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Kiran Bedi Birth Details Kiran Bedi

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Amritsar, Punjab, India 14:10

Kiran Bedi HoroScopes And Nature Report Kiran Bedi is the master of intelligence and a wise personality and has a fabulous decision making power, as per Kiran Bedi nature report. She takes things lightly and never gets upset for minor things. She is an easy target for people when they want their work to be carried out by her as she can be easily mold into any state of mind by her reliables. Her nature report states that generally, she uses honey blended way of speaking and is very impressive while talking. She has a helpful nature and charity is the actual job she has come to do in this Earth. Kiran Bedi nature report reveals that she gets annoyed very easily and may get into awful situations due to her uncontrollable anger as she may use bitter words and a very rash behavior when participating into a heated argument or fights. She loves stagnancy in her life and tries to make her environment more and more comfortable as much as she can. Kiran Bedi is an introvert an most of the times, she avoids any topic which tries to open the lid of her emotions. She is never clear with what she actually desires.

Kiran Bedi Lagna and Chandra Lagna Chart

Kiran Bedi – Shani Dasha This sets a low pace for the Sadi Sati. One may become cynical in your approach. The only thing that can be recommended here is that one needs to stay away from this negativity especially in this phase. What was once dealt with enthusiasm now seems dry and discouraging which results in the lack of zeal in the daily activities whether it be business or personal activity. Things may not give the kind of result that you want despite of a lot of efforts one may put in. n other cases,once you get the desired result,its charm may have been lost. Dealing with Government might have its own set of problems. Penalty may have to be faced if required care and caution is not maintained. Speech may become rough or rude while talking to others. Hence communication should be paid attention to. Expenses will keep on increasing. Fear of theft might crop up. Traveling plans if any might get postponed and will be uncomfortable. Again,it is a time that tests your patience.

Kiran Bedi – Manglik Dasha In your Chandralagna chart the planet Mars is situated in 7 so you are Manglik from Chandra Lagna Chart.In your Lagna chart the planet Mars is situated in 9 so there is no bad effect of Manglik Dosh from Lagna Chart. Your Mars is in seventh house, denotes married life and spouse in particular and the presence of the planet in this house results in disharmony between couple and differences among family memebers.Mangal in this house affects the 1st,2nd and 10th house in turn.

Kiran Bedi – Moon Rashi Report On the physical front,Scorpions have a bulky body,light complexion,big teeth,broad jaws and a medium height. They have a somber personality accompanied with a hint of spite. However they can be attributed as truthful,reliable and earnest. hey get angry really fast. They are confident of themselves and are valiant. hey choose professions that involve chemicals,technology and army. They are good in business too. Scorpions can be destructive and do not bother about the consequences. They are forthright and may become harsh in their speech which can irritate others .They usually do not complete their tasks quickly but have are shrewd in earning. They are antsy and are inclined towards rituals more than the truth. They do not have peaceful relations with their siblings. Moreover they keep worrying about their children. They can put their health in danger because of some sort of addictions. Lucky years: 8, 23, 32, 44, 64 Difficult years: 11, 28, 38, 52, 62

Kiran Bedi HoroScopes  

Kiran Bedi is the master of intelligence and a wise personality and has a fabulous decision making power, as per Kiran Bedi nature report. S...