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THE CANADIAN SECURITIES EXCHANGE – The Exchange for Entrepreneurs | Quarterly Issue No. 3

Retention – This shows how our program offers Dealerships a way to proactively promote their website, service appointments, and customer retention.

We’ve bypassed competitors who require you to talk to someone to get information. With IGEN the information goes directly to you.” And taking that concept one step further, could the benefits extend beyond paying customers by serving one day as a solution to the plague of bad driving? “I believe family behavior changes,” says Chan. “I have never been alerted on speeding with any of my kids when they have taken the car. It does change everyone’s behavior for the better.” Revenue in the quarter through June 30 was USD $289,065, some 90 percent of it from hardware sales. The first year of service is baked into the initial sale, and profit margins are good, but it is in the second year – the renewals – when the margins get really juicy. “We are bringing the control back to the consumer,” says Chan in summary. “Providing that direct information to the consumer is really the essence. Being able to collect and use that data, being in the analytics business, is where we think the future is. And we understand technically how all this needs to come together, and what metrics you need to focus on to make sure you have a profitable and ongoing business for the long term.” n

PPG – Product Performance Guarantee Options available.

Originally published on September 3, 2015

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CSE Quarterly 3 - 2015  
CSE Quarterly 3 - 2015  

Third quarter review Canadian Stock Exchange