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Kareena Kapoor HoroScope

Kareena Kapoor Birth Details Real Name :

Kareena Kapoor

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Kareena Kapoor HoroScope And Nature Report Most part of your life's path is full of hurdles and unwanted delays which makes you a little late to reach your goal, but, since you are very ambitious and never easily satisfied, you always search for perfection and this makes you easily cross those hurdles and reach your destination. You have a habit of jumping on challenges and keep on proving yourself. Kareena Kapoor nature report tells that you are a migrating bird who if at one place for a long time feels suffocated. You love your life to frequently change and always keep expecting something new and fresh.You are pure by heart and readily love to help people which is your prime nature. You try to make contributions to NGOs and also seek membership in charitable trusts. You never refuse to spread a helping hand to anyone whether someone near to you or anyone whom you don't know. Your kind and helping nature may run you down of energy but you never let others down.ou handle your life very smoothly. No worry can be too strong to move your calm nature into a restless one.

Kareena Kapoor Lagna And Chandra Lagna Chart

Kareena Kapoor Shani Dosha During this phase,the person affected might be mentally tortured because of the circumstances and the sequences.The aspect that is affected here is the household or the domestic front.Socially,one may has to beware of the contemptand the oblivion he/she may face.Expenditure,too needs to be tightened or else the pressure on the pocket will be great.Basically this is a phase where one has to perform and face certain things wihout one's will.One may also go to far off destination to cope up with the situation.Managing with constrained resources even when resources are needed the most can happen.This phase is the just the beginning,so one should build up the valour to deal whats coming ahead.Interruptions. This is considered on the top of the Sade Sati in terms of its effect.One may feel confined and held back.The regularity of life may alter entirely.One needs to take care of one's health but it may be a cumbersome activity unless one is complaint to the changes of nature.Exhaustion may give way to feeling of annoyance.

Kareena Kapoor Manglik Dosha Your both chart shows that there is no Manglik Dosh. In your lgna chart planets Mars is situated in 10 and in your Moon chart the planet Mars is situted in 10 so your chart do not have Manglik Dosh.In your Lagna chart the planet Mars is situated in 10 so there is no bad effect of Manglik Dosh from Lagna Chart. In your Chandra Lagna chart the planet Mars is situated in 10 so there is no bad effect of Manglik Dosh from Chandra Lagna Chart.Inspired by the blood which is so passionate about Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor has proved that she also has the talent which can keep her stay rooted in the film industry.

Kareena Kapoor Moon Sing Dosha People born under this sign have a slender neck,thin teeth, a lean body and pointed chin.Hard hair and on the scalp and strong bones are some of the other physical attributes.They are highly critical not just of others but of themselves as well.They have a serious personality and mark high benchmarks for themselves which makes them very ambitious and goal oriented,not paying attention to the means to achieve those goals.They get upset if they do not get what they set out for.They usually have an extended family.They are solitary in nature and have a strong will power.They strife towards esteemed status in life.They can be show offs sometimes and face a lot of animosity. Lucky years: 10, 20, 34, 55, 65 Difficult years: 5, 13, 27, 36, 57, 62, 67, 72

Kareena Kapoor  

The dynasty of Kapoor's in Bollywood is remembered for royalty and excellent exhibition of creativity that they show in their perfectly carv...