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Schoolies Festival – Look Out For Your Mates

Website bowls fans over

MAC Sponsorship Engagement Campaign

SACA West End Redbacks Website

The Motor Accident Commission (MAC) sought new ways to better activate their sponsorship of Schoolies Festival. Leveraging the insight that young people value the opinions of their peers above all others, our strategy began by creating the positive message, ‘Look Out For Your Mates’. This created a platform that would resonate with peer conscious friends, inspiring them to keep each other safe. We then developed an Australian first Schoolies mobile app that provided festival details, geo-located bus timetables, safety info, maps and help line numbers. The branded app proved to be a highly valuable utility that made it easy for mates to plan, find and catch free transport. It also helped Encounter Youth (the 500 event volunteers) to co-ordinate the event.

The app was a huge success in preventing drink driving, making it safe for mates to get around. An interactive photo booth published pics to Facebook hourly - extending the message beyond the event. 2,057 photos were taken of more than 5,000 Schoolies with 95,200 photo views in the first week alone. We gave away over 2,000 custom photo badges, 8,000 branded sunnies and delivered bus stop signage. Market research showed that MAC experienced the highest brand recall of the festival. We made it fashionable to share the ‘Look Out For Your Mates’ message and paved the way for kids to be more receptive to MAC’s road safety messages.

To provide more prominence to the South Australian Cricket Association’s flagship team, the West End Redbacks, we created a new website specifically for the team to communicate directly with their fan base. Their new website features match reports, press releases, an image gallery, statistics data, a community news area and blog where players actively write and contribute video stories about life on the team. Not only can fans follow the blogs, but the website also integrates with social media tools Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Visitors to the site will now find plenty of video from West End Redbacks TV that goes behind the scenes to report on players, staff and fans.



Paying with your mobile – coming to a store near you

Looking after your brand in social media

Mobile Financial Transactions

With the emergence of new online payment alternatives such as PayPal and Google’s recently announced Google Wallet, coupled with mobile internet now reaching 50% penetration amongst online Australians, paying for goods with your smartphone is on the way. And it might be here quicker than you think. There are numerous well known and emerging contenders currently trialing platforms that enable mobile financial transactions via voice, tap, bump, swipe or the scan of a QR or bar code. While virtual money isn’t news, mobile transactions and NFC (near field communications) are heralding the first significant shift we’ve seen in payment systems for over half a century. Historically, we’ve loved virtual money from the moment we first encountered

credit cards back in the 1950’s – being able to spend on anything and everything, now. The absence of any tangible currency made the process of spending all so easy and all so painless. And merchants loved it too, as it also opened the door to endless sales. With more than 4 billion mobile phone users and only 1.6 billion bank accounts worldwide, the opportunity to turn the smartphone into a virtual wallet is undergoing a rapid evolution faster than you can say Visa. But as the technology matures, you can be sure of one thing: whether it be Nokia Money, Card Case, Facecash or Fusion’s recently built queue-busting app for NoQ, there’s potential once again for vendors to create new streams of revenue from a world now in love with their mobiles.

To avoid squatters impersonating you and (even worse) being found before you are when people search for your brand, we thought you might find useful. It’s a free aggregation service that instantly checks if your company’s name, brands or trademarked terms are available (or stolen) on 550 popular and emerging Social Media networks. Even if you’re not intending on using a platform, being pro-active about protecting your brand and applying the same diligence you would to protecting your domain name could save you extra leg work down the track. Additionally, if your team needs guidance to stay on brand and start engaging in social media, just ask us. We can help.

From the web to the shed for a perfect lawn seed solution

Munns Website One of the key issues we identified in the define phase of Munns’ website redevelopment, was the difficulty people had in finding the right products. To effectively catalogue and display their range, we designed an innovative online seed selector. Budding gardeners can now visit the virtual garden shed and enter a series of inputs that show the right seed and complementary products suitable for their backyard. The custom shopping list can then be printed for easy in-store purchase. The website’s new design oozes lawn, giving Munns a far more professional image and an innovative sales tool. The Munns team can now populate the site themselves and share an online newsletter to keep in touch with their customers.

Munns iPad After a discovery trip to Bunnings, we also gained the insight that people had difficulty choosing from the huge range of lawn products on offer in store. With this mind, when designing the wireframes for the Munns website project, we crafted assets that could be easily re-purposed for an iPad app. Currently deployed within several Bunnings stores across Victoria, the iPad app, with its simple interface, is a hard-working sales assistant. Not only is the App helping customers choose the right seed and complementary products for their unique situation, it’s also working hard for Munns too. We built analytics into the app to manage, track and report on a multitude of consumer inputs that, over time, will help inform a raft of future product improvements

such as product sizing, packaging and potential new products. We also designed a fluttering garden butterfly animation, to catch the eye of passing shoppers. Tackling the project wasn’t without its technical challenges though. We had to source housing that integrated perfectly with retail shelving systems and resolve issues around power shutdowns. To preserve power until morning, we wrote custom code to auto-dim the iPad screen and give our virtual sales assistant some well deserved shut eye.

The journey of building your home can be as pleasurable as the home itself

Needs focused intranet to connect Yalumba’s global team

Medallion Homes Brand Identity & Website

Yalumba Intranet

Medallion Homes are excited to announce the launch their refreshed brand identity and new website. Fusion lead a series of Brand Focus workshops where we worked very closely with the Medallion team to uncover many of the little known truths about the business behind the brand - known only by their customers. Insights included their impeccable attention to detail, well considered processes, absolute dedication to customer service and the star players behind the scenes: their highly skilled trades people; many of whom have been with Medallion for over 20 years! A true testament to their incredibly exacting standards of perfection.

Illustrating the brand insights within their website design, we worked meticulously to bring Medallion’s expertise to the surface. Employing seductive video, interactive information panels and beautifully shot photography to tell their story throughout the website, we’ve created a digital platform that truly reflects the stunning quality and sheer beauty of the Medallion Homes journey. As well as an alluring website, Medallion now also have a refreshed brand identity and new tagline that truly reflects the core of what they offer: “Pleasure You Deserve”. Congratulations Medallion and here’s to another wonderful chapter in your success story.

The Yalumba Wine Company wanted to connect to hundreds of people who are geographically dispersed such as winemakers, vineyards crew and distributors. They needed an online communications platform to easily find and share information efficiently. During a strategic define phase, we ran over 20 stakeholder workshops to cluster and prioritise needs for the user interface. The workshop results contributed to the design and development of an intranet showcasing Yalumba’s people, products and processes, while clearly delineating the different business units. Yalumba’s new intranet features an in depth product database, events and news updates, HR policies and procedures, plus a wealth of other vital company data. A sophisticated search engine was custom built, enabling staff to obtain highly relevant results from a range of deep search options.

E-commerce store increases national online presence

Heaps Good just Wrapping a got heaps better! complex restructure strategy with a unified brand

Pro AV Solutions Website

Advantage SA Heaps Good App

After battling with an old site and CMS that just wasn’t performing, Pro AV Solutions approached us for help to define, design, develop and deploy a great new site that not only solved their CMS problem, but also gave them a seamless e-commerce system that increased their national online presence. They now have a new online store that displays their expansive product range, while also showcasing the expertise of their friendly staff. As well as browsing through a huge product database of top quality audio visual systems, professional video equipment, home lifestyle technology and related production services, customers can also see product reviews from staff who’ve worked on actual Pro AV Solutions client projects. In addition, customers can also add their own reviews with a nifty rating system.

People reckon SA is Heaps Good and it’s even easier to see why with the latest features we’ve added to the free Heaps Good mobile app. When people find something they love, they can now share it with friends via social media on Facebook and Twitter, as well as via email. Best of all, adding Events, Places and other Heaps Good Stuff on the go is easy. You can include a photo taken directly from your phone and the app even auto-adds the address by utilising your GPS location.

RDNS Re-brand With the consolidation of two distinct arms of the organisation, one public and one private, and the expansion into Queensland, RDNS needed a unified brand strategy and positioning. Leading the team through an immersive Brand Focus process, we uncovered an incredible array of brand stories that illuminated the true heart and soul of their brand heritage and expertise. From this process, a name and tagline strategy was created.

What will you be sharing?

Our evolutionary identity strategy modernised the equity of the Maltese Cross and colours, using the ribbon device as an extension of the logo and a metaphor for their embracing care in the community. The process has wholeheartedly unified the positioning of both arms of the organisation and empowered cohesive change at every touch point.

free in the iTunes store


New Office

Social Media Panel Gavin Klose recently spoke with a crowd of South Australian business people about mobile technology at the ‘Making Social Media’ event held by Advantage SA. Coupled with a live Twitter feed, #advsatalks, social media enthusiasts learnt about the emergence of campaign driven apps, the difference between mobile apps and mobile friendly websites and the importance of apps for location based businesses. 2011 has been dubbed ‘The Year of the Mobile’, so if this topic interests you, you can catch the highlights of the event on the link below.

Late last year we moved back to our old stomping ground of Rundle Street. We’re located on Level 2 at 199a, right next door to the Austral. The site is filled with light and warmth and has a beautiful acoustic ambience that provides the perfect creative environment for innovation. A great space is our floating Pod Room, which is quite striking with its angled walls, lowered ceiling, raised floor and beautifully enclosed glass wall. We’ve also upgraded our inspiring brainstorming zone, the Ideas Room, with its Tetris furniture and a whole lotta whiteboard.

Sitecore Partnership Fusion are pleased to announce a SA first, our newly signed partnership with Sitecore, a Content Management System used by millions world-wide. Sitecore is a high-end system that can sense and adapt to a customer’s needs in real time, seamlessly personalising content and tracking visitor activity. We see this as a useful tool for marketers wanting to tailor website content to multiple audiences or learn more about their market segmentation. Our highly skilled .NET team are on hand to help you migrate, build a new website or obtain support for an existing Sitecore website.

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First published July 2011.

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