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HeapsGoodSA The University of Integrated Adelaide website Campaign

Q: ow doDay you all connect with at It’sHOpen year round Australia as a brand? theSouth University of Adelaide! A: With a Heaps Good idea!

Cover story Putting students in the picture

20 years of AARNet and the internet passionately captured in hard cover

The University of Adelaide website

AARNet 20th anniversary book

Connecting with students by providing helpful information on the University of Adelaide’s website created a visual platform of the student experience that features actual University of Adelaide students. The University continued its work with Fusion this year to refresh their ‘What’s Your Preference’ website. The site is dedicated to making it easier for high school students to access information about the University of Adelaide and understand what makes it such a great place to study. Throughout the website and associated marketing material, we visually highlighted the unique social side of campus life that only the University of Adelaide cultivates with its beautiful surrounds.

We’re currently working with the University’s team to roll out the new style and content that is richer and more interactive. The University of Adelaide’s Marketing Co-ordinator, Jane Holding, couldn’t be happier saying, “The creative for What’s Your Preference was a successful way of showing our students on our campus, and communicating to prospective students and parents in a way that’s engaging. Fusion’s thorough understanding of our objectives greatly contributed to the successful outcome of this project.”

Beautiful book design illuminates AARNet’s pioneering role in bringing the internet to Australia. AARNet approached Fusion to design and produce a stunning book to document their fascinating history. The clean, simple and elegant design throughout the book adds a modern thread to the AARNet story, accentuating many of the pivotal moments in time that shaped their growth. ARRNet now have a significant body of work to be proud of that ‘s also web-ready and available for online download. They’ve received excellent feedback about the book from their peers, many of whom played an integral part in shaping the internet to become the omnipresent technology it is today in Australia. Congratulations AARNnet!

Dalrymple deliver beautiful wine through an elegant website

Our Sleepy Koala wakes up students all over the world

Network Ten cheer on The Adelaide Fringe Festival

Dalrymple website

TAFE SA International iPhone app

Network Ten press ad

Increasing brand exposure and bottom line results, Dalrymple wanted to harness the power of the internet to meet the diverse needs of pinot-loving consumers and media – while not eclipsing the provenance of its rich, family owned heritage.

Mobile apps promote brands around the world, so Fusion recently devised an app to globally reach prospective students who have Australia on their radar. We started by looking at what tourists love about Australia; koalas! We also knew that entertainment apps were popular, as were alarms.

Adelaide Fringe Festival’s major television partner, Network Ten, wanted to show their support for the festival this year with a press ad inside the back cover of the Fringe Festival Guide.

We brought the essence of their environment online by displaying the elegance of their vineyard surroundings in a well developed site that makes e-commerce easy. Customers can now order Dalrymple’s seductive wines online and get a real sense of where their purchase was produced and the genuine passion infused in its creation. Dalrymple are happy to see loyal customers re-ordering online and new customers discovering their wines through the website.

So we recommended a fun Sleepy Koala alarm clock that reminds users of the TAFE SA Int. brand every day. It’s the 1st alarm clock app that’s entertaining and functional. The koala performs a variety of cute animations, coupled with classic Australiana alarm tones that amuse our overseas visitors to no end.

They approached Fusion for help to create a press ad. So we created a simple, interactive tool for Fringe goers to show their support and get into the playful spirit of the festival.

In keeping with Network Ten’s brand values and youthful style, we created the cheeky clapping hands and dry humoured copy to share Network Ten’s big love for the We developed the character to be interactive Festival – all the way through to the Fringe and easily shareable via social media and email. Festival artists themselves. Downloaded over 10,000 times, he became The ad put smiles on faces, along with the rest Thailand’s 2nd most popular app in under a of the truly amazing Festival performances. month. He’s been a big hit overseas and our The Fringe generates such a wonderful client is so happy with the results they’re now atmosphere; we can’t wait for next year! looking to produce a second version. Sleepy Koala is free in the iTunes app store

Fusion helps Santos share their community spirit by creating experiences people love – right across South Australia

Santos Northern Lights Positive brand experience is something Santos definitely generated when staffing their pop-up photo booth at the Adelaide Festival’s annual Northern Lights installation. The event which paints Adelaide’s historic architectural icons on North Terrace with stunning light and vibrant colour at night, is a hugely successful free, family-friendly event run during the 2010 Adelaide Festival. To leverage their sponsorship of Northern Lights, Santos approached Fusion to produce an experience that exhibition goers would love. They wanted to create something memorable that would allow them to truly engage with the community. So we suggested a pop-up photobooth! One that was free to the public and allowed people to bask in the full ambience of the light and buildings surrounding them.

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Site last updated: 20 May 2010

Santos Tour Down Under Santos employee volunteers staffed the photo booth and members of the public had a professional photo taken in front of the lit buildings and then received a free print on the spot. The reverse of the photos held a significant message on the back; reminding them that Santos is a not just an energy company, but a company with energy! And they sure are – participants received their photos within 30 seconds! The true stars of the night were the Santos volunteers who created a fantastic atmosphere, generating just as much fun as the punters did! The booth was a great success with over 1100 photos of people and groups taken. Images were then placed online for people to easily share with friends and family.

Nearly 3,500 people had their photo taken and over 75% of people visiting the online gallery shared their fabulous pics via Facebook.

Naming rights sponsorship for the 2010 Santos Tour Down Under gave Santos a great opportunity to build brand awareness on a scale like never before.

Santos’ partnership with the Adelaide Festival was recognised as one of the best strategic and creative connection between the arts and business in South Australia, winning the Australia Business Arts Foundation (AbaF) Community Award in 2010.

We noticed there was no online community for local or out-of-town cyclists to connect, so we created a micro-site for riders to share training meet ups, cycling tips, follow STDU updates and of course meet for a well-earned drink afterwards! Celebrity blogger and internationallyrenowned cyclist, Shane Kelly, wrote blogs about pro teams and where local riders should be in their training regime – in line with the professionals. A photographer was hired to take and upload shots of participating cyclists to the site. Riders could then share their photos with others. The site was a sweet victory for Santos and we’re really looking forward to doing it all over again with them in 2011.

Everyone has a story

Easy Data – What’s the state of the State?

Fusion and the SPW community create together

Wine Australia website

DTED Easy Data web application

AADC Award for SPW font

Australian winemaker stories have been thoughtfully compiled in a beautiful site commissioned by the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation. Fusion was approached to help their A+ Australian Wine brand create a website showcasing the personal stories of those involved in wine production, from grape growers to makers.

Finding state-wide statistics got a whole lot easier when Fusion were recently engaged by Department of Trade and Economic Development (DTED) to plan, design and develop a data enquiry web application that aggregates a vast array of economic, social and environmental indicators online. The EasyData application has the powerful ability to perform multi-region comparisons.

Fusion creates fonts with the wonderful students from St Peter’s Woodlands.

This site really is something different, rich with individual stories that are brimming with character and personality. Each story has its own special twist on how the producers live and love ‘the life of wine’ as their passion for this unique lifestyle is unraveled. So far, the site has industry tales amounting to over 200 and counting, with intriguing new tales being submitted and uploaded as we write. Website visitors can share these stories via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Our vision to design the application to be user-friendly has been proven with enthusiastic use by 1,631 users – generating 37,181 reports in its first month alone. Former DTED CEO, Brian Cunnigham said “EasyData fits DTED’s move to be more customer-centric, progressive and outwardly focussed.”

Following on from the success of the Wonder Week campaign, Fusion lead SPW through a revamp of their school Prospectus, again utilising the talent of the vibrant school community, to inspire and encourage new families to enrol. Every student contributed to designing a brand new typeface for their classroom. These were then used as headings to flavour key messages throughout their Prospectus, Starter Pack and Vision documents. Fusion then digitised each class’ art and turned their gorgeous handiwork into TrueType font files.

The results of this culminated in the The EasyData project has gone on to win AADC awarding Fusion (and SPW) a 2009 a 2009 Premier’s Award, showcasing excellence in the public sector, taking out the Typography Award. Congratulations SPW! ‘Growing Prosperity’ category.

Making members feel special

Facebook’s Like button, coming to a screen near you!

National Pharmacies website

Like button

Increasing member participation was front of mind for National Pharmacies as they recently implemented a new range of member-focused features to their website.

Getting more traffic to your site via personal recommendation is now possible from Facebook, the social media generator. You may be interested to learn about the latest social media plug-ins from Facebook and how these plug-ins could benefit your website’s share-ability.

We like this. It opens up a huge door for organisations to stay connected with their customers and find out what they like. Integrating Facebook Like buttons into your site is an easy way to further integrate your website into the ecosystem of social marketing.

Facebook is aiming to ‘personalise your website experience’ with a suite of new widget plug ins, the main one of these is the ‘Like’ button. The Like button allows people to ‘Like’ items on your website and then share their ‘Like’ with all of their friends in their Facebook news feed. The Like button’s news post also publishes a link back to your website from the Facebooker’s news page, expanding your web presence even further. That’s a lot of potential exposure from one small button on your website.

You’ll find the Facebook Like button popping up on all kinds of sites now. Facebook has said that since launch in April this year, over 100,000 websites have integrated the new Like button and other widgets. Every month, 500 million people use Facebook, with an average user having 130 friends, so the exposure that the Like button could bring your website’s content is really worth considering.

To incentivise members to visit more frequently, Fusion designed an events and reminder system that enables members to publish community events; such as festivals, onto a public calendar; and private events, like birthdays, into their personal calendar. The calendars can then send members timely email alerts, if they choose. Additionally, an exciting new e-voucher system offers members great deals available local in their area that can also be attached to key events in their calendar. National Pharmacies flagship wellbeing magazine, Vital Health, is also available online in PDF and article format so members can find all the health advice they’ll ever need.

Contact us if you would like to discuss whether adding the Facebook Like button to your website is appropriate for your customers and business goals.


Apple Developer Conference

Heaps Good SA iPhone app

iPad applications

iPhone / iPad application development skills at Fusion were finely tuned recently when our Director, John Chaplin, visited San Francisco for WWDC10, the annual technical conference for developers innovating with Apple technologies.

Adelaide iPhone app! We’ve now created an innovative, free app that extends the Heaps Good website. The app is filled with posts from hundreds of South Australians sharing great stuff about SA you never knew was there, right into the palm of your hand – Heaps Near!

Your iPad application really is something worth thinking about, especially if you’re in the business of interfacing with customers face to face. The iPad is portable, has an excellent battery life and let’s your sales representatives easily demonstrate your business through a tailored, dynamic interface that works in real time to showcase your fantastic products and services.

John hit the ground running for an intensive conference that was just as spectacular as you’d expect from Apple, with over 1,000 Apple engineers presenting a preview of the new operating system for iPad and iPhone, along with advanced coding and development techniques. These methods build upon the Apple development mantra: Design. Code. Build. Innovate. Which is exactly what we love to do!

Mobiles have really changed the landscape of internet use with more and more people now accessing the web through their back pockets. So a mobile app providing geo-specific Heaps Good information is the perfect platform to make Heaps Near information available everywhere – in real time!

Now is a great time to jump on board and be the first in your category to let this superior technology do all the talking for you. Fusion can create an iPad app experience that your customers will love.

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First published October 2010.

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