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Branching Out Nationally

People’s Choice Credit Union Digital Branch Managing your money online can be daunting, so we’ve helped People’s Choice Credit Union to create a digital strategy that will provide members with all the tools they need to achieve their financial goals as well as attract new members. A major part of this strategy is creating a new branch online that is always available and full of easy-to-find information that guides its customers through a more personalised banking experience. This experience will eventually enable their members to do whatever they can do in a bricks and mortar branch and more. The EPiServer Content Management System we used allows People’s Choice to easily control content across the entire site, making the tedious job of updating details like rates on each individual page a thing of the past. EPiServer is

automatically responsive, presenting content seamlessly so that all customers are able to see those rates presented consistently across devices. With a large member base across the country, People’s Choice wanted to make sure that they were only showing information relevant to each user. The geo-locator tool from EPiServer pinpoints the user’s location to intuitively show the nearest branch and ATM as well as localized news and weather. This keeps the customer engaged and more likely to go on to view other products and services.

Thanks to our EPiServer Content Management System, People’s Choice Credit Union now have a website that puts its members first and is helpful, personalised and accessible. It’s all a part of an ongoing digital strategy that will

move the Digital branch forward, with EPiServer as a driver to enable People’s Choice to personalise the experience even further. This big first step will be constantly evolving to meet the needs and wants of an increasingly online customer base. People’s Choice will be one of the first to fully embrace this shift towards digitised banking. That’s a good choice.

Baby on Board

Stretching Your Money Further

BUMP IVF Website

Personal Loan Calculator

Bringing a more empathetic and cost effective solution to IVF treatments was the driving message behind BUMP’s reimagined website. BUMP promises effective and contemporary fertility treatment in the simplest way. We were hired to put them in the position of digital pioneers in IVF solutions, with a better user experience and simple, clear content. Qualitative research like customer journey mapping, workshops, and competitor analysis discovered what was most important to BUMP’s clients. Using these insights, we designed the website to be more user friendly by including video content and simplifying the medical jargon that surrounds the procedures. Prospective parents are now able to access a wide range of online support and information from a fresh, high performance website that backs up

BUMP’s commitment to giving their clients the best support every step of the way.

People’s Choice Credit Union is a financial brand that is rebellious, unexpected, and offers more than the basics. Staying true to this, their Personal Loan Calculator brings an element of fun to the loan application process.

BUMP is set apart from its competitors by a customer focused website with a personality that stays with and supports their clients through the entire IVF journey. This is a positive step forward for People’s Choice as the unique tool replaces generic third-party calculators. The leap from “I would like to say a big thank you calculator to loan application has been for the website. I think that it is better integrated into the brand’s great, and I am very glad that we aesthetics. By designing imagery that went the extra mile and made it adapts to how much the customer is looking perfect! I know how hard you all at borrowing, we created a space for the worked to make it happen on time.” customer to enjoy and linger in.

“The feedback so far has been really Time that customers spent on the calculator great – lots of comments on the page increased by 76%. This increase in time simplicity and style of the site, spent using the calculator is a sign of the customers’ engagement. Instilling functional and how easy it is to navigate.” Ann Marie Kimber

tools with a sense of fun helps People’s Choice continue to stand out as a uniquely fun financial brand.


Valuable Content on Motor Accident Commission’s Digital Platform

MAC Website The Motor Accident Commission (MAC) is responsible for providing compulsory third party insurance and delivering public road safety initiatives in South Australia. One of the key ways to share these important messages effectively was by redeveloping their website into a modern publishing platform. The ability to publish their content is a major benefit for MAC. By adapting the Orchard Content Management System, we created a user interface to publish content that is good quality and of consistent standard. Orchard allows MAC to regularly update and change content, such as uploading videos, highlighting hero promotions and choosing the size and location of content. Using Orchard makes creating and maintaining cohesive campaign pages

a more time efficient task. Each campaign is unique and dynamic while staying structurally similar. With different stakeholders delivering their road safety messages, it was important to ensure flow and familiarity across all forms of content.

we look at what people might need in their everyday lives as road users and then provide it. Running content planning sessions allow MAC to ensure that they are covering all aspects of road safety and have useful and relevant information published. The strategy focuses on designing complete campaigns as well as allowing room for personality and reactivity. Positioning MAC’s new publishing platform as a valuable tool for the public, we can populate it with content that people can easily share and return to.

Throughout every stage of the development process, we considered the responsiveness of the website. User interactions change intuitively from clicks on a desktop to touches and swipes on a mobile device, and we designed to cater for different types of users on different types of devices. MAC needs to reach a wide Our digital strategy for MAC was making variety of people and making sure their them relevant to people’s everyday lives content is accessible is a priority. so that they become the experts in road safety. This publishing platform reaches Creating content that is relevant, valuable towards that goal whilst maintaining an and shareable is made possible by a approachable and interactive face. strategic approach. Rather than simply broadcasting information and statistics,

The Biggest ‘Non-Event’ in Australia Since the Millennium Bug

PINwise Campaign PINwise was an initiative of the Australian payments card industry to encourage the use of PIN instead of signature. A consortium including all of the major banks and credit card providers needed to change the behaviour of the Australian public to use a PIN at point of sale and phase out the signature verification process, providing a more secure payment network. Partnerships With a drop-dead date of 1st August 2014, we worked with a collective of STW partner agencies to develop an integrated communications program that covered brand identity, digital and online, print, outdoor, PR, merchant and TV.

Changing Behaviours Shifting habitual consumers in their purchasing behaviour required a phased strategy to behaviour change. A key part of this was delivering timely and appropriate information online to consumers as well as providing digital assets and tools to over 300 financial institutions. A Non-Event The PINwise campaign increased PIN usage from 45% to 88%, doubling target metrics and ensuring a smooth transition. One of our clients boasted it was “the biggest ‘non-event’ in Australia since the millennium bug”. New Zealand and other countries have adopted the methods from the PINwise program for their scheduled transitions to PIN.

Driving the Game Forward

Gamification of your Wallet

MAC Facebook Competition

People’s Choice Credit Union Zip It Up Game

As Facebook is such a staple of people’s lives, MAC wants to use this platform to reach as many road users as possible. To help build their social media following, we created the MAC Game-Changer Facebook competition. Users needed to ‘like’ the MAC Facebook page to start the entry process and then enter the competition by selecting their favourite ‘Game-Changing’ moment from a previous AFL Showdown. Designing MAC’s Facebook competition to build on the current ‘Game Changers’ activation campaign allows us to achieve two objectives with the one promotion; build a bigger social fan base while spreading an important message about road safety. The competition doubled the number of followers on the MAC Facebook page and thanks to some game-changing innovation, MAC has a much broader reach for broadcasting future campaigns.

Launching a brand new type of bank account with all the contemporary necessities (Paywave, no monthly fees, eStatements, and internet banking, to mention a few) provides the opportunity to shake things up. With the Zip Account from People’s Choice, we went beyond traditional marketing to bring some ‘zip’ to our promotions. Our Zip It Up app paid you to zip up loose change and was featured on Lifehacker, Kotaku, Mumbrella, B&T and the Tiser’s App of the Day. We ramped up our social presence to promote the app and add zip to the feeds of our target demographic. The game’s competition element spanned 6 weeks. Each week, three prizes were awarded to the players who had zipped up

the most change in a certain amount of time. First place won their score (up to $300), and second and third place won $100 and $50 respectively. The money was deposited into their People’s Choice Zip account, meaning players needed to open one of the promoted accounts to receive their winnings. The app has been downloaded over 4000 times, with half that many people moving on to the website. 6.5% of players have made enquiries into becoming a People’s Choice member, twice the rate than from standard banner advertising. Over 800 scores were shared to social media as well, despite there being no incentive to do so, showing clear user engagement with our game.

New to Team Fusion Bringing in new skills and expertise means we can offer an even broader range of services.

Michelle van den Hout Senior Digital Account Manager As a qualified Thai Yoga masseuse, I try to pass on a similar sense of calm and order through my role as a Client Leader. Often the best ideas are generated through a desire to learn, grow, and share. I’m looking forward to convincing more Australian retailers to jump onto the e-commerce bandwagon as well, as it’s an area that’s only going to get bigger and open up more opportunities.

Zeno Jiricek Web Developer Constantly striving to deliver robust and maintainable technical architecture is what makes up the core of my Web Developer role. I love being a part of a team that is at the top of their game, and I try to constantly improve my area of expertise and uncover new knowledge. I am an enthusiastic, quality driven individual constantly striving to expand my repertoire, focusing on the best and most efficient workflows.

Rosyn Murphy Digital Designer

Amy Sincock Digital Copywriter

For a Graphic Designer, every day is different, but mine always starts with a coffee. I grew up with art and my passion for painting pretty things grew into a love for designing on computers at university. There isn’t an area of design that I won’t try; I’m even a certified sandwich artist. From brainstorming the best solutions, to putting a great design together, I really enjoy the whole process of creating a product that each client loves.

Stories are what make me tick. I love getting lost in biographies, I love reading about lands with robots and dashing heroines, and I love following the story of a wellcrafted brand. No matter what you’re trying to communicate, it can be engaging and tell a story. As a Digital Copywriter, I choose the best words for your website, app or article to share your brand’s story with the people that need to hear it.

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