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THE CANADIAN SECURITIES EXCHANGE – The Exchange for Entrepreneurs | Quarterly Issue No. 3

“My hope is that by this time next year we have commercial orders in place and we start to see some revenue.” This timeline is aggressive to be sure, but when one considers the pedigree of the company’s leadership, it is difficult not to hop on the bandwagon. Siegel has worked in a variety of technology and manufacturing industries, both for himself and for some very high-profile global companies, including 5 years as president of Atari, a well-known pioneer in home video game consoles. Board chairman Jim Young was one of three businessmen who worked to establish MedImmune Inc. in its early days during the late 1980s. He was still with the company a decade later, as president of R&D, when it was sold to AstraZeneca for USD $15.6 billion. Director Steve Crocker was part of the team that developed protocols which later formed part of the foundation for the Internet. He is currently chairman of ICANN, or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Then there is Dr. Rajiv Modi, Chairman and Managing Director of generic drug giant Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited, the largest private pharmaceutical company in India.

Plants for processing coal and other materials using the Targeted Microwave Solutions technology would cost in the tens of millions of dollars to build, but environmental regulations and big cost savings from higher burning efficiency could make that a palatable number for many potential users. “The optimal revenue model will depend on a potential client’s, and our, access to capital, and other factors,” says Siegel. Beyond treating coal and bentonite, Siegel speaks of the potential to replace conventional mineral separating processes in the mining industry, particularly that for iron ore, and more obvious applications such as removing water in the wood feedstock for biomass plants. “We have dozens of applications in mineral and fuel stock areas to exploit in the months to come,” he says. If coal-fired plants do begin adopting the technology in large numbers, it would not be the first time a clever team took an age-old problem, looked at it a different way and utilized advances in technology to solve it. Technology, connections and intellectual firepower are among the factors required to pull off such a feat, but then those terms describe Targeted Microwave Solutions’ strengths. Shareholders and the environment are counting on the team’s success.n Originally published on September 10, 2015

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CSE Quarterly 3 - 2015  
CSE Quarterly 3 - 2015  

Third quarter review Canadian Stock Exchange