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Javed Akhtar HoroScopes

Javed Akhtar Birth Details Real Name :

Javed Akhtar

Birth Date



Birth Place : Birth Time


Gwalior state, British India 12:00

Javed Akhtar HoroScopes And Nature Report Javed Akhtar nature report states that he has a well developed intuition. He is a man who can never go wrong while dealing with his professional life. He has a distinct state of mind at every point of time. His brain is occupied with one or the other thought every now and then. He is sensitive and emotionally weak. He is not courageous enough to speak up against any discriminations or malfunctioning done by others.Javed Akhtar nature report clearly reveals that he is very ambitious and his goals are high. He has an aggressive nature but has a control over his temperament thus, only few times he gets harmful to others. But, when he is not controlled he may be harmful-by his way of talking as it may hurt others more than anything else. He loses long term friends and loved ones due to this.Javed Akhtar horoscope predicts that he may suffer from heart diseases or any other mental illness as he takes a lot of tensions and leads a stressful life. He may get very demanding at times and keeps on searching for perfection in each and everything whether it is at home or at work. He should avoid getting into quarrels or critical situations as it could be motivated to get him into trouble.

Javed Akhtar Lagna and Chandra Lagna Chart

Javed Akhtar – Shani Dasha During this phase,the person affected might be mentally tortured because of the circumstances and the sequences.The aspect that is affected here is the household or the domestic front.Socially,one may has to beware of the contemptand the oblivion he/she may face.Expenditure,too needs to be tightened or else the pressure on the pocket will be great.Basically this is a phase where one has to perform and face certain things wihout one's will.One may also go to far off destination to cope up with the situation Managing with constrained resources even when resources are needed the most can happen.This phase is the just the beginning,so one should build up the valour to deal whats coming ahead.Interruptions in all the tasks that one does is a normal thing to happen.Hence an extra effort and a lot of hard work is required to accomplish what one wants to achieve.This phase requires things to be handled delicately and carefully.

Javed Akhtar – Manglik Dasha In Your both chart shows that there is no Manglik Dosh. In your lgna chart planets Mars is situated in 11 and in your Moon chart the planet Mars is situted in 11 so your chart do not have Manglik Dosh.In your Lagna chart the planet Mars is situated in 11 so there is no bad effect of Manglik Dosh from Lagna Chart. In your Chandra Lagna chart the planet Mars is situated in 11 so there is no bad effect of Manglik Dosh from Chandra Lagna Chart.

Javed Akhtar – Moon Rashi Report The people born under this sign are short or medium.The face is not so attractive accompanied by a small forehead.The complexion is usually fair and the hands and feet fat.They are benevolent and generous.They are spiritual and have a good imagination power.They love freedom but conceal their true nature.They are inclined towards the oppsite sex.They have difficulty in making friends but are happy with the ones they already have who are usually of high stature.They believe in God, religion and fear sins and are estatic but cannot empathize.They are strongly united with their marital partner and are considered as oure gentlemen.They are witty,forthright,rational,intuitive and creative. They have to travel a lot for living and have many sources of income.They may face lawsuits which hinder their right to heriditary property. On the health front,they are mostly affected by headcahes and stomach related problems Lucky years: 11, 25, 35, 46, 56 Difficult years: 2, 28, 33, 48

Javed Akhtar HoroScopes