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EDITORS LETTER Second issue down and everyone here has been blown away with the quality of work that we have coming in from all around the globe. The submissions that we have received have not simply highlighted the current trends, but looked forward into the future of fashion. With the winter months being quiet on the music front, the team here at Future Face have been scouring the web to bring you our favourite tracks for the coming season. We are proud to present you some of the newest upcoming talents that will become staples in your playlist for summer 13. The music that we have discovered, the designs that we have come across and the images that we have received for the second issue are outstanding to say the least, we really can’t wait to see what else is in store in the future. Enjoy the amazing photography and writing that has built up our second issue and keep sending in the inspiring work! Future Face xx


8 - Paper Dolls 16 - Models to watch 24 - Jade and John 32 - Tyler Alexandra bags 34 - Bohemian love affair 42 - The captains last dream 48 - James O’Callaghan 52 - Daniela Pizzurro 58 - Colorama 64 - The ragged priest 70 - Future Face summer playlist 72 - Contacts


4 - Cello Ong




Photographer: John Cubillan Model: Rebecca Cordell @ Nemesis Model Agency Stylist & Designer: Cello Ong MUA: Abbie Glover Mua Hair: Sam Brannon







Dress by Alpana & Neeraj Shoes by John Rocha Cuff by Erickson Beamon Headpiece and Neckpiece by Lydia Kasumi Shirreff



Photography: Daniel Frazer Stylist: Dee Moran Make Up Artist: Katrin Rees (using Chanel & Illamasqua) Hair Stylist : Takanori Yamaguchi (using Bumble & Bumble) Prop Stylist : Lydia Kasumi Shirreff Photography assistant : Cameron Jack Stylist assistant : Johanna Burmester-Andersson


Dress by Aigner Shoes by John Rocha Ring by Smith / Grey Headpiece and Props by Lydia Kasumi Shirreff


Blouse by Bora Aksu Skirt by Bora Aksu Shoes by John Rocha Ring by Erickson Beamon Box by Lydia Kasumi Shirreff


Dress by PPQ Shoes by John Rocha Headpiece and Bracelet by Lydia Kasumi Shirreff






Colvin Colvin gives us a completely new edge when it comes to male models and you can already see he will go far in the future. His razor sharp cheekbones replicate those of Jon Kortajarena and you can instantly see him gracing the runways of London, Paris, and New York Fashion Week effortlessly. Details: Height: 6ft Chest: 38.5 inch Waist: 32 inch Shoe Size: 9 Hair: Dark brown Eyes: Blue



Ben Ben is the epitome of what we want to see in the future of the fashion industry. Not just simply just a clothes hanger, his presence is immediately known. We love him for his cheeky smile, mischievous personality and the ability to capture the camera without a sweat.

Details: Height: 6ft 1 Shoe Size: 10/11 Hair: Dark Blonde Eyes: Blue


Photographer: JLFGarnett Stylist: William Dube Makeup: Hollie Croucher Models: Ben Manz @ M+P models Andrew Colvin @ M+P Models







Jade and John ‘Decadent Wearable Art’ 2012 Jewellery and Fashion Accessories Collection Creative couple Jade and John proudly presents their debut collection of jewellery and fashion accessories. The collection consists of luxury statement jewellery, empowering metal bodywear and couture facial masks. The almost scandalous yet oh so very extravagant collection embodies the wonders of today’s ‘fresh off the runway’ chic; whilst still staying true to natural elements. This is achieved by using carefully selected metals during the production process. Fashionistas will run a mile and back with envy when they discover this hauntingly powerful metal bodywear. The couple work closely to capture tasteful yet timeless pieces by using John’s technically creative skills and combining them with Jade’s limitless imagination. Resulting with the end products being high fashion and in some people’s eyes ‘a work of ar t’.


Who would you say your target audience is for your jewellery? Our more extravagant pieces are perfectly suited to music videos, catwalk couture and red carpet statements, however we are careful to include similarly extravagant, but accessible pieces in our collection. These can be worn every day by anyone who likes to make a statement, be it subtle or not. Our current collection is mostly aimed at on-trend women, but a lot of our pieces suit male wearers too. Is your collection affordable? We provide a range of jewellery that meets different budgets. Our prices reflect that each piece is handmade by us in our workshop in the UK. We don’t outsource to foreign labour and we use high quality materials, this makes our costs higher than high street jewellery, but you get the quality that you pay for. Would you say you need a lot of confidence to wear the bodywear? Our pieces work with you & your body to transform you into that confident person you want to be. Our bodywear is designed to make you feel amazing. By accentuating the wearer’s beauty, our pieces instil a confidence that may not have previously been obvious. We always try to offer our customers ways to wear Jade & John, even if they’re not as confident as some of our other wearers - such as with our Chained Cuffs, you can order them without the chain, so you can own these bold, stylish cuffs…minus the more extrover t par t! We also have lots of pieces such as gemstone rings, pendants & earrings that are far more delicate but retain our brand’s edge for the more conservative wearer. Which is your favourite piece in the collection? Jade: The ‘Warrior Crown Mask’ just wins as my favourite. I remember hurriedly scrawling the idea down, worrying I’d forget it, then creating several prototypes from foil and card to be able to relay it properly to John. Absolute precision & craftsmanship went into this piece, as we individually forged each identical spike and created just enough of a gap between each spike so the wearer can see perfectly without others realising.




John: The ‘Chained Cape’ is my favourite as it provided the challenge of producing a pretty & feminine piece from industrial materials to enable it to be strong yet lightweight. It’s a fun, beautiful piece and the chains make a fantastic sound as you walk!

Who and what inspires you most when you are making your jewellery, masks & metal bodywear? Strong, powerful - almost superhero-esque - women inspire us most of all. We also draw inspiration from different aspects of fashion, such as Philip Treacy’s millinery and Thierry Mugler’s designs & stageshows, as well as from tribal body ar t and music stage tours. John is heavily inspired by the materials and techniques themselves and the possibilities & challenges that they provide. What got you into designing the facewear & bodywear? I [Jade] had a fascination with masks that grew from coming across fine ar tist Gillian Wearing’s work with masks & the psychology behind them, at the same time I fell madly in love with Thierry Mugler’s high-fashion designs from the 80s & 90s. This, our backgrounds in fashion and the popularity of music ar tists such as Lady Gaga with her extreme outfits encouraged us to explore our passion for celebrating the feminine form in this way.

How would you describe the style of your collection? It’s accessible, wearable works of ar t meets luxury jewellery with an edge. Think Kate Moss’s cool, grunge style for the jewellery, and Lady Gaga or Katy Perry’s looks for our face & bodywear!

Writing: Lara Duncan Photography: John Spence



Future Face is always on the look out for new and up-coming designers, so when we came across Tyler Alexandra, we knew that we had hit a winner. Her newest S/S 2013 collection has us all on our knees wanting it (the whole collection please!) She describes on her website exactly what influences her to create such stunning designs, and how her late father and esteemed designer, Perry Ellis, has inspired her throughout her designer life. “Bags are created with an eye to key details. Subtle interior pockets, meant for stashing everyday necessities, and a discreet, unusual zipper-pull are offset by each bags distinctive, deep violet pocket lining. Personal details abound, making each design a unique, enduring accessory. Structured, architectural, and subversively sexy, these are head-turning bags with subtle decadence. Modern riffs on perennially chic classics, Tyler Alexandra bags are made to last a lifetime” The luxury brand is a new addition to the designer handbag world, and Tyler’s bags really do stand out from the rest. Her choices of colour make them suitable for all times of the year, or to bring out an otherwise subdued outfit. But what really makes the bags are the textures – it is so hard to achieve such detail, but it has been her immaculate attention to every detail that has lead every woman and her dog to want one of her bags.


Her designs have been seen on the arms of various celebrities who continue to rave about their newest additions to their fashion repoire. This has grabbed the attention of the press, landing her with numerous amounts of magazine features in Mayfair Magazine, Elle Accessories and Premier Magazine.

She also describes that the bags are a timeless piece, and one that would be passed down to daughters from their mothers. Personally, if my mother were to be ever so kind to pass me down one of these beauties, I would find it hard to let go of it, even to my own kin. The love of owning one of these bags would be ever lasting and would run you through any trends, and any season The best part about these handbags are the fact that they are all produced to a luxury standard and are all handmade in France and Italy, so if you are feeling a little too British when it comes to your fashion sense (though there is nothing wrong with too much Burberry in the closet!) then one of her bags would be a wonderful investment. If you would like to view the rest of her collection and keep up to date with her up and coming collections, visit her website: Alice Martin



Denim Jacket and t-shirt : Beyond Retro. Striped polo : YMC. Navy blazer, : T.lipop.



Blue shirt and shorts, by YMC.


Green studded jacket by Qulit



Her Tie-dye t-shirt, by Beyond Retro. Gilet, by Gestuz. Trousers, by Stella McCartney at Matches. Necklace, by Kyle Hopkins. Him Digital print t-shirt, by Helen Steele. Pinstripe suit, by Beyond Retro.


Him Pinstripe jacket, by YMC. Cropped floral trousers and skull slippers, by T.lipop. Her Sleeveless denim shirt, by Beyond Retro. Skirt, by Maya’s Closet.

Photographer : Sam Wilson Stylist : Aida Dolrahim Make up Artist : Julia Wilson Hair Stylist : Michiko Yoshida Models : Lottie at Select model management, Brett at Storm models






Denim Jacket: J-Chan’s Designs Shorts: J-Chan’s Designs Hat: Vintage Betmar Shoes: Hot Topic


Eye-patch: Marianna Harutunian Swarovski Crystal Palm Bracelet: Marianna Harutunian


Photographer: Drew Fritschel of Bluesparrow Photography- Fashion Stylist: Jessica Rowell of J-Chan’s Designs- Makeup Artist: Jessica Rowell Model: Emmanuel Olivaster at Donna Baldwin Agency Location: Perigee Studios in Denver, Colorado, US







Photographer : Dieter brandenburg  Make up : Erika Delabarquera Model : James O’Callaghan @ Figaro IMG





Black trousers Zara Blazer Pimkie Necklet - H&M




Photographer : Daniela Pizzurro Assistant Photographer : Ettore Manfredi Make up and Hair : Andreea Lavinia Pop Stylist : Okiana Mikeli Retoucher : Nadia Selander Model : Diandra Barsalou @Edge Models Location : Villa Matilda, Formello (RM)







Photographer : Lorenzo Naudts Models : Max De Mulder @Dominique Mode Victor Alex @Flag Models Make up : Evara Collin Styling : Lorenzo Naudts Website :







Any  fashionistas or lovers’ of grunge and all things leather will absolute worship this brand. The Ragged Priest quickly emerged and became well known when it collaborated with Topshop and began to sell their products on there. It’s not just us at Future Face who have fallen in love with them, looks like the celebrities have caught on with the hype also - Rihanna and Jessie J have recently been snapped spor ting the attire. The Ragged Priest focuses very much on re-working vintage leather and denim by customising the garments with studs and various other embellishments. The wardrobe toughening collection is not only affordable but will guarantee to set you aside from the crowd. What more could you want from a brand? - Affordable fashion which is fierce and grunge heaven! It will save your poor little hands from getting blisters studding your vintage leather biker and spending hours on end perfecting the ideal look.




I can almost smell the leather from here! Grab yourself a new staple item and make a new statement wardrobe. These timeless pieces will be sure to make you stand out. Street style at its very finest. Written By Lara Duncan


SUMMER PLAYLIST Armeria - What you need De$ignated - Whats it gonna be Henry Krinkle - Stay Hot Natured - Assimilation Hot Toddy - Down to love (Henry Krinkle’s Lush Haus Mix) Indigo foxx - Almost Keys-N-Krates - Follow you down LionBabe - Treat me like fire (starslinger bootleg mix) RZR-FDR - Maybe Sly One - Come to mine TJPN & Lo - Nothing



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