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Seven Vital Boons of External Wall Insulation

There are times when we are not sure about the mechanism of insulation and are confused whether to install it or simply ignore it. There can be different opinions but it’s necessary to know seven things about external wall insulation also known as EWI.

Seven Vital Points to Known about External Insulation: 1. Generally, EWI is applied around building’s exterior or external wall to enhance its energy efficiency. It’s simply an application of insulation layer around the external wall of a house, building, compound, or premises. 2. Structural render often termed as insulating a building's external walls, ensures that the energy bills are reduced. House owners or building contractors who use best quality external insulation system can easily save up to £385 annually on heating expenses. Generally, the advantage of EWI is witnessed in reduction of heating costs by 40%. 3. External rendering investment in residential building or business building helps to cut on carbon emission. The insulation of building where business activities are at peak ensures carbon emission reduction by 50%. It’s the best way to protect environment and be eco-friendly. 4. The another advantage of opting for external wall insulation is to follow the routine work without any disturbance. Yes, it’s true as insulating external walls of a building or home do not require moving out of the building. Even, the furnitures, fixtures, and other assets are not shifted to other place while insulating the walls. So, in short, the day to day affairs are not disturbed and go in a routine manner.

5. The internal walls or space are not used for structural render; and it ascertains that the owner doesn’t lose internal living space. The simple fact being that insulation is always performed on outer walls of a home or building. 6. The properties that are insulated will fetch more value in real estate market. This becomes

more of a blessing when one plans to sell his or her property. The reason being all buildings, homes, offices, and premises with external rendering are valued high during sale. Even buyers prefer buildings with external insulation and energy efficient. The external rendering also make the building appears appealing. 7. The miscellaneous advantages of installing external insulation system include:

• The rain water won’t leak and water accumulation is not possible on roof • The external insulation of walls also has the ability to absorb and block sound - especially unpleasant noise • The longevity of the building materials are increased and renovation cost is lowered • Wall insulation of external portions in a building eradicates internal wall condensation

External wall insulation  

There are times when we are not sure about the mechanism of insulation and are confused whether to install it or simply ignore it. There can...

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