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Video description- Mix Home Memories are created at every single corner of your home, then why not design it beautifully. This video has some assorted designs of living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, study, kid’s room, bathrooms and Home Theatre. Futomic Design Services can design your home exquisitely with their team of expert luxury interior designers in India.

Living room: White and brown theme has been beautifully imbibed in this room, the brown fur carpet and the luxurious sofa unit. Wooden ledges are adorning the LED panel so well and the white stylish shelf is the perfect touch of luxury.

Living room: The bright artwork on the plain wall is looking amazing. The off white sofa and stylish glass table are coomplementing the lavish look of the room. The separate white and black portions are looking amazing as well.

Dining room: This all white dining room can leave anyone awestruck. The centre of attraction being the golden table base, making the room all the more luxurious and classy. The room is bathed is sunlight, from the beautifuly designed windows.

Dining room: This classy dining room in white and grey is looking amazing with those stylish dining table and chairs. The glass doors are filling the room with natural light and the storage units are very well designed to keep the crockery.

Dining room: This luxurios dining room is adorned with white chairs, grey textured wall and stylish glass table. While mirror is making the room look spacious and beautiful, the chandalier is adding to the charm.

Bedrooom: This master bedroom is the epitome of luxury and style. The main wall covered with mirror , is making the room all the more lavish with the leather headboard of bed enhancing the charm.

Bedroom: White is classic. The exquisite ceiling, furniture and mirrors behind the bed are adding to the luxurious feel of the room. The grey fur carpet is beautifuly complementing the white theme.

Bedroom: This bedroom will all wooden elements and finish is looking splendid. The artwork placed on the wooden shelf and chocolate brown wall are complementing the room very well.

Bedroom: An awesome white and grey color scheme is beautifuly imbibed in the room. Everything is perfect, the white lacquer finish wardrobes, zebra print rug and the black art pieces in the room.

Bedroom: This big spacious white room is looking beautiful. Adding to the look are the brown fur carpet, black and white side table. The windows are filling the room with golden light.

Kid’s room: This awesome bedroom with a compact bed and stylish study unit is the concoction of luxury and style. The white fancy light on the ceiling and the artwork on wall with wooden finish adds to the beauty of the room.

Kid’s room: In this cute kid’s room, the full length white wardrobe and shelves are designed to keep the kid’s toys and other articles. The cute yellow table and flower mirror stickers over the bed are adding to the look of the room.

Kid’s room: This compact white kid’s room is designed luxuriously. Be it full length wardrobe units, the classy sofa-cum-bed or white stoage units.

Theatre: This theatre with woodwork and brown carpet is looking amazing. Adding to the beauty are the ceiling lights, giving the theatre a mesmerizing look.

Study: This white and yellow study is not at all boring. Yellow color is imbibed beautifully, to give a fresh feel. The tall white storage unit, yellow cabinets and brown fur carpet are smarly placed in the room.

Kitchen: This awesome modular kitchen design done in beautiful plum color is everybody’s dream kitchen. The lacquer finish on storage units and the glossy floor finish are mesmerizing.

Kitchen: This cream and brown modular kitchen is looking amazing. The storage units are designed in a stylish way. And the chimney in the centre is adding to the look.

Bathroom: The itlian marble flooring and walls are giving the bathroom a splendid look. The mirror is smartly placed to enhance the look. The ventilation has also been taken care of.

Bathroom: This exquisite bathroom deesign is imbibed with subtle colors and beautifuly designed main wall. The raised marble platform and marble wall are adding to the beauty of the room.


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From living room, kitchen to study. Here are some assorted images of different portions of a home by expert luxury interior designers in Ind...

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