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Bustling Chinatown during Chinese New Year


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Bustling Chinatown during Chinese New Year

Credits to: Edwin Fong

With Chinese New Year around the

There are lesser tourists this year said Mr Sam Jinnah, a business attire tailor shop owner in Chinatown.“Business is not as good as last year” considering that his main customers are mostly foreigner trying to get the right fit and rarely locals patronizing to do that.

Visitor inflow is constantly very packed up from the morning till midnight, with many just following the crowd hoping they might stumble upon what they are looking for. Repeat visitors have mentioned this year being a lot busier thus having lesser space to walk around.

“I wanted to come down to spend time with my wife during the Chinese New Year season” said Mr Nick Loo, a service manager who was together with his wife, waiting for their Taiwanese dessert to arrive. They came down with not much intention of purchasing products and solely came down to enjoy the atmosphere.

corner, Chinatown is once again packed with both locals and tourists coming over not only to buy Chinese New Year goodies, but also enjoy the delicacies and atmosphere the place has to offer.


Taiwanese jelly containing fruits, to dried barbeque pork, dried mushrooms and even melon seeds, this year's goodies are what the regulars come to expect of Chinatown. Many visitors said it was the same old thing but hey, why change it when it works? Decorations sprawl across not only among the shop area with red lanterns but also with huge horse lanterns between roads. Mr Simon Low, an IT consultant was admiring the decorations.

been seen to be as big and tall as a man. Couplets can also be just as tall as a man. Chinese New Year in Chinatown is starting to have lesser foreigners coming over but that's not going to stop it from having more locals visit. Best of all, it's still capable of impressing visitors with its deorations and products.

"It's the same every year, just as good,�Mr Low replied when asked about the decorations. These beautiful sights constantly catch the eyes of visitors with many whipping out their handphones to get a chance to snap a photo. Perhaps it is because of these situations that human traffic congestions happen so frequently in Chinatown. Mr Jonathan Ng, a senior front desk executive of Chinatown hotel finds this year's decoration “very lively". Emphasizing on how strong the Chinese New Year atmosphere is this year just like what visitors have come to expect. "This year's decorations are very nice� said Mr Tom Alson, a Finance IT Vice-president who came also came with his wife. He was impressed with the showcase of horses from this years main theme, the year of the horse. Household decorations being sold this year have definitely upped the scale. Red and yellow pineapple decorations have

By: Edwin Fong Fusion Editor


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edits to: Chew Ying Xuan


Love, Passion. Commitments. More

Being exposed to the real world through volunteer work, she had become aware of how the society is like. “Our society is made up of really different group of people with different background. You may think that Singapore is a developing country with many wealthy people. In fact, there are actually many groups of Miss Lim started volunteering at a tender people who need our help and are waiting age of 13, distributing daily necessities to for us to lend them a helping hand," said the elderly and needy people. She grew Miss Lim. into volunteering and Lim went on to contribute even more to the society. She With the rise of aging population volunteered in places such as community growing in Singapore, more volunteers centers, Gardens by the Bay and Chingay. are required. However, not many will be willing to as they have a heavy workload Of course, one will encounter difficulties and might not have time for volunteering. such as people demanding more or While some, are self-centered or they attempting to start a tiff. “I would may just be plain lazy. normally just stay calm and put on a smile no matter what. People have their In response, Miss Lim said that to get bad days like everyone does, so I will just more volunteers, an awareness campaign smile and never be rude to them,” said should be devised. Also, one should Miss Lim when she faces difficulties. know that he or she might be the next victim who needs help from other people. On a research conducted by National Hence, one should start giving instead of Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre thinking about the benefits. (NVPC) in 2012, the percentage of volunteers increased from 23.3% to Definitely, there will be a handful of 32.3%. This is the highest rate since the people, who are willing to venture into research began in 2000 and the volunteers the field of volunteering. They can start come from different backgrounds such as with small gestures such as helping out education and income levels. at an old folk's home or beach cleaning. people are doing volunteer work and contributing back to society. Lim Wan Leng, an 18-year-old student, studying Diploma in Business Management in Nanyang Polytechnic sees volunteering as part of her life.

In Miss Lim’s family, her mother also joins in the volunteer field and lends a helping hand to other people.“My family is actually proud of me doing volunteer work as it helps me gain experience of the outside world and I can also have the chance to interact with more people.”

It is not about what you will benefit from when you give but it is the experience you will get that is priceless. Miss Lim's motivation for contributing back to the community comes from a quote by Anne Frank.“No one has ever become poor by giving.” By: Chew Ying Xuan Fusion Editor


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Flea Attention H

ave you been to any well-known flea market in Singapore? *SCAPE Flea is a great place for hunting cheap and trendy stuff, collectibles and unique gifts on every Thursday to Sunday. It is where the young and young-at-heart people normally goes. Majority of them are with their groups of friends or their shopping companion. *SCAPE Flea has more than 30 stalls at the entrance, alfresco and atrium areas. Located at the alfresco area just beside Toast Box, Anne and Elaine both own and share a stall that offers products from all over the world. Anne had been setting up stall since Christmas last year whereas it's the first time for Elaine. Their stall offers items such as necklaces, bangles and even hand-sewn bags.“Our products are mainly from Korea and also Shanghai where it is known as a fashion city," said Anne. Their product prices ranges from a pouch that cost six dollars to a hand sewn bag costing from 12 to 15 dollars. With such affordable prices and friendly owners, it is definitely worth patronizing. Anime enthusiasts are in for a treat. ACS Comics is a three-week-old stall situated near the entrance of *SCAPE Underground. They have all kinds of products ranging from mugs, stationery, life size pillows and even puzzles.


“Our products are mostly from Taiwan and it is being licensed in Japan. Prices kickoff from price of seven dollars to a few hundred and discounts can be given based on the number of items bought,” said Tan Xi Min, co-owner of ACS Comics.

For those who love fashion and follow the latest trend, *SCAPE is the place just for you. You might be able to get the unexpected prices for your items. It is no surprise that many people goes to a flea often.“We come here once a month and we had ever gotten a cotton shirt with print for just a dollar!” said Amelia and Amanda both aged 19. Rings, bangles, necklaces are necessities for a girl.“When I am at *SCAPE, I would always keep a look out for accessories. Also, every girl needs to own at least a little black dress because it’s an essential piece to your wardrobe. The cheapest item I bought from *SCAPE flea is a five dollar black dress. It's very worth a buy!”said Chang Chong Hui, 19 studying in Nanyang Polytechnic.

Credits to: Chang Chong Hui


Sufficient cash Price Savvy Avoid peak periods eg Friday Make use of bargains Quality check


Spend your weekend dropping by at *SCAPE Flea. You might get more than what you expect. Cheap, trendy and one of a kind, what more can we ask for? Credits to: Yeong Yun Xuan & Chew Ying Xuan Fusion Editors


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Smoking gives many the

impressions as bad influence, rebels, etc. But to this 19-year-old teenager, he thinks otherwise. “It all depends on how people wants to live their own life. Some really do feel much better after a stick of cigarettes. It allows them to focus on their work much better.” Russell commented with a smile. A student of Accounting and Finance in Nanyang Polytechnic, Russell claims that life has not been easy on him. Russell’s parents had divorced when he was only at the age of 10 and to him; it was not an easy thing to deal with. Russell happens to be one of the many kids whose parents are smokers and thus had been influenced but however Russell did not think that it was because of his father that he had started to pick smoking.

“Everyone has his/her mind of its own. My father discourages me to smoke despite the fact it really is ironic coming from him.” Russell started his “smoking routine” ever since the last year of his secondary school, the o levels. The pressure and stress was too much for him to take and smoking of the only way to distress him. It is quick and fast. There is no time wasted at all. Russell believes he could even focus better after smoking one or two sticks after getting stuck at a particular questions. “It may sounds as an excuse to many but it really does works for me. I am fully aware of the side effects of smoking but to get through this stressful society. I believe smoking helps me through everything.”

Smoking Distress

Smoking is not just leisure to Russell. It is a way to survive the harsh world. Though smoking has been becoming a trend among teenagers, people still do judge and asked if he was ever bothered. “Why should I? If smoking does really helps me in a way, what others’ think doesn’t really matter much to me. I know it will be putting me in a bad light but I will let my work prove my worthiness.” Russell refuses to quit smoking because it has helped him out so much in life. However thought he had his way of living, he still sometimes hope he was not this addicted to smoking. Though Russell is one of the many teenagers who smokes, like his father he still strongly discourage his peers and the young ones to stay away from smoking.

He thinks it’s ridiculous when he heard many think smoking makes them look cool and attractive. “These kids will soon come to their sense but by the time it would be hard for them to quit. Smoking because of the peers is one of the most ridiculous reasons I have ever come across.” Russell then proceeded ending the interview with a few words. “Have a mind of your own. Live your life, let them judge.”

By Trina Tan Fusion Editor

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Think twice before getting a pet. A

lot of people buy pets on impulse without any consideration or as a gift for their friends or children. Having a pet can be lots of fun and enjoyable, but it includes a huge of responsibilities. It’s important and necessary to make sure you are ready to encounter all the problem and competent responsibility that come with it. The Singapore Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

(SPCA) reported that it took in 1,182

dogs, 1,606 cats and 1,661 domestic small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.) from July 2012 to June 2013. According to the SPCA, there have been a decrease of taking in of animals since 2007 to 2013. From the total number of animals including dogs, cats, wild animals and birds is 9,487 in 2007 to 4,449 in 2013. In fact, the pet abandonment is not rising trend among 11

Singaporeans within 6 years. However, it is still having issue in Singapore. Many people abandoned their pet to animal welfare organization and the SPCA stated that the main reason cited by owners who surrender their pets: “No times to look after them�. There actually have many reasons behind of it such as behavioral problem, expenses and illness of a pet. What is Euthanasia? According to Euthanasia Policy from SPCA, Euthanasia is necessary when an animal is suffering due to an incurable illness or injury when an animal presents a significant risk to human health and safety, or the safety of other animals (through disease or aggressive behavior). Before making the decision of putting the pet to sleep, the owner have to consult a veterinarian to verify the issues. It may underlying health problems. Then, the owner is obliged to seek help from an experienced animal trainer.

The Dog Training Singapore Organization has alternative way to deal with‌


is the process of making the dog less sensitive to stimuli it hates or fears.

Eg:This is usually done by introducing the dog to a level of exposure it can tolerate and over many sessions, gradually increasing the exposure level.


is simply a classical conditioning process used to change how dogs feel about certain stimuli that causes them to react aggressively.

Eg: The objective of counterconditioning is to have the dog associate pleasant, positive emotions to stimuli it once reacted to.

From AsiaOne News, the article about sad life for abandoned pets, Mr Ricky Yeo, Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD)’s president said: "People are influenced by what they see in the media and in movies (and tend to buy pets on a whim). Pets are a long-term commitment and should be treated accordingly." You have to put on your love, time, energy and money for caring a pet.

l b si

r o f e


e r e

n o sp

r u yo

t e p

By Yeong Yun Xuan Fusion Editor


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, a m m ul dile

f t r a n A

? r e rd

O r o os


"My grandfather's road", a phrase that I would use to give me and my friends a reason to jaywalk. Seeing it being pasted on the road definitely made me giggle a little. Not many people have the balls to vandalise Singapore with such adolescent humour due to its strict rules, let’s just say the last time a certain foreigner tried spreading graffiti on a MRT train, he wasn't exactly lucky. However, Samantha Lo is definitely someone who wanted to challenge the laws of Singapore with her Singaporean sense of humour.


In my opinion art cannot have rules. It is a very strong form of free speech

that can be in many different forms. Even Nicole Seah, a member of the National Solidarity Party, came out to voice her opinion on Facebook, writing that Singapore "would never be able to achieve the state of a truly creative society if we continue to place these boundaries around ourselves.” Definitely Singapore is going to have to start tolerating a little here and there especially when it wants to embrace art. Samantha Lo probably wanted to express common Singaporean life and let’s face it, those stickers didn’t exactly look bad and there was no profanity. No inconveniences were caused and they blended quite perfectly with the surfaces. This act gave her a chance to express herself to the world.

Yes, she has broken the law of Singapore but perhaps for once we have to come to an agreement that sometimes chaos is required, especially since her artwork has themes of adolescent misbehaviour For such a minor crime the penalty is from the typical Singaporean teenager. very severe, she could have faced a fine Perhaps it is why she did it in the first of 2000, up to 3 years of imprisonment place. and up to 8 strokes of the cane. But it is because of these laws that the country is She has successfully sent this message relatively vandalism free. and netizens have also made a petition to recognise her work as art instead of However netizens definitely have a point one of public nuisance. A little chaos is on this case. There is a huge difference necessary for Singapore art to thrive and between what is art and outright I think this time, I’m with the netizens. vandalism. They feel that it is actual creativity and not the act of deliberately destroying public property.

Creditws to;

The rules regarding vandalism here take into account not only drawings and spray painting, but also pasting stickers and affixing posters.

By Edwin Fong Fusion Editor


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alling sick and tired of Singapore's urbanized city? Feeling really suffocated amongst the tall buildings surrounding you? Well, leaving your troubles behind and head down for a breather at East Coast Park for some sand, sea and sun. And most importantly, for some fun. East Coast Park has always been a well known relaxation hot spot in Singapore which welcomes more than seven million visitors per year. It's not only a park but it's a beach as well. Before even stepping into the park, one can feel the light sea breeze blowing comfortably into one’s face. Faint sounds of leaves rustling, and soft chattering of people rings into one’s ears. Upon walking closer to the sea, the sound of waves crashing ashore can also be heard.

Escape to East Coast Park Photo Credit to Heidi Chan


It’s the most suitable place to hold a simple picnic or even just for a stroll or cycle along the pathway as you take in the flora and fauna around you. Other than these, visitors can also enjoy the various attractions there such as the Xtreme Skatepark and Lilliputt Indoor Mini Golf. When feeling hungry, a large variety of cafes and restaurants are also located there. 17-year-old Lim Yu Fang is one of East Coast Park’s frequent visitors. IS

heading out for couple activities such as cycling couple bikes or just sitting with each other admiring the scenery and enjoying each other’s company. Roger is one example who brings his girlfriend to East Coast Park for dates. Roger feels that East Coast Park is one of the best places to escape from the terrible Singapore heat as the cool breeze is very relaxing to the mind and body.

“THE BEACH Roger’s friend, Zhongxin ACTUALLY QUITE also enjoys hanging out ROMANTIC AT NIGHT, at East Coast Park with Yu Fang has been his buddies for skating NEAR THE DAWN.” visiting East Coast Park sessions at the skate - ROGER HONG park. Occasionally, he since she was a child as her father often brought her there to practice cycling. Her father had chose East Coast Park to teach Yu Fang how to cycle when she was younger. Hence this place held many precious memories for her.

“I usually come here to cycle, and sometimes rollerblade at the beach with my friends. East Coast Park is quite a safe place for kids to cycle.” She commented, “The routes are easy to follow and bike and roller blade rentals are available here which makes it very convenient.”

also cruises down the bicycle lane on his skateboard.

He expresses that East Coast Park is a very convenient place for skating. “There are vending machines and toilets everywhere. We can just stop by anytime to quench our thirst or relive ourselves.”

Overall, East Coast Park is a very good escape from our usual fast paced city lives. Just a day at the park would clear our soul as well as our mind and body. Admission is also free Other than sports activities, and families as well as friends can East Coast Park is also an ideal spend the day there with a minimal destination for a romantic date. There budget. By Heidi Chan & Trina Tan are also many dining choices available Fusion Editor there so that couples can sit down for a meal to fill their stomachs before


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Totally at the edge of my seat almost throughout the entire movie, Kidnapper is truly an eye-opener because not only the overall movie is very different from the usual cheesy and predictable local movies, but the movie throws it's viewers into a psychological trance that leaves them totally unprepared for what's coming up next. Kidnapper is a local production by

Photo Credit to Golden Village Pictures

Kelvin Tong which mainly revolves around Ah Huat (as played by Christopher Lee), Lim Wei Xiang (as played by Jerald Tan) as well as Ah Hu (as played by Jack Lim). Basically Ah 17

Huat is a taxi driver in the film and he's a single parent of Wei Xiang. Both father and son share a very close bonded relationship although they were not very well to do. The thrill starts when Wei Xiang is being mistakenly kidnapped in which the kidnapper demands a heavy ransom which sends Ah Huat into a frenzy trying his very best to raise the amount. This thus forces him into desperation whereby he does various unpredictable and insane things to save his son. Overall, this film was a fantastic entertainment with all its plot twists and star studded casts, with Christopher Lee and Jack Lim having been in quite a few popular regional movies. The shots and effects were very realistic to the extent I felt like I was in the movie itself. The action scenes were also very tense and gripping leaving audience biting their nails in suspense. The flow of the story was smooth and it was not hard for the audience to grasp what is

going on although many upcoming scenes were unpredictable and shocking. The actors were very convincing adding a plus point for the film. Christopher Lee portrayed his character very well even to minute details. Throughout the entire time his son was kidnapped, he roamed the streets looking like a wreck with unkempt hair and filthy looking clothes. Jack Lim on the other handhad a menacing look on his face especially when facing Wei Xiang, Ah Huat’s son. His facial expressions made audiences gulp in fear at his heartless tactics towards the poor young boy. As for Jerald Tan, his performance was unexpectedly very well done, which took many for surprise, for an actor of his young age. He portrays the innocence and terror he was experiencing very extremely well in which sends the

audiences heart to wrench in pity and despair. The whole film was close to two hours which was pretty long. But the action scenes and overall thrill of the entire movie held the audience’s attention and kept our heartbeats racing throughout it. Also, the movie has highlighted one of the most important aspects in life, love. It clearly shows how a parent would do anything just to keep his or her child safe and that children are always first priority in a parent’s mind. In a nutshell, this movie was a wonderful experience. It was creative and exciting but at the same time dark. A highly recommended film. Credits to: Christopher Lee, Phyllis Queck, Jack Lim Director: Kelvin Tong Language: Mandrain Genre: Action/ Drama By Heidi Chan Fusion Editor