rosca de tres a cuatro muñequitos y según la tradición quien lo encuentre tiene que comprar los tamales el 2 de febrero día de la candelaria.

Men (not from Santa). They leave their shoes outside, filled with hay or dried grass for the animals the Kings ride, before they go to bed along with a note. For decoration, Mexican people use dried and candied fruits like figs, quinces or cherries

The tradition of placing a trinket (figurine of the Christ Child) in the cake is very old. The baby Jesus, when hidden in the bread, represents the flight of Jesus, The Rosca de Reyes is traditionally eaten on January 6, during the celebration of the "Día de Reyes" (Wise fleeing from king Herod's evil plan. Whoever finds the Men Day). In most of Spain, Mexico, and sometimes small baby Jesus is blessed and must take it (a repHispanic communities in the United States, this is the resentation of baby Jesus) to the nearest church on the 2nd of February (Día de la Candelaria). day when children get presents from the Three Wise



CLASSIFIEDS SOCIAL WORK – BILINGUAL THERAPIST (SPANISH SPEAKING) –SCHOOL /COMMUNITY BASED- Full time bilingual (Spanish / English) MSW/MA to provide mental health services for children/families in schools, in home and in the targeted local area of Grand Rapids. Position will provide clinical services primarily within Grand Rapids public school locations with high percentage of Spanish speaking clients. Responsibilities include individual and in-home family therapy, crisis response, case management and group services provided during the school day and afterschool. Case loads may include outpatient, home-based services and case management services. Requirements Experience working with children, adolescents and/or families, culturally diverse populations and third party billing procedures as well as working knowledge of school systems and community resources a plus. State of Michigan licensure and CAADC Eligibility required. Fluency in writing and speaking Spanish required. Experience providing services in community, home, school setting highly beneficial. Submit resume and cover letter to: Program Manager - KSSN?ML 1101 Ball Ave NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505 or email to See for all open positions.

Attn: Human Resources OCC/ML 11014 Ball Ave NE Bldg C Grand Rapids, MI 49505 or email resume to See for a list of all positions currently available.

SCHOOL-BASED MENTAL HEALTH CLINICIAN- Newaygo County Mental Health WORKING TO MAKE NEWAYGO COUNTY A HEALTHIER COMMUNITY School-Based Mental Health Clinician Newaygo County Mental Health is seeking a full-time School-Based Mental Health Clinician to become part of our Youth Services Team in a unique collaborative effort between Grant Public Schools, Baldwin Family Health Care, and CMH. This individual will be based in the Grant Child and Adolescent Health Center during the school year and work with children at school, home and/or in the community, as well as holding a home-based caseload through CMH. Thorough knowledge and background in family dynamics, knowledge of child development and intervention with family and community systems are essential. Bilingual (English and Spanish) skills are a plus, but not required. Position requires an LMSW and a valid driver's license. Salary range is $42,000-$59,041 with excellent benefits. To apply, send resume and cover letter to: Newaygo County Mental Health - Attn: Human Resources 1049 Newell P.O. Box 867 - White Cloud, MI 49349 email: jobs@newayMSW/ LMSW SOCIAL - fax: 231-689-7345 WORKER / THERAPIST - Visit our website at: www.newayMSW / LMSW Required- Full Time clinical position to provide Outpatient Mental Health and ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Substance Use treatment to - RECIPIENT RIGHTS KCMHclients in individual and group SAS Kalamazoo, MI, is seeking settings. 2 years post master's a full time Administrative Assisexperience, CAADC / Develop- tant. The qualified candidate will ment Plan eligible and experi- be energetic, self-motivated, ence working with diverse highly organized, communicate populations a must. Positions and relate effectively with others, available include those with con- manage multiple tasks simultacentrations in Children / Families neously with minimal superviwork and / or the Adult SUD sion, research and compile data. populations. Bilingual (Spanish) Minimum starting pay is $13.80 / Bi-cultural persons encouraged per hour. 3-5 years professional office experience, a high school to apply. Submit resume and cover letter diploma, and proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel required. to: Arbor Circle

Individuals of diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds along with bilingual candidates are encouraged to apply. Please apply online by filling out an electronic application via our career Opportunities page found at SENIOR ACCOUNTANT / SUPERVISOR- If you are a licensed CPA with at least 3 – 7 years’ experience in tax, audit and/or single audit, we would like to talk with you. We have full time positions available in our Grand Rapids and Muskegon offices. Please contact Chris Pulsipher at 231-726-5835 or email CORPORATE CONTROLLERTiara YACHTS OPPORTUNITIES AT TIARA YACHTS Tiara Yachts, located in Holland, Michigan, a premier builder of luxury yachts has the following challenging opportunities in our organization; Corporate Controller - We are seeking to fill this important position with an individual who possesses 5-10 years of experience, preferably in a manufacturing environment, encompassing; Accounts Payable and Receivable, payroll, financial statement preparation, corporate tax preparation, general ledger accounting and costing. Strong computer skills and knowledge of financial software is very important. Experience in public accounting is required. This position manages a department of 6 individuals and reports to the CFO in the organization. Group Leader/ Upholstery - We are seeking an individual to lead our upholstery department. The ideal candidate would have 5-10 years' experience in a marine, automotive or furniture manufacturing environment. Experience in establishing design specifications, necessary processes and procedures are a central focus. Knowledge of the latest trends in upholstery, fabric, and design is important. Experience in canvas, vinyl, and composite materials is important. Tiara provides a competitive and comprehensive benefit package in a positive, team oriented and value-based environment. Please respond to with your resumé.


ACCOUNTS PAYABLE- Position Summary: Maintain all Accounts Payable functions while safeguarding company assets. Assist with month-end and year end reporting including accurate tax reporting data such as 1099s. Essential Functions: " Process vendor invoices for payment, ensuring accuracy and proper coding; process weekly check run " Maintain freight log, verifying accurate freight billing " Maintain current Certificate of Liability insurance data " Maintain W-9 documents for all vendors and process 1099s " Assist with month end, year end, and budget reporting " Maintain various logs tracking personnel travel activity " Understand and administer MI use tax laws and regulations " Analyze daily functions, seeking cost and efficiency savings to promote continuous improvement initiatives " Process remote check deposits " Process credit/debit memos " Process accounts receivable payments Other Responsibilities: " Maintain various logs such as use tax and plant equipment repairs " Assist with tax audits " Uphold positive internal and external customer relations " Update SOPs related to job duties " Maintain AP vendor files " Other special projects as needed Physical Qualifications: Ability to work at a computer for an extended period of time Position Qualifications: " Associate's degree and 3+ years of manufacturing experience " Exceptional interpersonal skills and ability to establish and maintain positive internal and external relationships " Excellent written and oral communication skills " Intermediate-level Excel skills Qualified candidates please send cover letter and resume to . ACCOUNTING / PAYABLES SUPERVISOR- Portage, MI- The City of Portage is seeking candidates for the position of Accounting/Payables Supervisor. The position includes supervisory responsibility for accounts payable, payroll, bank reconciliation and analysis of accounts. Also required to prepare the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and other required reports. Bachelor's degree from a four-year college or university in accounting or mu-

WEBSITE ADVERTISING NOW AVAILABLE! The Community Voice/La Voz Magazine now offers you access through video posted ads on our dynamic website! Please visit The website is at its promo stage so you may see your ad or video on the website. We are happy to announce the addition of video posts advertising and news at our newly enhanced website. You may post banners and video post ads. You can also video i-reports to urls such as then provide us the link for posting to our website. Community News and Events can then be announced to our website viewers. Companies desiring to advertise may have a video already which can also be posted to our website. Please contact me for details. We are excited by the new technology employed here and hope that you like it as well. Website Advertising Banners $200 per mo. $300 for 3 mos. Video post $250 per mo. $500 for 3 mos. LaVoz Magazine Advertising If you are interested in Advertising in our issue the deadline is January 24, 2014. For more information about Advertising Rates contact Dr. José A. Flores, Publisher nicipal finance, business, public administration or related field and five years of pertinent experience and/or equivalent combination of education and experience. Must have knowledge of local, state and federal laws related to public finance administration. Starting salary $46,111 with excellent benefits package. Candidates please submit cover letter, resume AND completed application to Employee Development, City of Portage, 7900 S. Westnedge Ave., Portage, MI 49002 OR apply online at SPECIAL EVENTS & CALL CENTER- We are looking for a few outgoing individuals to work in our special events department and our call center. Both posi-

tions include talking to potential customers about our company, products, and services. No sales involved. Part time at approximately 30 hours per week. Positions pay $10/hr plus bonuses. Fun working environment! Average producers make $400-$700 per week. To begin the application process, please call (616) 897-7300 and ask for Megan, or you may email your resume to Requirements Ideal Candidate will meet these requirements: * Likes to work with people * Has reliable transportation * Has an outgoing personality * Must be a high expectation person * Must have marketing or customer service experience

CLASSIFIEDS Join us today! Customer Service Associates FEATURED JOB You'll take inbound calls and start the claims process. Insurance experience is not required for these entry-level positions. We're looking for highly motivated people with a HS diploma and strong communication, customer service and typing skills. Must be able to work non-traditional shifts, including some weekends, evenings and holidays in our 24/7 work environment. Job ID: 96748 Apply Now! New Training Classes begin in January and February. We offer paid training, growth potential and a comprehensive benefits package including extra incentive pay for non-traditional shifts, 401(k), tuition assistance programs, and much more! FARMERS INSURANCE Apply at: CUSTOMER SERVICE- FARM- ERS INSURANCE- We Are Farmers Hiring Now! Farmers In- CUSTOMER SERVICE/ FRONT surance is hiring now! Check out DESK - Do you enjoy the rush of the exciting customer service ca- multi tasking with a smile and reers at our state-of-the-art Call sense of humor. Cash handling, Center in Grand Rapids. At Farm- cheerful phone skills, attention to ers, you'll find a positive, team- detail and working with a tight knit oriented culture that offers team. We may have a spot for stability, challenge and rewards. you! SALES COORDINATOR - An innovative and rapidly growing manufacturing business in Traverse City is looking for a Retail and Commercial Sales Coordinator. Applicant should have experience in category management analysis, developing customer presentations, P.O.S. collection and analysis, B2B e-commerce support, customer support and communications, and account new item set up and maintenance. A minimum 3-5 yrs required in a sales environment, solid computer skills and exemplary interpersonal skills are necessary. For more specifics, review at: Http:// Interested candidates please send cover letter and resume to

874 B. Granville Ave. SW. Grand Rapids, Mi. 49503

15 años de Existencia

Horario de Reuniones: A las 7:00pm a 9:00pm Los: Lunes, Martes, Miércoles, Jueves, Viernes, Sábado, Domingo y a las 12:00 Mediodia a 2:00 pm Sábado, Domingo

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR accepting applications for Journeymen & Apprentices (1yr min). Immediate positions available. Submit Resume to JOURNEYMAN TOOL MAKERKALAMAZOO, MI- Peterson American Corporation is looking for talented, motivated, careerminded people interested in working in a fast paced environment at our Three Rivers, Michigan plant. Journeyman Tool Maker Responsibilities will include: general machining; set-up and operate wire EDM, CNC mill, CNC lathe and surface grinders; die and machine maintenance; troubleshooting; experience with Mater Cam required. Industrial Electrician / Maintenance 3 to 5 years of experience required. Must have strong troubleshooting skills in mechanical, electrical and hydraulics. Benefit package and competitive wage commensurate with experience. Please submit resume to: 16805 Heimbach Rd. Three Rivers, Ml 49093 or email to DPW LABORER DEPT. OF PUBLIC WORKS; City of Coopersville, MI, Pop. 4,275 ($14.18/hr. to $18.10/hr. DOQ, prior experience and skill sets). The City of Coopersville is seeking a qualified DPW Laborer. Will install, maintain, and/or repair city sewers, water lines, streets, sidewalks, parks, buildings, trees, traffic signs. Backhoe, front end loader, and dump truck experience preferred. A CDL Class B license is required within two months. S-4 Water Distribution license preferred. Basic computer skills and smart phone use required. Will occasionally assist in the Water and Sewer Dept. To apply, email resume, cover letter, and references by December 31, 2013 to:, or mail to Attn. Fred Rosel, Coopersville City Hall, 289 Danforth St.; Coopersville, Michigan 49404. The City of Coopersville is an equal opportunity provider and employer. To file a complaint of discrimination write USDA, Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights; 1403 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 202504410 or call (866) 6329992 (English) a (800) 877-8339 (TDD) or (866) 377-8642 (English

Federal-relay) or (800) 845-6136 accepting applications for Jour- 90 days, split shift required, benneymen & Apprentices (1yr min). efits partially paid with seniority, (Spanish Federal-relay) Immediate positions available. CDL required or will train. Must AMERICAN SEATING MASTER Submit Resume to electricalap- have excellent driving history, must pass background check ELECTRICIAN- American Seat- and remain drug free. Routes ing Company is a manufacturer of a variety of seating products APPRENTICE & JOURNEY- based out of the following service serving the transportation, edu- MEN ELECTRICIANS - with 2-3 areas are available: Sparta, cational, performance arts, and years experience in commercial Kenowa Hills, Comstock Park, entertainment markets. We pride and industrial work. Mail resumes Cedar Springs, Rockford, ourselves on quality and innova- to: PO Box 98, Marne, MI 49435- Northview, Forest Hills (Ada), tion. JOB TASKS: - Provide tech- 0098 or fax: (616) 677-2554. Lowell, Kentwood, Kent City, m a i l Thornapple - Kellogg, and Calenical support to interpret NEC E donia. and local electrical codes - Ob- We look forward to meeting you tain the proper permits as required to facilitate work on SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS AND in person Mon-Fri at: Dean internal construction projects RE- ATTENDANTS- We'll train you to Transportation , 4155 Trade Dr, QUIREMENTS: - Possess a be the best School Bus Driver or Grand Rapids, MI 49508, or 900 Journeyman Electrician Card - Attendant for Regular Education Union Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI Possess a Master Electrician and Special Needs Students. 49503, or apply online at Certification / License - Know and Drivers are paid $12.75/hr after be aware of NEC, local codes an building standards INDUSTRIAL SEWERS JOB TASKS: - Sew fabric or vinyl patterns to form a 'back' or 'seat' - Industrial sewing DISTRIBUTION-The Community Voice / or upholstery experience preLa Voz is hiring a reliable distributor for ferred Applicants may contact the Holland and Grand Rapids area. Human Resources directly at Experience preferred but will train the (616) 732-6822 or send their reright person. Interested candidates sume to: American Seating Comshould have a valid drivers license and pany 401 American Seating own transportation. This person will work Center Attn: Human Resources approx. 30hrs/ month to start with a possibility of 15-20hrs+/week. Please send Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504 LAKEWOOD PROCESS MACHINERY -Lakewood Process and builds packing and process machines for the worldwide produce industry. We have immediate openings for the following positions: - Metal cutting laser operator - Press brake operator Welder/Fabricator - Machinist Machine Design Engineer - Controls Technician Please see our website for detailed information and how to submit your resume: CARPENTER- Full-time position for exterior carpentry repairs of apartment buildings. Excellent starting package. Must be dependable, have own tools and a reliable truck. Apply in person MF, 9-5, to Byron Lakes Apartments, 68th St. exactly one mile west of US 131. No phone calls, please. ELECTRICIAN - Must have min. 1 yrs exp., must know how to bend/install conduit and have basic trade hand/ power tools. 616-633-5180

resume to Attn: Dr. José A. Flores 1052 Grandville Ave SW, Grand Rapids, Mi. 49503 or email resume to or call 616-581-6271 for any questions.

The Community Voice/La Voz, West Michigan's leading bilingual publication, is hiring sales staff for the following areas. Kalamazoo, Holland, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Lansing, Detroit, South Haven, and surrounding areas. Experience preferred but will train the right person. Must have great people skills and willingness to earn an endless amount of income. Must have transportation and must also be knowledgeable of both English and Spanish. Send resume to Attn: Dr. José A. Flores 1052 Grandville Ave SW, Grand Rapids, Mi. 49503 or email resume to for an interview VENTAS- The Community Voice La Voz busca vendedores con experiencia para promover un periódico de calidad al igual que para hacer dinero. Vendedores potenciales deben dominar el español e inglés, tener buena presentación, energéticos, y poseer una actitud positiva. Personas interesadas enviar su curricula a: The Community Voice/ La Voz Attn: Dr. José A. Flores 1052 Grandville Ave., SW Grand Rapids, MI 49503



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