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Foodily is the world's largest social recipe network that allows you to discover, collect, and share the food you love. Foodily goes beyond sharing or saving recipes by including your friends and experts in those everyday food conversations about what to cook, eat and drink. Foodily aggregates recipes from across the web including big name chefs such as Wolfgang Puck to up and coming bloggers. Search by chef, dietary needs (hello paleo!), ingredients - it's all possible on Foodily. Foodily's 'Food With Friends' iPhone experience instantly connects people in valuable conversations, around the food, enabling users to participate in real world conversations offer suggestions or get input from friends and experts. Foodily connects you to everything you want to know about food. It's the easiest place in the world to discover any food content and answer any food related questions you have. Download Foodily for iPhone or visit and share what you love to eat.

Good nutrition helps children grow and thrive. Yet millions of parents around the world can’t provide their children with the simple nutrients they need. This is an urgent problem because if children don’t get essential vitamins and minerals before they turn two, the mental and physical damage is irreversible. Future Fortified, a global nutrition campaign of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, is helping millions of women and children around the world access essential nutrients through simple home nutrition packets. Home nutrition packets make it easy for moms to sprinkle vitamins onto their children’s meals, nourishing them for only pennies a day. This has proven to significantly raise IQs and reduce deadly diseases such as pneumonia. The home nutrition packets can be produced and purchased locally, helping businesses and families earn an income, and enabling families to continue eating the local foods they eat every day rather than replacing them with new products. Join Us. Together we can fortify the future.

Nourish the Holidays  

A collection of healthy holidays meals from from leading Tastemakers to help you and the world. Recipies from Jessica Alba, Cat...