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kristin &brian september4,2010

Welcome to our wedding website, loved and valued wedding guest! Please read through everything on this site, as there are lots of important details you MUST know before you come to the wedding, including specifics on our wedding location, super important parking instructions and RSVP & registry links. We also have some fun elements like our “About Us� section, things we love in Santa Cruz, recommendations for lodging, hints about wedding day attire and a link to our wedding blog. Enjoy!

About Us Kristin and Brian met sometime in the middle of 2006, but only through text, really. Brian offered to help with graphic design at the church where Kristin worked... she was just doing her job when she emailed him in response. Eventually, after some clever email exchanges that left her mildly intrigued, she found his blog and realized he loved travel just as much as she did. A few blog-comment exchanges later, they finally saw each other in person, though Kristin didn’t quite remember the exact moment it happened. He does. He remembers sitting with his friend Adrea in a worship gathering, watching her give announcements. She leaned over to him and said “You should marry that girl.” He remembers seeing Kristin running around after that gathering, half stressing/half in love with the buzz of the crowd and he told himself “I want to help her rest.” They became friends, through common interest and the loaning of travel books and the slow blending of him and his San Jose friends into the Santa Cruz world. Though she found him attractive, Kristin swore he was far too different from her to ever have anything “more” happen. But something kept her connected to him and after months of ambiguous hanging out, he finally built up the confidence to ask her on a date. And despite months of questions in her mind, she said yes. After a thoughtfully

planned dinner at Gabriella’s and a botched attempt at a beach bonfire dessert, complete with cucumberlemon water and a bag of candy (sadly cancelled because of rain), the ambiguity continued for a few weeks and though Kristin cared for him, she just didn’t sense if going anywhere and politely gave him the “just friends” speech. Four months of flirting ensued (mostly from her end), and Brian remained never quite sure where he stood and Kristin remained never quite sure why her affection for his presence stayed so strong. Feeling guilty for leading him on and sensing his interest still lingered (I mean, it was kind of obvious after he grabbed her hand and held onto it while they danced to “Heartbeats” by the Knife at Angi’s epic ganster-themed summer birthday party), she wrote him a letter of apology, explaining that while she respected his friendship and loyalty and kindness and heart, she felt they were too different in personality and experience to land anywhere near the same page. Knowing the day she handed off the letter to him was a stressful day in general for her, he texted later that night, telling her he hoped she had a better day and asked if they could talk about the letter sometime soon. That caught her. Who else in the world would receive a rejection letter, text the reject-er, wishing them a better day?

Deciding on the very romantic, very international Malabar for what she thought would be the final DTR (“define the relationship”) seemed an odd move on her part. He had listened to melancholic music on his way to pick her up, hoping for the best, expecting the saddest. Yet their interaction didn’t feel awkward, forced, or sad. It was strangely easy and normal. Once the letter got brought up, Kristin proceeded to tell Brian all the reasons she didn’t think it could work. And after she finished, he looked her in the eye and kindly told her that he thought she was wrong. And he explained his perspective, his hope for what they could be to each other, and his reasons for wanting to go forward. And with every excuse she came up with for it not going forward, he gave her a thoughtful, sensible response and reason why she was wrong. This quiet, unassuming, gentle person showing such confidence in the face of Kristin’s myriad assumptions about him made her realize there was only one way to settle this... she had to give him a chance.

By the end of that night they had shared their first kiss; and by the end of the next month, they had shared their first real date, complete with hand-holding and old movies and Planet Earth; and by the end of that year, they shared their first “I love you’s”; and by the end of the their first 6 months, he had imagined their future life together, to her teary agreement that she felt the same; and as the months moved forward and turned into years, all throughout, they shared realizations about who they truly were at their “core,” about their opposite but complimentary introvert/extrovert temperaments, about learning and embracing communication differences, about how to weather death and darkness and heartache and confusion and unrest and questions, about what it really meant to love someone completely, about how to choose to love, about how to see God in each other, about how to dream together and most recently, about how to choose a life together.

Brian Matthew Jensen Scandinavian Youngest child Introvert Christ-follower Book collector Minimalist Craft beer collector Traveler Listener Taqueria eater Word chooser Film lover Graphic Designer Culture observer Amateur Photographer Data Cartographer Aspiring cook Practical Logical

Kristin Marie Culman Eastern European Oldest child Extrovert Christ-follower Growth cultivator Talkative Processor People person Traveler Truth seeker Listener Leader Passionate Learner Amateur Graphic Designer Amateur Interior Decorator Organizer Tiny dancer Practical Dreamer Word lover Dog enthusiast Encourager Armchair Psychologist



Our ceremony and reception will be taking place at the Scotts Valley home of Kristin’s dad and step-mom, Bill and Marilyn.

If you need special transportation arrangements, please email us at:

Because there is NO PARKING at our wedding site, parking for our wedding will be in Calvary Chapel’s back parking lot, located at 1500 Green Hills Road, Scotts Valley

Please CARPOOL to our wedding, to save trips and the environment!

It is NOT possible to walk between Calvary Chapel’s parking lot and the wedding site.

From 3:15-4:15pm, we will be shuttling our guests from the Calvary Chapel parking lot to the wedding site. The last shuttle leaves PROMPTLY at 4:15pm. Please arrive as early as possible so that we have time to shuttle everyone! The return shuttles will run from 6:30-10:30pm from a designated pick up point at the wedding site.

Do consider that it will be Labor Day weekend, so traffic will be worse than normal. Leave yourself plenty of travel time!! This is an OUTDOOR WEDDING, so be prepared with your attire. PARENTS!! Your kids are more than welcome to join us (please make sure to include them on the RSVP if they are coming!) but do keep in mind that our location has a pool, a river, and couple hills to climb!


Calvary Chapel’s back parking lot 1500 Green Hills Road, Scotts Valley CA 95066 DIRECTIONS FROM SANTA CRUZ 17 N to Mt. Hermon Road exit As you exit, go straight onto Mt Hermon Road Turn right at Glen Canyon Road (pass underneath highway) Turn left onto to Green Hills Road Go for 1 mile and turn right into Calvary Chapel parking lot *Follow our signs as you pull into the parking lot to find our shuttle meeting point DIRECTIONS FROM SAN JOSE 17 S to Mt. Hermon Road exit Turn right onto Mt Hermon Road Turn right at Glen Canyon Road (pass underneath highway) Turn left onto to Green Hills Road Go for 1 mile and turn right into Calvary Chapel parking lot *Follow our signs as you pull into the parking lot to find our shuttle meeting point

** if you Google/Bing maps the location, it *might* tell you to take the Granit Creek exit - DON’T DO IT! If you try to take that route, there is construction blocking that route and you will not be able to get through! Click here to download a printable PDF of parking information and directions

Places to Stay

Nearby Hotels: The Hilton, Scotts Valley The Hilton is right up the road from our wedding site, but a bit pricey. If you wanna splurge, its a nice spot and a perfect location! Best Western Inn, Scotts Valley More affordable, Best Western is just off the highway and only one exit away from the wedding location

Places We Love in Santa Cruz Cafe Brasil Super tasty breakfast/brunch/lunch spot on Mission St - make sure to try the Acai Bowl!

Verve Coffee Roasters They are the coffee suppliers for the Abbey and they have a well designed space of their own to enjoy their fantastic roasts

Mobo Sushi Amazing and unique sushi creations, our favorite roll is the “Corruptor” - watch out for that garlic breath afterwards!

Moon Zoom Kristin’s favorite vintage clothing shop in town, you could get lost in there for hours

Charlie Hong Kong Healthy, organic, fast and yummy Asian street food; we love the Little Dan’s Delight

Stripe A fantastic little boutique with a designer’s eye and adorable everything.

Planet Fresh Burrito Fresh, tasty, organic burritos and tacos for a great price Note: Brian does not consider this true Mexican cuisine, but he does like the food there.

Bookshop Santa Cruz Best local new and used bookstore, great for browsing Malabar Sri Lankan cuisine. An important spot in Kristin and Brian’s relationship

The Red Restaurant and Bar Large selection of beers and an incredible, reasonably priced food menu, all in a sophisticated and elegant setting

The Crepe Place The backyard patio is a perfect place to enjoy their crepes

515 Kitchen and Cocktails Another elegant setting with great drinks and eats

Samba Rock Acai Cafe One of Brian’s favorite snack spots, many different types of Brazilian acai bowls

The Abbey Coffee Art & Music Lounge The best coffeeshop in town, in our humble opinion

El Palomar Taco Bar Cheap tacos and burritos from one of our favorite taquerias in town.

LADIES Because of uneven and “earthy� terrain (think hills, dirt/woodchips, grass and a couple hills to climb), please be sure to wear flats, low heels or wedges. High heels will be very tough (and dangerous) to pull off!


EVERYONE Though Labor Day weekend is traditionally very pleasant weatherwise (it may even be a bit hot!), we recommend that you wear layers, as weather in Northern California is always a bit unpredictable!

RSVP & Registry Please RSVP by August 1st To RSVP click here

We are registered at Macy’s, Bed, Bath and Beyond and REI. If you choose to purchase a gift for us from Macy’s or REI, please use the links below to view and purchase from our registry. We ask this because we have registered with the “I Do Foundation,” which will donate up to 5% of your purchase (at no extra cost to you or us) to either WorldVision, Free the Slaves, Living Water International or Save our Shores. Macy’s REI (*In order for part of your purchase to count toward one of our chosen charities, you must purchase through the above links!)

We are also big fans of gift cards to Target, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and New Leaf.

Blog Click here to follow our blog, where you can read more about our process as we prepare to be married and as we prepare for the big day. Includes, thoughts, observations, pictures and more...

The Future Jensen's Wedding Information  

The Future Jensen's Wedding Information