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THE CANADIAN SECURITIES EXCHANGE – The Exchange for Entrepreneurs | Quarterly Issue No. 3

Targeted Microwave Solutions harnesses microwave energy to revolutionize industrial material processing by Peter Murray


hat sets your company apart?” It is the question all investors want answered before deciding to put their hard-earned money to work in a specific stock – essentially, why should I buy your shares instead of another company’s shares? For Targeted Microwave Solutions Inc. (CSE:TMS), unique technology and a strong corporate profile is clearly resonating with investors. As of Augustend, the company led the Canadian Securities Exchange for capital raised in 2015, having added CDN $11.85 million to its treasury in January. Despite being a relatively new listing on the CSE, Targeted Microwave Solutions is already a standout in the emerging-technology sector, commissioning a CDN $5 million demonstration processing plant in July that features its proprietary microwave beneficiation technology. The Targeted Microwave Solutions team includes founders and senior executives from NYSE, NASDAQ, and TSX-listed companies that collectively bring a robust background in technology research, development, and commercial deployment. 12 |

It is a pretty strong basis for an emerging company, but once you know what the team is working on it is easy to appreciate why the technology and its objectives are attracting successful people and large investors. In short, the company’s technology involves the application of microwave energy to dehydrate and process coal, as well as a wide range of industrial materials and aggregates. The technology aims to replace conventional thermal processes in the food, wood, clay, and mineral processing sectors that perform the same function by heating materials from the outside in using large kilns or ovens. Targeted Microwave Solutions believes that the unique ability of microwaves to dehydrate materials from the inside out, with much higher efficiency, is what will make its technology a very attractive alternative. Although the company believes its technology may have potential applications to a wide variety of industrial markets, it is primarily focused on processing high-moisture sub-bituminous coal. To understand why, a little background is in order.

CSE Quarterly 3 - 2015  
CSE Quarterly 3 - 2015  

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