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5 Star mobile banking

How do you live?

People’s Choice Credit Union banking app

Livable Housing Australia app

Asking questions and listening are elements of design that aid in developing an effective solution. We were engaged by People’s Choice Credit Union to develop a native mobile banking app that meets the expectations of their members. So we listened to those member expectations in detail. We designed the user experience of the app to take full advantage of the iPhone’s capabilities. The user experience is designed to allow customers to achieve tasks with the minimum amount of effort. Customers can check account balances, view transaction histories, transfer funds between accounts, to other members and to other banks, as well as pay bills with BPAY and locate ATMs. All this can be achieved with a few simple swipes and touches on the go.

We enjoyed the challenge to make this app as easy to use as possible. Working within the constraints of existing banking system infrastructure had its technical challenges, but ensured the provision of a faster and more secure service. App Store reviews are five star. Customers are overjoyed with the app’s ease of use and functionality. Through providing a great mobile service People’s Choice are growing brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Members are rewarded with a banking experience they love, proving that designing the user experience is imperative. “So much nicer to look at. So much more functionality. More practical and way more useful! Thank you People’s Choice!”

The People’s Choice Credit Union app is now available on the App Store

Making a house a home is all about how you live in it. With extensive guidelines outlining the key elements that make homes comfortable, safer and easier to use, Livable Housing Australia came to us with the need to make this key information available via mobile. We have created an iPhone and Android smartphone app detailing the 16 elements that ensure houses can meet the needs of everyone in the community, to become great homes. The suite of apps provides convenient onsite access to the guidelines for building assessors or the community, enabling selfassessment and helping with appraisal for valuable building accreditation. Home sweet livable home.

Available on the App Store & Google Play

Tweet the Rundle Lantern

The Rundle Lantern hears you

Getting big at the Delivering an Tour Down Under 850% increase in samples

Big issue of rider safety

As designers of the Adelaide City Council Rundle Lantern it is rewarding to see the landmark evolve. In collaboration with the Adelaide City Council we have created Tweet the Lantern, built from an idea within the Rundle Lantern Strategy. A website and web service enable you to tweet specific hashtags that trigger displays on the Rundle Lantern’s 748 panels, enabling real-time public interaction.

Big things in Australia tend to take on a cult following. Whether it’s fruit, crustaceans or fish, a surprise in scale can amuse and delight us. To raise public awareness of cycling safety as well as give the Motor Accident Commission a memorable presence at the Tour Down Under Village in Adelaide’s Victoria Square, we created a 40 metre high inflatable fluro green bike.

It works via a web service that checks the Rundle Lantern’s Twitter account, so when you tweet “@Rundlelantern” with one of the special hashtags (such as #cat, #dance or #love) the Lantern automatically responds to your instructions. Within a few minutes you’ll receive a reply from the Lantern on Twitter letting you know what time your animation will be played. Twitter can offer so much more than just 140 simple characters!

The big bike is used to promote the Be Safe Be Seen initiative that we created for MAC, which has been running for three years. As a major partner for the Tour Down Under event the Be Safe Be Seen campaign has raised public awareness during the Tour week when more South Australians are pedaling the streets.

Depending on website UX Incontinence is something most people don’t want to talk about. Going online offers pleasing anonymity, so ensuring incontinence sufferers can access free samples and gain product information is a priority when you’re Kimberly- Clark. We were engaged to examine analytical user experience reports for KimberlyClark’s range of Depend products and redesigned their website appropriately. Taking a user-centric approach we simplified access to free samples and customised the website for each gender. In addition we designed the website to be responsive for mobile and tablet viewing. In the first 3 months Kimberly-Clark experienced an increase in traffic of 1100% and an 850% increase in requests for free samples.

Branding and web platform

Smarter start at Torrens University Australia

It’s not every day you get to brand a new Australian university. We have been privileged to be involved with Torrens University Australia, the first new university to open in Australia for more than 20 years. We worked with Torrens to develop their brand and digital touchpoints. As a fresh offering in an established market, we took the opportunity to position Torrens as a genuine alternative to the established educational institutions. Utilising the affiliated Laureate International Universities network, Torrens provides students with a global advantage and worldwide student exchange opportunities. The university offers a student-centered approach, unhindered by traditions and staid university hierarchy.

DESIGNED FOR YOU During detailed brand evaluation workshops, we identified and established a brand definition for Torrens. While most universities strive to educate students with a depth of knowledge in a single area, Torrens fosters an additional wide breadth of cross-disciplinary and collaborative skills, creating highly valued ‘T-shaped’ graduates. This insight was integral to the development of their logo, visual branding and website. To establish the first public touch point for Torrens we created a rich and intuitive web platform. Using our methodical design process we clearly defined the digital business objectives. Reflecting their student-centered approach, we have created an information rich digital foundation focused on students’ needs.

The web platform promotes the unique selling position “Designed for you” and features detailed course information, online enquiries, scholarship offers, student life guides and university information centered on students. To launch Torrens into the wider community we collaborated with local celebrity and Masterchef alumni Poh Ling Yeow. Poh acts as a brand ambassador and living testament to the Torrens ‘T–shaped’ personality, having gained experience and collaborated across a broad range of fields in her professional career. Poh took part in various promotional activities, as an embodiment of Torren’s values. With courses starting in January 2014, we have enabled the timely launch of Torrens and helped successfully position them as an exciting alternative within the competitive global university sector.

Revolutionising inspections globally

Raising the score

Arup Inspect app

Adelaide Oval website

Tablet technology is changing the way we learn, work, relax and play. As an innovative global building infrastructure and consulting firm, Arup saw an opportunity to adopt new tablet technology within their inspection and auditing services. On-site observations used to be carried out with written notes and photographs. Arup engaged Fusion to develop Arup Inspect, an iPad app enabling easy and accurate data capture onsite. People can upload CAD or working PDF documents prior to inspections and use the app on site to take photos, make notes, and record defects, safely with just one device.

Using GPS locators for each observation, data is pin-pointed to ensure accuracy and eliminate errors. Reports can be previewed, filtered, emailed and additional details added off-site. The time to conduct and compose an audit inspection has been reduced significantly and has become an enjoyable process. Arup Inspect has been adopted globally, changing the way asset inspections are delivered. Fusion continues to develop specialist versions of the app, providing options to complete structural, fire-safety, seismic and other niche inspection types.

Sporting ovals are much more than circles of manicured lawn. Ovals fill with emotions, expectations, and shared success. The redevelopment of Adelaide Oval required a website befitting the new facility, reflecting the technological advancements and interpreting the new Adelaide Oval brand. We created a website that celebrates change, provides a dynamic calendar of events, improves member functionality and showcases the new world-class facilities as they are being developed.

Waking up with peace of mind

Getting what you want ASAP!

MIGA – Bluey Alarm app

People’s Choice Credit Union online Loans

Providing medical indemnity insurance to doctors, midwives, and medical students, MIGA wanted to bring to life a new addition to their brand, Bluey. They needed a useful app that works to demonstrate their tagline ‘Always on your side.” We created a native iPhone app where users engage with the brand via interactions with Bluey. Bluey is a working dog that embodies loyalty, reliability and always being there when you need him. The Bluey Alarm app is functional and fun. MIGA’s clients can schedule important events and interact with Bluey via a series of animations triggered by standard iPhone interactions. How many tricks can you get Bluey to perform?

Now available on the App Store

Applying for a personal loan online should be quick, easy, convenient, secure and accurate. We helped People’s Choice Credit Union turn around a cumbersome loan process. After a detailed auditing process of their loan business we designed and developed an online loan application app that fits within their regulatory protocols. The online loan application is easy and enjoyable to use. Exciting interactive text and imagery provides applicants with an experience far removed from form filling in a bank. The experience is clear, convenient and concise.

The online application process is comprehensive, secure, accurate and integrated with several third party systems. We have pushed the extremes of ASP.NET MVC with Javascript library to deliver a beautiful user experience. The results speak for themselves. Customers are now making purchases within 36 hours, a massive improvement on the old 2 weeks approval time. People’s Choice Credit Union have experienced a 450% increase in loan applications, achieving their highest figures to date. We love it when technology done right provides a winning solution for clients and their customers.


Fusion joins the STW Group Fusion is now part owned by communications giant and listed public company STW Group. Over 75 marketing and communications companies make up the group providing leading advertising, design, digital, public and government relations and specialist communication services across Australasia. Strategic alliances with STW Group companies has widened our offer and enabled our clients to access a broader range of services. Being backed by the biggest and best group in Australia extends us further and benefits our team, our clients, and their customers.

The Contented Website The challenge of managing content for your responsive website is now a step easier. Fusion has become an official EPiServer Content Management System Solution Partner. With EPiServer all content is automatically enabled for all channels (e.g. mobile phone, tablet, print, pdf, etc.). EPiServer’s interface allows you to create and preview content for all channels at once, ensuring your customers enjoy the optimal experience for their chosen screen.

Fusion expands to Sydney Co-Founder John Chaplin has been based in Sydney for the last nine months. John is embracing the change and loving his new office at number 1 Kent Street, Sydney with our STW friends at Shift. We are all a bit jealous of his ferry ride to work. Other STW organisation we have had the pleasure of collaborating with recently include digital marketing agency Switched On Media, communication agency Moon, brand agency Shift, media agency Mindshare, communication agency Jam and the awesome R U OK? Foundation.

New Appointments

Fusion is an innovation agency that helps organisations connect people to their brands. We take a multidisciplinary approach to a singular passion – creating experiences people love.

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