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Akshay Kumar Horoscope

Akshay Kumar Birth Details Real Name :

Akshay Kumar

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Birth Place :

Amritsar, Punjab, India

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Akshay Kumar Horoscope And Nature Report Some kind of situations may force you to become self centered. As such it is advised that you refrain from being selfish. You would earn money through wrong means also. You are a spiritual person by nature. You are blessed with good intuitive powers. By and large, you are a very truth loving person. Also you are of very helping nature. Whosoever needs your help you are always ready to render your service. You are prone to have sound sleep. Rather sleeping any time is your weakness. You have short temperament. Sometimes under provocation, you are so short tempered by nature that you can be harsh of tongue and can misbehave. You are an easy going person by nature. You take things lightly and proceed in an easy manner. But if required, you can work for any no. of hours. You do not over trust anyone because the more you trust your faith is likely to be cheated again and again. You are highly ambitious by nature and are not easily satisfied in any sphere of life. Delay and hazards or speed breakers are also indicated in your activities for desired results. Your chart indicates that you are prone to great mental tension, which if not taken care then a time can come when it can lead to some mental disease. Know More About :- Akshay Kumar 2013 Astro Predictions

Akshay Kumar Lagna And Chandra lagna Chart

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Akshay Kumar – Shani Dosha During this phase,the person affected might be mentally tortured because of the circumstances and the sequences.The aspect that is affected here is the household or the domestic front.Socially,one may has to beware of the contemptand the oblivion he/she may face.Expenditure,too needs to be tightened or else the pressure on the pocket will be great.Basically this is a phase where one has to perform and face certain things wihout one's will.One may also go to far off destination to cope up with the situation.Managing with constrained resources even when resources are needed the most can happen. This phase is the just the beginning,so one should build up the valour to deal whats coming ahead.Interruptions in all the tasks that one does is a normal thing to happen.Hence an extra effort and a lot of hard work is required to accomplish what one wants to achieve.This phase requires things to be handled delicately and carefully.

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Akshay Kumar – Manglik Dosha In your lagna chart the planet Mars is situated in 1 so you are Manglik from Lagna Chart.Your Mars is in first house, it denotes "Self" and the presence of Mars in this house makes one short tempered and quarrelsome.The person tends to be dominating.Mangal in the 1st house affects the 4th,7th and the 8th house simultaneously. In your Chandra Lagna chart the planet Mars is situated in 2 so there is no bad effect of Manglik Dosh from Chandra Lagna Chart.

Akshay Kumar – Moon Rashi Dosha Physically,Librans are tall and slim.Even with a thick nose,they are usually very pretty.By nature,Librans are rational,knowledgable,ethical,inquisitive,benevolent,hypercritical and impatient. These people have a lot of balance and harmony which is very apparent in them which also makes them spiritual.Mixing with different kinds of people is not hard for them and they can impress people with no eefort at all.They handle all their relations and actions with logic.They talk less and give credit to actions more than words.They are involved in charitable and social work and are religious.Great personalities assist them.They are repulsive towards the opposite gender.They may have to struggle during the early part of their life but soon fate brings them all the good luck between 32-35 years of age.They are most likely to have a life partner who is very rich.They are prone to skin ailments and kidney related problems

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