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Football 7

Laws of the Game Summary

Touch Line Halfway Line

Penalty Spot

Penalty Area



a. Artificial Turf as First Preference; Natural Turf as Second Preference b. 60-50 meters x 40-30 meters (Ideal Standard: 60x40) c. Penalty Area: 9 Meters d. Penalty Mark: 9 Meters e. Goals: 5 meters x 2 meters f. Substitution Zone: 5 meters in front of the Timekeeper Position (in the middle of the field) THE BALL Football Number 4 (62-66 cm. / 340-390 gr.) and/or Football Number 5 (68-70 cm. / 410-450 gr.), depending Field (Artificial or Natural Turf) and Categories (Youth, Senior, etc.) NUMBER OF PLAYERS a. Total 12 b. 7 players on Field (1 is the Goalkeeper) c. 5 substitutions d. They can make the substitutions automatically, without Referee permission, using the Substitution Zone e. Without limit of substitutions REFEREES a. Two Referees, one acting as Main Referee, the other one, as Second Referee b. 1 Timekeeper (Time and Records control) DURATION OF THE MATCH a. Total: 50 minutes b. Each Period: 25 minutes c. Half-Time Interval: 10 minutes d. Time-Out. The teams are entitled to a one-minute time-out in each period OFFSIDE There is NO Offside in Football 7 FOULS a. Direct free kick, penalty kick or indirect kick b. All opponents must be at least 6 meters from the ball THE GOAL CLEARANCE The ball is thrown from any point inside the Penalty Area by the Goalkeeper of the defending team, with the hands, and he have four seconds of being ready to do so.

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