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THE CANADIAN SECURITIES EXCHANGE – The Exchange for Entrepreneurs | Quarterly Issue No. 4

RIWI online survey platform quietly transforms art of opinion gathering by Jonathan Jones


IWI (CSE:RIW) is being mentioned in the same breath as tech giant Google for the way it is revolutionising survey data and in particular the method by which RIWI’s citizen and market intelligence is collected. Yet rather surprisingly Neil Seeman, Chief Executive and founder of the company, is keen to play down the analogy. The two models are different, though they share one common feature — their surveys are short. RIWI uses patented algorithms to detect when a person has entered an incorrect or non-existent website name into the address bar. It then sends them to a registered domain containing one of its short, easy to complete surveys. 20 |

While Google asks users to take short surveys in their entirety on niche media properties, RIWI’s random survey exposure sites globally can also take long, 150 question surveys, condense them, and dispatch them all over the world. Then it pieces the collected information together to get a completed survey. “We deliberately ensure that the suite of domains in any given country is randomised and representative of the broad Internet user population,” says Seeman. Part of the firm’s business model is that there is no researcher bias, no contact with the participant, and no personal data recorded. This means that new participants constantly get “RIWI’ed” — with approximately 80% of RIWI-sourced survey takers globally not having completed a survey of any kind in the past week.

The CSE Quarterly, Quarter 4, 2015  
The CSE Quarterly, Quarter 4, 2015  

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