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Future Estate Group Pty Ltd ABN 28 155 880 363 Level 7, AMP Centre 50 Bridg St. Sydney NSW 2000 1300 FUTURE (388 873) +61 (0)2 9235 1100

Intelligent Property Investment

Client Engagement Form I / we, Of hereby engage the services of Future Estate Group Pty Ltd (FE) to assist me / us to: A. Formulate a property strategy, B. Conduct a property strategy, C. Conduct due diligence on, D. Purchase an investiment property or number of investment properties, E. Conduct a property portfolio review

1. By signing this letter I / we agree to engage FE to act on my / our behalf in regards to the items identified above. 2. I / we understand that should any residential investment property be purchased based on FEs due diligence and property investment identifier (whether located by FE or yourself), then a ‘success fee’ will be payable by me to FE. The success fee will be calculated as 2.5% plus GST of purchase price, subject to $10,000.00 plus GST minimum. 3. I / we enclose an engagement fee (non refundable) total of $1,000.00 plus GST to formalise or working relationship, and to conduct research and due diligence on your behalf. 4. I / we understand that for FE to proceed with this engagement, I agree to sign supplementary documentation that will be specific to the state in which I purchase the property and in accordance with the local regulation.

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Remittance Advice - Please return with your payment Please forward cheque to: Future Estate Level 7, AMP Centre 50 Bridge St. Sydney NSW 2000

For Direct Deposit: Future Estate Group Westpac BSB: 032002 ACC: 813386